Tuesday, May 25, 2010

leaving on a jet plane


I'm already worried that I'm not quite ready for the conversations.  I sat at my computer this morning to find an email from the Pita's sister. 

Here is just an excerpt:

"Hiya, can you please bring me some new trainers.  Mine are too small and have been needing to wear plasters with mine for months.  I'll pick you up at the airport.  Don't turn up in jandals!  It's cold!  Just so you know, my car has a bit of a pong to it but you'll live."

Oh man.  I don't even want to know what "pong" means.  And I'm hoping the "you'll live" part is a guarantee.

Check list:

*13.75 mile run in this morning.  check.
*3 new running books.  thanks Steve!  check.
*ambien.  check.
*Peanut's last day of 4th grade.  check.
*Peanut coming out this morning in this outfit proclaiming, "It's my last day.  I'm going to show them what I'm made of!".  I have no idea where she gets this [but see shoes below.]  check.

*sitter for Chuy [dog].  check.
*food delivery for Mase [dog].  Check.
*scorpion care taker. I refuse. [click.]
*Garmin watch. I am sooooo going to get lost.  check.
*camera.  check.
*these sweet new heels.  you bet cha.  you have to trust me guys/gals.  relax I'm wearing them with jeans [the sweetest part{s} will be covered].

trust me . . .when they are NOT paired with inappropriate leather, PVC and Lycra they actually do look MUCH tamer.  and I heart them.  Did I mention they were $695 and I got them for ---- well ---- a lot ---- LOT less.  check. 
*running shoes.  boring.  check.
*new zealand to english slang language converter.  [aka, iPhone google].  check.
*iPhone International phone package [$$$ ouch, this is robbery].  check.
*sleeping "u shaped" pillow thing that never works.  check.
*getting a surprise gift [and it is INSTALLED?!  what??] from the Pita last night.
said it was a "peace offering for the glitch in [running] training" [for July marathon] this trip may cause.

ummmm, want to go on any more glitch trips Pita?   check.
*two xanex.  huh, what?  Thanks Ashley! Man, I have awesome friends.  check.

Oh and now we'll be going here for three of the 9 days thanks to Uncle Rod's sweet bach in Hokianga.

Uncle Rod.  Is.  The.  Best. 

If I ever see him with more than his undies on . . . I'll get a photo of him for you.  Seriously.  The man loves his undies

And the bach?  Bare bones.  The Pita's mom sent me a text Saturday saying, "you know they are just drop toilets, and no cell service right?".  Uhhhh, ya, totallyDuh, of course, I knew that.

w h a t ? 

This is going to be awesome.

Post edit . . . this email just in from the Pita.

Pita: "you know the water there is sketchy, right?"
Me: sketchy like - not clean?
Pita: Em, this is NZ - clean is standard
Me: sooooo you mean sketchy like "_____"
Pita:  like . . . not always available.


Oh man, I'm so hopping I can figure out how to blog from there

I may have to run 20 miles to blog/get a signal/find water but . . ]

Monday, May 24, 2010

the human brain weighs 3 pounds

Oh, to be a fly on the wall inside my brain.

The things that fly would see.
This weekend, I found an old favorite on iTunes.  "What are you waiting for?"
I now realize that I lose all control [ok, not "all"] over my body when I hear this song.  Like clock work, it starts playin' and my booty starts shakin'.
AS I probably note frequently . . .
But lately, every time I hear this song, I think what am I WAITING FOR
I'm one of those girls who said a lot of things like this growing up . . .
. . . . I can't wait until I turn 16.  I can't wait to get a car.  I can't wait graduate from high-school.  Can't wait until I go to college.  Can't wait until I find Mr. Right.  I can't wait to have kids. 

and I still do it today . . . [more than I'd truly care to admit] . . .

