Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'll get you, my pretty, & your little dog too.

4:47 [am]

Seriously.  this is what time my fun began today. [where can I get one of those sarcmark things?]

Picture this:
[with less make-up and big bags under my eyes].  Figured - why even try so I got up to run.  As most mornings, I am greeted by Chuy.  Decided to let the poor little guy out to relieve himself before I started up the treadmill.
Now, anyone who knows me knows --- I'm not too good [actually really bad] at remembering to let this dog back in.  Which I've heard is pretty important.  But this dog, I couldn't pay him to runaway.  trust me.  I tried.

But this morning was different.  I let him out . . walked in to get things ready and it was like I was being blasted on the head by a 2 X 4 - - "go get Chuy" . . "go get Chuy". . "go get Ch____[ok, you get it] but I think I have a full-on bruise.

I open the door to see Chuy IN as in INSIDE a coyotes mouth. 
And no it didn't look like this:
It looked like this:
with an added $x,xxx dog in it's mouth.

What did I do, you ask?  Grabbed Peanut's rain boots outside the front door. {yet another blessing - my daughter wears rain boots - when it's not raining.  often.} and began to swat [air] with these purple camo rain boots.
So right now.  Chuy thinks I'm pretty great.  I can swing a mean boot.
Now, if I could just get him to pee outside since the little altercation, I could actually leave to run the errands I need to.
Anyone want to give him a bath? [smelling very "nature-y"]


Ourphxsons said...

AHHHH...and you say you don't care!! I'm getting you one of those yellow diamond sticky signs that reads"Doggy on board"! Man's best friend...that's what they say...must be true!! :D

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

Chuy!! Poor little guy. Is he suffering from post traumatic stress? Maybe he will relax a little bit now that he's had a near death experience. And way to go, momma, for saving the little guy's life.

Sarah said...

That's so scary! I would wash your dog. I used to wash dogs for a living. I feel like I'm joking every time I say that, but I'm not. I seriously did.

amyraye said...

wow. i don't even like dogs, and that scared me a little bit.