Monday, February 28, 2011

"For The First Time" - The Script

okay, so it's not the "first" review I've ever done. [This is my third.]

Truth be told - I'm not a huge "review" fan.  I only review an item[s] if I think it's something I'll love.


These goodies from 26.2 performance apparel ...... did. NOT. disappoint.

I received:

* performance sock
* short sleeve 26.2 road wrap running performance tee
* 26.2 Classic II running short

Let me first tell you I have run in my Thorlo walker/runner crew socks since 1999.  No joke.  Yes, the ones that are about 1/2" thick.  I've been too freaked out to try anything else.  They work.  Why mess with "works", right?

W r o n g.

So. freaking. glad. I did.

These. socks. rock.

It was like being 14 all over again.  When you find out you don't have to wear granny undies and you buy your first thong. 

Completely. liberating. [hmmm, weird,  maybe that was just me?!]



Peanut greatly dislikes taking photos for my blog [not totally sure why - but she did a great job, given the canvas]. 

Her only request, "one photo has to be silly" . . . [like that would EVER be a problem . . . . so she picked this one]. 


It was pretty freaking early, so I appreciate it Peanut!

And be nice on the photos [I. AM. NOT a make-up wearing runner].

Firing up "Ed".

The shorts. . . . . a lot like the Nike Tempo shorts I own 4 or 14 of.  What I like better about these . . . . . the leg openings.  I'm not a fan of the leg slit up to the waist band on soooooo many of the running shorts made today but I have sometimes wished the tempo shorts were "roomier" . . . . wish granted.

These were fabulous.

SO here's the "first time" part.

I've never done a run [over 6 miles] in a shirt.  I don't like hate things swooshing on my midsection.  I've always been this way.  Nothing new.  You should have seen me running 8 months pregnant. 


It feels like silky velvet but just as [if not more] breathable as all my other "tech tops".  Seriously, I could touch this shirt all day long.  It's amazing.

And guess what?

I. wore. it. all. 12. freaking. miles. and. loved. it.


Check them out! [here]
And here's a promo/discount code for when you are checking out.

[ discount code 262SAVE ] 5%

Did you do anything for the "first time" today or over the weekend?


Friday, February 25, 2011

"Say Yeah" - Wiz Khalifia




Termite.  you. freaking. rock.

You see, two days ago.......... we received this:

And this very handy/awesome insert:




I had never heard of a King's Cake.  And apparently, it pays [if you know as thoughtful of a person as termite] to call your stupidness out into the blog world.

Thank you so very much.


Awwwww, heck ya!

2011 is going to be a great one around my casa!

Thank you Termite!

I'll leave you with a few photos of my two [very opposite] dogs "playing" together this morning.

Then . . .

No worries, the fluffy [incredibly useless] dog was not injured.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Why" - Annie Lennox

It's the question I've been asked the most in the last 9 days . . . . .

w h y ?

Why would you run for 24 hours on a treadmill?

[after my first initial thought......why. freaking. not?]

My true reply is:


I'm doing it because [I KNOW] I can - and since I can, I am going to do this to raise money for Sojourner Center

From the moment I first visited it was a . . .

Life. changing. experience.

That's the response I gave yesterday when my intentions for this run were challenged.  I do most of my volunteer work with them behind the scenes. I like it that way.  But I felt it was time for something bigger. 

I've toyed with  the idea of this run for about a year.

I did not wake up one morning and decide to lace up my sneaks and pretend I could be like Dean.

But.  now.  I.  feel.  ready. [And my body will follow suit by May 7th] ;)

It's what I can offer today.  It's what I can do to raise awareness.

So I'm freaking doing it.

The marathon runner/endurance athlete eats, breathes, sweats and dreams about his goal - the ultimate finish line - dedicating himself to years of rigorous training in a quest to stand atop the podium, win an age group placement or the sheer joy of crossing the finish line.

It is passion, patience and sheer ambition that leads the endurance athlete through the challenges and obstacles on the path to victory.

I have my own finish line.  Maybe not one that others will ever understand.  And it may never include any significant medals that were won. 


My list of goals may be short one, but it's important all the same. I've spent years working toward my own aspirations, fully aware that most good things don't just happen to people, they evolve after a long term commitment to hard work.

Some may question my goals. . . .  Surely, there are other more important goals I could currently be working on. 

