Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Motivation!

If by chance, you're having a less than ideal day . . . .
 . . . .  maybe you should try standing on your counter and shouting at yourself in the mirror.

Worked for me today!


Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Had to . . . .

 . . . while I cannot yet share the details of "Back to School Shopping Day 2010".

I can tell you . . . I had already purchased these shoes during Nordy's Anniversary Sale while in Seattle earlier this month.  $49.90 - a total steal.

So - Peanut is not yet "ready" to show her "First Day of School Outfit" ----- I'm not sure I'll ever be ready as I got the "exclusive preview" last night . . . (&^$~#@!)*!! 

Do teachers ever call the parents on the first day of school to address "issues"?!

We are off to a pool party today [thank goodness] so it's [outfit] is mild.

Work it girl!

Aunt A, are you ready?!


So my MIL [mother-in-law, I'm lazy] is pretty sweet.

I know a lot of people have horror-like stories or daily nightmares about their "in-laws". 

Not me.

Being that I only have a MIL, one SIL & one niece [on the Pita's side] . . . if we DIDN'T get along. . . . That would probably be weirder.

Oh and the fact that we see them once [maybe] twice a year . . . I mean seriously, who CAN'T get along twice a year?!

Okay, so it doesn't hurt that she thanks me for taking the Pita "off her hands" and says, "I knew it'd take one special woman to put up with that Sod".  Come on, how can I NOT love that?!

[ya, Peanut really was THAT happy that day - MIL is on far right.]

She returned recently from her second trip to Uganda. 

With amazing photos like this:

This was labeled, "lunch line - maize porridge - very watery, but was their main meal."

There were many - many others.  And this email she sent to all the family:

"These are some of the photos we took while we were in Uganda.  The little boy at the top had malaria and had just thrown up all over the place after having his porridge and while ~ I was doing a lesson observation - teacher handled it very well. He is lying on a chair in his classroom. He was only about 4. The little boy counting is doing his maths on the ground using a stick to write the numbers then filling them in with stones.We gave teachers stickers to give the children as a reward, and they stick them on the child's head, so when he goes outside everyone will see he has been good.  It was a great trip, I really enjoyed it and we are really making a difference. 

Lots of Love,

P.S.  Em, I tried getting a photo of a group of men running.  They are so fast (I must have needed my camera on a different setting).  No running shoes in sight though. "

[I'm immediately thought of you Angie B.]

I dream of being so fast, I am a blur in photos.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

H a p p y. On "Happy's" Day.

I have this friend who randomly showers Peanut with gifts.

One day, it was a red plaid [very hip] top. Another time it was chocolate covered sunflower seeds in every color of the rainbow. I asked her once [okay, maybe more like seven] to watch Peanut and, upon accepting her new acquired package [Peanut], she took her to Panda Express [her favorite].  

Needless to say, Peanut loves [wishing there was a bigger font ;) ] her. (And her random gifts. But the best part is the love she shows me & my little family.)

She is an incredibly, devoted mother. Raising four kids of her own.

One night, not too long ago, when my own heart was too tender for words, she turned up at my door [with "d" her incredible husband]. She hugged me. And I cried. I was all grown up[as I'm going to be anyway], independent and [semi] strong. But life was/is hard. And I felt weak. Sad. Broken. And lost.

She/they filled me up. She is my strength. My courage. My listener. My comfort.

She is my sister.

And, in that moment, of seemingly utter despair, I needed her more than I ever had. And she was there

She was there.   She always is there.

My sister is hilarious.  This is a new[ish] trait of hers I have recently noticed.  She is fiercely loyal.  I admire her candor.  She is talented at about everything but cooking which is why I loved this photo so much.

She bakes lots - - but it's outside baking - - in the sun - - and what's being "baked" is her skin.
Happy married "D" when I was 7 1/2.  SO while I remember growing up with her, most of my memories of her include "d".  Which makes me HAPPY.  They are so  much fun to hang out with [see "d" below....what a sport]

After she left for the "married life"  - - - I actually got to see her... more.  And spend the night at their place.  And they had an eight track player and a bird.  It was awesome.  They made me an "aunt" when I was just eight years old.  Her oldest son feels more like a little brother to me.  And that makes me smile.

So what ?? that she flunked PE two years in a row.  The girl is a clean freak and sweat was not her favorite.  However, she is one of the hardest workers I know.  The only person I know who can spend six hours in her 90% rock filled yard doing "yard work". 

