Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wheel in the sky keep on turnin'

But [YAY me] I DO know where I'll be tomorrow.

Logan, Utah --- come on go google it, I'll wait.

So it took me like 114 minutes to fall asleep last night.  My brain has been working overtime [without pay] this past week.

Here's a [very select] few of the random thoughts.

* Today is our Family Anniversary [see this post].  FAIL - not happening.

* I'm praying the finish line in Logan will be this happy.

* I feel bad that my Sister "A" has to help me so much to get me out of town.  A - I am so grateful.

* So, I have a confession.  I'm sorry Andrew - the horses, the horses.  I tried backing out of the man/Horse 50 miler last weekend.  Just didn't feel I was in the right place [mentally] for this. - - FAIL

* Got an email from the Pita's co-worker Monday saying, "I just gave senor ___ the map for the 50 miler.  don't be a wuss, now!"  
My retort:  game on.

* Then he emails yesterday, "XXXX, will be bringing something home for you."  I replied, "He got me flowers at lunch?"  Nope.


He walked in with this:

I'm sparing you the photo I took with it taped onto my racing outfit for Saturday.  I was all smiles.  "I can't believe you'd do it JUST for the buckle", said the Pita.  Me: "Yep, all for the buckle and the 360 days I'll wear it each year."

* Peanut came home yesterday proclaiming her teacher [Mr. C] said, "Your parents let you dress like this?  DO they dress like this?"  Her reply, "My mom shops for Lady Gaga."  Awesome. Not sure what the big deal is . . . see bottom 1/4 of yesterday's outfit.

* Taught a bunch of 8-11 year olds last night about labels.  [Things people call us].  Completely cracked up when a girl said someone called her "strange" and it made her feel sad.  I said, "was his name KOVAS?".  She looked at me, the way they all do . . . [is she talking still?].  I told her to OWN "strange".  Strange is beautiful!

* So I never do this but . . . . I bought something NEW to wear for the race in Utah.  A LIME green bra top.  Thought Utah would be the perfect place to rock it.  BTW, I hate lime green.

* And finally, the text reply from my mom this morning:

Me:  [5am-ish something] Have fun on your trip!  ILY!

Mom:  Thanks. U not sleeping? On way to see Dr. R for our flu sh*ts.  He came to see us yesterday and doesn't want us to leave without our sh*its.

Day. Made.

Got to love the iPhone and that the "I" & "O" are so close together when typing.


NY Wolve said...

Good luck, and hope all your races end like the one last year!

Silly Girl Running said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! These socks are too cute!

Barefoot Neil Z said...

Heck, I'd wear that outfit to her class and then see what the dingdong oppression machine of a teacher says to a 6'2 230lb man!

Have fun shocking the utans!

Velma said...

Hillarious text. Good luck this weekend and have fun!!!!

I love the tights - who cares what you wear to school - I thought it was about learning. Silly me!

Emz said...

BN & V - so agree. Is it wrong I'll be buying her even crazier clothes from now on?! ;)

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

This post cracked me up! You are going to ROCK that green sports bra and do awesome this weekend!
Love peanut's outfit...good for her!

Andrew Opala said...

OMG - "My mom shops for Lady Gaga" !!


Tomorrow the US Geological Survey will report that a tremor started in Logan Utah. The cause?


Marlene said...

Peanut's outfit rocks! I hope she doesn't let anyone tell her otherwise!

You are going to ROCK that lime green bra top... it'll go great with the belt buckle!!

misszippy said...

EMZ--Such a GREAT post! Now I can say I know Lady Gaga's stylist!

I really, really love that belt buckle..makes it all worth it. And love lime green too. You have this thing in the bag. Can't wait to hear about it!

Jon said...

Ok, your daughter's response to her teacher was basically a big ole, "I am SO much more cooler than you!" Priceless!

Pre-race sleeps are the worst. Why is that on those night's only my brain suddenly wants to solve quantum mechanics physics problems?!?!? Can't it save those for another night?

