Monday, December 20, 2010

"Just A little Bit" - 50 cent

or a lotta bit[s].

Oh. ya. baby.

It's random fact / photo day.  Because my weekend was a whole bunches of random.

Friday was pretty great.  I mean how could it not be . . . I was wearing my "Duck's" T I got from from Laurie.  Soooooooo, awesome.

What's even awesome-R is that it came with these. 


And get this . . . . looks like we'll be going to the bowl game here in AZ on 1/10.  You bet cha I'll be wearing this top!

I highly recommend these:

h e a v e n.

But seriously, run [don't walk] away from this.  Now this is one yogurt container I did not cut my tongue on.  holy. gross.

Saturday.  was not as pretty.  which also means less zero photos.

Why?  I'll explain in [ = ] signs

Tennis with Peanut  = a track run for me. 

A track run for me = an 11 year old stealing my iPhone.

an 11 year old stealing my iPhone  =  me reporting it to a [Scottsdale] police officer who was at the school[Saturday Church gathering in auditorium].

me reporting it to a [Scottsdale] police officer who was at the school  =   he could have cared less.

 he could have cared less  =  me turning into EMZ 007.

me turning into EMZ 007  =  me finding the little brat in a corner.

me finding the little brat in a corner  =  me threatening him to give it BACK to me or I'll walk him over to the police man by.. his.. ear.

me threatening him to give it to me or I'll walk him over to the police man by his ear  him telling me, "my dad will sue you if you do".

him telling me, "my dad will sue you if you do"  =  [well that equalled a  lot of things....none of which I will write. ;) ]

I got MY phone back and I'm pretty sure he'll be on the "naughty" list come 12/25.

In better news - I got my SS gift.  Andrew rocks.  A bundle of Canadian goodness.  Peanut went right for the PEZ and the [uber quiet] train whistle. ;) And even wore the earrings to church on Sunday.

Saturday night was the "grandkids party".  This is just a crazy awesome thing my parents do with all of their grandchildren.  19 of them.

Sunday.  church.  awesome. 

Always love the Sunday before Christmas.

Yes, even though I puked right before I was to help out in the teenager [girls] class acting as one of the 10 virgins.  Yes, I was a good/prepared one......with "oil in my lamp" and a little puke on my chin.  [don't worry, I carry a travel size toothbrush in my monster carry-all {purse} ].

Came home. 

The Pita & Peanut made our house the freakiest on the block.  Very "Griswold" like . . . which. made. me. happy.  It's borderline "ugly"


Best/worst weekend moment?  Want to share?
Happy Monday!


Quinton J said...

That yogurt container looks dangerous.
You should’ve threatened that little punk with the yogurt container.

Quinton J said...

p.s. I have a little bit of pee on my pants from running to get the first comment.

Kelly Leigh said...

U lost me at pickle pringles. Vom dot com.

ps. Hope that lil shit gets coal in his stocking!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

- I am jealous that you are going to the Fiesta Bowl

- Is the party still in Tempe and the game on Glendale?

- Glad you got your phone back, I wish I was a fly on the wall when you cornered the little rat

Katie said...

Nice Shirt!

Interesting/Exciting weekend :D

Weekend Best: Running outside!, Firetruck Santa stale popcorn balls, starting some Christmas cake pops :) hhmmmm, and the Eagles LAST SECOND WIN!! (sorry Giants fans, I'm from NY but i'm a Jets fan [and Eags obvi])

Emz said...

Q. It's worth it.
KL - coal. For. Sure.
BDD - yes! I think they've been trying harder each year to bring the party to Glendale. It. Is. Getting. Better. But Glendale can't compete w/Tempe & their dirty man made lake. ;)

ShutUpandRun said...

WTH with the puking? Too many peanut m&ms?

I swear, kids these days. My dad will sue you. Seriously?? That would have never occurred to me when I was a kid. I would have just listened to the adult and wet myself b/c I was so scared.

Petraruns said...

Dill pickle pringles, man oh man does that sound good. Post Boston we will be FEASTING on those. Vom - not related?

Best moment of the weekend - my 7 year old son saying (of 2 gorgeous girls who were over for lunch) "oh man - more girls who adore me". If only he could stay 7...

Jamoosh said...

Best = decent 20 mile run
Worst = disappointing beer

Aimee said...

I can't believe you found the kid that stole your phone and he told you that his dad would sue him! That is just crazy! I'm glad you found your phone though!

Let's see: worst moment this weekend would have to be taking my oldest son to the ER b/c he had horrible abdominal pain and was throwing up! It ended up fine, but it's never a fun experience bringing your child to the ER!

