Friday, November 30, 2012

"My Life" - 50 Cent

F r e a k i n g.

Here is my list of 30 [one for each day in November] things than I am grateful for.

[in no particular order (other than 1 and 2) ;) ].


This guy. 
Who totally puts up with his share of crap, mood swings, running, races and more running. 
I am BEYOND grateful for MY Pita.

2.  Peanut.  This girl is all personality ALL of the time.  I love her GUTS.  And she loves me.......mostly because I know Ron.

3.  My parents.  They. FREAKING. Rock.

4.  My Mother-in-law.  I'm incredibly blessed to have an awesome relationship with my MIL.  No horror stories here guys.......Well, SHE may have a few about ME.....

5.  Having an OLDER brother.

6.  My sisters and sister in law. 
7.  My Woody - what would I do without my dear treadmill?

8.  Calculators.

9.  Spell check.

10.  Pickles.

11.  Bad races.

[yes, even this SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPER bad one]

12.  Friends.  The awesome ones.  The ones that love you despite ALL they know about you.

13.  444

14.  The Monster's in my life.

15.  Costco.  Where else can you eat lunch for free [samples], get car insurance, 96 rolls of toilet paper and see Dwight[my 65 year old in store boyfriend]?  word.

16.  Washing machines. 

17.  Bandaids.

18.  Emojis.  Seriously.  Without them.........the true point of my text would never fully be realized.

19.  Religion.

20.  Second, third and fourth chances.

21.  The "Cheerleaders" in my life.

22.  Texting.

23.  eBay.

24.  Handkerchiefs.  The only suitable "classy" way to carry two weeks worth of snot --in your pocket.

25.  Prayer.

26.  Air Conditioning.

27.  Love.

28.  Non-judgmental people.

29.  Google.

30.  t o d a y.