Can't wait until the house is paid off.  Can't wait until our 15th anniversary.  Can't wait until I get pregnant [again].  Can't wait until I run my 3:20 marathon.  Can't wait until I get a weekend get-a-way with my sisters. . . . . etc.
So while I was dancing around shaking my backside I thought, if I keep sitting on my bum waiting for these thing to happen - - - it's going to get pretty sore.
"Life is what happen when you are busy making other plans" - Thank you Mr. Lennon, I have come to understand just how true that is.  Yes, I believe God will step in and help us out with the direction we're headed but our agency & daily decisions sure have a hand in where we end up, too.
So what are you waiting for?  Is there something you really want?  Will things be better when you get it? 
Well, then . . . . what are you waiting for?

Friday, May 21, 2010

tag - I'm "it"

Yay!!  I was tagged by Marlene at Mission to a[nother] marathon.

This means you get to enjoy endure reading seven random factoids about moi!

  1. I am one of five children. [I am the baby youngest].  We all live within 30 minutes of each other.  Each of my sisters/brother have four or more children.  I'm really holding the numbers back.
  2. Nicknames growing up:  emilita-decarmelita, boomer, Emz, double E &volleyball Emily.
  3. I get panic attacks.  I'm pretty sure this is about the worst feeling ever.
  4. The only TV show I really watch is "modern family".  Sitting down is not a strong suit of mine.
  5. In general, I find it much easier to "get along" with males than females. 
  6. I love modern / industrial design.  My home is 85% metal, concrete & block.
  7. I was born with a broken collar bone.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Thursday Three

My three thoughts for this Thursday:

  1. How lame is it to pull an AB?  I mean seriously, who comes home from the gym and proclaims, "people, I have a pulled AB."  ? ? ---- ummm, "ME!"

   2.  I walked in as Peanut was getting into her school clothes this morning to see her in her swim bottoms.  from.  when.  she.  was.  FIVEno joke.
I swear they looked like compression chonies. [please click here ---- we do not use the "p" word in my home].  She had semi-permanent looking rings around her thighs.

Me: Peanut, why the bikini bottoms???
Peanut:  I don't have any chonies
Me:  I do two loads of laundry a day - there is NO WAY you don't have clean chonies.
Peanut: They are all packed for NZ.

yes, she managed to pack [for the fifth time] while I was watching the Suns get spanked by the team I hate most [ l a k  . . ] I can't even write it.

    3.  The questions I get most . . . How tall is your Hubby, What ab workout do you follow & how did you start up your business?  The first & third ones, I "get".  He is freaking tall [and smokin' hot] & my job is awesome but seriously the ab thing makes. me. laugh.  Well, until Tuesday.  Walked in early to a spin class [not recommended] . . . the instructor came up to me asking question #2.  chat. chat. chat. She asks . . .You cycle a lot?  "Ha, no - - - I'm a runner just doing a little cross training trying to get my 3 hour 20 min marathon I'm soooo craving." 

big mistake.

For the next 57 minutes . . .


"hey abs, you think they just hand out 3:20's?", "PINK, it's supposed to feel uncomfortable.", "water break is in 30 seconds, put it down!"

it went on.  and on.  and on.

WHAT THE. . . . . ? ? ?  I think had she been able to see my eyes under my cap, my "look" would have killed her.  But instead, I dropped off a $20 Starbucks card to her this morning.

t w i s t e d.

love it.  love excellent instructors. 
You have a love/hate relationship with any of your coach/instructors/motivators?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

luv . . . Tr..ooooo...luv

So yes, I married my "kiwi" 93 days - - [nope not a type-O folks] ninety-three days after we met on a VERY blind date.

The "very" is added as I didn't even know the person who asked me to take his "friend" out while he was here visiting on a "7 day vacation from back east".


from that 7 day "stay-cation".

I have an EXTREMELY private hubby --- so I'm going to leave it at this but I will tell you . . . the way he poses for me when I try and take his photo, is certainly NOT how he sealed the deal with me.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

But he sure keeps me laughing.

What endearing "traits" does your spouse/significant other posses?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Running the numbers

So as of last Thursday . . .

New Zealand.

Wait . .

Weren't you "just there"?  Yep, in November [click] . [For all you new-ish followers . . . it's actually one of my top 15 favorite posts.]

