Wednesday, September 30, 2009

path not taken

Not really sure why. But this theme, idea, random thought has been in my mind for over a week now. I have a few guess as to why but I'm sure it's hormones. They seem to be responsible for most everything I do/think lately.

I think often about the movie, "Sliding Doors" [full disclosure - - R Rated / sorry - yes, still one of my top 3 favorite movies of all time]. It is an exalted look at how quickly a person's life can change in a matter of moments. By choosing one path instead of another, forming a fascinating "what if" thought to ponder over & over.

Is it human nature, that when I find myself in undesirable circumstances to immediately think back to how I could have altered my day [or maybe 30 seconds of my day] to bring me to a "better" outcome?

I know deep down, this is a necessary event that needs to happen. For example, if don’t learn from my past mistakes how can I completely avoid repeating the same ones in the future?! However, the thing I need to accept is that sometimes no matter how well I organize my life, there are always going to be external forces/people that hand us little & not so little surprises.

Yes, this is thick & not normal from me in a post [sorry]. Yesterday was a technically yuck day for me, no good reason for it [for the majority of the day-as my zit on my cheek, probably, doesn't REALLY count]. Then it happened, I ran into a person who almost made me dry-heave instantly. My immediate thought, "I never go to this store", "why did I go here today", "If I would have only left my house 5 minutes later".

But [thankfully], this morning my heart has been restored to a normal rate & I am able to see that while I may choose my "schedule" each day. I know this was a part of my plan that MY Heavenly Father made for ME. . . . {"you poke it - you own it" - as we say in my home} . . . and I'm taking it.

Just like the plan HE made last Friday to NOT have me realize the light had turned green only to look up and see a jeep run through a VERY red light. Or how I begrudgingly changed my evenings' plans one night in July 1998, to go on a blind date with some tall guy from New Zealand.

Sliding doors.

Roads traveled.

Not one "by chance".

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

yuck - bummer - huh / what?!

A few things I found out this morning at 5:05am:
  • It's Roberto's Birthday! Ok-I've known it was coming for a week now - but Happy Birthday Roberto! What are you --- 57?! [Do you like how I am pretending he'll read this!;)] I know......"while your at it, why don't you give me a paper cut and pour lemon juice on it?" -yep "PB" - Roberto's favorite movie
  • It really is too early [no matter what the Pita says] be be watching CNBC - for craps sake - the market won't even be "open" for 85 more minutes.
  • Coyotes like the rabbits in my front yard.
  • Rabbits don't like the coyotes.
  • I don't like either of them as now I have "the remains of the day" to pick up [I spared you the photo].
  • Our Wall Street Journal delivery - won't stop a hungry coyote.
  • A hungry coyote will stop me from getting the Wall Street Journal.


  • Seeing your to do list [at 5:09am] when it looks like this:

Will never start your morning off well.
I wrote it last night feeling "motivated" - saw it this morning - felt ...... {is there a good work for " Uggggggg"?}
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
As I was looking on the list I saw second from bottom "new glass case". Ahhh haaa - I can get one thing scratched off my list by 5:13am! I remembered I had new a sun glass case in in the passenger door. And since this only happened to one side of my car, not "my" side - I have forgotten a few times it looks like this:

And yep - guess what is wedged just perfectly in the door - sun glass case. I love car accidents involving fellow student's parents.

Not a thing scratched off my list yet but I do hear my washer running so I took the liberty of putting a line through "laundry" [ok-through "l-a-u-n"].

Feeling more motivated already.

but then . . .

I sat down to write this, browsed through my inbox and remembered "happy" had sent me this:

What Tiff's "test" was on for today.
Which makes my "to-do" list and my car look like a total Monet.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Spudnuts Vs. Dunkin [ WHAT?!?!? ] 2009

Partial email from Aunt A sent to the entire Eliason Clan:

.... "As we sat down to dinner tonight, "B" asked if we were all getting together for Halloween. I didn't know the answer. I vaguely remember a conversation last year that "this was it"." ....

Thanks to my ridiculous iPhone, I replied to "all" in 42 seconds flat:

"This is NOT up for discussion. We are doing this. I don't care that it falls on a Saturday and you [m&d] get home from all things "holy" in Mesa late-ish. We can do it at my place. I will make the dough. GAME ON! EVEN if this isn't a competition!"

Then 32 minutes later, Mom finally heard her iPhone binging [j/k] and replied this:

We are up for Halloween and spudnuts, but will need a little extra help this year as Halloween falls on Saturday and we don't get home until around 5 or 5:30. We could just start a little later and maybe have soup rather than enchiladas???? Whatever, we will be in charge of the spudnuts I will try making the dough ahead and refrigerating it....should work. If not, we will go to dunkin donuts!!!!

