Thursday, December 31, 2009

Edith Lovejoy Pierce

"We will open the book. It's pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called "Opportunity" and it's first chapter is: New Year's Day." - Edith Lovejoy Pierce
MY Dad always taught us to make [not so much resolutions but] goals. So, in the spirit of the fast approaching New Year . . . here I go . .
  • [stealing this from MY Brother, I loved it - from our family party] More hugs - less handshakes.
  • Strategically avoiding those people I don't like. [hey it's a goal of MINE - judge as you WILL].
  • Finishing that last year [of what? Not telling].
  • Doing a better job at my ward calling.
  • Being there for my family more.
  • Taking an active interest in my family's lives - [sisters/bro/nieces/nephews/aunts/uncles].
  • Remember each family member's birthday - and call them.
  • To surround myself with people who make me a better me.
  • To surround myself with people - that when I leave being with them - - I feel better.
  • To get at least 2 family members to run a marathon with me.
  • To encourage others [especially my friends and family].
  • To compete only with myself.
  • To "not be sa critical" of others. [Thanks Dad - yes, it is supposed to be "sa"].
  • Stand up for me [and my family - as it pertains to them] - without being rude. [What can I say I am a passionate person.]
  • To be as good of a friend as Cassandra.
  • To be quick to listen and slow to speak.
  • To "be there" for family like Happy is.
  • To attempt to be as good of a listener as Ann.
  • To be a quiet example as Evie is.
  • To be as thoughtful as Ang.
  • To be as concerned for others as MY Brother is.
  • As giving as Dave.
  • As thought provoking as Jeff.
  • As quiet of a leader as Rob.
  • To be as non-judgemental and loving as my parents.
  • To be an example to my daughter/Husband.
  • To have my priorities in order [better].
  • Brand new - It's lights will inspire [this one is just for me to know].
  • To strive to make my home where we and others want to be.
  • To make Peanut's childhood at least 1/2 as great as mine was.
  • To expect less from others and more from myself.

Looking forward to the the "Opportunity" 2010 will bring.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Eliason Family *adults* Party

No need to be afraid - well maybe a little.

* * * * * *

Super fun night. It all started with fabulous take-a-way Mexican food [thanks mom & dad] - the cutsie little Eliason girls [+ dad] "saved 1/2 for tomorrow" - ha, whatever you wimps [Happy & Evie this is mostly just you].

Then, for Dave's favorite time of the night - g a m e time! We started off with a charades-like game that had ten of the most talked about [huff] NEWS stories of 2009. However, My Bro & I sat there just waiting to yell, "Jon & Kate +8's divorce" & Octo-mom and . . . Nada. Apparently, mom doesn't value the content in "tabloid mags". REAL NEWS? Why would I watch real news?

Anyway, Dave took a "pass" as in [I've been an in-law in this family the longest/I've endured many a game night - I "pass"]. They must really adore him because they let him!! SO it was moi. What do I pick out? Something about a plane landing in the Hudson River. All I could think of is birds - I remember there were birds. So I did my best plane run around the family room then did some weird bird-ish/duck flap thing - then guess who guessed it? My Mom! [But wait, did I mention she wrote the little events on the paper pieces?] But my performance was solid - solid, I tell you.

Jeff's was boring and really good - so we didn't take his picture.

But Happy . . we took a bunch. Mostly because she looked like she belonged on a winter photo of a postcard from Hawaii. But somehow this photo came from, "credit card crisis" or something like that. Doesn't look like much of a "crisis".
Now, there WAS this fabulous event of Ang doing a super quick [thank goodness] crotch grab then falling to the floor putting her hands over her chest [as if to be in a coffin] - - - it was awesome. It was "Michael Jackson's Death". It was 2.3 seconds long. I was so taken back by the crotch grab that there was no photo and also no chance of getting her to do "it" again.
However, equally as fast [if not faster] was My Bro.'s which Jeff got in 1.9 seconds. But he posed for an additional picture. Yep, it was of Tiger Woods being with 8,9,10, 11 [does anyone know the real number here?] women.