So here are some of my favorite numerical thoughts running in my head today.

* 250 - the amount I just sent Tucson Police for the Pita's ticket last Friday.
* 178 - the amount I paid the US government to get Peanut's passport renewed
* 1 - the number of dates I hope to score with the Pita prior to our departure
* 7 - the number of days until we leave for NZ
* 2 - the number of days Peanut's bags have [already] been packed
* 4 - the number of times I have unpacked her bags
* 17 - how many miles I ran today
* 244 - the amount of times during the above mentioned run that I thought about how my training may suffer during the [possibly] ill timed vacation.
* 46 - days until my next marathon
* 9 - nights we will stay with family
* 14 - hours spent in airplane [one-way]
* 399 - cost of each airline ticket
* 1,579 - cost of each ticket last November
* 95 - the amount of minutes in a 9 day period, I plan to actually understand the Pita's accent he "flips back" to upon landing in NZ.
* 9 - the number of ambien I'm taking with me.
* 2 - the number of ambien I'll take from LA to NZ.
* 44,444 - the number of times I'll pray we don't land in the ocean.

This flying thing just does not seem to get easier for me.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend events

Saturday we were able to go to Tucson to watch my niece, Tiff, graduate.

Ya she's one of those under achievers - you know the type.  The one with the nearly 4.0 GPA graduating in physiology.  [of course, she gets "it" from me].

What's she doing today?  Most likely studying for her MCATS.

uhhh - mAz - ing.

I may be slightly [somehow] even more happy since she did graduate from
THE U of A.



We love you so much Tiff!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

say what cha need to say

My [semi-deep] thought of the day, week [okay maybe] year.

My trip to the grocery store today got me thinking [I know....scary].

I was asked how I was ["How are you today?"] said, "good, how are you?".  But I wasn't ready for the reply.  .  .  . "Not good, rough day, wish I could go home and do nothing."  

Whoa?!  What the heck?  Who said he could actually tell me how his day REALLY was going?  Ever notice how weird it is when someone actually says how they truly are feeling?

I thought it was awesome.

We go through life most days - smiling, chit-chatting. We exchange pleasantries everywhere from the grocery store to Starbucks. We dish up so called meaningless babble and empathy in our social circles. Countless conversations pass over dinner tables and office desks and customer service counters daily. They are a natural occurrence in human life, and we should have them down pat.

So why is it that we typically avoid what we really want to express.

Whether it be with a hostile loved one or a distant relationship, sometimes its easier to pretend that everything's okay with the "Status Quo", all the while the little crack fed hamster in our brain is spinning circles over the "shouldas-couldas-wouldas".

I guessing because sometimes verbalizing that one phrase, starting that one conversation has the potential for ripping open the floodgates of heartache, of aggression, possibly of reality.

I'm thinking this is one of the biggest challenges relationships pose.

Whether romantic or professional in nature - one based on blood or just shared experiences - those ties that bind can be fragile, and a seemingly innocent inquiry or confession can tear those bonds apart like a clothing designers' seam ripper.
Good or bad, it takes pure guts to put your emotions on the table. But that confrontation or confession can have an outcome that wreaks havoc inside you. Your courage could very well be rewarded with disappointment and regret.

So is it true what they say - - - sometimes ignorance really is bliss ? ?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Come on, say it with me . . moder·ation.



1. the state or an instance of being moderate; mildness; balance

2. the act of moderating

in moderation within moderate or reasonable limits

What the heck does that mean?!

I'll admit I have a few tragic flaws . . yep, this is one of them.  Well, one of many.  Like:

Christmas card sending.
Calling people. [with my 6,124 rollover minutes]
Keeping track of my nieces/nephews birthday's [19 in all]
Being reactive
[insert 44 others]
okay, that's enough of that.

Bring on the quotes.

“Never go to excess, but let moderation be your guide.” --- Marcus Tullius Cicero

“Whatever you do, do it in moderation --- Proverb

"Moderation is the center wherein all philosophies, both human and divine, meet.” --- Benjamin Disraeli

However, I'm thinking Horace Porter has me figured out. . .

