Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Informer" = delator [en español]

This song by Snow is what my sophomore year of high school was made of.  I can just see myself driving to volleyball practice with my windows down, in 100 degree weather [with AC blasting] thinking it was pretty sweet [in my, okay, my Dad's 4X4 red Toyota SR5] how I could pretend I knew every word to this song.

So here's the "info" from the informer:

*  It's cloudy.  here.  in AZ. [ just rained 0.00002"] which = happy Emz
*  I saw this last night when this MAN & I pulled into Trader Joe's at the same time.

Yes, of course I asked him what "Emz" meant/stood for

He said it meant"valiant, strong, effervescent, strong, wise ...... ".  Fine.  whatever. 

He said [no joke]"My name is Mike and it's mine so it's like, M's.  But I couldn't say MS because then it'd look like I'm a single woman and yes, MIKE was taken."

*  The Pita started "Rosetta Stone" last night.  We [Peanut & I] are unsure as to actually why [other than work is paying for it]. 

* One of the best/funniest nights we've had in a long time.  A NZ kiwi with a spanish accent = a great Hard Core Club workout. 

[Houston, we have a "flip off"].  I may or may not have said this would make it onto the blog?!  Hmmmmm.  Can't remember.  What's hilarious, he's actually really good at it.  Heck, I'm all about Spring Break in Cabo with my bi-lingual Pita.

*  I opened my "RW" to see this photo in the first few pages.

I love it.  I dream of a photo of me like this.  Jealous.  Slightly jealous of her marathon time too.

*  I love spin class.  I might need a bike.  A bike that moves.

Miércoles feliz!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Yes you need a bike, you will fall in love with and wonder why it took so long to get one, next thing you know you will swimming laps and all of a sudden you will be rereading your 310 manual on how to set it up mulitsport style and telling us you signed up for a tri.

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Rosetta Stone rocks. I was fluent in Spanish after a few weeks. It took a lot less time to pretty much forget everything... lol!

Get a bike and you will be hooked! Can't even explain how great an easy spin on the bike makes your legs feel after a hard run. It just flushes out all the lactic acid!

Matty O said...

I will come at you with a different approach than BDD and Jeff. While H and I LOVE our bikes and going for rides in places we have never been, it is very very enjoyable trust me, make sure you find a seat that makes your lady parts happy... just saying.

Hilarious RW pic. Wonder what you can do while they are in there to make them runners... ... ...

I was fluent in German... now I know like 4 words.

Spin class huh? Cross training or are you getting bored with running already?!

Good luck. Its crazy sweat fest on those spinning bikes!!!

Quinton J said...

You should’ve waited til’ Ms. Mike left and then nicked his plates. That’s what I would’ve done.

And Kara Goucher is muy caliente.

The End

By: QJ

abbi said...

Today's title brought back lots of memories for me too! Mike's description for his license plate is quite funny!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

The treadmill goes nowhere so why a bike that moves?

Emz said...

Okay, I was going to "address" these babies [comments] in order but Kovas W I N S. OMGosh I love that.

BDD - I'd love to actually USE my 310 & "enjoy" a bike ride up Mt. Lemon w/you "crazies". ;)

Jeff - "lactic acid flush" sounds like a running [plumbers] dream.

Matty-O - yoga & lady seats from the big guy. Love that. On "making" runners. IDK. I was ran my first marathon while pregnant - not working so far.

Q - I think your name should be Brian. Then you could sign everything "BQ". Sounds nice huh? kara es mi ídolo.

Abbi - so agreed. I think it's a lie. ;)

Emz said...

Oh last thing MATTY-O....ME??? BORED??? No mr namaste. Cross train two times per week.

I swear spin class is one of the two reasons behind my 3:20 in Portland.

Rae said...

I loved the song Infomer. I remember the video had the words go across the bottom and I'd read 'em all fast.


I would have lifted his plates. Just saying.

Quinton J said...

TMB…thank-you…I’m not the ONLY hooligan.

Allie said...