I wish I remembered the others. I have a sweet photo of Ann holding her hands up in "O" formation for Obama but I can't get the photo off my phone. Evie's was a classic football story, "Cardinal's in the Super Bowl" - which she did beautifully.
We then each filled out three slips of paper of things we want to do in 2010. This was fabulous. Actually learned a few things about some of my family members. Great times.
More to come.

According to Peanut

. . . the best thing about 2009 was FIJI & our "Mystery Island" adventure.

For me - it was a 9.5 year old that still adores me, loves me, wants me around & thinks I'm pretty great.

What could be better than that?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Another brick in "The Wall"

- - - I can thank Pink Floyd for making me say this most mornings.
This has been my "view" for the last 3+ months. Don't be jealous. It actually hadn't bothered me at all until yesterday when I [gasp] ran outside. I was amazed at how much I have missed the polluted air and "she's crazy" looks. Whatever, it was cloudy. In Arizona. Awesome.
Maybe this is why I haven't "hit the wall" in any of my marathons [so far - knock on wood]. When I run so flippin' close to one - I guess I've become oddly attracted to it's closeness. More like a friend. A quiet friend. A [boring] nice friend.
T minus 19 [brick] days and counting. A huge "thank you" to all of you who have supported my cause - in word & donation. So VERY appreciated.
*See Ang* Peanut knew what she was talking about - you are one of my cornerstone "bricks". ;)

Monday, December 28, 2009

She's made this a Christmas to remember

[Have always loved that song "Christmas to remember" Kenny & Dolly.]

So - my uber crafty / super talented / insanely driven / loves a challenge ... mother of mine. Made us the sweetest aprons ever for Christmas [just us girls - sorry to my brother but I'm sure after the red velvet cake thing - - Ang will let you borrow/HAVE hers. - love you Ang ;) ]

Christmas Eve was just Nana/Papa, Happy/Dave and Fam, and my crew. The other 3 siblings apparently had better places to be, whatever.

Each apron came with a "Apron Poem" of sorts [explaining the "uses" of the apron]. It was sweet but left a lot to our blond imaginations. Leave it to Happy and I do destroy a heart melting moment. Happy had declared we should take turns reading paragraphs [which sent me to giggling tears - what, are we in 4th grade again?] So she read while I laughed. I started with paragraph two, as instructed, then paused [as if to catch my breath/keep from crying] wiped my eyes then wham -- the laughter flowed again. [cracked me up they thought I was getting teary]. So [I think] we made it through the poem.

Then it was photo time.

Wish I could explain the crudeness of these 3-4 minutes. It was hilarious. Papa was even laughing though [so we must have been "ok"].

Happy's came with popcorn ball inserts [odd].

Thanks Mom for the sweet aprons, my even sweeter [much] older sister & making me the best apron of all.
I am the favorite after all.
Evie, don't comment. ;)
**If you are looking to BUY a sweet apron - check out hers. Love them.**

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Couldn't resist this photo op.

Had my photo taken too. ;)

Theodore is just too cute to resist.

The movie?

Liked it. recommended.

I will say the plastic statue things were a little creepy though.

Wish me luck

We are going to see this in 1.5 hours - yes, at 10am. Peanut doesn't even know yet. Because . . . if she did know . . . . I'd have to endure the next hour listening to the movie trailer and or "Christmas Don't be late" [which I actually love but not more than 4 times/day.]

Wish me luck Brooke.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


[this is random - and fully aware only like 4 [Glendale 7th ward people] will even "get" this].

While driving today I saw a baby in a push chair [man what has Mike done to me?] - a stroller and the baby was moving all around. I found myself thinking [yes, does happen] "man he is flailing like crazy".

Then I just started smiling. Like a big that "lady is crazy" smile.

