Friday, July 17, 2009

Ellie's QUIZ [By: ELLIE!!!!!!!!!!] 9 years old

Quiz 1#

1. Your friend is having a sleepover what pj's do u wear?
a. The cute ones with frogs.
b. The Dora THE EXPLORE ones
c. The ones your mom gave you that said u r my sunshine.
d. A long tee shirt and silky pants.

2. You're going to go to a swim party, what swimsuit do you wear?

a. The Tankini that fits you perfectly and has Black penguins on it.
b. the one piece that you got in 3rd grade and gives you a wedgie.
c. the bikini that is soooooooo small that you can c your derriere.
d. That Tankini that fits you and has horses on it that r wearing off.

3. You're dressing your boy dog for Halloween what do u make him wear?

a. the mummy ones that fits him
b. The Diego {Dora guy} one that is 2 big
c. The ghost one that makes him look like a cloud
d. The hippie one

4. What would you wear 4 Halloween?

a. the Vampire one
b. A flapper girl one
c. a bird one
d. OR just stay at home and greet the kids that come by.

Ba Ba!
[that is how my friend's brother says for his good byes!]

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