Monday, November 22, 2010

"Hungry Like The Wolf" - DDuran


How much money do you plan to spend this upcoming holiday season?
* Is "way too much", specific enough?!

What was the last television show you watched, and was it good?
* "Top Gear" [American version] last night on the History Channel.  It.  sucked.  This is one show we should leave to the Brit's.

If you had to paint the walls of your living room tomorrow, what color would you choose?

* Well, all 3/4 of my living room walls are made of "block" [masonry block].  But the other 1/4 --- I'd either paint grey or red.

Main Course:

Name something clever or practical you have thought of that should be invented, but hasn't yet.

* A U-turn light/indicator for a car.  I swear I could make millions off this.


List 3 things you would like to receive as gifts this holiday season.

* A new PR.
* An organized [something] with all my running crap in it.  photos. etc.
* A coupon book with the following:

1.  "you are right"
2.  "I said we were busy"
3.  "you are right"
4.  "because it's your day today"
5.  "you are right"
Now for the real Turkey Day menu:

* Garlic and Parmesan crusted Prime rib
* Blue Cheese mashed potatoes
* Sauteed asparagus with grated Parmesan
* Sauteed button mushrooms
* Cornbread, pecan and cranberry stuffing
* Curried Butternut squash soup
*  Homemade rolls / Orange rolls
* The Pita's [3 hour] Rhubarb Pie
* Wilted Spinach salad with garlic and bacon
Ya, I'm starting the cooking today.


Jamoosh said...

Soup! I watch "The Soup." Wait, what was the question again? Dammit, now you got me all confused. I'll take the "Curried Butternut squash soup" for 500.00 = Things I wish were on my holiday menu.

Emz said...

Mooshy - good choice. It. Rocks. I'll email the recipe to you so you can make it for lady J. Please send the $500 payment.

Kovas Palubinskas said...

This post is awesome, because it's your day today.

Angie Bee said...

MMMMM! I want to come to your house for turkey day!!
Not spending money this holiday.
I would paint my walls a bright blue green color with yellow ceilings.

Emz said...

Kovas - what do you want? why you being nice?

Angie - I say do it.....paint away!! sounds awesome!!

Karine said...

I am so looking forward to being a guest at your Thanksgiving dinner table. The "cook" and I can hardly wait. The only thing on the menu that makes me nervous is the Pita's 3-hour rhubarb pie!!!! How can any pie take 3 hours? Can we eat early?????? Can't wait. I'll even paint your wall red for you.

Jason said...

That was not an earthquake, but rather my stomach rumbling. You can get out from the doorway now.

Blue Cheese Mashed Potatoes -- yes please!!!!!

Garlic and Parmesan on a show would be divine !!!!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

I am nice because that's the real me and I want a shirt too and not the RUN IMEZ one either. By the way, why no caterpillar on the menu?

Stacie said...

Hoping and unable to spend a lot this year. Trying to plot something amazing for my girls.

Can I come spend turkey day with you?

Emz said...

Mom- it'll probably take 4. YOU KNOW . . . the. man. is . a. perfectionist. nuff said. Just be happy I opted out of the "IRON CHEF PIE BATTLE" with him or pie is all we would be eating.

Jason - love it. my dog was even barking thinking it was an earthquake.

Kovas - ahhhhhhhh nice because you want something. awesome. No caterpillar because with my luck, it'd be a butterfly come Thursday.

Emz said...

Stacie - you bet cha. I only have 5 people at my place. Easy peasy.

Shellyrm said...

How many seats can I reserve???

Emz said...

Shelly - four [ty]? ;)

Evolving Through Running said...

Ummm .... I don't see turkey on that menu .... Single tear.

Say it ain't so. I do loves me some turkey.

That sounds like a fantastic feast. Will the buckle be featured prominently in the centerpiece? It seems only right.

Shellyrm said...

App: I will be watching the pennies as always.

Soup: A show on the galapagos islands. Interesting! And NO ONE should be allowed to go there.

Salad: (3/4 of my walls are red.) I'd repaint a new shade of red.

Main Course: Invention? I've got nothing.

