Wednesday, July 22, 2009

happy birthday dad

Happy Birthday to the original pita. 37 years old today. We were lucky enough to have his Mum here from London to help us celebrate.

While I spent the afternoon cooking {Pavlova anyone?!} ..................

Ellie was busy making sweet signs like this:

But my favorite was this:

We love you for SO many reasons - you are thoughtful, kind, caring, loving, strong & super funny in a pair of {way} too tight Seven Jeans - thanks for the laugh - the best abdominal workout I've had in months. {Sorry he wouldn't allow me to post the photo.} :)

Here's to you - Mr. I am determined to do up all the buttons on my queer-eye for the straight guy jeans. We love you.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ellie's QUIZ [By: ELLIE!!!!!!!!!!] 9 years old

Quiz 1#

1. Your friend is having a sleepover what pj's do u wear?
a. The cute ones with frogs.
b. The Dora THE EXPLORE ones
c. The ones your mom gave you that said u r my sunshine.
d. A long tee shirt and silky pants.

2. You're going to go to a swim party, what swimsuit do you wear?

a. The Tankini that fits you perfectly and has Black penguins on it.
b. the one piece that you got in 3rd grade and gives you a wedgie.
c. the bikini that is soooooooo small that you can c your derriere.
d. That Tankini that fits you and has horses on it that r wearing off.

3. You're dressing your boy dog for Halloween what do u make him wear?

a. the mummy ones that fits him
b. The Diego {Dora guy} one that is 2 big
c. The ghost one that makes him look like a cloud
d. The hippie one

4. What would you wear 4 Halloween?

a. the Vampire one
b. A flapper girl one
c. a bird one
d. OR just stay at home and greet the kids that come by.

Ba Ba!
[that is how my friend's brother says for his good byes!]

Thursday, July 16, 2009

i love you too

woke up to find this poem in my inbox.....

I Love You.
You're the best Mom I ever had.
You work on a computer and there is a dog somewhere named Scooter.
You are cute and you are not a brute.
You love carrot cake.
And you also love to bake.
You eat Cheetos and drink water.
I love you because....

I love this kid.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

o n e { 1 }

  • the number of people I will tell about this blog

  • the number of people who will read this blog

  • the number of PERFECT children I have

  • the number of children I have

  • the number of men over 6'8" in my home

  • the number of marathons I've run

  • the number of toe nails I've lost due to running

  • the number of knees I've lost due to running

  • the number of times I've canned anything {ok, other than ideas}

  • the number of dogs I allow in my home

  • the number of brothers I have

  • the number of brothers I want - why mess with perfection?!

  • the number of shoes I bought yesterday

  • the number of pantyhose I own

  • the number of rings I wear

  • the number of RED garage doors in the neighborhood

  • the number of neighbors who hate my red garage door

  • the number of times I've been snow skiing

  • the percentage {of the likeliness} I'll try skiing again

  • the number of phone calls I received {so far} while writing this

  • the number of "Truly Nolen" mouse cars we saw on the way to Summer Camp this morning

  • the number of days per month Ellie goes to Makutu's Island with her camp

  • the number of pairs of socks needed to play there

  • the number of socks we made it to camp with

  • the amount it cost me to buy new socks {thank you 99 cent store}

  • the times I smiled on the drive home {that's amazing for driving in PHX!}

  • how many lunch boxes were left in the back seat of my car

  • how many kisses I will receive for dropping it off