My replies

I am


to each their own.
My dedication to my family, my career and local volunteer efforts are all a part of my [mostly, very personal] plan to become a better person. I have filled my life with worthwhile interests and I firmly believe they will lead me to personal growth, a sense of fulfillment and compassion for others.
Every day I strive to live with passion [I may need to work on a little less passion or maybe the right word is "emotion"] but I do not want life to pass me by as I go through the motions.

So.  my.  friends.  this.  is.  why.


* To those of you who have asked about donating . . . . a big freaking huge, "thank you".  I hope to have the location [of the run] picked by early March as well as the link I will be using to accept donations.

Thank you.
Thank you.
T h a n k   y o u !

Monday, February 21, 2011

"So The Story Goes" - Erasure


IMS Arizona Marathon.

Wait . . . you've never heard of it?!

Ok, so it's only in it's third year but from now on..........every February........


The expo:

* small
* well staffed [maybe too well] ;)
* VERY well organized [other than making you exit out the exit door........It was raining and the exit was not close to where we parked].
* decent shirt - I have yet to actually use a shirt from a race but It was nice.

Race Day:

* again well organized.
* heated buses
* great warm areas to wait until race start
* water/aid stations - amazing.
* tons of volunteers

Now the good freaking fabulous part . . . .

Other than the marathon with my sister two weeks ago, I have never felt so calm and relaxed going into a race.  I didn't eat my "usual" breakfast.  I forgot my gloves.  [used a pair of the Pita's socks] I forgot my bag tag.  I forgot my water.


This was a "training" run.  It. was . all. good.

Got to the start line.  Begged the bag guy to take my jacket and if I didn't find him after - - - no biggie.  He did.  So. freaking. nice.

A few people came up to me from December's Tucson marathon.  When you are wearing polka dot arm warmers [thanks Angie B!] I guess you kinda stick out.  weird.  I also ran into my neighbors who were running the relay.  good. times.

Weather:  cloudy & sprinkling but not freezing [YAY!]


After the third mile.  I.  called.  this.  race.  awesome.

My legs - felt amazing
My head - clear
My form - dare I say [until the photos come out] better.
My breathing - easy to steady

I wanted to push harder but I was mile 6.  Splits had been between 7:11 - 7:24.
Save it Emz.  Save it for 20. 

From 6-8 the rain & wind became much more steady but not heavy.

Not too eventful from 8-11.  Just nice and steady.

Mile 11 rain. heavy.  completely soaked.


iPod down.  Yep, again.  This time due to rain [water in the plug in(earphones)].  holy. freaking. suck.

Mentally, I thought, "no, not another race like Utah".  Followed immediately by, "Kate ran without an iPod her whole freaking marathon.  I've.  freaking. got. this."

Mile 14 - rain stopped.
Mile 15 - rain again.

Mile 17 to 18.  My worst mile on the books. [7:49]

Mile 18 ditched the Pita's socks I had worn as gloves.  Those freaking things could have been up to my ears

Size 15   [well some.............] ........ some freaking big socks.

These photos are going to rock.

I decided right then [at 18th "lap" alert from my Garmin].  That I was not going to have another mile come in over 7:45.

Got a burst of needed energy at 19.  YAY!

Mile 19 - 7:32
Mile 20 - 7:34
Mile 21 - 7:37
Mile 22 - 7:42
Mile 23 - 7:42
Mile 24 - 7:41

then . . . .
the heaviest rain & W I N D hit. 

Thank goodness the wind was from the side.

Mile 25 - 7:40
Mile 26 - 7:41




Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Cool" - Gwen Stefani

Because he's just completely that cool.

Exhibit A:

I mean look at this outfit.



C o m p l e t e l y .

Want an incredible "life" story.  Read his.

Want something "inspirational".  He's your guy.

Want some SoCal dry yet creative humor.  Click here.

Want a thermojock review?  He's not your guy. . . but he could lead you in the right direction to someone who does.

Without getting all soppy and [gasp] nice.

He's one of my very best blends [thanks Molly for the term - blog / friend].

Yes, he did author, create, invent, inspire these:



Thanks Prick, I mean, P-Rick.
[can't make this too nice].

Happy Saturday!

Weekend plans?

I plan to get rained on in "windy" Arizona.  what.  the.  heck.

Am I in Kansas?

Friday, February 18, 2011

"Thank You" - Jay-Z

Grateful. [doesn't begin to cover it]

Thank you.

Yesterday turned out being pretty freaking great.

Went to pick up Peanut.  We made eye contact.


running to me, in my car.