JenniferLeah said...

lo carb yogurt
peanut m&m's
pickle pringles


church vomitus

I'll remember that one.

Best? running 14 on Sunday :)
2nd best? Daddy fixing my camera

worst? nothing. it was all good!

Emz said...

Thank you

I'd like to add:
+ iPhone stress
+ incoming family/company stress
+ being sick
= pukie. Without an award from BDD. :(

Yay on your camera!!

Aimee- I've only had to do that once. [kiddo to the ER]. I'm with you. I hate it.

Mooshy- yay on 20. Give. Up. The. Beer.

Petra. Awesome. You. Must. Write. That. Down. Somewhere. Just. Awesome.

Jill said...

Yay, glad your gift arrived safe and sound. Love LOVE Carbmaster - you should have threatened to throw some at the kid who took the phone.

Morgan said...

Can NOT believe that little brat said his dad would sue you! WTH?!?!?

Worst Moment of Weekend: How unbelievably cold it was up in Alpena.

Best Moment of Weekend: When I asked Spike why on earth he brought me up there with him if he just had to go right back for this morning's meeting and he responded: Because I wanted to spend the weekend with you and if that means 10 hours of driving to do so, so be it. <3

Luke said...

I wish a little brat would go with the sue you line to me, I would explain that in NC they have committed a felony due to the value of an iphone, and although NC does not have citizen arrest it does allow you to detain anyone who has committed a felony. And you are allowed to use reasonable force in proportion to the crime to execute such detention. I think walking by the ear would be reasonable!! You would be nicer than me though, I have atleast one set of handcuffs in every vehicle (just in case)

Caroline said...

Best : getting Christmas cards in the mail
Worst : the flu
It sucks

Emz said...

Caroline. Amen. I FEEL your pain.

Luke. Hilarious. In Scottsdale, I guess, an iPhone = ear pull. Police acted like it was a bouncy ball I had misplaced.

SUAR - seriously. WTH with kids [ok Scottsdale kids]. Such a joke.

JenniferLeah said...

ummmmm (hand up)
what is THAT buckle??
just sayin...

Amanda@runninghood said...

what a little s&%$! Glad you got your phone back without getting yourself in too much trouble. Way to hold yourself back from using too much of that EMZ super power on the kid...just enough to get your phone back, scare him a little, and keep yourself from being sued.

A grandchildren party?! This sounds too special. Your parents sound like the best. :) Such a gift.

Emz said...

JL. I'm gonna need another ultra buckle. That baby is gettin' worn out!!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Oh and the Ducks shirt is bad I'm a Beaver fan and the Ducks = a bad word in this house.

Amanda@runninghood said...

Have you ever tried Ketchup chips? My Canadian friends in college used to get them for me? Those and the Dill ones. Okay, I'm done commenting on your post now. :)

Heather said...

Wow! 19 grand kids!! that's a lot, the party must have been fun and crazy.
That's awesome that you found your phone!! what a little brat.
Hope you're feeling better.

Emz said...

Amanda RH. My. Parents = pretty freaking fabulous.

And that kid......still no words. I just keep thinking who raises a kid like THAT?! I know. I seriously try to keep my judgement fairy at bay but .... This kid was somethin' else.

Adrienne said...

Iphone kid= super annoying
policeman response= even more super annoying

I was at Glendale (glitters) Friday. We are so close yet so far. Sounds like a great weekend - the annoying brat part. I need more pictures.

Best part: family sleepover in toy room with christmas movies.
Worst: Parents having to fly back to Utah :(

Melissa Cunningham said...

i cant believe that kid said that to you about the phone!
geeeeesh! when i was a kid,kids got the tar beat out of them (or worse) for stuff like that!
AND sorry bout the pukies,thats always no fun,but seems like the rest of the weekend went fantabulous!
my highlight of the weekend? sneaking in the gym on saterday
lowlight? both my girls are sick AGAIN!!!
flu season is always hard on my middle baby!

Silly Girl Running said...

Next time an Iphone kid tells you his dad will sue you, tell him you know a blogger that will gladly sue him for you...for free...and right up till the Supreme Court...again: for free. The little punk deserves it. ;)

Laurie said...

Hooray for the shirt! Very jealous about the bowl game but at least the shirt will get to go. :)

What is it about 11 year old boys that just makes them little pukes? Glad you got your phone back, hope you scared him in the process.

Jamie said...

