Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Freaky Funk Fun

So I adore my friend in England.  A USA transplant.  Her comments always have me laughing and smiling like a dork.  And  Kera, MY UEA running mommy . . .she couldn't possibly be more inspiring.

They ask questions.  Frequently.  Which I love.

Love. [actually, I love it that big]

Even when people ask questions nonchalantly ...[and probably don't care really in the slightest if they get a reply]. . . . it makes me feel special, happy, warm and super fuzzy.

Kelly, won my iTunes gift card giveaway [a while back] so I got her email address [sad for her] because now I can answer her directly.  And Kera, I stalked her way back waaaaaay back.  Yay me!

But here's [just one each of] their questions,  that crack me up.

*Can I also just kind of make fun/ask as to why you wear sleeves and a bra but seem to be missing fabric to cover your midsection? 

*oh...and what's the deal with the gloves. i'm not hip to the running gear scene.

I think Kelly is referring to this ;) :

And Kera, to this:
And Yes, my blue [discontinued] sans couture seamless fit royal blue bra top is my favorite.

So, Kelly/Kera, my temp goes up way to fast while running but hands always seem freaking cold.  SO I wear my [so NOT made for running gloves by North Face?!]  I don't like things touching my stomach.  Come on - you ask, I tell. 
TMI - I don't like things swishing around my mid-section or under my arms.  Ewwww.
So running sleeves   =   perfect for me. 

Plus, I knew in Oregon, I'd be cold at the start but knew I didn't have time [literally if I wanted to meet my goal] to be screwing with disrobing my top.  I tried that in Tucson in December 2009.  Remove ipod, remove hoodie, place hoodie at waist, place iPod back on.  That was like a 45 second ordeal.  Which is like 5 minutes when you are trying to reach your goal.

Ahhhhh, you've just wasted 3 minutes [sorry] but now I feel better.

I love questions though.  Any questions out there to make me feel special?  You want me to waste your time blogging about in the future? 

Didn't think so.  BUT . . . .   You guys are awesome.

Happy Friday!

And yes, all you REAL crazy amazing athletes out there [tri-guys and gals].  I do feel like a huge, HUGE, huge loser for owning the watch [ which I shall probably be shortly giving to one of you {who will actually get it wet & ride it on a bike}. 

Have I mentioned it doesn't tell the real time of day?!?!!


Jamoosh said...

Perhaps you can just blog about the future. Be a running medium or something like that.

abbi said...

I've seen lots of people with the sleeves and wasn't really sure about them. I seem to just get really hot, all the way around and in a tank top most of the time. If I had abs like yours, I'd probably take it down even further to the sports bra level!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

If I were you, I would keep the watch, you know, murphys law, as soon as you give it away, someone will convince you to do a tri, then next you know your hooked on the sport. and TRUST me, its very addicting, ask any other of your tri buddies, they will tell you the same. And if they dont, they just want your watch.

ajh said...

Go ahead and blog about your 6 medals. I'd love to see them. I thought I already followed you but I don't. I am going to correct that right now!

Anonymous said...

That's funny, I wear gloves and a scully before I put on a shirt too. :) I just figured you wore the tights because you are from Phoenix and everywhere else if friggin' freezin' to you! ;)

Rae said...

I wouldn't wear a shirt either if I had abs like you! Seriously, you have some rockin' abs!

And thanks for the recommendation on the watch from Cosco...I don't have one near me, but we have a Sam's. I'll check there!

Kelly Leigh said...

Oh my gosh this post made me so happy and feel like I'm blog famous. Yesssss I'm on Emz blog I am so cool now! Thank u for clarifying that wardrobe choice - I still think you do it to show off though. ;) Come on just admit it. We're all friends here. btw, I talk about my "blogging friends" to the husband and he makes fun of me - but I'm glad you feel the same way!

Jannifer said...

I'm a new follower and I love your blog! While blog stalking I also wondered why you wear what you wear. ha I use the sleeves for biking and they are awesome. I would say keep the watch and try a triathlon, they are awesome and I'm sure you could dominate!

misszippy said...

To each his own with running gear, right? I can remember way back before I was a runner never understanding how elites could wear singlets with gloves. Didn't make sense. Now, as a runner, I get it!

Char said...

If I had your abs I would never cover them - ever! Seriously, how do you get abs like that?

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Maybe you could blog about why Michael Jackson only wore one glove? Is that like a sprinters' thing?

I'd be happy to take that watch off your hands - my hints to my wife haven't had the desired effect!

Rad Runner said...

Graet reasoning but I will say-
that you look so great it's pretty much be a damn sin to cover up the middle, your work hard, you outta share the beaming benefits! :) Have a Rad weekend!
xo- Rad Runner

Luke said...

I have had the same question, but I thought it must be some skinny people thing that I don't undertand yet (but soon). In fact, I thought you were so slim that that the giant contraption on your arm was a regular watch adn just looked huge. I have been planning to buy one for months and on me it will look like a freckle.

Angie said...

HA, HA, HA, HA! Whew, loved this one. Will endeaver to ask more questions.

Angie Bishop said...

Question! Question!!
Do you wear compression tights? Do you think they help for pushing through lactic thresholds in a race and then for faster recovery?

Love your style babe!

Anonymous said...
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Kera said...

i feel like since my name was so emphasized in the post, that more people should have commented on how awesome i am. i guess everybody got too excited to talk about your gloves. now that you've explained though, i totally get it. abs are hot, arms are cold. i ate 10 peanut butter chocolate cookies today.

Kera said...

freak. i just read your comment. i think you just became my favorite person i may or may not know. thanks doll. i love you? ok. that was weird.

Anonymous said...

i'm the same way with the sleeves...I get super long sleeved tops are a no go for me....I'd rather pull the sleeves off if I've gotten a wee bit too warm.

Petraruns said...

Oooh you answered questions I didn't realise I had. Now I know. Totally get the stomach thing - thing is mine is not a washboard like yours. OK question - how do I get awesome abs like yours?

Anonymous said...
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Marlene said...

All I know is that if I had your abs, I'd be walking around in a bra top in February ... in CANADA.