I immediately thought of Sister G. telling Sarah to "flail". "Flail! Sarah, flail!" I remembered everything about that day [including what Sarah & Amy were wearing that day]. Which may be odd to some but you must know how much I wanted to be just like these two. I remember how much we all giggled. I remember my brother's face red with laughter. I remembered how thankful I was that Sister G. demonstrated "flailing" as I would have been completely lost as to what that meant [especially at that young age].

Yep, random.
Yep, a long time ago.
Yep, good memories.
Yep, still want to be like those two.
Yep, made me smile.
Yep, I love memories of my childhood.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Today I might be ... "Debbie Down-er"

So - [for today] I hate my iPhone. It reminded me today at 5am [in alarm form] which I'm quite sure, I just figured out how to set 3 months ago [?] - that today was the day I was due to deliver our second child.

Why is this so hard for me? I was only 9 weeks along. Nothing in comparison to what my sister and a dear friend of mine endured. [Which is why I almost didn't even write this.] I feel like a total wimp.

But feeling like a wimp hasn't stopped me from crying [more times than I'll admit].

I can't help but think of how different my life & way of life would be so different today. goals - natural childbirth [now running a marathon]. bedrooms - baby room [now a spare room]. purse - diaper bag [now designer bag]. etc. etc.

Sorry to be "Debbie Down-er" - I'm really not "down". Emotional? Yep, but I am most days. ;) It's just amazing to me to think of the priorities in my life now compared to what they would have been had I been delivering today. However, as I write this - I am realizing - this "wake up call" was actually a great thing that happened this morning.

Just wish I could tell my phone [should there be a "next time"] - that 5pm works just as well.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Shiny happy Peanut

Guess who came out of her room all "smiles" this morning?

Any why shouldn't she be?

She . . . .

Got a sweet new scarf from Aunt Happy [check].
Found the "missing" smiley shirt [check].
Is hiding a piece of "breakfast" chocolate behind her back [check].
Did her ponytail herself [check].
Remembered it is her last day of school for three weeks [uggg ...... I mean.... check].

Happy Happy - - Joy Joy!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

My [not so little] little list of "peeves"

Believe it or not [I'm actually having super a great day].

You can thank the oh so inconsiderate shopper at Nordy's for this rant. Feel free to add your best ones.

  • shoppers who walk up to a rounder of clothes, get to their size then shove all the clothes over to you - so you now have 1/8" to view the clothes. Merry Christmas to you too sweetheart!

  • loose hair on some one's/any one's back.

  • eating off wooden utensils.

  • that cars don't have "u-turn" lights/indicators.

  • walking around barefoot then having crumbs on my feet --- yuck.

  • people who don't use soap in the bathroom.
  • That I can't read Ang's blog on my phone due to her ever changing [yet festive] DARK template.

  • people who talk on their phones in the bathroom.

  • people who talk on their phones at the table.

  • food remnants left in the sink.

  • men who wear way too much cologne.

  • the smell of baby powder.

  • anything "bubblegum" flavored.

  • people who say, "via" - I will ship via USPS....ugggg.

  • the need to combine things into one word [Brangelina, brocoflower, TomKat]

  • seeing people cut their nails at red lights.

  • seeing people cut their nails on the freeway.

  • safeway employees.

  • Home Depot

  • the way my cream cheese all squirts out the butt of my bagel upon first bite.

  • smelly "earthy" after a 5 minute walk to my neighbor's house [good ole' AZ dirt air].

  • skinny jeans on boys/men

  • men in little shorts [nope I don't care if you are a "runner" - I do not want to see your buttocks.

  • When people text something mean - then chase it with a ;) or :) like that'll lessen the "blow".


  • the phrase "think outside the box".
  • adults who wear "Tigger" clothing.

  • knuckles. Detest seeing grown men give each other "knuckles".

  • people who use the phrase 110% - seriously?!? when did a 100% become NOT good enough?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It DOES actually happen Papa!