Oh NOOOOOO SHE DIDN'T just say the "DOUBLE D" word.
And she goes to the temple with that mouth?!?!

Spudnuts Vs. Dunkin Donuts


Al and Bob Pelton [ummm, yes, the inventors of the holy "spudnuts"] just rolled over in their graves [well, I think they are dead - if not, so sorry to the Pelton Family].


five years

There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt. - Emma Bombeck

And I have NO idea what I am actually feeling right now. While I wish I could say more, [I have been hit by the "judgement fairy" way too many times, I tread/write carefully even though this is MY blog]. I will say this . . . .

. . . It's been five years.

Anyone have a "talk" I can beg - borrow - or steal for October 11th?!

Friday, September 25, 2009

love - hate - and an opening for a running partner

Well - thanks to a fabulous sale at Sears. . .
Wednesday we got this:

However, this morning, 5 minutes into my run, I saw this:

[Yes, I am quite sure he did say that.]
Mase [apparently] needs a new running partner. Because today it is 104 in Phoenix and I am loving my new treadmill. Pray for the return of double digit temps Mase.
I'll give you Friday's - [starting next week] - promise.
I really do still adore, um . . love, um . . like you a whole lot.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

fall? where?

While walking to school yesterday - - [yes, we walked it is only 99 here now, oh joy] Peanut struck up this conversation . . .
Peanut: Mom Sister P. said the first day of fall was yesterday [9/22]
Mom: [JIC she reads this, I am treading carefully ;) ] Well Peanut, you know where Sister P comes from right?
Peanut: [Looks [or possible glares] at me confused - silent]
Mom: She comes from the "motherland"
Peanut: [the look has turned into an eye roll - still silent]
Mom: She is from Utah where the green grass grows ( . . .all around, all around, and the green grass grows all around), people can food [like in jars], you can buy food storage at Costco, get a temple recommend at Ream's [grocery store] & believe it or not . . . where the leaves change colors?!

[This excited her. The last part.]

Mom: So this is why Sister P. gets excited for "fall". I guess, it reminds her of "home" because we [sadly], don't get to see that happen much, here in Phoenix.

Peanut: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Mom [looking VERY proud, pointing to the sidewalk]
Yes we do!!

Pointed to this:

Oh how I love "fall" . . . in Phoenix.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

laughing at pain?!

So last night, after the Pita had retired to his chamber at the bewitching hour of 8:30pm. I decided to watch a little TV. So while waiting for Peanut to get home from the D-backs game with the "Perfect Partridge's" [Go CARDINAL'S! - sorry, inside joke], I somehow came upon our DVR recordings [our version of Tivo].

This TV watching moment is rare for two reasons:

1. I don't really follow any shows [no, sorry Mom, not even Dancing with the C-list celebrities]

2. I don't remember the last time I had full reign of the remote?! Did I even remember how to use it? While I am blonde, you must know there are seriously 4 remotes we actively use for one TV. . . "Universal remote"? - huh what, not in this house.

On the DVR I found this:

I have something that I have to admit: I love WIPEOUT.

This oddly reminded me of my childhood friend Brooke. Not because she ever bounced onto/off of a 5' wide red rubber ball but because she always seemed to be "wiping out" each day we got together. However, no matter what the circumstance, she'd laugh at herself when she'd fall [or get hurt]. Ok - I don't mean like, "ha, ha I fell off a swing" but more like, "I am bleeding and my arm may be broken - this is hilarious". This girl was/IS one of a kind.

Now, you either love to see people look stupid injuring themselves [for the sake of money] or you don't. Me - I figure these people are here to make me laugh. And they do. In fact, I had literal tears streaming down my face upon Peanuts return. After she had determined I was "ok" physically {not so much mentally but...that's asking a lot} she was off for a soppy wet dip in the shower, rinse of the teeth, a totally meaningful 10 second prayer and . . . off to bed.

  • Doors locked - check
  • Phone on silent - check
  • Chuy in from outside - check [that's a post all by itself]
  • dishwasher started - check
  • Lights out in the hallway - check
  • Puddle Peanut left on my bedroom floor [after showering] she didn't manage to wipe up - - - - ummmmmmmmm
  • ice pack on my bum - check

Sorry Brooke, I didn't laugh.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So all day yesterday, I was craving pizza. I woke up not only wanting pizza BUT craving pizza. But it wasn't that easy. I wanted a frozen pizza. And "no" although I wish I was pregnant, I am not. So when the clock struck 10am [lunch time when you wake up at 5am] I went to Basha's in search of the frozen pizza of my dreams. CPK pizza - No! Red Barron - not a chance. Freschetta - Yuck. Tony's - - wait the one I ate at the Pierson's?! - - Oh yea!

