Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Shopping" - Barenaked Ladies

When I was young, I just wanted to grow up and be MaryLou Retton. But accessorize like Madonna. And marry Zack Morris.

Strange combo, I know. But you should have seen me in my red leotard, flip-flopping down our eternal hallway, or cartwheeling over my duct taped balance beam. I even wore it to my first day of school [first grade], as a shirt, tucked into my shorts. Seriously. I was a try-hard die-hard.

I've noticed, of late, that Peanut is under the same spell. Ya, I'd have to say her fashion sense is better [no spandex/lycra] but also louder. Yesterday, after I picked her up from school. We went shopping. Most of our time was spent like this:

I'd pick up a solid v-neck . She'd counter with a neon green tie-dye one.

I'd show her some skinny jeans. She'd show me jeans with holes and patches.

And can someone please tell me when these cropped T-shirt things came back in style?

We did manage to shop without buying any leg warmers, electric youth perfume or jelly shoes.

But, I so can't wait to drop her off at school on Monday.
This girl has got a style completely her own. And I'm all for it.

Love you Peanut.

Friday, September 23, 2011

"I'm So Hood" - DJ Khaled

Ya.  Dawn.  That.  Title.  Is.  For You. ;]

The last few days have been filled with awesome.
  • I became Peanut's volleyball coach, thanks to the Pita telling me, "we [I'm guessing he meant "I"] need to step it up as parents."   [when they {YMCA} couldn't find a coach.]
  • First practice was last night.  The girls . . . . are freaking awesome.  They are all in 8th grade.  Peanut = 6th grade.  So I love that!
  • Emz to team:  what should we call our team?  Team replies:  "runners" [ya, seriously, no joke - so they were referring to "road" runners, I substitute "TM" runners]  I about cried, I was so happy.  Peanut noticed and pinched me.
  • Happy first day of fall to all of you who actually experience "fall".  It's freaking 106* here today.  Yes, Matty-O, I am whining.
  • Received this photo In an email from a so called "friend".  ;]

  • Received this from the one and only "IMRon".  The Peanut and I are stoked.

  • This weekend  ----- something big happens in our home. 

  • New Zealand plays France.  It is at 1:30am.  I'm 100% happy I will be sleeping.  I'm sure the Pita is 100% happy to be watching this rivalry match without me.  Ummmm, it wasn't so pretty back in 2008 but I have a feeling it'll be going "ALL BLACK"s this time. [my marriage will be a lot happier if it does] ;)
  • Speaking of "a lot" - - - -

  • ok sorry, just had to get that off my chest.  Drives me crazy when people misspell that word.
  • My run today

  • All. smiles.  I am [finally] seeing results from this new method of training and I could NOT be happier.  Hoping the 20 miler on the books for tomorrow goes just as well.
  • Received this hand-out at a parents meeting at Peanut's school last night.  This freaking cracked me up.

  • Walked in from above mentioned meeting to hear the Pita say, "awww, watch out" and see him trying to teach the Peanut how to do the running-man.  I interjected immediately as this is clearly MY area of expertise. 

So.  Happy.  Freaking.  Friday.  Everyone!!

Now, please . . . . .

**Share 1 or 444 awesome things that happened to you this week.**

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Belong" - R.E.M.

So it all started in 2009.

Our  . . . .

Family Anniversary [Day].

You can read what I am referring to, in more detail, [here] .

I absolutely love this day.

I get to spend most of the day cooking, planning games & decorating.

It's kind of like our own Thanksgiving Day for our little family.

It's my chance to cook for my family [we are talking a lot of food - each person's favorite meal - so it's a pretty jacked up menu].

And I must say it was utter perfection.

But NOT because of the herb crusted beef.  Or the roasted fingerling potatoes with tomatoes, garlic & Parmesan.  Or the rich, buttery gravy.  Or the capellini spaghetti with fresh basil & stewed tomatoes.  Or the bacon, Gorgonzola spinach salad.  Or the triple chocolate brownies.  Not even because of the games we played until we were crying in laughter.  Or the comment the Pita made that made me cry in happiness.

