Tuesday, August 10, 2010

good/bad & can't touch this.

Okay, so the photo below has nothing to do with my post but I found it Sunday and I love it.  It was taken in Paris [I'm guessing she is 3].  However, in this stance, I feel like she should have "hammer" pants on and be saying, "ohh ohh ohhh ohh ohh stop, hammer time".

So the last 24 hours a little nuts.  Here's the good & the bad.

Good:  I've been talking a lot to my BFF in Utah
Bad:  For all the wrong reasons.  ILY CSS.

Good:  Finished my 10 for today
Bad:  hip hurt worse than yesterday

Good:  went to Chiropractor yesterday
Bad:  See above

Good:  Went to chiropractor yesterday
Bad:  He said "thanks for keeping me in business when he saw my 4.5" heels" [whatever]

Good:  My sister [who works at Chiro] did Russian Stimulation on me.
Bad:  Am I going to be arrested for this?

Good:  Others were having "it" done RS
Bad:  I was the only patient in there under 65 & I have four new [65+ year old] boyfriends

Good:  95% of back to school shopping & supplies have been purchased
Bad: BTSS [back to school shopping] does NOT bring out the best in parents.

Good:  Peanut [finally] found the shorts we've been searching for.
Bad:  Ummmm, could they be ANY shorter?  These are a "No".

Good: School starts Monday
Bad:  I've been uninvited to go to the first day of school with Peanut.  Yep, the days of photos like this . . . . . over.  [wait she didn't even look happy posing with me back "then"?!]
Good:  Party at my place Friday .... location change.  Yippee!  White couch stays white!
Bad:  I think I'm still having to cover the "tab".  [can't be more than a new couch, right?!]

Good:  The Pita asked me to marry him 12 years ago today.
Bad:  This morning when I told him he said, "don't go expecting flowers tonight".

Good:  Tuesday is [usually] new [dinner] recipe night.
Bad [??]:  My comment, "don't go expecting dinner tonight"

Good:  I'm buying my own freaking flowers.
Bad:  I may have a bit of an attitude. 

Good:  Marathon #7 in 38 days.
Bad:  my pace partner in a "no-go"

Good:  Marathon is in 38 days.
Bad:  I'm going alone.  No crew.  Hey, maybe this could be fun?!  Jury is out.

Good:  The Pita will get a break from being my "cheerleader"
Bad:  who will tell me I could have run faster?  Seriously, he should be a trainer.

Have a terrific Tuesday, I'm out.


Jamoosh said...

If you are a masochist ask the Chiro for "active release" on your hip next time.

Emz said...

active release? I'm not even going to go "there".

aron said...

lol this post had me cracking up in so many parts. you are a busy lady right now!

happy engagement-versary and hope the hip feels better :)

Allie said...

You should eat flowers for dinner tonight, just an idea.

Sarah said...

When I pick out my own flowers, they are so much prettier. But I enjoy the surprise even if they look like weeds. :P

I hope your hip feels better soon. Is it from your thousands of miles of running?

Allie said...

I do care and when I propose to you, I promise to serve you flowers on the anniversary every year because you're my favorite too.

Marlene said...

Yay for the goods, not-so-yay for the bads. I hope everything is okay with your BFF. I have had a very sad week with a good friend... will mention in my post tomorrow. {HUGS}

Hope that hip is okay too.

Kera said...

have anniversary. also. just went to my first tread class, and i thought of you the whole freaking time. it was awesome!!! why have i never done this before?? it was like intervals and crap. so good. also, where is your next marathon. maybe i can come watch you blur by.

Laura said...

Whenever I read active release I shudder a little...and cry a bit.
Happy engageAversary. Not sure the hubs even remembers when ours is...

ajh said...

My chiro does the ART active release therapy which is why I go to him. Yes, it hurts but often helps a ton.

I laughed at several parts of this post! I like the format.

Rae said...

I always love your posts!

Sorry your marathon partner is out. And I hope your hip feels better soon!

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Emily, Do you foam roll? If not pick up a foam roller, use it while almost crying from the pain, stand up and pain is gone -- it is good stuff!

Happy Anniversary!

Bethany + Ryan said...

2 things...1. you seriously wear 4.5 inch heels?? 2. good call saying no to those shorts! i have unwantedly seen so much butt cheek this summer!! lol. love the hammer pose!

Melissa said...

I love this post!!
Good call on the shorts. :)
Sorry your marathon partner is out. :(

Adrienne said...

Uninvited to first day of school? You daughter must be 10 just like my son. This is the time we as parents get to go to school to embarrass our kids instead of feeling sad about them heading back. Mom "mourning" breakfast at IHOP off Bell @ 9am on Monday. Come one come all. :) Hope your hip feels better.

Pam said...

LMAO at the no flowers/no dinner. HAHAHA!!!!

Anonymous said...

you have GOT to get her in some hammer pants and ask her todothe typewriter...lol

Quinton J said...

Looks like ART is a common theme here. Try it...you'll like it. Happy Anniversary - flowers or no flowers. That line about dinner was the best...effervescent even.

Matty O said...

Thanks for keeping me in business as he looked at my 4.5 inch heels.

H I L A R I O U S ! ! !

Thats all I have to say about that hahahah!

Quinton J said...

sorry...was in a meeting...nuthin'...keep bloggin' and shinin'...fish.

(the fish comment was because none of this made sense to anybody anyway).

Jeri said...

hahah I love this post.

Adam said...

Mmmmm, forbidden russian pleasures.

Megan said...

Aaawww...uninvited to first day of school. :( My oldest starts big girl school tomorrow. But she's only 4. She doesn't know she can tell me I can't come along.