Friday, November 12, 2010

"Pure Energy" - Information Society [& Tagged, I'm it]

1/2 full?
1/2 empty?

Well, let's just say "training" has gone better than expected.  SO when my runs had been getting speedier . . . rather than celebrating . . . I called to have my dear sweet "Ed" serviced, as I swore it was giving me false positive results.

What?  I'm totally a glass is half full kind of girl.  ;)

Good great news.  Ed, is accurate.  YAY!  yay!  y a y !

SO I got this out of the way this morning at 5am [ugg].

So now to the fun stuff.

Allison at "Just Tri And Finish" tagged me for a Versatile blogger award.

I like this twist though . . . Favorite Movies with 7 Random things about me related to the films.  Truth be told I have about 14 favorites but . . . here we go:

1.  Clueless. Always wanted that dang white Jeep Wrangler she drove.

Best quotes: 

"Helllooo that was a stop sign!"
"What?....I totally paused."
"And can I Remind you it does not say RSVP on the statue of liberty."

My personal fav:  "She's a full on Monet. Like the painting. From far away it's ok but up close it's a big ole mess."

2.  Can't Buy Me Love.  Awesome.

Patty: "Didn't you like, used to mow our lawn?"
Ronald Miller: "Yes, and you have the nicest pair of rhododendrons in town!"

Patty: "Rhodo-who's?"

The football big-guy:  "Quin-ton is in, let the fun begin!"

 RM little bro: "Cards with the tards. Who could beat a night of cards, chips, dips and dorks?!!"

3. Sliding Doors.  Love this one.
I posted about it [here] - a looooooooooooooong time ago.  It's one of my [personal favorite] posts.

4.  Jerry Maguire.  Before TC went all wack job.

GREAT quotes in this one:

"You had me at hello"
"Show me the money"
"D’you know that the human head weighs 8 pounds?"
"You complete me."

Dicky Fox may have said it best – “Hey, I don’t have all the answers. In life, to be honest, I failed as much as I have succeeded. But I love my wife. I love my life. And I wish you my kind of success.”

5.  Farris Bueller.  love this.  Pretty sure there are only about 3 lines I can't quote.
"He'll keep calling me, he'll keep calling me until I come over. He'll make me feel guilty. This is uh... This is ridiculous, ok I'll go, I'll go, I'll go, I'll go, I'll go. What - I'LL GO."

"Ferris Bueller, you're my hero."
"The key to faking out the parents is the clammy hands. It's a good non-specific symptom; I'm a big believer in it. A lot of people will tell you that a good phony fever is a dead lock, but, uh... you get a nervous mother, you could wind up in a doctor's office. That's worse than school. You fake a stomach cramp, and when you're bent over, moaning and wailing, you lick your palms. It's a little childish and stupid, but then, so is high school."

6.  Love Happens.
The only thing better than receiving flowers . . . .the card attached to the flowers.

"Poppysmic" - sound produced with smacking of lips - the best ever.

7.  Goonies.  childhood classic.

I'd trade him for his abs any day.


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adena said...

I will have to check out Love Happens. And I LOVE Sliding Doors, one of my all time favourite movies.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I was worried, but I saw the last 3 but not the first 3, phew, sorta off the hook

21.52 on hte DREADMILL, I can even begin to phatom that

Unknown said...

I don't know how you crank out miles like that on the treadmill... oh wait, cause you're AWESOME! :)

Great movies!!!!

KovasP said...

Wow, except for Jerry Maguire, this is a good list. I'll have to change my mind maybe about the first one describing you.

Carrie said...

I love ALL those movies! I even named our relay running team last spring, The Goonies! I heard a good song the other day and wanted to just pass it on. Natasha Bedingfield, "Strip Me". I love running to it.

Jenn said...

Oh my! So much for planning a productive day here. Now, all I want to do is veg out and watch movies!! Love ALL those. I just watched Clueless with my daughter the other day! Too funny that she hadn't even heard of it! GREAT run! How I wish that number jumped back at me this morning!! Ha ha! I understand the fear of the false positives! Hae a great weekend!