Yes, I actually came home with this:

The pizza my summers were made of. [And yes, after 10 minutes of trying to "counterclockwise" rotate this photo, I gave up.] The ones with the fake cheese and the who knows what in the crust. I'd take a photo of the ingredients list but I really don't want to know what is in this.

So I baked it - took it into my office - took a bite - disgusting. How did I eat these four + times a week?!?!

However, this is what I really wanted all day:

Oh yes, it is . . . Fiestada Pizza. The reason why I spent my mornings begging Mom for lunch money.

This little octagon shaped piece of . . . . heaven.

Why do they not sell these in the grocery stores?!

Monday, September 21, 2009

I've been blitz-ified

So this {below}, is why I think summers are bearable in Arizona.

If I had a facebook account it would read: fan of: sunsets [I heart sunsets]

So while taking a walk Thursday night, Peanut & I decided to come up with as many words as we could to describe this sunset. All were mostly ones you'd expect {wonderful, fabulous, colorful, awesome, grand, amazing, etc}. So I was then told these were "boring" and we should try "less used" words.

Me: ginormous
Peanut: that's a "mom" word. {eye roll - pause}. . . ravishing
Me: WOW little lady! give me the definition
Peanut: Ummm, Mom - remember who was right last time?

Mom: {oh, this girl has got an attitude} . . . . yes - definition please!
Peanut: well it means like beautiful but it usually is like beauty with emotion like tears or happiness.
Mom: {thinking - is 9 really the age where I already feel "one upped" by my daughter. {that's probably even the wrong word}.

and it didn't stop there - - bring on Saturday night . . . .

Peanut: why does IKEA have replete amounts of everything!?

I just grabbed my phone snapped this photo {all the while - - she kept asking the same question}.

What I wanted to say:
The Pita thought this was hilarious {he was 3' away in the "1742 tea-light candles for $1.04" area} and whispered in my ear, "hey Blondy, there's a dictionary in aisle 74".

* * * * * * * * * * * *
My question to the Pita: My child used to ask me for answers?! {Ok-I realize she did ask a question ..... but I can't flippin' understand her?!?!} Is this the end of my reign?!
Pita: Do you feel blitzed?
Me: { p a u s e } [thinking ok - football, I KNOW what a blitz is in football ----! ----]
Pita: go ask your daughter.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

my { wait } M Y brother . .

. . . is a:

father to four
husband to one
grandson to four
son to two
bell ringer for one {he only rings for you, Mom}
brother to four
uncle to fifteen
friend to MANY
younger brother to three
older brother to O N E !

{am i the luckiest in my family or what?!}

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Ok, so i may not have always loved this having an "older brother" thing but deep down, i was always grateful to have him around. Looking out for me even when I didn't want to be looked out for. I will never forget the trip we took to the Grand Canyon. He was concerned with the distance between my feet and the 423,756 foot drop off to the bottom {Kim do not correct my stats - they are correct}. I remember messing with him at the time [kept inching my feet closer & coser & closer] until he grabbed me by the shoulders, walked me over to my Dad and said, "don't move!".

From good times at Horzion Elementary {6:30am track running anyone?! The 4 foot trophy was SO worth smelling earthy all day long}, hitting balls at the park with Dad after work, riding ATV's in the Westover's backyard, wicked games of jump or dive {ouch}, sardine's with Kijuana & Kamilah & {my fav} having you as my assistant coach with Mrs. P at Apollo . . . I loved having you there.

I love you, MY brother.

First annual family anniversary

Peanut: Mom why do you and dad get an anniversary {actually two} and I don't?
Mom: Well, are you married?
P: No, Dad says I can't get married until I am 30.
M: Well, I think he said 35 but . . .
P: Why isn't there a "family anniversary" or a family day?
M: There is every Wednesday {family night - Monday's don't work for us}
P: Not family night mom - an anniversary - like a celebration dinner!
M: ? ? ? ?
{I didn't have a good answer as to why there is NOT a "family anniversary"

So we had one! {last night}

Menu: {it is "messed up" as we all helped pick the menu}
  • Red curry chicken with bell peppers and brown rice
  • Mac-n-cheese
  • Cobb salad
  • Corn and cheese custard {from this blog: } HIGHLY recommend!
  • Pizza cookie
  • Lemon poppy seed bundt cake

Blowing out the family candles.