"Be moderate in everything, including moderation."

Bring on Oregon!

Let the training [that never stops] begin again!!

Any other moderation phobes out there?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

my no guilt version - sweet potato fries

So while I think my eating while training could certainly be "better". 

love food.

I enjoy food.

[not always of the "healthy" type].

Had to laugh when a fellow runner [during January's R&R AZ Marathon] came up beside me and said, "ya, so when was the last time you had a burger?".

I smiled [thought very briefly] and said, "Thursday.  In-N-Out burger." 

I'm a burger girl.

I wasted five [if not more] years of my life.  stressingaboutfood.  - - - so stupid.

However, I will say I became a pretty dang good cook during this time.  I was such a control freak about what I ate and wanted to know what exactly was "in" my food.  [fat, carbs, etc]

If possible, I feel I am too relaxed now [especially while I am training] but I do enjoy what I eat regardless if it is "Healthy" or not.

Here is a recipe I've been enjoying for the last year or so. 

Typically, I don't like to alter recipes I love.  Normally, I'd just choose to eat them less but I tried this out in early 2009 and have been making it almost weekly, ever since.

But you cannot forget to make the dipping sauce!!

Spicy Sweet Potato Fries [easy]!!

Toss 2 pounds sweet potatoes (cut into thin strips or wedges) with 2 1/2 tablespoons olive oil, 1 teaspoon brown sugar, 1 1/2 teaspoons salt, 1/4 teaspoon each cumin and chili powder, and a pinch of cayenne. Roast on a large baking sheet [the larger the better - as it is best to NOT have them touching each other] in a 425 oven until crisp, 30-35 minutes, turning about two times during baking.

Now for the awesome part.

Aioli mustard dipping sauce:

1 cup light/reduced fat mayo [I have tried fat free - NOT recommended]
3 Tablespoons aioli garlic mustard [I use the Trader Joe's one] 
2 packets Splenda
1 1/2 teaspoons cinnamon

*This most likely will make more than you will need but it keeps in the fridge really well.*
e n j o y !

What's your favorite food that's not usually ever found in the "you should eat this while training" handbook?! ; )

Monday, May 10, 2010

getaway day 2010

the best.


Could not have dreamed of a better day.

I am a "Mom".   

I am blessed.

My gift from the Pita was a night at a local resort.  So thoughtful.  Exactly what I needed this weekend.

My gift from Peanut:

My sweet new bracelet [that is NOT removable].
Mom, I love you the bluest
Like the color of the forever sky,
like a bluebird flying,
like the edge of a flame,
your favorite color,
like the eyes of Chuy,
my favorite color,
So......... Happy Mother's Day!
All my "blue" items.  So what that I only got the blue skittles because she hates the blue ones.  Love that kid.
The Pita - AKA - the best launching pad --- EVER!
 I love the note she wrote about me:

          The important thing about MY Mom is that she helps others.
She is very fashionable and helps me cook.  She cheers people up when they are sad or lonely.  She has a lot of friends, and helps me with my homework.  But the important thing about my mom is that she helps others.

I adore being a Mom.  I'm grateful to BE a Mom.  I am blessed to be Peanut's "Mom".

w i n n e r

okay - so I'm wishing I had won four more of these to give away.

Loved the jokes and seriously........why you guys run outside is beyond  me. ;)

I have to stay true to my AZ roots and give this one to Adam

Ray Road?  Could you pick a worse place to run?  Have you checked the stats online to see how many people are killed each year there?!  Please tell me you'll at least pray before you leave even with this thing on.

BUT also ------- I have something for Pam.  The post office story.  Priceless.  I'm at the post office 5 days a week for my job.  I get the post office story.  And people . . . . please check out why dear sweet Pam deserves the extra gift I am creating, just for her.  Click [here].  I knew you'd understand.

Email me!
queenofjean [at] gmail [dot] com

Friday, May 7, 2010

deal. love. run

I ran my first marathon 9.5 years ago. . . Unknowingly, pregnant with my [now] almost 10 year old Peanut. My second marathon came almost 9 years later, in December 2009. I have run three since then.

