Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Nowhere Fast" - The Smith's

That song title by the Smith's [that's for you, Slowmo] . . .Is pretty much the story of my treadmill running life.

I may be getting "nowhere" but I'm getting there nowhere fast.



These are little thoughts that I found myself thinking of while running today.  Thursday's are my NO TV while running on "Ed" days.

* I am loving my new PRR shirt from Ron. 

Seriously.  how.  cool.  is.  that?
*  I wonder if he's gotten that bra top design started up for me yet? ;)

* Is it okay that I let Peanut eat this for breakfast?

* Am I really going to have to pay $300+/night for a hotel in Boston?

* Can I really [have enough patience] to wait until next October to run a 100 mile race?

*  Is it really only 37 sleeps until the Pita's family arrives?

* Am I really going to be 30-ish something in January?

* Why can't I look as sweet as my Mom did when I vacuum?

* I wish we still had that vacuum.  and those blinds.  and that sweet floral arrangement.

* Peanut hates tennis [all of the sudden] and I want to make her do it.  Is this ok?

* I hope buckle hater is okay.  Love you M1.  Sorry about your car.

* Is it okay to buy/have shirts made with the intention of self promotion giving your family something to wear at your races?  I mean, if they are "with me" they should look sweet right?!


Hmmmm, let me know by tomorrow.

Happy Thursday!


Anonymous said...

When it comes to vacuuming, my guess is that the PRR shirt kind of detracts from the sweetness factor. On the otherhand, it is definitely an upgrade in the cool and awesome categories.

Emz said...

Mooshy - it could be a BA kind of sweetness though, no?!

Laura said...


Yes to fan club shirts, can I have one? :) I think your family DESERVES such an awesome token of their dedication to you! I don't think you will have to convince them, though you might have to guilt trip them to figure out why they haven't already made such shirts on their own.

Matty O said...

H made an OTank shirt for our San Diego race and never wore it... why? Because the day before she decided to run it with me haha!

That being said, yes to peanut eating that awesome rabbit food.

cool shirt.

Yes to fan club shirts :)

10 months is a mega long time to wait. Pepper it with tons of other races :)

Hope your spin was enjoyable, I have not even attempted the wii yet on my bike.

Karine said...

Cannot wait to get my shirt. I will use it to vacuum too!!

Jon said...

The Smith's....Sometimes I wish my conscience was alive during that period of music. I missed out!

....thank goodness for the Satelite Radio Channel, "First Wave"

Jason said...

I am going to need you to write me an eBook on music. I don't know anything about it except for the guy named after me Jay-Z. And I will definitely start calling myself after I order that shirt.

BTW - Karen wants the Runner shirt to the point of when she opens her mouth now I just say NO. No clue what she is going to say, but NO is the answer.

Going to order her one as her gift for finishing her first Mary on 12/5.

And I have been negligent in asking you about the Man v Horse race. What date is that? I need to put it on the race calendar and clear it with the coach, but I can handle it.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

LOVE, love the t-shirt. The bra has to look outstanding too, right?!

Really, a 100 mile race? Holy ultra!!!!!!!! Amazing!

And thank you, thank you for your treamdmill rec!!

Patrick Mahoney said...

i can't believe you had your own shorts made up. wow.

Kera said...

i bet you have a roomba. and your arms look super skinny in that photo. you should eat some of that salami. also. i'm saving up for a state of the art treadmill. i want it to have a built in fan and lcd screen that plays whatever i tell it to.

Redhead Running said...

I just got my PRR shirt too and I love it. We can both wear it on the same day and be twins mkay?

Also, I think it's perfectly acceptable to let her eat that for breakfast, make her take tennis and give self promo gifts to family! :)

jymmebe said...

Seriously . . . do you have all of these OLD pics of the family yourself or do you go to M&D's house to borrow them?!? It is so funny, but I haven't seen these old ones that you have been showing in YEARS! :) Mom looks totally sweet in that pic--she had to be in her late 20's is my guess.

Yes M1 is fine, not his truck though. He's gonna have to start running everywhere . . . his only mode of transportation now are his legs! Don't worry, he's no competition for you!

Seriously, did peanut just eat a bunch of cilantro for breakfast? I understand the salami and the pickle, but I've never heard of just eating the other . . . so funny!

Ya know, I'm not a big fan of skulls, but I have to admit that IS a cool running shirt! Can't wait for my own shirt with your name on it . . . heck, I'll even buy one from you . . . no skulls please! :)

Love you!

Shawn said...

Cool Shirt....i'm envious

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

I choose The Smiths - Runners of the World Unite and Take over (oops I guess it is Shoplifters). Thanks for the shout out.

I think we had the same Mom (not really of course), vacuum, drapes, blinds, carpet, chairs, coffee table and dried floral arrangement. Yet, no one in my family turned out tall, blonde, with great abs and speedy marathon times. :)

DRog said...