Quinton J said...

...been drinkin' a lot of water lately.

I hope you give ED a full-body massage after you abuse him like you do. And good news on the quickness...Show me a 3:10.

Quinton J said...

...Because I KNOW you can.

Unknown said...

that's it...

Im making you a damn buckle for running 21.52 miles on the treadmill.

are you kidding me??


*glad Ed is ok and not pregnant or anything (you know, with the false positive and all...)

Emz said...

JL - hilarious. loved that.

Q - oh man, in my dreams. [for now, I'll take the 3:15 in Decemeber and the 3:10 in January]

All I want for Christmas in a new PR.

Matty O said...

I need a 3:10 to BQ. Not fair.

Great post... I HEART CHUNK FROM GOONIES! Best quote from that movie...


Emz said...

MO. Love that quote.
I agree 100%....not fair.
I shall now attempt to run a 3:10 so I can say I BQ'd like a man.

Marlene said...

Awesome movies + quotes right here! Love it!!

About the bear.... all I know is we were drinking and I was enjoying the bear. Found him at a friend's house, I think? There is also a picture of me pased out on the couch and still cluthing said bear. GEEEZ.

Evolving Through Running said...

Ahhh ..... The Goonies. One of my alltime favorites. Recently introduced my kids to the Princess Bride (which may be my alltime favorite), and will be sharing Sloth and the Truffle Shuffle with them next. Hard to believe it's been 25 years since that movie came out.

Your ability to crank out long runs on the treadmill never ceases to amaze me. That big old 'STOP' button just starts talking to me around 5 miles and won't shut up.

Karen R said...

Love your comments on the movies! I have not seen all of them, but totally agree with you on the ones that I have seen!

You and your crazy miles! And on that freaking dreadmill. You rock!

XLMIC said...

Great movie retrospective... but my fave quote is yours... "I BQ'd like a man." Freakin' hilarious! You rock!

Aron said...

omgosh we were JUST talking about clueless the other day!! i need to rent it, its been TOO long, love that movie!

Emz said...

Marlene. Awesome. Cracks me up. That's a might big bear!! ;)

ETR - you need to buy the "silence" app for your treadmill. You'll fly by mile 5 and off to 15 in no time. And the princess bride.....classic. Wuuuvv twuuu luuuuv.

Emz said...

Aron. Yes. You. Do. It's a classic. In it's own creepy way.

XLMIC - ;) you "in" too?! ;)

H Love said...

love that your posted a pic of you LONG run! I am mentally trying to gear up for 10 miles on the treadmill. I have never done it, but I just don't have clothing to run in this 36 degree weather! UGH! When do you run outside? Are most of your training miles on the tread?

As always you made me smile and laugh this morning.

Emz said...

H Love - yes. 48 of 54 miles last week were on the treadmill. Usually it's more like 52 of 54 but my dog....he's getting f a t. ;). You rock that 10 miler on the mill. "you've freaking got it!".

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I thought Can't Buy Me Love and other 80's movies were stricken from the public domain years ago. But apparently not.

Emz said...

Jamoosh. Brought back by yours truly. "run emz".

Laura said...

Looooove those movies. The Truffle Shuffle?! Woman you kill me.

Melissa Cunningham said...

all i remember from this post is 21.52 miles....
your awesome!!!!

and btw,goonies rock,
baby ruth?
you crack me up,super woman!

abbi said...

wow, look at those miles on 'Ed'!

Anonymous said...

I think I watched Can't Buy Me Love at least 100 times in my youth. I wasn't aware that anyone else even knew that movie existed!!!

Emz said...

Lesley - you bet cha. Filmed in Tucson AZ [only 1.5 hours from me]. Ahhhh, the "airplane graveyard". :)

Kelly Leigh said...

