Thursday, September 2, 2010

White girl in the SUN....tra, la, la, la, la

[Oh now I wish Johann could have done this training run for me.]

To heck with Treadmill Thursday's [celebrate silently Jamoosh]. 

This run yesterday.

Was nuts.

The Pita came home Tuesday night saying he had meetings in Prescott.  Immediately [ding, ding, ding - that's my brain, by the way] ---- I must go.  I feel a training trail run coming on.  So after 1.5 hours of lame stock broker chatter from a conference call blasted in on his crackberry.  [who uses crackberry's anyway?].

We had arrived.  However, I had issues [shock].  I don't have a cute belt thing.  So I'm trying to beg my way win one from Rad Runner.
So I thought we had worked out how I'd get the keys and refuel as needed.  Nope


f a i l.

So a little over 4 miles in I was like, "heck ya, this is okay!"
So I snapped this photo.

Yes, I had tried to swing by the car location for refueling - which is why you see cars not dirt.

So I found the grossest water fountain I could find and off I went.

So how'd it go?

Temp was "supposed" to be 79.  Was 88. 

Did I wear sunscreen?  No

Altitude kill me?  a little.

iPhone case [farmer] tan?  Check.

Getting stopped by a 65 year old couple asking me why my face was so red.  I answered by asking where the nearest grocery store was.  "Oh honey, it's a mile away!!"  Which sounded like 5 steps away at that point.  I had $2 in my pants, heck ya.

Two water bottles later.  Happy me.  Off to my mountainous death.  But first, just one little hill to climb.  Seriously, this photo makes me look like a wimp - and kinda stupid - but the grade/steepness of this hill is so NOT actually represented in this lame photo.

I actually liked this dorky one better.

Nostrils flaring and all.

So off to the real mountain.  I ran 12 in total but . . . .This is how I'd like to express my "actual" 9 mile TRAIL run portion. my case.  Rocky dirt.

I was so mad at how poorly I felt that I did two one mile repeats.

Mile 1: 7:06
Mile 2: 7:36

Then, the Pita drove by saying, "you don't look good.  Hey, want your water?"


Ya, thanks.


shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Although I know you were struggling through that run, it is hysterical in the re-telling! Thanks!

Erica said...

OMG who was the dork who didnt put enough postage on Miss.EMZ package (UH ME!) Lame, sorry,
but it was sent out AGAIN yesterday..

OH! You suffer from the Nostralitis? Me to! I swear when I run and smile and a picture is taken they flair. is there a cure!?

Gracie (Complicated Day) said...

You're so darn cute even your dorky picture is cute!!!
Thanks for the long run comment...I tried it and it sort of worked! You always inspire me, if not to run fast, then at least to crack up laughing.

Andrew Opala said...

You rock girl! Way to take it to the man!

I saw Ann Coulter yesterday and told her she looks like you. She said, "No sh*t, that's awesome!"

Matty O said...

HAHAHAHAHA, you write pretty well, capture the energy and I was giggling a bit when you had the "pit stop" fail.

Welcome to the outdoors :) Farmer tan what?! HOW CAN THAT BE???

Way to stick it out though. I love love love the outdoors, nothing better than the sunshine shining and the warm breeze blowing.

Good job girl. Can't wait to see how the trail run goes :)

WOOHOO to no more treadmill Thursdays (you never convinced me that treadmill running = happy running... just saying).

Matty O said...

oh yeah, i use crackberry. I have the storm though with the touch screen so its not so crack-ish.

Emz said...

Gracie-you made my day. :)

Andrew-you couldn't freaking help yourself, could you?

Erika - you rock. Send the belt too. ;)

Shelly - you are my idol. Sorry my photos aren't as cute as yours. ;)

Quinton J said...'ve gotten enough stuff from Rad Runner.

Also...that hill looks like it's on a bit of a down grade. Suck it up buttercup...that buckle is not for pansies.

Marlene said...

Woohoo for a non-treadmill run! (not didding the mill... calm down. lol)

Looks like a gorgeous place to run. I would have died in that heat/sun without a constant source of water!

Emz said...

Matty-O - I did think of you when the dirt blew and began grinding in my gum. Ahhhh, yes, running outdoors is pure BLISS .... buttcrack.

Q- I'm getting that buckle. and that hill - shuddup.

Quinton J said...

lol...nice use of "shuddup"

Laurie said...