Those flavor of pringles are my boyfriends FAVORITE. How funny! We have literally 5 containers in our kitchen right now.
That little punkface. I'd dare his dad to sue me. Glad you got your iPhone back!

SteveQ said...

Found a photo of a couple harder to fit in the frame than you and p.i.t.a.

budget menu lady said...

Sorry you were sick. Did p-nut tell you that they were all wearing Shepherd's hats in Primary? It was cute. A few of the teachers got pictures. For sharing time she brought "bread and goat cheese" in a little linen sack. The kids keep calling it Lemon sack from the story the chorister told them a couple of weeks ago.

Rose said...

Best: Hosting a cookie exchange party that went off without a hitch.

Worst: BEGGING my husband to hurry up so we could arrive at a friend's birthday dinner on time. Failed on that one.

Pam said...

"My dad will sue you."

Kids! I swear!

One of my regular customers has taught 4th grade for a million years. She says the difference in kids even 10 years ago and kids today is unbelieveable. She says they are absolutely uncontrolable. I wouldn't be a teacher for any amount of money.

misszippy said...

Cannot believe a kid took your phone like that! Good for you for tracking him down and giving him some EMZ business!

My weekend was a blur, but a good blur. Raced on Sat. , partied on Sat. night, among other activities!

XLMIC said...

Best: putting up our awesome little fake tree... and having the whole family be more than fine with it!

Worst: catching my 5-year old's vomit in my hands.

That "my dad will sue you" shit goes right up my spine. There is a kid in my son's class who loves to say that... even to the teachers! Of course, his dad is a lawyer.

Sarah said...

Best weekend moment - Christmas devotional.

Worst - puking.

So glad you got your phone back!

Emz said...

XLMIC - I'm betting this kid's dad is too......I mean how else would an 11 year old KNOW to say that?! ;) oh & good catch!! ;)

BML - no that little twerp she didn't off to ask her!

SteveQ - OMGosh please tell me we don't look THAT awkward. please.

Pam - ya know what........
......... [putting my judgement fairy hat on].......I blame the parents 100%. If there is a change in kids today [which I certainly believe {as a stereotypical whole there is} --- I without a doubt blame it on the parents.

Jen (Triathlete Within) said...

dude! I can't believe an 11 year old stole your phone and wasn't shaking in his boots when you found him! Things like this make me scared to have kids!!

Good thing my throat hurts otherwise I'd be all over the dill pickle pringles. Hopefully I'll forget about them by the time I feel better!

Andrew Opala said...

Pickle pringles ... hmmm something my wife would go nuts over!

Thanks for the honors EMZ, the gift package was of course part of Jill's gift exchange. I'm glad you received it. Plus I stayed away from awkward ... tried to concentrate on cute.

Emz said...



ALLLLLLLLL of it. Saving the maple syrup for Christmas day. yum. after which Peanut has declared the maple leaf hers to use as a water bottle, no joke.

Laura said...

I have to give you props for representing my home town, GO DUCKS! I am soooo jealous that you are going to the bowl game, we will definitely need a bowl recap pronto!

{av} said...

your "by the ear" story cracked me up--but I was especially happy it had a good ending ;) best weekend moment for me was sharing wine and dinner with two of my best girlfriends! happy monday--and thanks for the blog love! xoxo {av}

DRog said...

LOL@JenniferLeah = church vomitus

not of those photos looks gluten free dairy free wheat free

-27 until pickle pringles....
might put them in my tote bag to finish line at RnR!

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Love the story of you threatening the 11yr old. That little shit deserved it!

Seriously? No pics of the Griswald lights?

Julie said...

I can't believe you're going to the game! We're basically just counting down the days until game day in this house. The advent calendar countdown has "almost" taken a backseat to this game :-)

Bethany + Ryan said...

ugh, can't believe that little bastard stole your phone! Not sure which is more upsetting, that, or the fact the cop didn't care! horrible! but glad you got it back! hope he gets coal in his stocking!

Jason said...

First poop now puke? What type of blog is this turning into? SUARs with no holds barred anymore?

If so, awesome. I love that. A real woman who runs, pukes, poops and goes to football games too.

A-W-E-S-O-M-E !!!!!

Peanut M&Ms would be my downfall so I'm thrilled that you got them and not me. Put any you have left in the freezer and have them tomorrow but don't chew.....just let the chocolate melt.....just like Will Farrell in Old tastes so good

Karine said...

Worst moment(s) of the weekend....

1. Not knowing the HAPPY ENDING of the "someone stole my iPhone" story FIRST. I could hardly bear to hear that story.

2. Fearing that I was the one who taught you the "pulled-by-the-ear" punishment.

Best Moments -- 3 hours of happy, beautiful, sticky, grandkids at our annual party.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

LOL! You crack me up EMZ!!