It was because we got to share our gratitude.  Together.  Around our "way too big for just the three of us" table.  Saying what we've been grateful for this year.  I am thankful my Peanut is so freaking hilarious, thoughtful & tender.  I am thankful my Pita is so amazingly supportive of all I do, my goals, my dreams.

I know I sat there eating with a big smile on my face . . . . the whole time.

It's been of year of growing, trials, struggles & learning experiences.  As it will be every year, I'm sure.  But it's been pretty freaking great.  I wouldn't change a thing.  Because I'd never want to be any where else but here

Right.  Freaking.  Here.

Imperfections and all.  Surrounded by "heaven".  My heaven. 
Inside my walls of my home.

Life. is. good.

So. So. Good.

Friday, September 16, 2011

"Honestly" - Cartel

My intentions hold no mystery.

I completely suck at keeping my own thoughts secret.

The things I should probably "keep to myself".  I usually cannot.

I mean, I don't tell my life story to a random post office clerk or ever answer "how are you doing today?" with anything negative.  It's always a "good", "great", or "can't complain".

However, when people ask my opinion . . . well......they asked, right?!

If some random person wants to know "which dress" looks better - I'll say which one within seconds.

I always have an opinion.


I always have my own back.

If someone makes a brash/rude comment to me - - - I'll reply 99% of the time.  I always try to do it in an "as nice as possible" way.  My new method of counting to four before I reply has helped a lot. ;)

In relationships, I'm not afraid to reveal my feelings, no matter how rare/raw they are. I don't shy away from frank discussion about losses and heartaches.

I often do borderline stupid random things . . . . . I know I'm on the receiving end of eye-rolls way more than I'd care to admit.  I'm  freaking good  with it.  Laughing at myself . . . . .I'm a pro at that!

I can run through my days, second guessing others' intentions, motivations, thoughts, but  . . . . . . . the truth is . . . . . . I'm having way too much fun keeping mine in check.

since this is MY blog . . . . . here's what . . . . .

"I'm thinking about today":

* I finally felt awesome during a long-ish run.

* I wish I could prevent Peanut from ever getting zits.

* I'd like twin boys.   I have two awesome boy's names and I'd hate to have to only pick one.

* I wish January would come sooner.

* When should I post my HAKA?

* I wish I was in Logan with Dawn.  I should have sucked it up and bought the dang [hugely over-priced] ticket[all three of you girls [Erin, Cari & Dawn] - go out there and kick it]

* I love this photo from Pokey marathon [and I'm not even flipping the camera off?!!?]

* I've secretly always wanted a tattoo.  Just can't think of anything that would still look cool when I'm all wrinkly and still wearing bra tops during marathons at 80.

* I'm digging my new Newton's.  Thanks Coach!

* but ---- I'm kinda digging these more [ya, thanks Dawn].  And they cost less?!?!  WHAT THE . . .

* I can't believe I just paid someone $50 to make my dog look this ridiculous.

* That was really stupid to send a reminder text to Peanut at 1:15am when I remembered something.

* Even stupider . . . .thinking she would have it on "silent".  Yes, the Emz household LOVED that.

* I hate politics.  Truly.  Hate all the hate IN politics.

* Should a treadmill really cost the amount of a used car?


What are you thinking about today?

Other than . . . . . it's FRIDAY!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Love Story" - Taylor Swift


49. y e a r s .

49. years. in. love.

Happy Anniversary to My [ok, fine . . . . . and the four other awesome off-spring's] parents.

You set the standard so high for a loving, amazing marriage.  And I am thankful.  I love the way you two interact.  Mom, I love that Dad still opens your door.  I love that you still make him amazing meals for "just the two" of you now.  [I'll totally bring my family over if you need more mouths to feed.]  I love that you run errands together. 