Did I mention she loves the Suns?  Talk about "loyal".  They stink!

Look up the words"thoughtful", "loyal& "perfectionist" her name will be in the definitions.

An email here. A hug there. A forever prayer in her heart. A text just to "check in". A moment of understanding. Her pristine example and her stalwart belief that people can change and hope is the best four letter word.  ever.

Sisterhood has shaped my life.

My sister's are sacred and dear to me.

"Happy" the way you live your life - - - changes mine. It's what YOU do. You never stop.

And I love you forever for it.

It doesn't really matter that we are 13 years apart & that I don't remember much of living WITH you.

I think there are three things that will always be true.  I will never really grow up. I need  love.  And I will always need you as my sister [my friend].


Happy Birthday "Happy".
We love you.
And thanks for my nickname.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back to school shopping already?!

This morning Peanut reminded me.  Our annual "back to school shopping" adventure needed to make it's way on to my phone [ calendar which is on my phone and my brain which I'm pretty sure resides in my phone 90% of the time.] 

So, of course, I immediately thought of this post from last year:
Here's a copy [so you don't have to click]:

Back to school - Welcome to the jungle.

So Peanut reminds me at 11am:

Peanut: weren't you supposed to take me school {clothes} shopping today?

Me: Ahh yes! Give me 10 minutes, I'll get dressed.

P: But mom you haven't showered.

Me: this is WHY I work from home.

P: but take your time - we don't have to rush.

Me: Yes, we do. Have to be at post office by 2pm.

P: Can I pick out your outfit?

Me: As long as it's not too fancy - I'm not feeling fancy today.

{I am actually leaving A LOT out!}

P: how about this .....{enter sweet jeans - like that, really ugly green shirt I haven't worn for at least a year, my Harley-Davidson belt {hello U of A college days!!} and ZEBRA 4" heels - I swear they actually can look sweet with the right outfit {just not this one}.

Me: Ummmm remember - I'm not feeling fancy.

P: because you don't have make-up on. Do your make-up I'll be back in 5 minutes.

Me: {Ugggggggggg} ok sweet cheeks.

{ 2 minutes {tops} passes}

P: I said to put on make-up

Me: Ummmm it IS on.

P: uhh ok - take your hair out of a ponytail it looks like you just woke up.

Me: {ouch} I'M KEEPING THE FRIGGIN PONYTAIL - my little angel. ;)

P: really? Do you have to?

Me: yes, have to. okay - get out - I'm getting dressed in this sweet outfit. Be out in a few.

{I open my door - she's standing right there - in the doorway}

P: Mom you are the best. You are ready to go to the mall with ME!

And this is why I wore the "freak show" outfit - she thought I was the most fabulous mom there. The other appropriate mom's there {in their mom jeans and crocs}?

Not so much. ;)
Wish me luck!
She's already asked for these:

Heck, at least I don't have to wear them!

[Top of Utah marathon . . . 52 days!] Yay!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Fotos

Yep, I'm hooked on phonics fonics.

So I found my perfect running shirt. I love the Ramone's.  I love Running.

Now, I get to love BOTH at the same time.
You can buy one here.

The back says "Punk Rock Racing".  Can you tell I kinda like, love am going to wear this shirt every chance I get!!??

Fabulous quote from the YMCA last night:

Chuy looking abused happy with his new "Project [dog] Runway" look.

My oldest sister rocking her new diamond.  Just celebrated her 27th Anniversary.  YAY S &D!

So awesome!

Almost as awesome as this burger I had yesterday.  If you live in the Phoenix area you must go to "Lucky Boy".  16th & Thomas[-ish]. 

Let me just say, the burger is amazing.  The nice.  The's a dive.  Just close your eyes & enjoy!

Happy Freakin' Friday!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I've always been a labels girl.  Remember Esprit,  Guess? [sweet inverted triangle label], U-knits?  I'm sorry to say, I have always cared about that stupid little label .  Not really sure why.  Here's some proof.  He's me on Christmas day

Prior to this photo, I had run in circles around my home yelling, "I got them, I got them!" ..... "Them" being "Guess" shorts.  Seriously, that WAS my Christmas.  One item & it was pure bliss.

I since have figured, I still crave labels. 