I cannot remember the moment I first fell in love. (With running, that is. Don't worry Pita. I remember with perfect clarity the orange linen shirt that sealed the deal for me).  Okay, the winks may have melted my heart a little too. Simply put, running has always been a part of who I am. And I think it might be one or all of my [three] sister's fault.

As any youngest child knows, there is a certain amount of worship factor towards older siblings. This idea was confirmed upon trying to wear my sister's way to big for me tops & shoes. And sorry Ann, I do recall trying on your retainer just once or 44 times. Yes, I agree...that is insanely sick and might be close to stalking.

I never stole my sister's retainer. (church donations? Yes. Orthodontic hardware? Never.) But I did think they (and all of their goodies/"Anise Anise" perfume/Duran Duran music/28 boyfriends who each thought they were her "only"/Farrah Faucet hair) walked on water - the hair probably could have after all the hairspray. Okay, never mind, it has nothing to do with my sisters. I'm just grumpy I didn't get to see all of them today [as previously planned].

I Actually blame my love of running, all on my "trials". Call it a coping mechanism - whatever.

Every time life came a knocking - - I went a running. There was just something about that 75 minutes when all that mattered was the polluted wind in my hair and the scorching 105 degree sun on my freckled nose.

Running from trials? Maybe, but I think not.

Each time I returned home, I felt renewed. I remember being 19 years old living with my parents over college summer break and having my mom say to me [on a "rest day"], "go running Em". "Just go, you'll come back feeling better." Taaa - Daaa! Like magic. Or maybe, like a MOM, she was right.

So some may say [and trust me they HAVE SAID] this is not a good way of "dealing" with an issue[s]. To which I say, "hey, cheaper than therapy".

* * If I lose you here I completely understand . . . my blog....my rant...my need to vent [may be a bit too personal for some]. * *

Sunday [yes, Mother's day] marks the day I lost my [unborn] second child. Now, let me first say that I am child-like in my emotions. Meaning . . heart on sleeve. Thin candy-like shell with chocolate molten lava ready to spew out at any moment. Yes, I've been called "dramatic" by  friends others. Call it what you will. I call it "emotional". I was hurt devastated. This child had been dreamed of for years. years on end. I DO realize many people go through similar situations [much, much harder {way harder} situations] daily, and deal better than me. I didn't deal. Not "well" anyway.

So. I. ran.  Ever since the day I was given the "go ahead" from my doctor.

So. I. run.

I deal how I deal. And to Dr. Phil's question . . "How's that workin' out fer ya?".


freaking excellent.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

giveaway state of mind

Gooooooood Morning!

So, I [somehow] won some sweet swag from last Saturday's marathon.
The $50 gift card - - - well - - - I spent that 2 hours after the race. [sporting goods store]. yay!

However, I still have this sweet little number.

This 99.8% treadmill running girl can't really warrant having a "ROAD" ID when I basically run in place 5 out of 7 days.

I'm thinking I could benefit waaaaaaaaay more from something more like this

Or this:

So I am giving away a $15 certificate to "road ID".  Click here for more product information.

Rules/entry . . .

easy [being that I don't have a FB or twitter account] ;)

Two options:

1.  Tell me why you should get this road ID - why you need/want it.


2.  Tell me a joke - yep, your best one.  I soooooo need a laugh today!

* * and of course --- you get extra credit if you are a follower. * *

Winner will be chosen Monday May 10th.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Video today . . . give-a-way tomorrow.

So I had a post in mind for today.  Namely, a "give-a-way" post but . . . .

My mom sent me an email this morning with the instructions to log into her facebook account and look at a video that was posted.  [ya, ya, I don't have a FB account . . . you got a problem with that?! ; ) I like to feel 10 years old and delve into my mom's personal life.  Maybe one day I'll share why I don't have one --- but probably not.]

Anyway........ amazing......... sorry, give-a-way postponed until tomorrow.