I love that lunch at Costco is like Dad's favorite-est thing EVER. 

I love that you support me in my crazy ideas/goals . . . . like crazy. 

I love that other than that one "dang Christmas tree" fight . . . . . I never, ever, ever heard or saw you two fight.  Nope. Never.  So while I thought that "dang tree" was for sure going to cause a divorce 17 years ago . . . . I realize how amazing it is that that was the ONLY thing I ever heard or saw.

Thank you for letting me share a bit of your day with you today.
[smokin' hot couple, no!?]
I. freaking. loved. it.

Don't worry, I won't turn up to dinner at "Fleming-ton's" tonight. ;)

I love you with all my freaking heart.


Monday, September 12, 2011

"Ticket To Ride" - The Beatles

So a few weeks ago I was contacted by Matt from "Enjoy The Ride" .

First things first . . . .

0.4 ---- The man has shirts!!!  Love the blogshirt.
1.  He's amazing.
2.  His wife is amazing.
3.  He is raising money for an awesome cause.

He is completing his first Ironman in November.  He is using his blog to raise money for an orphanage in Haiti. [Hands and Feet Project].

PLEASE check out this post from his blog


He is EVEN doing some incredible giveaways!!

[click here!]

yep, now!

Friday, September 9, 2011

"Fill In The Blank" - Jimmie's Chicken Shack

One of life's most simple pleasures is warm, clean sheets.

My favorite place to sit in my house is  on the couch in my office.  It's a big cereal bowl like chair - - - where if you have more than one person in it . . . you'd better like them because you end up on each other's laps.

If I had to choose one beauty product to use for the rest of eternity it would be  C.O. Bigelo Mentha lip tint.  At least 14 around  my home and in my car.  addicted.

If you looked in my purse right now you'd find  above mentioned lip gloss [x4], at least 6 costco receipts, sunglasses, my anniversary card from the pita, 3-6 hair ties, random cash, coupons, wallet, Extra gum, 5-7 pens & a lot of gift cards.

My fashion philosophy is  mix it up.  I always pair my "splurge" purse with my $4 white v-neck T.

If at first you don't succeed   surround your self with haters.  One of them is bound to say something stupid like, "did you really think you'd be able to do that?" --- then you go out there next time and kick it.  What?  it. works. for. me.

tutelage a funny word to say.

 *     *     *     *

What's your funny word? . . . . . .

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ka mate, Ka Mate - Aotearoa Maori Chorale

So yes, I heart football.

The Pita?  Yes.


the man . . . eats. sleeps. breathes.

R U G B Y .

Tonight game one of the World Cup [thank goodness this occurs only once every four years].

The match up . . . .

All Blacks [NZ]



Did I mention Dawn is a bit of a Tonga fan? . . . due to that awesome hubby of hers.

Every [best] friendship needs a rivalry right?! ;]

Did I mention the world cup last not weeks but months?!

Life as I know it ---- is over.

Any one up for a "haka off"?

You bet cha - I've got a video of lil ole' blonde, white girl me . . . . doing the Haka.

It's. freaking. Hilarious.

Happy.  Haka [All Blacks]. Thursday!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"My Own Private Idaho" [Thanks PRR] - B-52's


It's been quite a crazy 4.94 days.

If you want to see a real write up click here [ yep here ]

Loved finally getting to see Dawn again.  [it had been a whole 4 months]

soooo happy when I saw her pull up at the airport.

Then I had 2.44 hours to talk her ear off all the way to Pokey.

Then I got to talk all three girl's ears off.

Then we did that blogger photo thing.

Then we went to that mandatory expo thing.

Side note because I'm an idiot........I get tapped on the shoulder by this guy who says, "you ran the IMS AZ marathon"
Me: yep [hello it IS my PR race!]
Him:  you passed me at the end.  You like kicked into turbo and chicked me at the end.
Me:  [thinking Jamoosh would be so proud] Want a rematch?
Him:  [laughing, like did she just say that?] yes
Me: deal.  See you in February.

this conversation may or may not have made my day.  [Holy. freaking. made]

Then . . .

holy. freaking. potatoes.