Yes on the tennis and at least she is eating! One of mine is basically surviving on Strawberry Mil Boxes alone...

Family at a race of mine??!! doesnt usually happen but if they did I would require same shirts...

awesome shirt!!


Unknown said...

I am seriously in love with that tee shirt. looooooovvvvvvvve it. santa, take note.

SO-cilantro, a pickle and salami for BF? hmmmm....

you can stay at my house for only $100/night :P

I had the worse run yesterday-the wind was insane and then the sky turned black! I was ready to call it day when this giant rainbow appeared. It was amazing and it pushed me to finish my run. And I remembered yesterday what I posted to you (here's to sunshine and rainbows)

Marlene said...

Nowhere Fast - your theme song for sure!

That pic of your Mom belongs in one of those old-fashioned "how to be a good housewife" articles.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

That's what I've been missing! A little self promotion via a sweet tee-shirt for my family. That will get them to the race sidelines!!

I'm loving that your mom vacuumed in a beautiful dress!

Anything for breakfast! Sometimes my kids don't even have their eyes open anyway!

Caratunk Girl said...

Fan club shirts are 100% cool. I plan on dressing everyone who is coming to IMLP in Caratunk Girl wear. Maybe you can help me design? ha

That breakfast doesn't look bad!

UGH Boston!! $300/night! I hope you find something cheaper.

KovasP said...

I left the South
I travelled North
I got confused - I killed a horse
I can't help the way that I feel
Oh yes, you can kick me
And you can butt me
And you can break my spine
But you won't change the way I feel
'Cause I love EMZ tshirts
Oh ...

(with apologies to Morrissey)

misszippy said...

Love the tee!

Yes, you have to pay that for Boston b/c everyone and their brother reserved back in January and we late-comers are paying for dragging our feet!

Jen said...

OF COURSE your family should be wearing matching Emz-fan shirts!! They should also have megaphones, and maybe decorate the family car.

My mother made me do all kinds of things I didn't want to. I still love her.

Emz said...

MO - I recorded the spin class. This girl she is AMAZZZZING. I work 14.4% times harder when she teaches.

Mom-seriously. you are smokin' hot in that photo. Hair all tossled about. You may even look sweeter in the shirt though.

Jason - Karen needs a shirt. get that woman a shirt or I'll buy her one. she NEEDS. She NEEDS! Man v horse -- I'll send you info when I get it! YAY!!

Jess - get that MILL!! You'll love it!!

Emz said...

Patrick - you rock. you know it. All glory to you --- come tomorrow.

Kera - HA! How do you think she got that salami "well you're eating it" ugg fine. Now the cilantro . . .that's ALL Peanut. We buy it by the bunch and it's gone in 3-4 days. I think I just threw up a little.

Morgan - it's a deal. where and when?

Unknown said...

You need to mix up the cleaning look with the sweet new t-shirt and a frilly little apron with red cherries and a cute pocket or two.

Make the shirts. They will love feeling a part of something.

Emz said...

K Fam - I went to M&D's early on Halloween and took an obsessive amount of photos before you all arrived. They have some sweet photos. Our parents were[are, sorry] smoking hot. Soooo happy M1 is ok. There are no skulls on your T so you are safe. YAY me!

Slowmo - I'm guessing it was the standard 70's garb. ;)

DRog - "Strawberry Mil boxes"? Please explain. Lost. normal but yet still lost.

Emz said...

JL- Your place for $200 final offer. ;) on the run . . you rock. yay for rainbows.

Marlene - seriously. so true. My first thought was why was my dad snaping photos and not helping. ;)

Shelly-blind breakfast eating - I like that!

Caratunk - seriously. These are not great places either.

Kovas - O M G osh -- what is that jumbled mess of utter confusion?! yes, you get a shirt. Seriously all that [written throw-up] deserves one.

MissZ - total bummer. I think procrastinators deserve something!!

Jen - love this. sending on to my family. Ahhhh, let the daily annoyance begin.

Emz said...

Angie B ----- no joke. I have an apron just like that. Should I NOT admit that?! I love it!

Anonymous said...

great t! nice post, seesta!

DRog said...

whoops, sorry ...typo - didnt mean to confuse the confuser!

one of the twins: Haley - basically is living on these things alone:

strawberry milk boxes.
I was in charge of dinner last night she wouldnt eat anything i made(again) I had to force mac and cheese down her throat after chicken nuggets failed and she also declined pizza

this morning for breakfast she had: 2 strawberry milk boxes - UGH!


Emz said...

DRog - Ahhhh milk boxes. wait "MILK"? Is that dairy?! what?? you feed your kids dairy?! mac n cheese? pizza? great. just freaking great. now I' confused again. so dairy is bad starting when....? ;)

DRog said...

see, I NEED my diet "program" otherwise I end up eating all unfinished pizza / mac cheese etc etc.