Too funny. You didn't mention any bugs in the face, so it couldn't have been that bad of an outside adventure. :)

That does look like a pretty decent hill even if the picture doesn't do it justice. Good for you.

Rae said...

You crack me up! Love your pics! My nostrils flare all the time! LOL!

And why do those old people think your face was so red? DUH!

Scott Keeps Running said...

I had a guy stop me once when I was running in 90+ degrees and ask "is everything okay?" not understanding that I was running for "fun" and not because there was an emergency somewhere. :)

Adrienne said...

Remember you were just dying last week with walking pneumonia? Great job on the run even if you don't think so.

I like Matty O's "warm breeze in your face" comment.

Running in Phoenix = "blow torch in your face"

That belt buckle is as good as YOURS!! Go get it girl!!

Emz said...

Adrienne - I [sadly] kept telling myself that as I coughed along. "em, just be happy you are running". My energy levels are not at their "norm" by any means but ...

You rock.

Anne said...

Just so you know...most humans don't go for a 12 mile trail run just coming off're a freaking rockstar!

Love your humor :)

Jon said...

Uh, NICE run?!?!? Thats a ton of fast miles in crazy heat.

I wish I could figure out a way to take a picture that makes a hill like that look as steep as it really is.

Emz said...

Thanks Anne. :)


Jon - is there an app for that?! There has to be. ;)

Pam said...

Are you wearing a SHIRT in that first picture?!?!?!

Leah B. said...

Good job on your run with the heat and hills!! You rock!

Emz said...


Love that. Yes - only because the pita had work people lingering about the area. Work people. Like people I can't do my "running man" around. :(

Jill said...

Um, I'd be the dork who still owns a crackberry!!

Glad you got some water, girl! NO sense in dying before the big race!!

RunWithKate said...

Treadmill to trail is freaking hard!! You really ROCKED it!!! (get it, rocky trails)... okay, I am a nerd.

Love the pics. I believe you about the hill being steeper than it looks, I have that same problem.

termite said...

nostrils flaring is *always* a good thing. :D very cute, hotstuff. and i'm proud you stuck it out. awesome!

Chloë said...

haha you're awesome. those mile splits definitely make up for everything.

ps. SURPRISE on my blog :]

Allie said...

I'm a little disappointed you weren't showing more skin in those pics, maybe next time give me a little more nostril.

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

O-kay, you are crazy! First of all, you did 12miles at altitude, without water, in the heat...and then you felt bad so did 2 mile repeats???!!! CRAZY!!
Love the pics by the way! :)

Emz said...

Aimee - I wish I could claim 12 on the trail but it was 9. :s
The 2 one mile repeats were necessary for the ride home. :) made me much happier with the abdominal cramps. :)

gmontalvo13 said...

what an adventure! the moments we live for! :)

love the humility pic!

Teamarcia said...

Oh don't worry, that hill pic looks plenty steep to scare the crap outta me.
Glad you got some water!

Char said...

Tough run, huh?!

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Well Emz - I am a crackberry user as well, and we are much cooler than all you fancy little iPod peeps. Yeah, we text with buttons all school and shit, that is how we roll.

Also, I just realized I have been wearing a woman's visor, yep, I have that same one in your pic and just looked it up on the Brooks site and it has a "W" after the description. Been wearing it for about 6 months ..nice!

Nice work hittin the trails!

Emz said...

{sing this to ____ got a big ole' butt, oh yea}

Jeff wears a woman's visor - oh ya.
You and your crack berry - crack me up.

ajh said...

You are tough! Love the humility poster!

Her Name is Rio said...

Our family almost moved up to Prescott for the "cooler" weather. Hmm. Seems like warm weather to ME!
My work provides me with a Crackberry. No me gusta, but it's free for me.

JenniferLeah said...

that "dorky" pic rocks. really...

Johann said...

Love it! Sorry, but you make the suffering sound like fun, which it actually is when you look back at it. I know that humility poster feeling so well. Just be happy you don't feel/experience this the first time on the race. Advantage Emz...

Sarah said...

I bet if we raced each other, you would still win with pneumonia while hopping on one foot. ;)

Adam said...

BLHA!!!!! that sucks about how crappy the run was. I'm with you on the altitude having some sort of effect. Besides, weren't you almost dead last week??

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I love the visor, good choice in head gear ( I have the same one, but mine is red)