[side note] there is no where to eat in Pokey.  And according to our server, "no demand for Italian food". Soooo...  Bring your own food.  unless you can eat Mexican food, ice cream or a burger the night before.


Even though I probably drove Dawn nuts........

i. loved. running. with. her.

She has this photo but I was trying to motivate and trying to NOT talk her ear off.

She kinda tried getting rid of me a few times but I wasn't having it.


Happy.  Finish.  Line.  Girls.

PR for Dawn.
PR/BQ for Erin.


Enjoyed seeing my family at the finish line.  [holy. huge. smile. right?!  See my PRR tats?  Loved them.]

Two of my uncles passed away within a week of each other so----not the best of circumstances but . . . . loved that there were there.

My family loves Dawn just as much as me [I'm pretty sure my mom adopted back in December when we met.]

Got a sweet photo with Haley.

Have I mentioned her kids?  Holy. heart. melt.

Dawn and I enjoyed a nice dinner together in SLC then off to see her crew.
They. are. awesome.

One more yummy breakfast and my girl's get-a-way was over. 
On one hand WAY too soon.
On the other . . . . was ready to see my Pita & Peanut.

Just kinda wishin' I'd be able to see all these awesome women again on 9/17 [Top Of Utah Marathon].

I kinda have something to settle with that race.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Who Gon Stop Me [them]" - Kanye West JAY Z

One more sleep until I get to see this girl at the airport.



This trip is going to be freaking awesome for at least 444 reasons but no worries . . . . I'll just share a few with you . . . .

1.  Duh, I get to see Dawn [ya we'll probably still text each other - talking would just be weird.]

2.  I get to meet Erin.  Yes - THE Erin.  The superwoman/mom Erin.

3.  These two above mentioned [SUPER] women will be PR-ing & BQ-ing.  So this is going to be like the freaking awesomest day ever.

4.  {ahhhhh Four 444444444} I get to drive/run Dawn nuts the whole freaking time.  Heaven knows she doesn't NEED me to "pace" her but I'll keep pretending that's my job title. ;]

5.  I get to finally meet Cari!  I heart Cari.  She was sooooo "there" for me during my 24 hour treadmill run

She. Is. Such. an. Inspiration.

6.  I get to see Haley!  I met her once in July.  For [no joke] like 4.4 minutes.  She. freaking. rocks. 

7.  I get a sack of potatoes.  Yes.  Seriously.  Each entrant gets a sack o' tots.  Who does this?  Ummmmm.....Pokey Peeps!

8.  [drum roll please . . . . . ] I have never left the Pita & Peanut for a get-a-way / sleepover.  Rephrase/explain:  the Pita has always done all the going [London, Fishing, fishing, fishing, fis...]  I'm a home girl.  I like home.  But this will be a freaking blast!
9.  Hence - the Pita and Peanut will catch up on their much desired Daddy/Daughter Dates.  Loved hearing them throw out ideas for the weekend . . . . "movies, pizza, sushi, ice cream PLUS we'll go to the store and buy all the crap food mom won't buy."

10.  The Pita asked for "a list of things you want me to do while you are gone."  Heck-freaking-ya . . .don't have to ask me twice.  Signed. Sealed. Delivered.  Now . . . get er dun.

11.  [there's a surprise] - - - sorry can't spill.  Then there would not be a surprise Saturday.

12.  My outfit [ubber important] is coming together nicely.  It's my jailhouse/punk look.

So you'll want to stay tuned to BQTV [AKA Dawn & Erin Social Media] come Saturday morning.

Because.  No. one. is. going. to. stop. these. two. ladies.

?    ?    ?    ?

You racing this weekend?  If yes, spill!

If no - - - Any Big LONG weekend plans?