Gracie (Complicated Day) said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Peanut's retort!!! THAT made my day!

Emz said...

You guys rock.

Jon - what's funnier - she said just that but in song form, "you think you're cooler than me....ummm NOT."

I'm so happy/blessed/lucky/grateful she has the confidence I've only dreamed of. I love that kid.

Laurie said...

So funny. I'm lovin' the bottom 1/4 of her outfit. Also lovin' that you'll help her get "crazier"... that was my first reaction too.

Can't wait to hear how your race goes, the lime green top will be rockin'. Good thing it's up north in Logan though... any closer to Provo and you might really cause a scene. ;)

Aslo, your mom's flu sh*ts made my day too! Too funny.

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Let's hear it for strange! Strange is beautiful. You should have told me you were getting a lime green bra, I would have loaned you my lime green compression socks - now that would be hot!

Matty O said...


As for Peanut... unfortunately I learned this the hard way... H is mega creative. As a child growing up she drew ALL over her walls in her room, her dad was pissed and "crushed her creativity". She wanted to be an architect and ended up an engineer... where she is now stuck with me. You see how life-shattering this is?!?!

If kids can't express themselves then they have no childhood or innocence. Don't ever crush a child's imagination or expression. It forms who they are.

Love that your daughter is a fashion nut too. Peanut, keep up the stance and stand proud and DONT LET ANYONE BRING YOU DOWN!

Kelly Leigh said...

So do you really shop for gaga or is peanut not only an extremely creative dresser, but an extremely creative story teller too?

Emz said...

Matty-O..... Day. Made. Again. I let her read this as she hopped out of my car about 45 seconds ago. No words came out of her mouth but I wish I could express in WORDS the look of complete happiness on her face.
Thank you.

abbi said...

Good luck this weekend!
Peanut's comment was fantastic. Wonder what his response was to that witty comment!


So excited for you! Good luck.

I love Peanuts clothes. I emulate her style when I dress my kids.

Do you really shop for Lady Gaga?

I wouldn't want to go anywhere without my sh*its either.


So excited for you! Good luck.

I love Peanuts clothes. I emulate her style when I dress my kids.

Do you really shop for Lady Gaga?

I wouldn't want to go anywhere without my sh*its either.

Patrick Mahoney said...

Are you sure it wasn't 114.5 minutes?

Sarah said...

Woo hoo!!! Get that buckle!

SteveQ said...

Wow, am I glad we don't live in the same area. I had on the exact same outfit as Peanut... how embarassing!

Rae said...

Good luck! I love that picture of you! I can't wait to see pics from this take lots!

Sammie Girl said...

Peanut deserves kudos for her response! I see nothing wrong with the way she is dressed, come to think of it, I have socks that look like her tights and those shoes? I have the same shoelaces!!!
Enjoy the race, hope you have fun and good luck.
The text, made my day too! I got a good laugh out of it!

termite said...

i love peanut!!!!

Karine said...

Nothing like a texting error to start your day off right. Made my morning and Dr. R's, too! You shop for me!! I didn't know you also had Lady Gaga as a client. How broad your clientele is! Run, baby, Run!

Quinton J said...

Peanut is awesomer than everybody!

Tell Peanut to tell her teacher “Mr. C” that “Q” says he’s trippin’.
I’m willing to bet that her teacher prolly even broke fashion rule #1:
“Do not wear jeans with suit jackets. EVER”.

And anyway…right after fashion rule #2 which is “Do wear sleeveless shirts WITH jackets”.

…Is the most important fashion rule of all:

#3. Conformity is for suckahs.

E. Good luck this weekend. Have Fun.

Adrienne said...

Peanut doesn't follow the trends she sets them! Way to go trendsetter.

Good luck Utah, you'll do awesome.

ShutUpandRun said...

Oh snap. That Peanut is just the shit. I love her, internet style.

Lime green will make you very fast and happy BTW. A lime green sports bra just loves that it gets to be that close to your abs. I am not gay, but can I touch your abs sometime?