Enjoy it.  Click here

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Race day - with a bit too much detail

OK-sorry this is long. I’m not one for long posts but …. [this surely is].

We left for Prescott [by the way it’s pronounced press-kit like biscuit, well unless your from Scottsdale. I‘m ¼ Scottsdal-ian. ; )] by 10am Friday. Peanut had enjoyed three hours of “bring your favorite child to work day” from 6:30-9:30am {that’s what she titled it}. She came back all tuckered out from shredding & recycling paper - it’s a rough life at a Trust Bank.
After we addressed her one [really, really painful] paper cut we were off. The pita enjoyed driving crazy fast in the company car and [gasp] only had to show one car the “way to the nearest exit” / AKA “the bird” the whole way there?!!? Yep, that’s a  r e c o r d. Happy me.

Peanut enjoyed taking photos most of the way. By the time I got my iPhone back from her . . . I had 93 new photos. 74 of them looking mostly like this:

Once we arrived the Pita had a business lunch at a sushi joint. Sooooooooooo jealous but I distinctly remember the part about sushi = bad idea on the day before race. Bummer. However, Peanut & I ended up at a crepe cafe which was way more fabulous than the photo looks.

Yada yada yada --- packet pick up. So I guess, I missed the memo about “normal” people don’t wear 4.5” heels to packet pick up. Whatever.  I was wearing jeans.   It’s all I wear when I’m not in my running shoes or flip flops. Oh and as to what my job actually is, click here. Next, I meet my volunteer “honey” - - “bitten off more than I can chew….” [my face is getting red just thinking about it]. Walk out. The pita says [love this], “tomorrow we are coming back…you wear those same shoes….but wear your finishing time on your jacket". Made my night. But we hadn’t yet driven the course.

Here’s one of our stops along it.

Here’s another. [the one where the Pita said, “Em, seriously, I will be completely impressed if you do this. But I hope you know you don‘t have to.” Ugggghhh.  This [as it turns out] was a "flat" portion.

I called off the “course drive” at mile 8. I had seen enough. I have never researched/driven a course ever before. Which is probably how I signed up for this. ;) I over think a lot of things in my life but not running. Less has always been more for me with running. Weird.

Race day.
4:45am - wake up

5am - eat/dress/ p r a y / p r a y / p r a y ;)

5:30am - peanut leaves my purse [with way too much cash, 6 credit cards, $400 in sunglasses, an iphone, ok you get the point] on a table in the hotel lobby [but waits to tell us at 12:30pm]

5:45am - I wonder why people run to warm up? That’s extra distance people. ;) seriously, I never “warm-up jog” first.

6am - Pita says, “you got this baby”.  [I'm thinking..... LIAR I love you.]

Garmin - start

Ipod - start

 .   .   .   .   .   .

“Let’s get it started”.

The best “fun spots":

Mile 6 - elevation gain 362 feet.

Mile 7 - EG 405’ - - wish I would have had my camera --- there was a sign put out by the organizers which said, “what the hill is that?” Looked up didn’t see anything “abnormal”. 45 seconds later, the next sign, “don’t look up now!” They weren‘t kidding!!!! *&%@!%&^

Mile 8 - EG 341’

Mile 9 - EG 373’

Mile 15 - EG 351’

Mile 17 - wait for it --- wait for it --- elevation gain 484’

Realized I hadn’t had any “Gu” yet at mile 14.  Was too busy dying.  {warning} TMI but . . . I can’t just down those things. I spread one out over 2 miles. Where do I keep it in the intermittent moments? In the bra top “gap” of course. This method had never failed me until Saturday when I looked down & . . . . nada. bummer. Yep, no “gel handouts” at this race. Oh well. By this time my ipod was playing, “[I wanna] feel it” {three 6 mafia} - and I sure was.
Crazy moment of the race . . . . Mile 17. The one that was certainly the hardest by all means . . .It was also the third best moment of the whole race. I look over my right shoulder and …… the most beautiful view I have ever seen in Arizona [and I’m a native]. Insane. Gorgeous. Listening to, “Let Go” - Frou Frou {thanks Kera} - could not have planned that better.