But not designer ones.  More like "me" ones.

Let me explain.

From 7-10, I was "Gymnastics Emily".  But then something happened.  I grew.  And long legs don't "flip" as well as cute little legs.  I am sparing you some sweet photos of this one.

Year 10-10.76, my Mom tried [must give her credit] to help me be, "musical Emily".  I mean anything.  Tried Piano. . .  Bad doesn't even begin to cover it.  Saxaphone . . .somehow, even uglier.  And if you've ever heard me sing in the shower, sing at church sing in my car - - - okay, you get bueno.

So from 11-16, I was "Volleyball Emily".  I thought this was going to be "THE EMILY" at least until after my full ride scholarship.  Torn ligaments my Junior year "sidelined" me for months.  Add to that one of the worst experiences/trials in my life [to date] and I decided I was done.  Done with Volleyball.  What?  I felt the ground shake below me.  Or maybe that was my Dad's wallet/401K crying out, "take the full ride - you want the full ride".  ;) No Volleyball?  what will you do?  Who will you BE without Volleyball?

So, from 17-19, I decided "Skinny Emily" would be next.  Worst years to date.  What I can remember of them anyway.

Then from there, 19-21, I gained 35-40 pounds and happily became "workout Emily".  My thoughts . . . [I can only workout at problem.  I need to workout 3 times per day . . . perfect].  Done.  This is when "running Emily" was born.

Other brief stints included:
"Vegetarian Emily"
"work 3 jobs Emily"
"no fat eating Emily"
"I'm never wrong Emily"
"8 minute Abs Emily"
"Cooking Emily"
"rice & teriyaki sauce diet Emily"
"coupon Emily"
"frugal cheap a*s Emily"

At 21 and 10 months ;), I married the Pita.  At which time I thought I should be, "[Perfect]Wife Emily". Get up at 5:30-6am to make breakfast. check.  Do laundry.  Check.  Do ironing check.  Be the only one who [literally] can make moneycheck. [he didn't have his green card].  Then when he could..... I'd pack lunch for him.  check.  Make cakes and deliver them to work because he forgot his assistants birthday was today.  check.  Did I/do I enjoy this?  99.7% of the time.  check.

Then at the ripe old age of 23, I added, "Mom Emily".  Most rewarding label by far.  I always wanted to have more little Peanuts.  She makes my world happy, happy, happy.

At 25, I found eBay.  Well, it found me and I became, "eBay Emily".  This label pays well [in dollars, anyway].  I love it. 

Lately, some of these labels have been [attempting] to change on me.  And it makes my heart hurt.  It's not that I'm opposed to change.  It's mostly, that I can't do things 1/2 way.  Mostly, that's a good thing.  But, not always.

The last 8 months have been a "challenge" in my life, to say the least.  This is when the sleeping marathoner in me was re-born.  "Marathon runner Emily" has arrived.  So, to celebrate the little [insignificant in comparison to REAL life] things . . . . to date, I have taken  56 minutes off my first marathon time.  Yay!

So, here's my  "thing".  I am running.  But I'm pretty sure I'm running so much because it literally is "cheaper than therapy".  I have pain.  I have sadness.  But please know, there is no pity party here.  I have life.  I have family.  I have a plan.  And, did I mention, I have my 3:20. 

I said that 3:20 was all I ever wanted right?  I lied.  I was told by someone way, way too close to me that, "a 3:20 wasn't worth getting on a shirt but maybe if I could run a 2:59, NOW THAT, THAT would be worthy."  That hurt.  However, I'd like to enjoy life too.  Maybe with a few less labels
Hey, what a concept.

So, here comes, wait for it - wait for it - [just] "Emily".  Raw & uncut.  I hope you'll stay [follow] and enjoy the ride as much as I intend to.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I mean seriously.

Check her out.

Is she workin' it or is she workin' it?!

So Peanut comes in while I'm running on the treadmill and asks, "ya know that pile that is donations.....can I cut up a pair of MY old jeans and make them into shorts?"

Me, "sure, just don't cut them too short".

Then [dun dun dun dunahhhh] she walks in like this:

[yes, of course I stopped the mill for this].

Hmmmmm, but then I realized OMGosh, those are my old True Religion Big T flap pocket, heavy stitch jeans that I was going to sell on eBay!!! [side note, yes, they were next to the give-a-way pile but SOOOOOOOOOOOO not in the pile - certainly, at least 3' away.