The conversation usually goes like this:

Papa: Hey Em. How are you? How's my little Sweetie? [fully knowing "sweetie" is NOT me]
Me: I'm good Dad.
Papa: Ohhhhh good. Ummmm so how's Ellie?
Me: Ya, Ya - she good. Always is.
Papa: I tell ya. That kid. She is so good. So obedient. So kind. [I've tuned out by now - I forget all the 5-7 other positive things.]
Me: Yep. I'm lucky.
Papa: You sure are. I mean - what a great kid. ..... .... [I might be ADHD as again I must have gotten bored with all the "she's great" comments.]

Don't get me wrong. He's right 99.99999% of the time. And I love that he notices what a terrific kid she is.

However, I got this attitude after school.

Mom, I feel like Cinderella. "clean up after the dog?" - ummm ya it's your dog.

"help with cookie dishes?" - yep, it's for YOUR activity days tonight.

"put away my clothes?" - shall we donate them instead?

"clean the sliding door?" - unless you want to put cling wrap all over it from your dogs nose/tongue.

Then in a [failed] attempt to make "light" of the drama I beckoned, "Cinder-Ellie, can you please sweep up the crumbs from your salami baguette sandwich since your other dog apparently won't eat a crumb smaller than a golf ball."

Total breakdown - tears .... drama .... drama .... drama ....

My little "Cinder-Ellie" at 2.

Believe it or not Papa, she does have an "off" day - once every year. ;)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

buzz light-year raaaaaaanger

So in my hunt for the perfect running watch, I found this:

...........if I had only known how much grief I'd incur for wearing this watch, I'm quite sure I would have purchased another. Nevermind that it is bigger than my wrist width & I can't wear it with heels [wait that might be very interesting ...... hmmmmm...... ] - I loved this monster!

Only had it 5 days and so far these are the comments I have received [family, strangers & postal workers alike]:

  • star command - come in star command.
  • hey - do you know where captain kirk is? [I don't even get that one.]
  • what's the square root of 244?
  • does that have Internet?
  • does that measure air pressure/tell you weather conditions?
  • are you a member of starfleet? [again, no clue]
  • do you have a calculator on that thing?
  • Where's K.I.T.T? [my personal fav]

Maybe I over shot [just a wee bit] on my purchase?!

Monday, December 14, 2009

m o r g a n [Chicago stealer niece]

Morgan is my ever witty, smart, beautiful, funny [ok - - hilarious] niece. She sent me these from the sleepover Peanut had with Emma-Shmemma on Friday night.

I love how you can actually sense their personalities - just from these photos.
This one was my favorite:

Don't be a hater Morgan. One day, Peanut will let you have Chicago for 3 months.

Friday, December 11, 2009

what I learned in 100 minutes

Being a "helper" in the 4th grade

  • that I am "tall".
  • that my cell phone has a "cool ring". - Sorry Mrs. Wenger
  • that I had the "sweetest nails" - OPI "Greenwich Village" - I'll agree with this one! Who else's mom turns up in green nail polish?
  • that I "look ummmm maybe 21". When do they learn age? Let me know so I don't be a "helper" from that year on.
  • that I should not wear perfume.
  • that I do not like seeing my Peanut look/giggle at boys. Remember Peanut, they are still gross and have cuddies.
  • that I "look nothing like Peanut".
  • that I "laugh like Peanut".
  • that I "don't dress like a MOM". [jeans & a tee kid?! - what does your mom wear?!]
  • that I spelled a word wrong. [hey brainiac - it won't be the last one either].
  • that 2 boys are planning to drop off C-mas presents for my daughter. Uggg.
  • that I'm better at "helping during tests". wooops.
  • that most kids will be getting a good grade on their math test today. You're welcome!!
  • that Mrs. Wenger has the patience of JOB.
  • that I am soooooo thankful I am not a school teacher.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


com*pe*ti*tion (kmp-tshn) : the act of competing; rivalry


I'm what some [okay - everyone] would call competitive. Well, maybe more like "M & P Harward Competitive" - or possibly . . . okay you get it.

