Thursday, December 3, 2009

As "Molly" as I wanna be

First, let me start off by saying: I am an over thinker. If someone in the grocery store says, "that's a wild shirt" - first thought --- awe thanks, I love it too. Then as they pass, my brain kicks into over-drive. Does that mean they like it or hate it? What does wild really mean? Note to self google "wild" while standing in checkout line. Now, I'll honestly tell you - - if the comment turned out to be not so positive, I'd probably wear it more often. I just have a really good outlook that way. ;) You hate it? It's now my favorite. I just love to give people more of what they [unknowingly] want.

Sooooooooooooo - there is this lingering [bad smell of a text ] conversation that's been brewing between me & Mrs. P as to where I fall in the "Molly" category.

I was told a few weeks back something like this, "you? a Molly? ya, right. [but she didn't stop, as she should have] "M" [mutual friend] is a Molly, has it all together and at such a young age..." Now prior to that last dig I was like sweet - I never wanted to be a Molly.
Soooooo - Mission accomplished! [or was it?!]

To ease the "sting" of the lemon juice in my paper cut she added, "you are intimidating by how you look, dress, etc [and I quote] but you don't have the Molly thing down". I think I learned this concept in college "sandwich effect" - - jab/nice/jab --- she made the sandwich perfectly.

But then, something happened. I looked over the [worldly] "looks" comment [should have taken it and run - [fast] - I mean seriously - they can write that on my grave right?] "Here's the Molly who went down intimidating others by looking sweet [ha] & owning killer heels [I'll agree with that]." Alas - - - My life has purpose!!

But instead - - - I spent the next 4 texts - sticking up for me.

I bake bread. I wake at 5:30am to make the Pita a hot breakfast every morning. I iron. I send the Pita to work with lunch-daily. I do 2 loads of laundry a day. I can things [usually my ideas - but that's canning]. I rotate my food storage - I mean, shoes. I do FHE. We sing "kumbaya" every night.

PLUS - I do all of these:

Ya, right.

SO what is a "Molly" and who is one? After reading this then praying, then fasting, then drinking my hot cider then a diet-coke. I'm going to pass on Molly.....because I want to. Is there a benefit to being a "Molly" that I don't know about?

Hey, if I can vacuum, cook, run errands in stilettos - why would I wear flip/flops, an apron and Bermuda's? I'll be this "jane" any day. Just pretend her dress has cap sleeves.

They call me Jane. Just not plain Jane.


Brooke said...

i really have got to see these heels that are blogged about regularly. when can we get together? i don't think you're missing out on any molly-ness. so overrated =).

Julie said...

Amen!!! I prefer domestic goddess if they are talking about my homemaking skills!And my apron does have jewels on it! So I am right there with you. I have never heard Molly referred to in a loving tone so I would not take offense to not being one.

Angie said...

So I know I don't actually "KNOW" you either but seriously, we are kindred spirits. I think that being a Molly means you don't get to wear stilettos to church and I couldn't tolerate that. Plus, I never remember to have official FHE. I'm obviously going to hell.:)