So, I did what every mom would have done.  Freaked out [silently] and said, those are mine!! JK, that's so what I wanted to say then I turned my thoughts quickly to [Jesus ;) and] what a "good" mom would do [took two and a half [or 47] deep breaths and] I really said, "you completely rock, Kid" and took her to summer camp - exactly as pictured.

Now if she gets a stain on those, I'm really going to be ticked. ;)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Not heavy medal

okay, so my assortment leaves MUCH to be desired but . . . it is what it is guys.

I can't find the medal from my first marathon in 1999 [the marathon I ran, unknowingly pregnant].  It's some where in my garage.  And I didn't include the photo of the plaque I won because - - I'm a bad sport.  [honesty candor, is my best quality].

Here's the pile [so far].  I know there will be one more in September and I'd love to have another in October and November and Decem .... [ok, you get it].

I have run 5 marathons in 7 months and have loved every mile of it.

My favorite medal is actually from Tucson [December 2009']. 

That was a very happy family moment/day.  One that I replay over & over in my mind daily.

And of course, I adore the one that got me my 3:20.  I love it more because Peanut put it around my neck.  She gave me a big smooch said she was proud of me then FREAKED out when she looked at it and it said, "1/2 marathon finisher".  She marched right over to the medal handout lady and assertively told the lady, "my mom finished the marathon not the half".  awesome.  That's my girl.

Monday, July 19, 2010

where is the love?

In my attempt to carelessly spend money yesterday - - I started looking for a fun, new, [possibly] funny, exciting running t-shirt

Not a "running shirt" but like a shirt to wear after running to the grocery store, dry cleaner, Peanut's summer camp to explain why I look so bad.  Ya know, so fellow shoppers, workers, critiquing mom's could say, "Ohhhhhhh, she must have just gotten done running".  Even though, I'll probably end up wearing it on days I look bad and there's been NO run in sight.  See, I'm a thinker.

But I kept finding crap shirts like this:

And this:

Why all the hate?

Am I not a "runner" if I only run indoors?!?  I personally know the answer to that.  but . . [and it's a BIG but]. . . . why are there so many who think otherwise

Do you guys hate treadmills?  If so, why?  Is it just the boring factor?  Lay it on me.  I'm ready.  I want to know!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Freaky Funk Fun

So I adore my friend in England.  A USA transplant.  Her comments always have me laughing and smiling like a dork.  And  Kera, MY UEA running mommy . . .she couldn't possibly be more inspiring.

They ask questions.  Frequently.  Which I love.

Love. [actually, I love it that big]

Even when people ask questions nonchalantly ...[and probably don't care really in the slightest if they get a reply]. . . . it makes me feel special, happy, warm and super fuzzy.

Kelly, won my iTunes gift card giveaway [a while back] so I got her email address [sad for her] because now I can answer her directly.  And Kera, I stalked her way back waaaaaay back.  Yay me!

But here's [just one each of] their questions,  that crack me up.

*Can I also just kind of make fun/ask as to why you wear sleeves and a bra but seem to be missing fabric to cover your midsection? 

*oh...and what's the deal with the gloves. i'm not hip to the running gear scene.

I think Kelly is referring to this ;) :

And Kera, to this:
And Yes, my blue [discontinued] sans couture seamless fit royal blue bra top is my favorite.

So, Kelly/Kera, my temp goes up way to fast while running but hands always seem freaking cold.  SO I wear my [so NOT made for running gloves by North Face?!]  I don't like things touching my stomach.  Come on - you ask, I tell. 
TMI - I don't like things swishing around my mid-section or under my arms.  Ewwww.
So running sleeves   =   perfect for me. 

Plus, I knew in Oregon, I'd be cold at the start but knew I didn't have time [literally if I wanted to meet my goal] to be screwing with disrobing my top.  I tried that in Tucson in December 2009.  Remove ipod, remove hoodie, place hoodie at waist, place iPod back on.  That was like a 45 second ordeal.  Which is like 5 minutes when you are trying to reach your goal.

Ahhhhh, you've just wasted 3 minutes [sorry] but now I feel better.

I love questions though.  Any questions out there to make me feel special?  You want me to waste your time blogging about in the future? 

Didn't think so.  BUT . . . .   You guys are awesome.