Why didn't she think of this earlier?!
I love this NEW tradition.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It . . HURTS . . to stay at the YMCA

Ellie started Volleyball last night at the YMCA {thanks TROY!}.
She was beyond excited. Which I must admit, makes me very {VERY} happy. We arrived at 5:58pm for the 6pm practice. By 6:01pm the coach was looking at me like . . "Hey, crazy ex-volleyball player Mom, you can leave now" - but she really said, "I'll see you back here at 7pm". Huh?! What?! You want me to leave?! I had considered standing on my tip toes and looking through the 9" X 6" window for 59 minutes, but the Pita said, "umm you may want to step away from the mini-window lady, it looks odd". My reply, "As if, I'm sure all the other moms . . . . {long pause - looked around} . ." had soooooo already left like 2.5 minutes ago.
Fine. Whatever.

So the pita convinced me to "look around the facility". Yada, Yada -all pretty normal for a gym.

Until I saw this . . . . .

Which completely intrigued me. There was only ONE. What was it? An elliptical machine? Bike? Nordictrack?


Having just come directly from our gym, I was dressed to try this baby out. So, I did. It was like the most messed up mix of a treadbike-tical-track machine EVER. Now, someone tell me . . how I can run 13 miles with minimal soreness and this morning my legs are SCREAMING, "You crazy woman! What have you done to us?!". I was on "it" {still waiting to hear back from Troy as to what "it" actually is} - for 40 minutes and it feels like I've run two marathons - - back to back. I am quite sure this is just a little piece of HELL on EARTH.

I'm off to soak in 2 cups of melaleuca oil. Thanks Grandma Allen.


*Troy just text me - this is his text*

"Hey Aunt Em, it is a Precor machine we got in a month ago. People love it!"

My reply: Ummm, me too. I love internal bleeding.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm Full!

Last night we were lucky enough to enjoy dinner with Nana & Papa. We enjoyed a hearty "stick to your ribs" meal at "TexAZ" in Phoenix. YUM! It was a great night. Peanut enjoyed her frosty mug of root beer and a grilled cheese. The rest of us enjoyed - - - well, more than I'm willing to write. It was wonderful. I woke up still feeling "full". What a meal. However, these were the feelings I felt most last night . . .

Full of:
  • gratitude
  • thanks
  • peace {of mind} - this is a HIGHLY rare occurrence
  • love
  • t h a n k s
  • understanding
  • grace
  • t h a n k s
  • respect
  • satisfaction
  • t h a n k s
  • acceptance
  • comfort

Grateful for the Hubby,family, parents, friends & life I have been blessed with. Without a doubt, "I am FULL".

Monday, September 14, 2009

47 years


From Peanut:

Nice and helpful all the time
Never unforgiving
Is the greatest at any time at all down here with my best buddy!
Very awesome and tenderhearted
Really caring
Share your feelings
Really understanding
You guys are the best!!!!!!

From ME:

My Parents:

You're the wonderful couple who've given so much,
And who bring love and joy to the lives that you touch,
You're two special people who willingly share,
Who are never too busy to listen and care,
Your're the ones who encourage and patiently guide,
Who think of your children with genuine pride... ;)

And because your devotion is loving and true,
Our "family ties" last an ETERNITY TOO!


Happy Anniversary!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


This song: "Wonderful" By Gary Go

  • Got me through the last 3 miles this morning.
  • Helped me forget a horrible/random comment flashed my way yesterday {love random people}
  • Is my new "feel good" song.
  • Makes me smile
  • Makes me motivated
  • Makes me realize {even more so..} - I love my life
  • My life is WONDERFUL

Friday, September 11, 2009

All tears lead to Grandma Great

Just how "all drains lead to the ocean" {Thanks, Nemo} . . . in our home, "all tears lead to Grandma Great". When Peanut is brought to tears {by her mean Mom/homework/chores/bedtime} - you can be assured an "I miss Grandma Great" will surely follow.

Grandma Great is 2nd from the left {back row} in the "rose" colored dress.
And MY smokin' hot Mom is 2nd from the right {back row}. ;)
Peanut is one of the few Great Grandchildren who actually got to see her quite regularly. The memory of singing "skip to my lou my darlin' " on the way to feed the nearby animals - is one I/we hold dear.

She was the Grandma Grandchildren dreamed of having. How many grandma's would let you take their couch cushions outside to land back flips off a mini-trampoline?! Let you "play" the organ at all hours?! Make scones for you at 6am or 6pm?! {What are real "scones"? Look here “home” , Thanks Brooke}. Let you play sardines at all hours with your cousins? . . . MY GRANDMA.

