Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's like THIS and like THAT and like THIS and uh

This [Dr. Dre] song made me happy, happy, happy while driving around yesterday.  Reminding me to ".... just chill, til the next episode...." [Matt-O, today is NOT the day to call me ghetto {again}] ;)

What?  You say you want all of my random bits of news?

You got it.  In random order, even.

*Feeling better?  Yes.  100%? No.  But I'll take 85% with a big toothy grin.

*I was called "unique" three times [no joke] over the weekend.  [by people who told me I should take it as a compliment].

*Waitress at dinner Saturday night said, "I get a good vibe from you" [seriously, how do you reply to that? .......ummmm, thanks, please don't spit in my food?!"

*Went to "The Grind" to get my Chocolate Bread pudding.  Have 4 lbs to put back on.  This is how I choose to do it. 
h e a v e n.

*But on the way there . . . I had to stop and say hi to my BMW 7 series Alpina.  Even the 2007 model is a thing of beauty.

*By man at Cabella's counter, "Anyone ever told you you look like ________?"  To which I replied, "Are you trying to sell this gun to me or make me shoot you with it?"

*Any guesses as to who you think he'd tell me I looked like? [mom, you don't get to answer this one]

*I bought a DPMS Panther .308 Semi-Auto Rifle - because I think every 5'9" blonde woman should have one & Cabella's boy swore the "X" [person I looked like] was "extremely attractive"  BIG FAT LIAR. 

*I finally realized that supermom/superwoman/superwife cape . . . . is partially over-rated.  Not to mention slightly [under] appreciated.  I have given up handed over my cleaning duties [65% anyway] to my new BFF "Eva".  Eva rocks.

*Eva was one of the three people who called me "unique".  And I pay her.

*Eva thinks I'm strange too [Kovas, you now have a partner in my strangeness].  "Mrs. Emily, you run to crazy music while looking at a wall.".  noted.  I still love her.

*We had family "Wii" night last night ----- I need to know how to upload VIDEOS.  No, I still will not upload  my "running man" but this wii video.........it's a must see.

*This will have to do for now --- but I did mention [during the wii fest] I did something to my deltoid while kicking the Pita's horse tail.

*Did my first trail run over the weekend [11 miles].  Yes, I hurt like crap.

*Didn't want to do the 800's today.  Mistakenly told the Pita, "Uggg, tell me I need to do the 800's today."     [my mistake]     He instead said, "You're going to look like an a*s in Utah [next marathon] if you don't."

Weird.  It worked.


Jamoosh said...

Me and Eva = same page. Except for that "crazy music" part.

Allie said...

You know for a Texan buying guns is like foreplay, are you hitting on me?
I'd say buy me dinner first but chocolate bread pudding works too. ;)

Emz said...

Allie-Why do you think I getting the dang buckle?!

misszippy said...

I like those words of motivation for the 800s! And oh, chocolate bread pudding--that's heaven!

Quinton J said...

that WAS pretty random.

Allie said...

I personally thought it was going to double as a bullet-proof vest since you're so gansta!

Chloë said...

oh goodness, I can't imagine you with a gun! Now I'd really like to know who he said you looked like...

Allie said...

Oh yeah, I want to know who he said you look like. If I was a guy I'd use corny lines like, "Are you related to the sun...because you're hot!"
FYI: I just made that up. I'd make a great pervy old man.

Quinton J said...

Hey shuddup. That line worked on me. Twice.

Emz said...

Can't even reply to Q's comment.
Come on Allie--- [& peeps] You have to guess!!!!

Emz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Big Daddy Diesel said...

I can see you with that gun in the dessert

I havent heard anyone get a Wii Injury before

Allie said...

Look, if I'm going to guess then I need a picture of your face to look at and analyze without your abs there to distract me...or boobs. LOL

Andrew Opala said...

yes, "unique" is a good word ... and I mean it in a good way!

BTW, I may be a dumb ass Canadian, but guns are obscene! The power of the mind, and the disciple of a tremendous challenge makes you eternal. Guns are for the weak and finite.

I'm the guy with a target on his back - but you'll never see it EMZ, cuz you're too fast and you're way ahead of me!

Emz said...

A face photo?! I'm scared. I just wore a bra top in there so your good. you think I go anywhere fully clothed?!

[mom, I'm joking].

Andrew Opala said...

Uma Thurman?

Emz said...

BDD - remember I'm "unique". I could injure myself while sleeping.

Andrew-agreed but....... They are a BLAST to shoot out in the middle of the dessert. Just a fun hobby-ish - shoot em up kind of fun.

ShutUpandRun said...

Eva is spot on. You are one unique chick, that's what I love about you. That and the fact that you look like a much sexier and gorgeous Gwenyth Paltrow??? No? Eat some more bread pudding and ask me again.

Emz said...

Ohhhh Andrew - you are in my fav 5 now.
Nope. No uma.