My DNA comes from one amazing athlete of a father & a mother who can "cheer" up a storm intertwined with a little fancy rollerskating action. [Sweet mix.]

I remember [constantly] - asking my brother go head to head with me in "show down" form. Push-ups, sprints, sit-ups, chin-holds & even "horse". Everything was a competition. Who can shower faster [ewww gross - wonder how many body parts I missed during that shower], who could ride to school faster, who could deliver the penny saver faster [loved those $8 checks], who could eat more waffles/bran muffins/pancakes [w/o the threat of barfing]. . . . .[Did Mom ever get to eat?] . . .
....once you add in Stake Olympics [Glendale, AZ style] - - I didn't stand a chance at NOT being competitive. Have 24th ward win?!? As if, I'd let that happen. Staying up until the wee hours making the "perfect cheesecake". Practicing ping-pong in the garage [yes, it's a sport & yes, I was the reigning champ of singles & doubles {where is Ben James now anyway?!} ]. Volleyball & 7th ward - that was our speciality!! I can still hear Brother Harward & my Dad yelling from the sidelines [in the cultural hall, even], for their respective children. We were machines, I tell you - m a c h i n e s. Okay, all joking aside - - - this was the norm. Contests / competitions / challenges - - this was life as I knew it and I loved it!

Anyway . . . here's my question [to all 3 people who read this]. I'm now much older - I still do this! [No, not the shower thing.]

But - why do I have this "competitive fight" in me?

Is it bad? [I personally, don't think it's 100% bad - as I know it can be very motivating] But lately, I am finding it has it's down side. I usually crave competitive opportunities. Iron-Chef Orange Jell-O anyone? I wish I was kidding.

So what if there was a friend you wish was a closer/best[er] friend but you find yourself actually huffing her name [if you click on the link - don't miss out on the "comments" - uggg - I really wrote those?!] most days because she's just as competitive as you? It's tiring. Nope not because I couldn't smoke her at 99% of most things [there I go again]. That's a joke! [or is it?!] ;) Because I want [oddly] so badly to have a "normal" friendship. One of encouragement - encouraging of each other - at all times. Even when we are head to head --- I silently dream of hearing, "come on Em", "you can do it", "hang in there"! And like-wise I want to say those things . . . have I become "soft"?

I don't think so. Am I finally "growing up"? Probably not. Maybe I just don't want to mess up a good [potentially amazing-lifetime] friendship - thing.

Thanks for the competitive nature Dad [truly] - I can't wait to actually focus it 100% on ME - - BEING A BETTER ME. Not me trying to out-do others. Maybe this is where the real fun & happiness lies.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


About 2 hours ago I rushed into my local Basha's to buy Drain-O [not even going to explain this - it'll be a much happier post if I do not]. While I was there [in super sweaty running clothes] I thought it'd be a perfect time to see if they'd be interested in donating/supporting their most frequent shopper [me] in her marathon quest for the Sojourner Center. I was greeted by a man I chat with frequently about "The Flight of the Concords" episodes.

I pitched him my deal all the while clenching my drain-o. I stopped. I was done [talking]. He just stood there. Jaw semi-dropped. Eyes looking confused. Pen tapping his other palm. Just as I was about to say, "umm - so what do ya think?". He says, "why?".

Why am I raising money?

No - I get that part - that's great & I will make sure we donate something to our customer who is in here twice daily." [yep - he actually said that] ..... [what can I say - I like fresh ingredients].

Why do you run? Seriously - why?

I sat there like I was waiting for a cream puff sample at Costco. Big eyed. Mouth starting to water. However, there wasn't an 80 year old to knock me down with her cart to get the first cream puff sample.

"so" . . . why?

Do you really enjoy it? Is it just to raise money?

I wish I remembered exactly what I said to him. I know there was something about "alone", "quite", "air", "de-stressing", etc. Must have been good enough for him as he said, "Ya, I guess that makes sense. I'd just rather read outside." [And I'd rather eat cream puffs all day at Costco but .....]