PuLEEEzEEE post pics of your "Clark Griswald" house?

Will you be wearing a Cousin Eddie "dickie" on Christmas Eve too?!

Patrick Mahoney said...

Are you a Ducks fan for real? Way cool if so. Because I am too.

Emz said...

I don't think the pita will allow the house post but maybe I'll sneak in a few random bits. ;)

Patrick - as long as they are not playing U of A........I'm a Duck fan. I mean how can you NOT be. It's green [I love green]. You get to "quack" and the letter "o" is O-h so easy to make with your two little hands......I'm in. It's ALL about the little things, with me. ;)

racing dawn said...

What a little turkey...glad you took the law into your own hands. I would've said, 'yeah, bring that dad of yours over here. gotta a little somethin' to say to him too...' seriously.

sorry about the pukes.

i did a crossfit workout on saturday and you would've thought it was the first time i'd worked out in months...ridiculous.

Kate said...

What a punk!!

I would ring that kid's neck! What is wrong with children these days and how dare him threaten to sue you!

I was mad just READING this!

Caroline said...

Just got your card!! Thanks for the pics!
Hope you are better! Cheers!

Teamarcia said...

Worst part of the weekend for me=no birthday cake.

I'll bet the naughty list is just loaded with lil iPhone stealing punks. I'm glad you set him straight!

Marlene said...

Quite the weekend! I can't believe a kid stole your ohone. Wtf?! Glad you got it back!

My weekend is a bit of a blur right now... best part was gingerbrwead house decirating party aka girls' day yesterday! Gossip + Sugar = good combo!

Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

Imma check out the new Pringles flavor. I love Pringles! Just as much as I love running... Or maybe I love pringles more... Now I'm not sure.

ajh said...

Glad you got your phone back! Yikers! What a pain!

Anonymous said...

wow-o-wow what a weekend! I would have beat that kid for stealing my iphone! grrrrrr glad you got it back!

Detroit Runner said...

Love M&M's!

Caratunk Girl said...

That yogurt doesn't look good. At all.

I wish I could have seen you going all 007 on his a$$. Little punk.

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

...and we had so much in common and you spoiled it! Damn It!

War Eagle!

Emz said...

Happy feet -awww man. Sorry. Guess you'll need to covert to duck-ism. ;)

Char said...

I'm guessing that 11 year old was already on the naughty list and knew the consequences so decided to find his own present. I'm glad you sorted him out.

Erika said...

Dill pickle chips = <3
travel sized tooth brush = WIN!
(for both occasions!)

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

NO WAY! Totally not gonna happen!
I'm a lifer!

Lesley @ said...

If there's one thing I can't tolerate, it's disrespectful teens. My dad would have had my rear (not covered it) if I'd have ever acted like that. He'd have turned me into the police, not sued the owner. Ridiculous!

AM-GoalsfortheWeek said...

As always are too stinkin' cute.


EMZ style;-)

love the T's y mas.

Feliz navidad amiga!!

Anonymous said...

What a crazy little man. Seriously, not cool! But I'm glad you got it back :)

Matty O said...

I can't post my comment. Had that been me, I would have grabbed him by his shirt and pinned him up against the wall over my head and threatened him for 10 minutes straight.

I HATE the generations under me. No lie, I want to punch them all in the face.

What little shits. Blood is boiling now... thanks for doing this to me this early in the day!

Beth said...

Did you go to UofO???

Emz said...

Matty-o. Seriously. I wanted to but really I wanted to hurt his parents even more.

Beth. Nope. U of A girl here. ;)

Anonymous said...

"My Dad will sue you..."? What was he thinking? Very naughty, indeed!
Glad you got your phone back.
How did you find him?

Emz said...

He's 11, which ='s not so bright.
He was just a few buildings away from the track in a corner w/2 buddies of his. I approached him asking where the restrooms were because I thought he'd be smart enough ?!] to try and take off on his bike once he figured out I was the owner of the phone.

Molly said...

best thing: staying in my pj's until 3:00 Saturday

worst thing: can't think of anything. So maybe that should be my best thing.

: )

Colleen said...

OMG - sounds like the little punk needed a little butt kicking!

Jen said...

I had to laugh at the yogurt comment. I found that out for myself the other day. I bought two of them and almost threw the 2nd one away. I bought strawberry colada in hopes it was better than that. The color of the carrot cake one should have been the first warning sign!