I promise to write on your belly if we ever take this long distance romance'll probably be something crude though.

ShutUpandRun said...

What kind of guy puts EMZ on his plates anyway?

I wrote on my belly when pregnant. And drew on it. The only thing I didn't do was rub weird stuff on it. Like whipped cream or hot wax. TMI?

Emz said...

SU&R - EXACTLY?!?!? So weird.

TMB - are you from Canada? j/k. I know YOU are normal.

Allie - as long as it doesn't cover my buckle.

Rae - how did I forget that?! word video. Off to "aprender de nuevo" re-learn.

Andrew Opala said...

Get a bike? Maybe if you get one that looks like a horse.

Or maybe one of these:

Emz said...

Andrew - looks like it'd be too much trouble to fix a "flat" on that one?!

You're Canadian - you want me to lift the plate too?!

Her Name is Rio said...

Now looking back, I wish I had a nice photo taken of me when I was pregnant. Instead, I have awkward candid photos of me. Ick.

Must've been weird to see that EMZ on another person's car. Maybe the car is supposed to belong to you?

Adrienne said...

I think we knew each other in a previous life because our family is doing the Rosetta Stone thing too? How random is that. My hubs wanted it for Christmas last year?!....Okay?
I saw the RW article on Goucher and Radcliffe and I now want a Alter G treadmill...weirdest thing ever which is naturally why I want it.
BTW-Eva is at my house right NOW! THANK YOU! I'm no longer mad at you.

Quiero una bicicleta nueva, pero también una de las montañas

Emz said...

Adrienne - why were you made at me?! Por que estas enojado conmigo?

Buy me one of those treadmill things while you're at it ok?


Sarah said...

I love pregnant photos. It seems like most pregnant women don't know how beautiful they look. That plate is a funny coincidence. :-D

Zaneta said...

I just saw that picture yesterday too! I also loved it very much! I think she's cute! :)

RunWithKate said...

First of all, I love those Kara Goucher pics. They make me want to get knocked up just so I can have a picture like that.

2nd, I used to work at a physical therapy clinic in Chicago that had one of the 1st Alter-G's. It is a very cool (expensive) piece of equipment. I can't believe she has one in her house!! I actually wrote about it awhile back right here...

Angie Bishop said...

I did lots of pregnant photos of all my pregnancies. Nothing professional but nice looking. I did a belly cast with my 4th son and painted it when he was a newborn. He would lay on the floor and I would paint the cast next to him. It turned out really well!

I totally need to get RS! I want us to learn spanish too. If anyone wants to pass theirs on to us I would be totally cool with that ;)

Adrienne said...

I was mad at you because you had an Eva and I didn't but now that I do I'm not. :)

She is still here--almost 7 hours later! :( Pool lady, all by herself, liking her. Getting a tip for this 1st one, it's a doozy.

Luke said...

Bikes are awesome! (well ones that move)

Emz said...

Luke- love that comment. One's I have to wear a helmet to ride ehh?! ;)

Adrienne - holy crap!!! 7 hours?! What cha doin' in that place you call home?! ;)

RockStarTri said...

I should try rosetta stone since the only spanish I know is "con queso."

When I saw the license plate I thought of the Seinfeld episode when Kramer got the plate for ASSMAN. Coincidence that you saw this EMZ plate? I think not. I bet you will start seeing it often.

JenniferLeah said...

oh wow. i used to love that song!! although i think i only understood about 3 words...
cool plate btw!

heather said...

Love that song! my husband makes fun of me...not sure if its b/c I like the song or b/c I make up words.

Kara Goucher is adorable. I love to see women who look totally normal except for that big beautiful belly. Alas, I was not that person...everything swelled.

Sending some positive energy your way...babies and bicycles.

Heather said...

I love spin class too! I'm hoping that when I start running again I will be faster because of all the biking I've been doing!

Adam said...

Snow informer was the first CD I ever bought. True story.

Informer!!! Fjiewjoifwjefoiewjfewf boop-a-day-o.