Saturday, September 18, 2010

To MY Brother MGE on HIS Birthday.

My Brother,


You thought I wouldn't do YOUR birthday post because I'm running my tail off right this second in Utah.

No way. [as long as this "set post date/time" thing works anyway. ;) ]

You are my favorite brother.  Yes, you are my only brother.  But you are my favorite.  I have always adored you.  Yep.  Always.

Even when you kinda were annoyed by me [who? what?].

I always looked up to you.  Always.

Today.  I look up to you even more.

Happy Birthday.


Sarah said...

Haha!!! Love the picture. I was going to say, "You can run and post at the same time?" :-D

Emz said...

Sarah - turns out I can't even run. Kinda joking.
Still crying. "really em your still crying?" you bet.

The Kornegay Family said...

So sweet . . . so lucky that you are the only one of us girls in the family who has a big brother!

He is a great brother, a great example, and just an all-around great guy. I think we can owe a lot of that to our amazing parents . . . and to his sweet wife, Ang.

Happy Birthday to Mike!

Your run should be over by now . . . . . hope everything went great!

amyraye said...

got on here to give a shout out to mike, but now i'm worried about you, emily. everything ok? trying to find your phone number in my e-mail. brooke is frantically trying to find you. she came to logan to be at the finish line for you.

Will said...

Great day for a birthday! It's my daughters too!

Emz said...

Amy I'm good. Just a dork.
I'm so so sooooooooooo sad I missed Brooke how nice of her. I would have loved to see her.

Sorry to take away from my bro's day. He is AMAZING!!

HEATHER @ runfastermommy! said...

That picture is priceless! Happy birthday to your bro!

Forward Foot Strides said...

Aww :-), happy Birthday to your brother!

Marlene said...

Happy Birthday to the brother!

Andrew Opala said...

Happy Birthday Mr. USA.

Join the unhappy brother's club - we meet at the bar every Thursday at 6 pm. See you there!

-Your new buddy Andrew

H Love said...

Mr. USA looks a bit grumpy! So so cute!

Barefoot Neil Z said...

I'm in that Unhappy Brother club too. She is 1.5 yrs older and absolutely made my life miserable for 17 years until she went to Univ. then she only made me miserable on holidays.

Seeya next tuesday boys.

beckus1234 said...

I think this is the only time I've seen Mike not smiling. He really is a sweetheart. Happy birthday, deal Michael!!
Dear Em! You must have wings on your feet! XXOO
Aunt B.

Anne said...

Happy Birthday to your brother!

Hope you're okay and that you are crying happy relieved tears. Hugs.

Silly Girl Running said...

Happy B-day to your brother!

The Green Girl said...

Aw, happy birthday Emz's brother!

heather said...

Happy Birthday Mike! Best.Picture.Ever.