Adrienne said...

I'm mad at you now because you have an EVA!!! My house is jealous!! My husband and kids love Cabela's and my eyes gloss over when we HAVE to go there. My personal Hell is full of stuff from Cabela's. If you ever get the "scent lock" pants from there I won't be able to follow your blog anymore.

Emz said...

Adrienne. I love you. [sorry Allie] truth be told... I hate cabellas with a passion [PASSION]. I do it for the pita & our sanity. ;)

Jill said...

If you want a few of my lbs, I'll be glad to send 'em to you!

Allie said...

I just stalked your blog for a good face picture to looks at and I have a few observations for you.
1) You have more pictures of your treadmill on your blog than you do of yourself.
2) You look a little bit like a girl I went to school with but I can't remember her name so now I'm probably going to be trying to figure out her name for weeks, thanks for that.
3) I don't want to guess and get it wrong because I'm competitive like that so I'd like your mother to email me the answer because there is nothing wrong with cheating.
4) I forgive you for loving Adrienne, let's never fight again.

Andrew Opala said...

what age was the sales guy ... this will help who he thinks is good looking, and I'm guessing you think this chick is not good looking ... I think all women are beautiful ... (remember dumbass Canadian here) ...
but I will try to figure it out.

Kenley said...

You have to put 4 lbs back on. Too bad you couldn't transfer it like bling. Random indeed, but love your posts. lol. 85% is a lot better than 84%. Sounds better, You make me feel weak, with my 22 cal. hahaha. Take care.

Emz said...

Allie -
1. It's hotter than me.
2. Yay me.
3. My mom doesn't like cheaters.
4. never again.

Andrew - good call. Yes, I don't think she's attractive and that's NNOT to say I THINK I'm anything great but praying I DON'T look like her!! Ugg here we go [truth be told I've been told this three times] all three times they are MEN two of them over 55/60 the other was probably 45.

Marlene said...

Glad you are feeling MOSTLY better!

You got a cleaning lady? NICE!!!

Hahaha, Pita always knows *just* what to say, doesn't he? :P

Andrew Opala said...

So an old guy like me.

Farrah Fawcett?
Morgan Fairchild?
Lisa Hartman?

That's my guesses ... I've learned never to compare women. That is the biggest mistake. They may say nothing when you compare, but then the comparison discussion pops up when they are holding on to something important of yours.

Evolving Through Running said...

That was one hell of a blog post. Good stuff.

Now, in addition to the abs worship, folks better start commenting on your 'big guns' as well.

Is there a warm-weather equivalent of the Olympic Biathalon, which brings together the obviously complementary activities of cross-country skiing and riflery? If not, I think you need to pioneer the combination of marathon running and skeet shooting. You'd be hard to beat.

Allie said...

Is it just somebody with blonde hair or do you have other features that actually look like this person?

I'll tell you who I look like if you tell me who this guy THINKS you look like.

Emz said...

okay-smart man because those may actually be worse. So now I don't like you either.

JOKE. JOKE. but no - you failed.

No more guesses for you or I'll start slitting my wrists.

Rae said...

I'm glad you're starting to feel better!

I don't have any guesses for you, but I can't wait to find out who he said you look like!

You're a hottie no matter what!

Andrew Opala said...

From the mystery shots on your blog I still think Uma Thurman ... but I don't compare.

Allie said...

Okay, I'm just going to start throwing guesses out there, these are people I wouldn't want to look like that are also blonde.

Hillary Clinton?
Lindsay Lohan?
Courtney Love?
Paris Hilton?

PS I crack myself up.

Emz said...

Rae - ahhh you own my heart.

Allie - we are both tall, blonde, thinner than thicker, blue eyes, opinionated & unique. ;)

Andrew Opala said...

Allie - these are 55-year-old guys!

Lindsay Lohan?

try like Eleanor Roosevelt?

Now I crack myself up!

Emz said...

Ok. This is getting ugly.
No more guesses. I'm feeling uglier after each comment.

Laurie said...

I love your blog because its always a great read and even the comments you get are super entertaining. I don't have any guesses though I am curious to hear the answer.

Karine said...

Please tell me it's not the chick with the same name as your sister? You are so much more "unique/beautiful" than her.

I'll bring you over the 2 lbs. I inherited from our cruise!

So glad you are feeling better...It's obvious from your post.

Allie said...

Elizabeth Hassleback?

Emz said...

Thanks mom. Cruise lbs are the best. & yes, someone said it to me again?!? Uurrrrggggg.

Allie - nice try. Nope. Taller.

Petraruns said...

YOu're a nut. A beautiful nut though.

Allie said...

Wait, Mom, you have to tell me! Please tell me. Okay, just tell me the first name...or the first letter of the first name, please?

Sarah said...

I'm afraid to guess!

Caratunk Girl said...

OMG chocolate bread pudding??? Yum.

Unique is better than boring, right?


Emz said...