I love that u didn't believe ur "Ed" haha you are so awesome even you don't know how awesome you are! I love Ferris. I literally watched it twice the other weekend. Nick came in while I was at the end of it, and said he'd never seen it - so I sat and watched it again with him!

Emz said...

KL- you are tooooo nice.
I love the comment on FB. [Farris B. That is...]. What other option was there?! You had to watch it again!!! Awesome.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...


Great movies!

Karine said...

Just saw that "Ferris Bueller's" house is for sale. Great nostalgic post of movies from the past.

Jason said...

OK, it's official. I used to idolize Ronnie Lott b/c he played the game of football harder then anybody I ever saw play and had the tip of his pinkie cut-off to keep playing. I used to idolize people who were first at anything b/c they had the guts to stand up and say I'm doing this. I used to idolize a whole host of people but now I idolize you for doing something no human being should ever be subjected to and that is 21.52 miles on the treadmill.

Amazing. Unbelievable. Fantastic.
That is what the headlines should read.

Terrific movie list by the way and I was thinking to myself yup like that one, yup that one too, yup that one but then JAniston came along and just coudln't flow with that one.

Emz said...

Jason. You. Are. Kind. I may just be stupid. ;)
JAniston?! Really. The pita does NOT care for her either. I don't get it. I think she's fab. I'll convince you later. ;)

Allison said...

YAY!!! I love ALL of these!!!!!!! I think we were destined to be bloggy friends!

Jason said...

oh....don't get me wrong. She was good when she started but every movie is the same now it seems. Seen one JA (and I don't mean that deragatory toward her just kinda works out doesn't it) then you've essentially seen them all.

Jen said...

You're so hilarious! I LOVE this post. And all these movies. Great quotes!

Adrienne said...

I love ALL those movies. Classic! Nice work on the running--U R Amazing, I think you should go for the 3:10 just because that is what Matty O needs...would make for good times.

Julie @ HotlegsRunner said...

Jerry Maguire is one of those movies that when I see it on, I HAVE to watch it. Even if it's half way or almost done already. I juts HAVE to watch it. Dunno why. Guess I'm weird that way. Haha!

Amy said...

Clueless and Ferris - 2 movies I can pretty much recite from beginning to end. Love Sliding Doors too.

All those miles on the treadmill?? Wow!

Pam @ said...

I can dang near recite Ferris Bueller. I've only seen it about 4 million and 2 times.

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

put in just .50 more than that this AM as well. Outside though. I am positive you were much faster. Yet, no way - dreadmill? Really? Would rather find forks to jab in my eyeballs. Which makes me think of movies as well - Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (Steve Martin needing the eyepatch).

have a great weekend EMZ!

RockStarTri said...

My preteen was studying economics and asked if what she was studying was, anyone, voodoo, anyone, voodoo economics. Times like this make me thing the answer to half full vs. half empty is broken.

BTW: the best line in Jerry Mcguire is "I air dry."

Emz said...

RST - you are right. I almost posted the picture of his "air dry" but I was afraid it was a little too visual for peanut. ;)

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

WOW! 21.52, you are my hero!! Thank you for reminding me about Clueless....I will probably have to watch that tonight:)

Patrick Mahoney said...

21 miles on a treadmill? You are a Jedi.

Char said...

Big Goonies fan here! I saw it with my very new husband on our honeymoon and years later showed it to our boys and they all loved it too.

Jill said...

Me? Me relate movie lines to me? This may be a challenge as I don't watch them much...but I'm certain I can DO IT!! Yay.

Great list!!! :)

Molly said...

Can't buy me love is classic..."It's the African Anteater Ritual!!!!"

The Boring Runner said...

Ok, I will admit that I did skim a bunch of your posts. Turns out you ARE still kicking ass on the treadmill

HA! I never would have thought to check the calibration.

Anonymous said...

I've used the Monet quote from Clueless many a time!

Rae said...

I LOVE Can't Buy Me Love. Just LOVE it!