Happy Friday!

And yes, all you REAL crazy amazing athletes out there [tri-guys and gals].  I do feel like a huge, HUGE, huge loser for owning the watch [ which I shall probably be shortly giving to one of you {who will actually get it wet & ride it on a bike}. 

Have I mentioned it doesn't tell the real time of day?!?!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

PMDD or PMTDD anyone?

"There's no place like home." - Dorothy [wizard of Oz]

Poets have long said [something like], The best part of a journey is coming home.

I see it more as a delicate "re-entry".  Maybe the astronauts know what they are talking about.  Jump back into your daily "life" too fast and you'll "burn up" [or out] but go in to easy and you fall off the radar never to be seen again. [yes, dramatic but remember what blog you are reading].

I feel as if I am suffering from this dilemma, I call PMDD{Post Marathon [Trip] Dysphoric Disorder}.

Without a doubt, when I return from a marathon [especially in another city/state].  I seem to fall into a low-grade depression or funk.  PMTDD.  Which includes being tired, slightly moody, food cravings, increased sensitivity to criticism  & sleepless.

Sadly, there is no KNOWN cure for PM[T]DD.  However, I hear wearing 8 Gu packets in your belt loops, never having more than 3oz of any fluid in your carry-on /purse & wearing compression socks to the grocery store has helped some.  No one really knows why these methods help but some believe it tricks the body into thinking it still has a marathon [in some awesome far away state] coming up.

When we come home we are the same person who left. 

The only thing is . . we're not.

I think psychologists could explain PMTDD quite simply. . . while racing/running we feel free, ready to live it up, get that PR, try something new.  While at home, we know there will be many work emails awaiting, a crap load of laundry, a dirty house, a relationship to address, a dog to pick-up, the light bulb that hasn't ever been replaced in the laundry room.  I know, I know it's not really bad.

The run . . . the trip . . . life experiences . . . they change us.  No, not in huge ways rather, small subtle ways.  A lot of these changes cannot be seen until we are home.  Which is why no matter how difficult to endure, PMTDD is a necessary part of the journey.  our journey.

Does this mean me need to suffer through this alone?  Heck, NO!  Hello, why do you think I blog?! ;)  I love to read about your journey.  what you do.  How you cope.  I think we should hold web/video conferencing meeting [for extra support].  What the heck, let's all meet up in Boston [or NYC - YAY!] next year. 

Ahhh crap, who am I kidding?  I just signed up for [this] as I suffered through my PMTDD yesterday.

I am so not addicted to running.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

w a i t . . .what the . . .

This is my 202nd POST?! 

"How did I miss making way too big of a deal over my 200th?"

 --- that was the thought I had this morning until I realized it [200th post] could not have been better

It was this.

I did have something all fun planned for my 200th though.  I guess, I'll just have to save it for 300.

After our Portland fun.  Did I mention, I'd move there in a heartbeat?  We moved onto Washington.  Now Gina, this is for you.  The best photo I have ever captured on my iPhone.  [you must check out her blog.  her photos are taken from her iPhone.  we have the same version - so [very] apparently she knows what she is doing and I do not.]
The bridge connecting Oregon to Washington.  Beautiful.  Need I remind you I live in AZ.  The last time I was on a bridge was when I was in Seattle last year and the time before that probably on a family trip over the Hoover Dam in 1998.

We ended up in a city, towndot on a map place with a population of 494 497 people - and just in case your grandma lives there [I'm not mentioning where].  A little dodgy.  But we were soon back into areas like this.
Ok, seriously, you Washington & Oregon dwellers . . . I really hope you know how awesome you have it there.

We spent a night in Port Angeles.  I loved that city.  SO did Peanut.  The starfish were freaking huge.  huge. alive ones nonetheless.

We of course made our way to Seattle.  Where I got my fabulous sandwich three days straight [ya, the place at Pike's market with the line out the door... started with a "m".  Sorry, didn't care about the name - I knew where to find it and that's all that mattered.]

Peanut thought this was pretty sweet.
I'd rather have a scorpion on me than a bird in my hand but --- she loved it.

And apparently, you have to have your photo on [or with or rubbing] the pig?!  whatever.  we [they] did it.

And you know how it goes . . . where ever there is a Nordy's I'll surely be close.  But we captured Peanut in front of this sweet recycled penguin thing there instead of a photo of my credit card bill.  I'm one smart chika. ;)
But check out her new kicks.  nice.