When she passed away, we ALL {I will need your help here Mom - not sure of the current Allen Brood numbers but I know it must be up there with the Duggar's/Osmond's} got a little treasure from her home.

However, I know I somehow scored the best treasure.


Grandma's apron. The one she had on 10 of her 16 waking hours each day during our summer vacation in Utah. When we'd arrive from Arizona, she'd have it on. When we returned from seeing other family - ON. When we'd go to bed - ON. When we'd wake up in the morning - yep - ON.

The saying on it, "Grandma's Helping Hands" - always makes me smile, cry or laugh until I cry as I am quite sure VERY few of us were EVER helpful. It is one of my two most treasured items. So why I cannot bring myself to wear it?
Well, I finally did, last night. Nope, not to cook. Peanut was having a hard time sleeping. After threats of "lights off/and closed doors" - from the PITA who had had enough {don't let me fool you I'm sure I may have done the same 20 or 5 minutes later}. I emerged into her room in this gown of an apron. She knew I had never worn it.
Five minutes later . . . All dreams led to Grandma Great.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


As I went to list something {eBay} this morning, I found this.
"This" is one of my VERY MOST favorite pictures I have.
  • It has two of my most adored people in it
  • I love the busy city life {Hong Kong} all around them
  • I love that I captured this moment - still get tears in my eyes when I see it
  • Wish I had a photo and {more importantly a close} relationship like this with one of my grandpas {a bit more challenging to do when you live far away}.
  • Reminds me of what an amazing Papa my Peanut has
  • He is always leading & guiding - by example
  • He is always building her up
  • He is always there for her
  • He adores her and she knows it
  • She adores him - I hope he knows it

Love you Papa /Dad

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What to wear - what to wear?

If you had 10 minutes to "get dressed for Cabela's". . .
What would Y O U wear?

She looks ready for "all thing nature" doesn't she?!?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Next - world peace

Friday was Peanut's first day of Student Council. She came home elated Thursday after being selected her "class representative" for the 09-10' year of Mercury Mine Student Council.

Never mind that she woke up at 6:30 for the highly anticipated 8am meeting. By 7:10am she was in her "Nothing but trouble" ;) shirt, hair brushed, breakfast eaten, teeth brushed and scouring the house looking for an "appropriate" notebook to keep notes on.

{The 2 minutes car ride went like this}:

Peanut: Mom, I can't wait to make some changes is this world.
Mom: Well I think starting at your school is a great start.
P: I think everyone should be forced to wash their hands after using the toilet
M: Hmmm well yes, that certainly is the goal and what everyone NEEDS to do.
P: Mom, there is only soap in the girl's bathroom like twice a week. But don't worry when there isn't any soap, I make sure I get them really wet and then dry them on my pants, well that's just when the paper towels are out.

While I am totally down with Ellie's desire to "making positive changes in the world", I think the first place to start is mandatory hand washing at school . . . . . . . . Followed closely by - - - world peace.

Friday, September 4, 2009

What we NEED.

{Poem written by My Peanut 6/29/09}

Family Is a miracle
Family Is faith
Family Is learning
Family Is fun
Family Is grateful
Family Is wonderful
Family Is road trips to many different places
Family Is shelter
Family Is game night
Family Is what we need!

I NEEDED to find this today.
I love My FAMILY, My Peanut . . My Pita.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Peanut: Chuy we are going to the gym! I need to get up! Mom, look at Chuy! Amble on me why don't you Chuy?

Mom: Honey, I think you mean "trample"

Peanut: No, Mom I mean "amble"

Mom: Umm, honestly, I don't know what "amble" means but I don't think it means what you think it does.

Peanut: Well, actually, it does Mom. I read it in a book.

Mom: Ok, I know you are a smart kid and I bet you read that in one of the 8 books you read yesterday, but trust me kid. {why did I say that?!}

Peanut: Well, maybe we should make a bet?

Mom: Betting is a bad idea .... but . . . ok {feeling confident} what is it you want to bet?

Peanut: a "Smoothie King" smoothie {at a cost of $6}

Mom: Fine - and I want a 25 minute back rub {immediately started thinking of how good this was going to feel after my 9 mile run today}. :)

Peanut: Great! Where's your phone? I'll google it. {scary}

Mom: We are running late to meet Dad, we'll do it on the way to the gym {red lights only, of course}

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hope you enjoy the Blueberry Heaven® smoothie after school today kid. Did I mention my lower back is killing me?!