P:  mom.  mom.  I got 1st place in the 200!
Me: [of course you freaking did, and I didn't get to see it] No way!  You rock kid!
P: it was fun!
Me:  awesome!  I can't believe you got 1st place!!
P:  Yep, first place out of three kids!

c l a s s i c .

That's my girl.

Fast forward. . . .The Pita had a basketball game. . . .fast forward . . .

In-N-Out [burger] Thursday!


Fast Forward . . . home.. . . .fast forward . . .

Pita: have your phone? Let me check something on your phone.
Me: you. bet. cha.
Pita: ummm, why is there a photo of a  .45 on your blog today?
[he reads . . . 64 people commented on THAT?]
Me: [glowing/happy/in awe] I know, right?!  They rock.
Pita: seriously.  People listen to you moan and complain and gripe then build you up?  I didn't even know you were having a bad day!

[he pauses]

Pita:  Do you have their addresses? 
Me:  Well, I may have a few on my phone due to RUN EMZ shirts.
Pita:  Should I send cash or checks?

loved. it.
we went on to talk for a few minutes about this.

words/thoughts I remember:

* cheaper than therapy.
* amazing
* supportive
* hand holding
* one crazy understands another
* endurance athletes = a whole other breed
* you should copy/print that
* lucky/blessed


Fast Forward . . . . this morning . . . .

I'm finally ready to show off this:

you bet cha. 

My price I paid for wearing 4.5" heels around Vegas for 2 days.

Only on my right foot.  Weird.

So. worth. it.

Well until my marathon this Sunday.  ouch.

Fast Forward . . . 5 minutes before school drop off.

Peanut:  Mom.  I like this dress. [one I'm selling] try it on.
Me: Ya, I like it.  okay, I'll try it.
Peanut: The arm holes are too big.
Me:  only as to accommodate my huge guns.
Peanut:  whatever. My muscles are bigger.
Me:  [uhhhh huuuuuuhh whaaaa?] let's have a contest!

{I know, right who has a bicep contest with their 10.5 year old? ----- me!!!!}

Soooooo.  who.  won?

You. pick.

But you better hurry.

Guess who just got invited to watch the last 1/2 day of Field Day?

Yep.  Me.

Who cares if it's from  my car?
I've got a great zoom lens for my camera.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Thorn In My Side" - Eurythmics

1st - s o r r y.

2nd - I apologize.

3rd - stop reading if you are feeling sensitive. 

okay, that's all the warning you get.

I'm freaking tired.
I'm c r a n k y .
I'm annoyed.
I'm all sorts of emotional.
I'll cry telling you one thing . . . then probably yell at you saying the next thing.

  • I've been uninvited to "field day".  so fine, I was never invited [whatever] but I was going to go.  "Mom, we'll hang out tonight okay?"
Me: why?
Peanut: well it's boring.
Me: I want to see you freaking smoke all the others in the 600m!
P: mom, you have a race Sunday & you can't wear heels on the field.
Me: ha!!  I'll wear my smelly sneaks!
P:  let's just hang out tonight.

  • Door opens.  Peanut exits.  I bawl.  I just got Guantanamo-ed.
  • I woke up at 3:41 [for a total sleep time of 4:35]  Please say this has something to do with the insta-tears above.
  • If one more person tells me, "your body is just made to run".  It. will. not. be. pretty.
No, I run whatever speed I do because I train.  I push. I push hard.  I am not being ungrateful to my Heavenly Father for any talent I may have been given . . . . but please realize I train my butt off.  Volleyball came way more "naturally" to me than this running thing does.

So PLEASE don't ride it off as being in my "genes".  I have yet to hear a pianist be told.  You're a great pianist - good thing you were blessed with those great finger genes.

  • Don't assume my life is easy because I "only have one child" .  I'm not elaborating on that one because I will end up offending someone and that is NOT my intention. 
  • I don't always think things out in depth [or possibly as I should].  This bothers some a few.  I work way better when I shoot from the hip.  You see I have this condition, "Paralysis by Analysis" .  enough. said. 
  • Some people think they know what's better for me than I do.  I get this to a point.  You can call me naive.  blind.  heck, even crazy.  But. I've. freaking. got. this.
My unsaid [until now] motto for the last 14-16 months . . . . .

Hope. guides. me.

That's all I've got.  But. it. is. a. big. thing.  And it's working . . .  for me.

Got anything you want to vent about?