But as I am a self diagnosed over-thinker . . . I continue to think about this "why" question.


I came up with these:
b e c a u s e :

  1. I can. I can run [maybe not as fast as some] but I can for a really long time.

  2. I can do something good with a talent I have been given.

  3. it clears my head.

  4. one of the few times outside a "spiritual setting" I feel at peace

  5. I feel strong.

  6. I feel empowered.

  7. the pride you feel after is so worth the [knee] pain.

  8. reduces any anxiety I may be feeling.

  9. my dog likes it [don't call the SPCA - I only take him 4 miles].

  10. I like to hear my feet hit the ground [odd, but true]

  11. I like to know I am pushing myself.

  12. Because I now suck at my "past life" [volleyball]. This white girl no longer has "hops".

  13. to stay married. ;)

  14. to run next to my Peanut on her bike.

  15. it makes me happy.
*Think Costco is sampling cream puffs right now?* I'm off to check.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

things I've been thankful for in the last 72 hours . . .

. . . a Nana & Papa who adore my Peanut. I want to be a kid again. Note Nana's Barefoot Dreams robe - - the ultimate in luxury.

I have the best doctor - ever. Should something happen to the Pita - this is my guy. Seriously - this guy cares more about me than I do! Who's doctor calls you at home just to check in on you? Schedules you an appointment with a dietitian [in his spare time], hand picks a knee specialist for you? Gives you his cell phone #?
m i n e.
[nope he's not taking new patients --- says me.]

I'm thankful for my 5" heels and my super tall hubby. okay, now seriously, they are not a step below us - we are just giants [and they are the cutest, tiniest UT couple ever - well besides Wade & Cass].

. . that my neighbor [with the dog the size of a rhino] - is teaching me patience and anger management.

. . . that Peanut knew no one "in their right mind" would want this tree with the tumor-like branches at the bottom - - - so it's just the one for us!

. . . that we didn't need to measure the tree. "Mom it measures 2 Peanuts!"

. . . friends who make me go to Phoenix Greyhound races for the "cultural experience". Miss you already, Cass.

. . . My friend. Such an example to me of not sweating the small or even big stuff [for that matter]. She amazes me today [and most every other day I speak/text/email her]. Nothing is better than a friend who adores you and whom you adore back [x2]. I'm lucky.

Friday, December 4, 2009

MY happiness today - brought to you by

.... My Peanut and her gynormous jar of Jellie Bellies [thanks Costco]!

Found this after she had left for school. * Yes, I did notice all the watermelon, cherry, grape, buttered popcorn, {etc - all the good ones} had been eaten - still happy.

It's a Happy Mom Day.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

As "Molly" as I wanna be

First, let me start off by saying: I am an over thinker. If someone in the grocery store says, "that's a wild shirt" - first thought --- awe thanks, I love it too. Then as they pass, my brain kicks into over-drive. Does that mean they like it or hate it? What does wild really mean? Note to self google "wild" while standing in checkout line. Now, I'll honestly tell you - - if the comment turned out to be not so positive, I'd probably wear it more often. I just have a really good outlook that way. ;) You hate it? It's now my favorite. I just love to give people more of what they [unknowingly] want.

Sooooooooooooo - there is this lingering [bad smell of a text ] conversation that's been brewing between me & Mrs. P as to where I fall in the "Molly" category.

I was told a few weeks back something like this, "you? a Molly? ya, right. [but she didn't stop, as she should have] "M" [mutual friend] is a Molly, has it all together and at such a young age..." Now prior to that last dig I was like sweet - I never wanted to be a Molly.
Soooooo - Mission accomplished! [or was it?!]

To ease the "sting" of the lemon juice in my paper cut she added, "you are intimidating by how you look, dress, etc [and I quote] but you don't have the Molly thing down". I think I learned this concept in college "sandwich effect" - - jab/nice/jab --- she made the sandwich perfectly.