We stopped at the aquarium for this horrible and freaky photo.

But we saw this on the walk there.  awesome.
Hey Kovas, you should have bought this instead of the minivan. ;) joke. joke.

But my favorite photo from the whole trip . . .

 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

Yep, our best Nordstrom [shoe department] photo ever.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

bulletproof [portlandFTF marathon]

Just so you know ..... you'll want need to go get that morning diet coke, coffee, toilet break or pillow.  I will try to keep it on topic [but you know that never rarely goes well].

Ahhhh Portland.
I love you. Everything about you. I mean seriously... You had me at our aerial arrival.

[a huge, "I'm sorry" to anyone who has ever flown into Phoenix---ugggg ugly]

You had Peanut by the terminal walkway. Okay, so Starbucks rice dream bar & hot chocolate may have had something to do with it but by the time we reached our rental car station - we were having a blast.
Race packet p/u was awesome. Well staffed and also included smokin' deals on attire. Yay!! Even Loved the try-on rooms where I got a photo of this

 and in another unmentionable place where I saw this
Next, we were off to a place I saw on diners drive-ins &dives [food network]. Byways Cafe.

Yum. Yum. Yum.  Blue Corn Pancakes.
I hear even the orange wedges are good.

The marathon was held at Sauvie Island. Beautiful. However, the closest hotel was 7 miles away but at a Priceline cost of $59 - who freaking cares. ;)

Don't usually get too nervous before races so that's a definite plus for me. Got there early which was very good due to the amazing insane amount of traffic. [As there is only one road inti SI.]

6:28am came around we they sang something in celebration of July 4th. Some Americana song. I was too busy cracking up at our their horrible singing voices to even recognize the song.

6:30am - I am off.  It all boiled down to one simple element ---- keep my stinking Garmin at a pace on or below 7:44 and I've got this.

Mile 1-7:24.
Mile 2 - 7:32
Mile 3 - 7:29
Mile 4-7:39
Mile 5-7:47 -- didn't like that one but wanted to make sure I didn't go out too hard at the start [pre mile 18 anyway]

Mile 6-7:41
Mile 7-7:42 --- I think I have found my pace guy.  I have a need to do this every race [especially small races where no "pace teams" are to be found.  A guy with 8 [I had time to count] Gu packets around his waist.

Mile 8-7:40
Mile 9-7:43
Mile 10-7:39
Mile 11-7:44  - I really am wanting to pass Gu guy but this guy has issues with chicks passing him.  Seriously.  The back of his shirt should have said, "If you are female and pass me, I will forego the next water station to be back in front."  hilarious.  It motivated me and I loved it.

Mile 12-7:39  1/2 gu.
Mile 13-7:38
Mile 14-7:40  1/2 gu
Mile 15-7:39
Mile 16-7:42. I see peanut & the pita.

Mile 17-7:43. This stupid running dork photo was captured.

Mile 18-7:39. Cramps. Toe cramps set in.  Like twisted over the tops of each other cramping.

Mile 19-7:38. -8 gu belt boys tells me,"I'm done w/you. You got me." not sure what that meant exactly but I passed his Gu bum & [sincerely] smiled.

Mile 20-7:39 cramps moved up to shin.

Mile 21-7:42 I belch something fierce while passing a 1/2 marathon walker. Completely freaked her out.  Seriously, felt bad but I could hear her cracking up a few seconds later, as I was still yelling out my apologies.

Mile 22-7:43 1/2 gu.
Mile 23-7:41
Mile 24-7:37. 1/2 gu.  [last photo OP until finish line]

Mile 25-7:36. I can see the finish line. Tears well up in my eyes. I turn on "bulletproof" one more time.  loud. & I begin to smile ear to ear.

I've got this.  I've freaking got this.

Mile 26-7:34. I think of my dad and try to sprint as fast as my cramped toes [and right shin] will allow me.

.2 = 1:51


In my peanuts arms. Her first words, "mom, you did it. You did it better than your goal!!"

Followed by "can I have your medal it's awesome. It's made out off all recycled materials.".  [made from recycled bicycle chain-completely awesome]

Then like someone had kicked her in her backside she had to run to the car where she brought me the sweet necklace KP & her daughter had made for me.

Goal met = happy Emz