Thats how I got to 240lbs in the first place!

okay there was other factors!

still thumbs up on peanuts breakfast:)


KovasP said...

Do I have to explain everything to you? Those are Smiths lyrics, with the substitution of EMZ t-shirts. Sheesh, this might be worse than the Dumb and Dumber reference you missed that one time.

Karine said...

I am in my nightgown for the vacuuming. Not a dress. Thus the touseled hair. Good point about why it is more fun to take a pix than help.

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

EMZ - wait a minute did you just recognize Mom in an comment on a comment? Your Mom reads this? Wow, what a great Mom! Hi MOM! :)

Emz said...

Kovas - what are you saying - I'm confused. YES, mr funny - I got it. got it. Good. get it.

Slowmo - yes. my mom. actually reads. {GASP} a family member reads this. holy crap, right?! My mom is my biggest fan. no doubt.

DRog - I'm eating the cheese and drinking the koolaid.

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

It is more than okay to have a shirt made for your family to wear! By the way I LOVE IT!!
I think that looks like a delicious breakfast. 100 mile race? Which one?? 300 dollars a night is a joke...but it will all be worth it:)

Julie @ HotlegsRunner said...

I want that tee!!!

you're mom is beautiful. I like that she's all dressed and looking pretty while vacuuming. =)

Alyssa said...

Glad to see Ron stopped being so selfish and sent you one of those killer PRR shirts! ;) I love mine, too!

Unknown said...

some sweet ass blinds right there! I needs me some of those.

Aimee said...

Spectator shirts are awesome! I'm thinking of making some for my family too! :)

The blinds, floral arrangement, and dress all are awesome! :)

RunningLaur said...

Adam has 'friends and family' shirts that he made. He already broke the barrier of it being ok, so go for it! If you get crap for it, blame Adam, and then show them your buckle.

I know October is a long time to wait... but how about adding in Leona Divide 50mi in April? Southern California, flowers, Yes? :)

See you tomorrow!!!

Kim said...

you only have to pay $300 for a hotel in boston if you pick the ones right at the finish line!

Emz said...

RL - Leona divide...awesome. Can I trollop through the tulips?! Awwww crap... That's Boston month !!?!!

Alyssa said...

Hahaha! You are hilarious. Ron gave you a shirt, though ... so how cool are you?! I had to stalk (and bribe) the guy into being my friend. My shirt is a blood shirt. ;)

Emz said...

AA-please don't ask him what I did for mine. ;) heheheheee. I think a little begging was involved.

ShutUpandRun said...

Forget the drapes and vacuum, I want that sweet house dress. Maybe I could get Runner, Runner, Runner embroidered on it.

ConcreteNCoffee said...

We need more punk runners. Why should skateboards and hard core shows get all the punks?

And yes, your family needs to wear fan shirts. They should be asking YOU if they can wear them!

Teamarcia said...

Best vacuum pic ever! I think we had those same drapes!

And I see nothing wrong w/that breakfast--beat Pop Tarts any day.

Jason said...

EMZ you will be happy to know that I ordered Karen a shirt just now, but I had to get me the new one as she will beg for that one and it can be an x-mas gift.

This will cover the marathon and her b-day (Marathon on 12/5; B-Day on 12/7)

Emz said...

Jason - I'm NOT happy --- I'm FREAKING happy!! YAY you AND KAREN!!


H Love said...

did you catch my EMZ post??

Emz said...

I just did like 3 minutes ago?!?! I swear my google reader is not working right --- no joke. I found about 5 I hadn't seen. Uggg.

You made my day. I loved that post.

LOVED IT! You rocked it! You'll come back for long mill runs .... I see it in your future!! ;)

Unknown said...

random posts are the best! We really get to see whats inside your head, haha!
And yes, i love the shirt idea for your family!

Laurie said...

Don't you think your family maybe deserves matching belt buckles instead of shirts? Seriously, shirts are so average and ordinary and I think it has already been established that you are so above both of those. :)

Also, your mom is so awesome!

April said...

Of course it's ok to make your family wear shirts that promote you! Did you see the shirts I had made and shamelessly forced my boys to wear at the Women's Half? And I'll do it again!
And because I want to be just like you I ordered the RUNNER, RUNNER, RUNNER shirt from PRR!

Love your random posts...they make me smile!:)

Jill said...

We had that same vacuum when I was a kid, but I think everyone did!

I think kids need to find the one or two things they love at that age, and let the rest go. May be a lot of trial and error.

Peanuts breakfast looks heavenly!