But then, something happened. I looked over the [worldly] "looks" comment [should have taken it and run - [fast] - I mean seriously - they can write that on my grave right?] "Here's the Molly who went down intimidating others by looking sweet [ha] & owning killer heels [I'll agree with that]." Alas - - - My life has purpose!!

But instead - - - I spent the next 4 texts - sticking up for me.

I bake bread. I wake at 5:30am to make the Pita a hot breakfast every morning. I iron. I send the Pita to work with lunch-daily. I do 2 loads of laundry a day. I can things [usually my ideas - but that's canning]. I rotate my food storage - I mean, shoes. I do FHE. We sing "kumbaya" every night.

PLUS - I do all of these:

Ya, right.

SO what is a "Molly" and who is one? After reading this then praying, then fasting, then drinking my hot cider then a diet-coke. I'm going to pass on Molly.....because I want to. Is there a benefit to being a "Molly" that I don't know about?

Hey, if I can vacuum, cook, run errands in stilettos - why would I wear flip/flops, an apron and Bermuda's? I'll be this "jane" any day. Just pretend her dress has cap sleeves.

They call me Jane. Just not plain Jane.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Truth be told Snow White

I am grumpy. Not even because Happy has "happy" covered. And not even because I want to be the "fairest in the land". Frankly today - could care less. I could be Barbie or the leather skinned chain smoker in front of Walgreen's - not going to change the fact I'm grumpy. I won't be bashful, I'd even take feeling dopey over this funk.

Why you ask? [If you didn't - you've just made me grumpier - just stop reading now and go find your friend's happy blog post today.]

  • I'm tired
  • I sleep like crap
  • Pita snores - send fix it remedies
  • Peanut is sick & is "sneezy" / snotty
  • Can't get a hold of my "doc"
  • My friend is here & I haven't seen her since Sunday
  • Pita has vacation days he can't even take [too busy]
  • because my family doesn't even read this [other than Mom] - thanks Harward's, Wright's & Partridge's for pulling through
  • My family doesn't "comment". I like comments people - take 5 seconds and do this -- " :) " -- that's it!!
  • My knee is screaming - that actually makes me more mad than grumpy.
  • My head hurts
  • My dog won't stop barking - maybe that's why my head hurts?
  • That because I have one child that means [to some] - that I'm less busy.... right.
  • Because I work from home - I can drop anything I am doing and help you [every time].
  • I can't find anyone to give a talk on Sunday in Primary
  • Can't find someone to cover my huge secretarial duties this Sunday.
  • That my job is my hobby not my business. Do I really have to work outside of the home or give people statistics to take me seriously?
  • Four people contacted me in 2 days from church to have me list their things - no sorry - I'm mean. I'll help you with 1-3 items not your whole garage.
  • I have no idea what to buy my parents & the Pita for C-mas.
  • All my fruit & veggies smell like pickles [I'm too proud to throw them out].
  • That I emailed my friend for her birthday [meaning to call later & didn't].
  • That I have not yet reached my fundraising goal for my marathon. Nice time to raise funds [bad economy & C-mas] could I have picked a worse time?!
  • That a "friend" offered to donate money if I found her husband's Christmas presents. Seriously???

I'll stop now. You can thank me later for making your day better.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009



What possessed me yesterday to buy 1 gallon dill pickles? [yes, on my 5th visit to Costco in 3 days - yes, I have a problem - yes, I'm fine with it.] Was it: the $3.49 price tag? The look of "my Mom rocks" I knew Peanut would give me when she saw them? The fact this same dollar amount would only buy me 24oz at my local Basha's? The look/comment from the Costco clerk [muffins & pickles, huh? You pregnant? Me: yes, I'm 7 days along. I slice up the pickles in place of butter on my muffins. Him: really? Me: No [you dork]. I am lacking in sodium? NO!

Apparently, I bought them so my fridge could [now] look like this.


Isn't she pretty? Only had to clean up 84oz of pickle juice to get this fine clean fridge at 5:45am. So completely [not] worth it.

Anyone have a recipe that calls for pickled apples?