Good luck this weekend. In all serioiusness, thinking of you a ton!!!

Angie Bishop said...

Can not wait to hear all about your trip!! I love that you are doing this and I can't wait to do one myself one day! We can rock our buckles together.

I love peanuts tights. I want blue ones. Where did she get them? I will have to cut the feet out but I need something to rock at my marathon!
Safe travels!

RunWithKate said...

Funky shoes! I love 'em!

Lady Gaga... oh boy, I hope you didn't choose that meat outfit!!

Best of luck girlfriend, you will kill it! :)

Megan said...

Would totally race for a belt buckle. But then I'm southern. We like that kinda thing.

I love that kids put together funky outfits. I encourage it in my girlies. It's hard to express yourself when you are 4. May as well wear 3 shirts.

Zaneta said...

haha! This post had me laughing!! You shop for gaga?! wow! ;)

haha, I also bought a bright neon yellow bra!! It might be a little too bright, but i was in a bad mood cuz of my health when i bought it lol... I think i'll name it my insta-cheer bra! ;)

Colleen said...

Peanut is awesome... as are you! Both of you are so witty... apple doesn't fall far does it!

And I love that your parents are caught up with their flu sh*ts... we know how that can be!

Thanks for brightening my day a little!

Caratunk Girl said...

I love love love that race picture. I predict this one is going to be even BETTER! I mean, come on, you get a buckle!!! Not just any buckle either, a KICK ASS ONE!! That is so kick ass, I want to do it just for the buckle.

Ahh, Logan UT...That is really all I have to say about Logan. Except that EMZ is going to kick some (horses) butt!! :) You are going to do awesome!!!

Love Peanut's clothes and that she said you dress Lady Gaga. That is just awesome.

Emz said...


My apologies......
I've have confused things [yet again].

This marathon.... No buckle.

Ultra marathon [for buckle] is October 2nd.

:) sorry. Kinda. Combined 26 thoughts into one post.

Jill said...

GO Lime Green Running Bra Girl, GOOOOOO!!

Char said...

Ha ha - I love inappropriate typos.

Gina said...

haha! i love the typo! i'll be thinkin of you tomorrow - good luck!

ajh said...

Love Peanut's response to that stupid remark. She's good at thinking on her (very stylishly dressed) feet!

runningwithababyonboard said...

haha! i love the flu sh*t.

i love your blog posts. they are always so perfect. :)

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

I had no idea that mistexting naughty things was genetic! That made my day too, except for now it is almost over, so I really wish you would have forwarded that to me so I could laugh about it all day. Then I could remember yours: "I think they sh*t it down (meant shut down)" and my all time favorite: He wants to incest there (meant invest). I will miss you tons and tons. Lime green top? You are a master of rocking it. I feel sad for the frumpy ladies in their t-shirts that you will be running by. There self esteem is going to take a major hit. Love YOU!

The Kornegay Family said...

Being the crappy, preoccupied sister that I've been lately, I didn't get a call to you before it got too late tonight. So proud of you and all that you are . . . you are a strong woman! I look up to you little sister, and not just because you are several inches taller than me! :)

Love you!

Amy said...

If someone telling you not to "wuss out" isn't motivating, I don't know what is!

I love Peanut's socks and shoes!

Johann said...

You'll have your buckle after your 50! You will rock this race! Just start easy and relax and enjoy! You will do great! Good luck!

Jamoosh said...

"Taught a bunch of 8-11 year olds last night about labels. [Things people call us]"

Shouldn't you be teaching them about fashion labels?

Wait, that's a bad idea. Belay that.

Rad Runner said...

I hope you are that happy there to!

That Peanut of yours.. Shes to great...(as you know) so when she moves to LA because (HELLO shes totally gonna be a rockstar) are you going to move here too? Or will you just visit? Wanna run a race when you are here? :)

Laura said...

The whole post....hahahaha..
Have an awesome race and weekend.
....stripped knee socks might make a good race outfit...
just saying...

Adam said...

lol'd at the Kovas jab.

Emailed you about this... :)