Thanks Sarah!! :)

I should have kept this TMI to myself. She is not cute [this lady]. I'm taking solace in the fact that 2 of the three comments came INSIDE cabellas and the other man was highly intoxicated at a wedding.

Kelly Leigh said...

Can I just say that needing to gain more weight is a problem I would LOVE to have. Seriously. Also, your first trail run was this receantly?? Did you love it? It's my fave way to run. And you are a badass holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit that rifle is something Dre would be jealous of... You really are ghetto.

Emz said...

I'm classy. I just hide it in my low slung pants. I don't even hold my gun to the side when I shoot. ;)
It wasn't what I'd call fun [trail running]. Maybe for johann not this AC loving, gun totin', 5" heel wearing runner. ;)

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

LOVE the .308! I used to have the 308 Winchester it was my 2nd rifle as a kid. Great gun the thick brush in Pennsylvania (where I grew up). You are all ready to protect yourself now since Hilary just turned AZ into the UN for Human Rights violations ...hehe. Bring it on you UN pansies!

Oh, and you probably have to protect Andrew too.

No guess here. Unless she is in a b-movie on syfy I probably don't know it!

oh, I think me and your husband would be friends. My wife asked me yesterday to tell her that eating a big bowl of ice cream was okay. My reply was, "It is okay if you oaky with have a huge ass!" She didn't find it amusing but didn't eat the ice cream (-:

ps...just reread that comment and pretty sure I just offended everyone. I am okay with that.

Emz said...

Jeff-my favorite comment from you to date. Laugh out loud funny.

RockStarTri said...

Mr.P is gifted.

Emz said...

Please define "gifted".

RunWithKate said...

Please don't tell me he said Ann Coulter!!!

RunWithKate said...

If I am right, I want a PRIZE!

:) if I am right, he is dead wrong because you are a hottie patottie and I think she is just a whack job.

Emz said...

Omgosh. Kate.

You guessed it.

Now......anyone who thinks it would be funny to mention this---trust me, it's not.

:) but still. It's not.

Anne said...

OMG what a crazy comment series...I got caught up reading each and everyone of them.

Andrew, you need to stop calling yourself a dumbass Canadian...we are not dumbasses!!! :) Just saying...

EMZ...love your posts and you are gorgeous! That's all :)

Andrew Opala said...

ok I am a dumbass Polak who was born in Canada.

Tabernacle Anne!

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

I think your comments were crazier then your post! Ha ha!

I think being called unique is a great thing!

Matty O said...

Holy crap... 58 damn comments?! It took me longer to find the comment box than it did to read your post!

First off, I saw this in my dashboard and said OH SHE IS GETTIN THE GHETTO AWARD TODAY! Yet you called me out on it... come on!

Alright, you are a true pistol totin gangsta girl. I would like you to know you just jumped up to my top 3 awesome blog reads. You bought a semi-auto panther. If you are ever near Cleveland I will teach you how to shoot a real semi-automatic rifle :) We both have our conceal carry licenses here and love going to the range.

EMZ = Awesome bad ass chick. You have yourself a lucky man.

No guesses on who you look like, I suck at naming famous people. But judging with ABS like yours, I would say some bad ass WWF Girl :)

Did I read that you ran OUTSIDE?! WTH??? Doesn't your treadmill have trail mode where it bumps up and down and tries to spraign your ankle?!

Good job, glad you are feeling better... this was a loaded post and loaded comment (pun intended).

Good luck on the training :)

Angie Bishop said...

PITAs motivation is still making me giggle! That is one big gun mama.....fun stuff :)

Angie Bishop said...

Really you didn't even think she was hot in Pulp Fiction? Well I think she is hot so if you look like her then you are hot too.

Pam said...

How lame am I that I had to google Ann Coulter to see who she was? (I still don't know, but at least now I know what she looks like.)

I would be tickled shitless if someone told me I looked like that! She's hot!!!

But you're still way hotter.

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Ha ha! this whole thing is cracking me up! I think your pretty much HOT and I mean smokin'!

And 4 pounds to gain? I feel SO bad for you! No really, I feel bad....poor poor thing! =)

Nice gun! I got a new revolver a few weeks ago!

Patrick Mahoney said...

Wow I've never seen 64 comments before. Must be the Dre reference. 'Cause he's like that.

The Kornegay Family said...

This is so funny!!!!!!! :)

Black Knight said...

Glad you are feeling better. Very nice post. Until you will have that gun I am your best friend and my behaviour is perfect!

Anonymous said...

i was right all along with my ann coltur guess. damn.
see what happens when you're the last one to comment?

[walks away with tail tucked under]

Zaneta said...

My guess is that the guy told you you look like Uma Thurman... for some reason thats the first name to came to mind... not sure how my brain works sometimes but i have no other guesses lol...

and wow! Nice motivating words from the hubby about doing your 800s!! haha... do work!! :D