I'm a good great listener. ;)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Texarkana" - R.E.M.


you can tell by the title it's randompostday.  YAY!

Just for Matty-O [I love angry comment leavers - hey "SavRuns" that's sarcasm]

So Vegas.


And guess what Char, Johan & MelBird --- I now "get it".  I "get" rugby [don't tell the Pita . . . . I actually loved it!]

What I didn't love:

Bloody Aussies. ;)

* I won $60 in Vegas, I know right?!  Who wins in Vegas? ummm, ya, me. 

Roulette. is. a. game. of. skill. [like this . . . place $20 on black - win!]  YAY me!

*  Yesterday the Pita & I watched three DVD's and ate "Fileberto's" [AKA"colon blow"] in bed.  The. best. day. ever.

* Running another marathon this weekend  - - - #11.  We'll call it a "training" race.  It's going to be rainy and COLD [58 degrees, I may get frostbite].

I have a "real" post planned for tomorrow, Matty-O, no worries.

Happy Hump Day!!  I wonder what Aimee will be baking?!

Monday, February 14, 2011

"Dirty Little Secret" - All American Rejects


my. "news".

It's Valentines day!!

I. ran. this. in. honor. of. it.



On May 7th & 8th . . .

I. will. be. doing.





For charity.  The Sojourner Center.

Location. TBA.

Happy hearts day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

"Friday" - Ice Cube

So. I. Had. An. Awesome. Post.

All drummed up for today.

It was full of treadmill photos [17 miles kind of happy], shoes, freezing in my pool, my "recovery" treat ... Blah

And then mr cox communications guy came & ruined it all. Thank goodness for SATELLITE - TV.

But hey, I got you a photo of my tv from my couch.

S w e e t .

So. I'm. Calling. It. The. Weekend.

Friday. Over. Ok--the "work" part.

I'm. Off. For. The. [probably sleepless] weekend.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of little conversation hearts, chocolates, thoughtful significant others, spouses, partners & or friends, full toilet paper rolls & hands that make the nickel slots show all "7's".

Happy. Weekend.

S t a r t i n g . . . . Now. Says. Me.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

"On Fire" - Eminem

A few things that are "on fire" these days:


If you don't know / follow Kate.


Why?  well there are about 874 reasons but I'll give you two.

1.  She signs up for a marathon and BQ's.  Seriously.  3:35freaking. awesome.

2.  She and this [little self-promoting] shirt of mine . . . has never felt more zen / love - ever.

Love. that.

Go get em in Chicago girl!

Three more things that are on fire . . .

* my legs.  ummmm. ouch.  The 13 mile hill workout yesterday [I'm paying for it].  My hill training . . . . yikes, not so fabulous.  Why did I do 13?

* my wallet.  [Dear Nordstrom, please stop having such insane sales.  Thank you, Emz]

* my brain.  Have not been sleeping lately.  My brain just goes & goes & goes.  I feel relaxed when I get into bed - then whammo - brain. into. over. drive.

Few other random thoughts:

* I've decided I don't want flowers on V-day.  [now we'll see if the Pita reads this blog].  Instead I'd like him to replace the empty toilet paper roll with a new one.

* I wonder how many pairs of shoes I can pack into one carry-on for a weekend trip [and still have room for clothes].  This will deserve it's own post come Monday.

* Sad to report - if I have to include running shoes. . . . . I do [huff] own more shoes than the Pita.

* I'm thinking come August, September, October, November, December . . . I'll take a little break from entering every marathon I can.

* I can't wait Four more days.  awesome.  simply.  awesome.

Happy [my favorite day of the week] Thursday!

[family-reading ;) appropriate]

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Free To Decide" - The Cranberries

so play a little game with me.

A. game. of.

"Who Wore It Best"

1st up . . . . Kovas Vs. Korn



2nd . . . ETR & His Daughter




Oh and one more thing . . . . . those who [still] use word vErIFicAtiOn.


Or please explain why you use it.  I understand the "approval" ones. "Comment will be visible after owner approval" but why the word verification?!

okay. that's. all. I've. Got.

Awaiting your replies to "who wore it best"!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Boots" - The Killers


Boots . . .

not. so. much.

You see we have about only two [possible] boot wearing months in Arizona.

Which is why . . . my heart longs for


and these:

and [my new favorite] these:


And if it runs in the family . . . I'll be shelling out big bucks [like my Mom] in my 60's.



My. Kind. Of.

And I'm [oh so] freaking happy to report.  As of today, the Pita still owns more shoes than I do.