Dessert: Three things I'd like.
1. a son who sleeps when I tell him to.
2. a daughter who does what I tell her to.
3. another son who calls when he says he will

just asked.

Foges said...

22 minutes and 15 comments already? do these guys just stalk you?

p.s. when is dinner being served? I'll bring the wine.

Emz said...

ETR - uggg. truth time ---- I no likey turkey. dry. dry. dry.
I like me some artery cloggin' beef. Been craving this for weeks [ok at least a month].

Buckle . . It is out at all times. I mean you never know who will come a knocking at any given moment, right?!

Emz said...

Shelly - love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Foges [AKA-proud new DAD!!!]: I think 4 [comment]are from myself. Yes, I stalk . . myself. ;) dinner . . 2pm. That allows for an afternoon football game/walk and nap.

Kelly Leigh said...

OMG yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Can I come over please! Your menu sounds delish!

Amanda@runninghood said...

I might have to use your menu to make my menu! :)

Slomohusky said...

emz you're every turkeys best friend! i wish i could get away with prime rib for t-day! we usually wait till christmas day or new years eve for that. i would like the recipe for it. have you done it before or is this a first time thing? i will pass on the pie though. i am with your mom - little scared of that one (4 hours?)! apple please!

happy thanksgiving. oh do you have a special post t-day ab workout after all that red, red meat, taters and pies? :)

Katie said...

Wow, after reading your Thanksgiving menu i'm hugry like the wolf!

Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

I should also include A NEW PR to my wishlist too! Thanks for the idea ;p

OMG!!! WHAT AN AWESOME MENU! Please invite me to your home pls pls pls! LOL!=)

Emz said...

Katie - agreed. Bring it on already!!! ;)

Slowmo - this is a first timer. My place. My food. My prime rib. My abs workout to follow. ;)

Teamarcia said...

Oh man what time can I be over? I'll even paint your wall(s)! I NEED to escape the in-laws, MIL to be specific. Need to!

Laurie said...

Yummmmmm, well except for the pie, no offense to the Pita, but not a big rhubarb fan, blackberry, cherry, apple, pumpkin, lemon... pretty much anything but rhubarb.

Mandi said...

I was sooo disappointed in Top Gear too :(

Emz said...

Yay mandi - you understand my pain. It was horrible!!
The helicopter was cool though. ;)

One Crazy Penguin said...

Sounds delish! What time should I be over for dinner again? :p

Also, I'm in the process of wrapping your PR. It'll be in the mail soon. It's oddly shaped and I'm having difficulty wrapping it :P

Jenn said...

How much I plan to spend vs. how much I WILL spend..Hmmmm...

E True Hollywood Story-Adam Lambert-how captivating!

slate blue/gray. In fact I have a 4X4 square painted already to see if I like it (been there for 2 years)

Main course:
Waiting for the patent first-whatever...

new coffee maker (seriously!)

new coffee grinder (also seriously!)

Sugoi Firewall Jacket (I've left hints all over the house for my hubby on this one)

Your menu looks TDF! Blue cheese mashed potatoes-AHHHH!! Jealous! Happy Thanksgiving!

Lesley @ said...

Holy smokes, that may be the best Thanksgiving menu EVER (minus the mushrooms).

ShutUpandRun said...

You ARE right. You can't be wrong if you make all that amazing food.

ajh said...

You were right are some of my favorite words! I am a little obnoxious about being right.

Jannifer said...

Menu sounds delish..although turkey could be added. ha Last tv show I watched was House Hunters, definitely one of my favorite shows. I hope we don't spend too much for Christmas, it's always a battle on the amount between me and the hub.

Heather said...

U-turn indicator/light...brilliant!
I love everything on your turkey day menu! I'm drooling.

Caratunk Girl said...

Your turkey dinner sounds awesome.

I love the whole menu.

Totally. I want to come over. I forgot what the rest of your post was even about after reading that.

Oh yeah, Duran Duran...Love it!

Char said...

Please invent the u-turn indicator. It would save a lot of confusion. Or you could invent a sign for the roofs of cars that spells out the thoughts of the driver.

Gracie (Complicated Day) said...

American top gear gets two thumbs down. It was awful. Just like I expected!

Her Name is Rio said...