And welcome to Boston, girl - where prices are 4x what you'd normally pay!!! But no matter the price, STAY IN COPLEY SQUARE!! Even better - the Marriott in Copley. It's connected to the expo so you just have to walk across this indoor bridge and you're there. All the elite races stay there (Ryan Hall walked right in front of me race day morning :) ) and there's a very cool grocery store across the street so you can easily get bananas and whatnot. Plus, it's VERY close to the finish line and all the race hoopla.


Emz said...

Jill- yay! Thank you. Thank you for telling me all the above info. The pita and I were throwing around all sorts of maniac ideas last night. Thank you for the info!! Copley it is!!!!!

Sarah said...

What is that? Salami and cilantro?

Emz said...

Sarah - yep. Her breakfast of choice. ;)

Melissa Cunningham said...

lol! your post never cease to put a smile on my face!
yes,breakfast is perfectly fine for your peanut,yes have self promoting shirts for the fam (i do!!) and yes,your mum is beautiful even while vacuuming!

crazy the many little thoughts we have while running the TM,eh?

Unknown said...

My sister and I ate salami and jello for breakfast in high school. My parents were just happy that we were eating. I loved that about them!!!
Very TOUGH and cool shirt!! Wouldn't my kindergarteners LOVE that shirt? Skulls and all...:)

Erika said...

Your family should TOTALLY rock Emz shirts!!! That would be awesome! And my monkeys want bologna and noodles everyday for breakfast. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

- I love PRR! I need to add to my collection (1 shirt, 1 hat so far)
- There's more green on that plate than on my kids' plates a lot of the time- I think that's a good thing for Peanut.
- $$$ for Bosoton? Um, yes you will.
- Good luck with pita's family
- You can make it any birthday you have earned it.
- Love those drapes behind your mom!
- Fan shirts would be it!

XLMIC said...

OMG! Is that a Kirby? We were total hippies at my house when I was kid so no awesome drapes or carpeting or even real furniture. But we DID have a Kirby! Ah, yes... I was the family vacuumer so I remember it way too well.

And 30-something! Wow! I think I might turn 30-something this year... 29 is getting really boring. I've already done it 18 times ;-)

That breakfast looks a lot like my 11-yr old's lunch. Every day.

Super fun post!

Kenley said...

Love the post, love the Smith's. The queen is dead........Wow, $300 a night for Boston, I would say it's worth it I guess. Then again, I haven't BQ'd yet. The lady with the vacuum is very beautiful. The picture is like an oxymoron. Take care.

Silly Girl Running said...

Perfectly okay to give your family/friends shirts to wear to your races. At my book it is. ;)

And $300+/night? That's insane! Although...I would probably gladly pay that amount of money if I'd BQ...

Johann said...

My son asked me for a shirt to wear for my next race where he will support. I think it's great so yes, I fans should look sweet (and feel special because they are). Maybe be patient by running another ultra or two in the 50 mile to 100km range before October. That's how I stay patient.

Karen R said...

I'm loving Peanut's low sodium breakfast! :)

Seriously, it looks good.

Molly said...

yes on the shirts, and yes for salami for breakfast!

The vacuum kinda looks like it's a Louis Vitton pattern!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

wow... 300+ to stay in Boston?! yowsa!

I'd say make peanut play tennis, swim, bike, bowl, run, play cards... you are the mom... mom's are meant to be hated right?! totally kidding! I LOVE my mom! (best friend)

Definitely make your friends and family wear shirts!! fo sho!! I would wear one if i were coming along ;)

Quinton J said...

In keeping with the randomness…CHEESECAKE!

…That…and peanuts breakfast looked pretty good to me. I also think you SHOULD organize your fam’s ‘race’ outfit. They are going to be at a race and they should dress appropriately.

Emz said...

Karen - I know right?! Where's the pickle juice?! ;)

Molly - hilarious. Exactly what I said to the pita when I saw this, "really mom LV vacuum?!"

Z- mean mom/best friend coming right up. Guess who starts tennis tomorrow?! ;) seriously.

TerryR said...

Sorry to be the first one to say, "You should have not let Peanut eat the salami for breakfast"!

A recent study ( concluded: "Both red and processed meat intakes were positively associated with cancers of the colorectum and lung; furthermore, red meat intake was associated with an elevated risk for cancers of the esophagus and liver."

"Colorectal cancer is the concern; every 50 grams of processed meat eaten daily increases lifetime risk by 21 per cent." (

In a recent visit I made to a local school, at lunch they served pepperoni pizza one day, hot dogs the next and subs with processed meat the third day. I then went into 4 classrooms and and polled 97 kids for the amount of processed meat they ate per day.

88% had one serving per day.
52% had three servings per day.
41% had 6 servings per day.

OK my rant is over....have a great day!


Emz said...

Terry - thank you. Seriously. Thank you for the above info. I too read a study about a week ago about processed meat & cancer. Yikes. Your comment is the kick in the butt I needed to act on the info. Thx.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

You are such a comedian, I think you should go one tour.. Love the photo!!