Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"It's Time" - Imagine Dragon

Well, it's not exactly time just yet.......but it's getting close.

16 days kind of "close".

The last 30 days have been incredible.

The training has been intense.
The excitement is killing me.
[super grateful, it's not the other way around]

This is what the training has looked like the last 31 days:

I did my longest run 31 days ago:

[instagram @runemz ]

Nothing like 8 hours on a treadmill to start your day off right.  The first 6 hours I ran and text a few friends.  My friends are amazing.  Truly.  I received no less than 100 texts while I ran [and two hilarious videos].  Grateful.

Then I watched the first hour of the Today Show. 
The final hour I tried to pick up the pace a little so I would manage to get a final reading that included a "something" .44

YES, it is all about the 4's.

My body has felt great throughout this process.  I have never run this many miles in consecutive weeks before.

I know this special delivery from GNC sure helped.  HOLY.  SCORE!!

I love, love, love VEGA.  I swear by this stuff before, during and after my runs.  And the Quest Bars.......ummmmm, yes, please.

The last 24 hour treadmill run I did my highest mileage week was 89 miles.  Most weeks came in around 75-80.

A few things are different this time around:

* More miles
* Vegetarian
* Training on my very own Woodway
* Better fueling
* More foam rolling
* I know what I'm in for

And.  I.  Freaking.  Cannot.  Wait. 

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Thank you so freaking much for all of your support.