Happy.  [holy busy]. Tuesday.

Monday, February 7, 2011

"Little Things" - Boyz II Men

Little things I learned over the weekend.

1.  Taking my mom out for her birthday dinner . . . . a half pound burger.  Is kinda big.  but easily killable. yum.

2.  Letting Peanut do a "guest blog" post for my mom's birthday. . . . . confused the heck out of most of you [and me].  she begged.  I let her.  [the mistake came in not "proofing" it first].

3.  While searching for a photo of Peanut and her Nana . . . .we found this photo. 


4.  Super Bowl Party last night . . . . was a blast

Waking up trying to get this in with a stomach [still way full of food].  did. not. make. for. a. great. good. run. [duh].

5.  Getting an email from Pita saying only this:  "ifgt"  - - - did help me kill the last two miles.

6.  I suck at writing "form" letters.  I keep wanting to do this:
                       "I'm. writing. to. see.  if. you. would. be. . . . "

Ya, not too professional looking.

7.  I have 4 days to read this. 

I will

8.  I should have bet on the game last night.  My [non-betting] pick Packers by 7 or less.  Ya, guess who could/would have won $60 last night.  URGGGG.

9.  An email from Petra letting me know she "nailed" her 18 mile treadmill run.

you.  freaking.  rock. [you must read that post - click on her name.  I love this woman!]

10.  The little thing that made me sooooooo happy this morning.  Walking into my room after I finished my run . . . . . .


no. joke. this [to me]. is. like. finding. $100. in. my. back. pocket.

Happy. Emz.

What little thing is making you happy today?!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

"No One Like You" - Scorpions

Happy Birthday to My NANA . . . .

I love you!!![and Papa but he had his birthday,yet]
Happy birthday Nana and I hope you have a good day today.

I love you because,

1. You're NICE and PEPPY,
2.You're FUNNY and HONEST,
3.You do fun crafts and let me decorate on holidays,
4.You cook yummy things and let me eat it,
5.You read books like I do and you understand really long words*


100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. YOU MAKE REALLY GOOD SOUP!!!

Well, I hope that a Pachyderm will not crash into your house and start stopping around.
Also you are NOT a corrupt person.
And I KNOW that Papa will NOT defenestrate you.

I also know that you will NOT get Myxomatosis [cause only bunnies get that}



:] ILY!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

"Supersonic" - J.J. Fad

It's only 8:14am.

And I'm calling it "made".

Day. Made.

Yes, it's Friday.  Which probably means most of your/our days were "made" at 12:01am.


  1. I'm a day closer to 2/14.  While I do love Valentine's Day - it's not for that reason.
  2. Jeff's comment on yesterday's post.  freaking.  cracked.  me. up. [on if he ruled the world].  Possibly, even sweeter . . . . Jeff and his awesome wife rocking their shirts at the Houston expo last week. 

 [you may want one of these come 2/14?! {let a girl dream}- ummmm [, Patrick, help, only 4 left.]
And you bet cha'..... Annie got herself a new PR!  you. rock. Annie.

3.  Got this sweet photo from Craig.

look at those guns.  Patrick, I think the wicker basket is a nice touch.
4.  And this from Andrew!  Love that post [click on his name].  I personally love the cross by his head. 

I think the cross is super fitting for the photo.  Andrew. 40lbs lost.  HOLY. crap.  awesome.

5.  An email from my mom this morning.  I'm pretty sure it was intended for one of the "good" daughters. but.  I'm.  not. tellin'. her. of. her. probable. mistake.  love you MY mom.  Happy.  Birthday.  Eve.

6.  And this quote: 

only actions performed with perseverance can ensure success - Yajur Veda.

Happy Friday.

you've. freaking. got. this. - Emz

Thursday, February 3, 2011

"If I Ruled The World" - Nas

. . . . .

* I would make sporty cars that allow you to see the road and keep the sun out of your eyes at the same time.

It's SUV's for me [until then].

* I'd make the "wait time" at the MVD be under two hours.

And require each person to use hand sanitizer before entering.

* I'd make it so that there were no actual calories in eating muffins if you just eat the tops.

*  I'd get away with wearing one of these hats around town too and not have anyone question my "adult-ness".

*  I'd be running in this.

*  I'd make it so those blue [post] mailbox's were clear so I wouldn't have to make sure my letter went down even though I heard it go down.

 . . . . .

what would you change?

Happy Thursday!