*stomach growl*- that menu looks pretty awesome!

termite said...

top gear #fail

love, love the menu. what time would you like me over? i'm from new orleans, you know we love food. ;-)

** i used to read that book to my babyboys when they were young. awe.


Molly said...

licking my chops...I started cooking yesterday!

um, can't wait to see which music title you pick next!

AM-GoalsfortheWeek said...

I'm confused..oh wait! that's perfect!

I'll just state that I love the book, the song, and your course(s)


The Hungry Runner Girl said...

You are hilarious!! Oh how I would love a new PR and a 'you were right' would be nice:)
Your Thanksgiving menu sounds so so good!

MCM Mama said...

I'm starving now. Wonder how long it would take me to get there... Yum!

Melissa Cunningham said...

oh yuuuuumbles!
can i spend turkey day at your house?

Sarah said...

I am drooling. Would love to have those recipes. Mmmmmmmm ......

Colleen said...

YUMMO! Can I come to your place??? :)

Colleen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Meg said...

Oh MY GOSH !!!
That menu made my mouth water, yum!!
Have fun happily cooking, that's my favorite part but the eating, not so much. Now, if I were at your house, that would be a different story!!
Cherish your holiday and family, I know you will :) !

The Green Girl said...

Your posts never cease to make me smile.

JenniferLeah said...

Im coming to your place for Turkey Day. That menu sounds amazing.
Have a very happy holiday with the family!

Johann said...

I'll have to spend more on the family than I originally planned because I am(we are) spending a lot on me and it's all for running. Payback time for me, but I'm fine with that as they support me 500% anywhere I run.

Matty O said...

SOOOOOO, I saw the TURKEY day menu and must have missed reading about the TURKEY that you will have on TURKEY day. Just saying, I think it should be referenced from here on out as "Garlic an Parmesan crusted Prime Rib Day".

You don't get the shortened Turkey Day privileges anymore.

Laura said...

Oh my....dinner.sounds.amazing. My kind of holiday meal...NOT turkey.

Silly Girl Running said...

Garlic and Parmesan crusted prime rib... I just had lunch, but am somehow hungry again. You had me at ' garlic'...

Marlene said...

This is my kind of menu!

Your "real" menu sounds pretty fab too!!

DRog said...

haha a new PR please
Nice lookin TDay menu!

but the best
You are right

wife to DR casually confirming something I knew:
"Oh were right"
DR "What?"
wife "Your were right"
DR "Im sorry what?"
wife "isaid, noaction4u2nite"

Emz said...

DRog - must meet your wife. Well. Played.

She coming to RnR?!

DRog said...

unfortunately no...its just a solo quickie trip for me...I think a buddy of mine is meeting me there, he is planning to run the half.

will def try and connect w/u during expo hours or SOMETHING!! :)


Emz said...

We must.
Let's get as many as possible together for lunch or dinner -- expo meeting is fine but a last resort ;)

DRog said...

any good Gluten free restaurants in Tempe?! haha J/K
The only other I know doing it is Aimee - but you prob know lots, so I will let you be "social chairwoman"!


Karen R said...

That menu is amazing! And I'm not sure how you make that yummy food and keep your great body!

But let me know the secret!! :)

PS - this shirt in the post below is so cute. It's just another reason to hate you :)

Emz said...

"Cheese"cake factory?
Pizzeria UNO?
Dairy heaven?

There's a whole bunch of "healthy" places for all you "healthy" people .. In Tempe. ;)

Staci Dombroski said...

I want to come to your house for the holidays!! That menu looks amazing! Have a great week ;)

Jen (Triathlete Within) said...

YUM! I'm drooling...and totally wishing I lived in the States so I could have Thanksgiving this weekend too!!

Totally stealing your coupons....

Petraruns said...

I'm sure there's plenty there for me to come and eat with you all. I'll give you the coupons in exchange...

THat pie - intrigues me. 3 hours? Baking? Preparing? Staring at it? What? I bet it's gorgeous..

RunningLaur said...

Have a fantastic time hosting Thanksgiving!

Adam said...

Wait wait, there is an american version of Top Gear? Bleh, that doesn't even sound good.