By this time, it was the [mostly] down [ward-ish] stretch. My lungs were opening. My legs were just going and I was alone. Rocking out in the pines to, “Magic” - B.o.B. Singing like a complete fool. Trust me, I was not blessed with a singing “gene”.
Funny moment . . . Not realizing I was still singing out loud when I caught up to a man and was saying, “mama said to knock you out” - I actually apologized. He didn’t look impressed. It was classic though, I’ll never forget that.

Best moment . . . Seeing the Pita & Peanut’s look on their face when the Pita had to slam on his brakes at 22 [not expecting to see me that quickly]. He turned around and said, “WTH? You’re doing awesome!” [I’ll take it.] At which point I told him to have Peanut put her “earmuffs” on [hands over ears] and I took the opportunity to tell him in THREE words what the past 3 hours had been like!!

He drove off yelling, “YA BABY!!” --- and I know I had the biggest stupid smile on my face.

“The pursuit of happiness” started playing. Awesome. Passed all remaining water opportunities and just rolled with it.

Saw my AMAZING parents at 25. Loved that. They drove 5 hours round trip - to see me run for 15 seconds.

Seriously.  One of the 7,444, 444,444,444 reasons my family is the best.  I love my family. Completely supportive of my insane adventures. Two minutes later my mom was sticking out the window for this photo opp. [can’t believe it worked! Sorry mom but that’s the honest truth.]

At 25.6, “winner” begins to play and out of somewhere, I get a last kick. My dad [AKA “twinkle toe’s E"] always told me, “you sprint with all you have left at the end. Anything you have left, give it up on the last stretch.” I love that. I think of that EVERY race.




Next year, I’ll be back. I’ll be [way] more “ready”. For now, I’m loving my 5th overall female and 2nd in my age group finish. Not to mention the $50 gift card & an additional $15 gift card for “Road ID”.

Check back tomorrow for the give-a-way.

Happy Birthday Ethan!!  Love you Buddy!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Race day - part one [a letter]

Dear Whiskey Row Marathon / Thumb Butte Mountain,

I'm elated we had a chance to meet. Even though you make a horrible first impression.  Seriously? only 10 paved miles the whole race?  It's okay . . . . I forgive you. I forgive you for scaring the crap out of me Friday night when I drove all over you. I knew our "date" wasn't until Saturday but I was hoping an early introduction would help us get off on the right foot.

I was wrong.

I let you fool me into thinking I should be scared of you. Yes, I chuckled [mostly as a defense mechanism] when I saw you were going to try and get me to walk as early as mile 3. You know the road I'm talking about. The road that could only be described as the road to hell. You left little to the imagination. I knew what you were going to try to do with me & I was ready

Yes, you took my breath away [wish I could blame 100% of it on altitude]. Yes, more times than I'd like to [or will ever] admit.

I hated you at 6. Cursed you at 10. I can't even write what I said at mile 14.5. What I will tell you . . . you were MINE after 16. I owned you. I know, that was only for the remaining 10 miles, but I loved every minute of it.

At 18, I remember laughing [don't take it personally], you do deserve respect BUT it was my turn. It was my time. Your turn to respect me.

By 22, I think we found common ground. However, I did find it slightly humorous that you threw in that last awesome hill for good measure at 24.

                                                [mile 25]

No worries, I'm not holding a grudge.

Now, now, now . . .to the woman who was volunteering at the race packet pick up who told me: "You may have bitten off more than you can chew with this one honey." [BTW, I HATE, HATE, HATE being called "honey". Unless you are my grandma or aunt you are not authorized to call me honey].

What I'd like to say to you . . . . . Bite me.

WRM, I thank you. Thank you for helping me realize I AM STRONG [and maybe that I need to do more hill training]. It ALL has been noted.

Until April 30, 2011 -


*Your 5th place overall finishing female & very sore new friend.* : )

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Race? How was it?

In one word?


Well, until tomorrow anyway.