Monday, November 30, 2009

Turkey Day 2009

Was amazing.

Here's how it went:

  • slept in until 7:15am! [yea!]
  • ran [too far] - which turned out to be a blessing because - I finally remembered to get these [8 spudnuts]:

  • yum - yum - yum! My spudnuts from Halloween! Thanks to "buff" they were incredible. 5 layers of foil, 1 layer of wax paper and 2 layers of plastic wrap....they were beautiful.

playing Taboo after too much food. just like the old days. hilarious. Evie & Shar [hands-down] the funnest people to play this with. best moment: happy saying, "you get these at a restaurant with a little paper - they say like conscience says...." i think she means, "Confucius says". Second best . . . anytime anyone starts out, "this is something [insert name] is . ." This game is not for the sensitive at heart. Curious ---- why am I the easy target? [don't answer that]

Peanut had stayed the night T-day Eve to "help Nana". Not only did she make this sweet floral arrangement - she included a sultry PJ pose. hubba-hubba.

She may now make rolls better than me?!! [helping in the kitchen?!] I can't pay this kid to help me cook?!!!

  • The "K-Clan" helping me find the best running music --- ever.
  • The Pita doing all [yes, all] the dishes.
  • 7 pies and one amazing bread pudding [made by yours truly].
  • each of us trying to pretend we hadn't already gathered a secret stash of orange rolls in the cupboard when mom asked if we wanted to take some home.
  • no one touching the cranberry salad thing.
  • Happy making 40lbs of mashed potatoes - no joke.
  • Dave walking in with a look like, "I wish this was a joke"
  • being [semi-nicely forced] to take 7lbs of mashed potatoes home with us/EACH.
  • E & J reporting some serious LB'S lost - yea for you guys!
  • The biggest hug ever from Ethan
  • E & J's kids are turning into carbon copies of "buff" - good thing I adore him & his unique sense of humor. ;)
  • Tiff with the sweetest new "do".
  • Dad trying "a little of each dessert"
  • Mom finding new ways to incorporate her iPhone into anything we were doing. love it.
  • walking to the park with the neighbor's kids & our dogs.

I'm realizing I may love this day even more than I had thought.

I am one blessed woman.


Karine said...

I, too, am a blessed woman to be a part of this great family and great Thanksgiving 2009. Thanks for reminding me how much I love my cranberry salad....even if I am the only one who eats it!

The Kornegay Family said...

Had a super fun day with you too! Hey mom, take note that I too ate your cranberry salad!

By the way, did you finish all of the potatoes that you brought home yet? :-) We just finished ours!