Thursday, October 27, 2011

[PP-Peanut Post] This is Halloween, everyone hear the screams, pumpkins scream in the fear of night.

Hi! It's PEANUT!

I know, I know. Everyone is getting tired of my mom. DUH!

Now it's time for me to take over.

AND Halloween is coming up.

What are you going to be?

A vampire?

A duck?

A carrot?
{I am serious about this one. My cousin rocked it.}

I'm going to be the Mad Hatter.
I love the costume.
I love the mini hat.

But, sadly, I have to wait through another half day.
And a no-school day.
And my volleyball game day.
And a church day.
And a WHOLE school day.


No. Way. Jose.
How do they expect us to eat our delicious candy, stay up late at my grandma's house eating spudnuts, and then go back to a school day the very next day?!?!
This is a total nightmare.
A. big. fat. nightmare.

This seriously stinks.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"What Doesn't Kill You" - Kelly Clarkston

Wordless. Wednesday.

Happy. Hump. Day!


I'm kinda partial to the baby bib.

Love it.

Monday, October 24, 2011

"Monday, Monday" - The Mamas And The Papas


Mostly. Mute. Mode. Monday.

[weekend happenings + extra stuff I just want to add]

The ALL BLACKS won.  Oh happy freaking happy day!

SO happy France was fined for advancing on the New Zealand Haka.  You don't advance on the HAKA. 

You just don't.

I. Love. My. Anniversary. Card.


What are YOU loving today?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Make Me Proud" - Drake {and the winner!!}


A text from my awesome Niece Morgan saying, "I want to run a half marathon, train me!"

Would lead to the Pita saying, "If Morgan can do it, I'll do it running backwards." [uh, ya, anyway....]

Which led to my sister training with her daughter [Morgan].  Which led to my oldest sister saying, "We are in! Me, Dave, Troy & Julia!". [I should probably ask Dave, Troy & Julia if they know they've been signed up].

So that's like most of the people you see in these photos!!

So then, I had to text my sister in Indiana saying, "It's a RUNUNION!  Be here March 3rd, 2012!"

Still waiting to hear back from MY brother.  But he's in.  He has to be in.

cannot. freaking. wait.

Now on to the best caption [to this photo] winner.

To be fair I had Ms Morgan, her mom, her dad & THE PITA pick their favorite one.

They. all. picked. the. same. one.



Shut. Up. And. Run's. Comment.

Did you read it?  Do you remember it?


okay SUAR, you have a choice of:

1.  airline ticket for Ken to witness you running with Dolvett.
2.  what's in box #4 [measurements are 8 x 8]
3.  being my maid of honor at my Elvis wedding in December, but please can we not go to "that" restaurant before I try on dresses?
4.  [because there has to be four] a RUN EMZ shirt drenched in pickle juice

? ? ? ?

Which would you pick if you were lucky enough to be SUAR?

Monday, October 17, 2011

"I'm Toe Up" - Problem [giveaway]

Best caption to this photo wins a prize.

Ready. Set. Go.
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Outside" - George Michael

Okay, first and foremost.  I wore boots last week.  Yes, boots. 
[and I swear I had just cleaned this mirror, weird]
It was 78 degrees for one day and I was all over it.

Unfortunately, my coach knew it was 78 degrees for like 14 hours and asked, "Why aren't you running outside?"  I gave him 84 reasons why then today..........

I sucked it up . . . . opened my front door. . . . . then, I shut it.  But then I opened it again . . .

And . . .

For the first time since December 2010 . . . .


Ya, you read that right.

o u t s i d e.


Yes, it was a nice 70 degrees outside at 6:15am. 

Everything else......UGGGG.

How do you guys do it?

Here's just a snippet of the non-fun I numbers.

9 - Recovery Run miles I slowly slogged

1 - number of times I was seriously close to getting hit by a car.  The man was sooooooooooo focused on getting right into that McD's breakfast sandwich he picked up all 4.4 seconds earlier.

2 - number of times I was asked by high school cross guards "how many miles are you running?" [two different cross guards]

3 - Neighbors who saw me and tried to hold a conversation out their window.  Joe, you were by far the most entertaining.  Do you guys wear shirts that say, "in training" or "no time to talk" ?  Just curious.

2 - honks received from landscaper guys.

2 - middle fingers each landscaper guy was shown after above mentioned honk. [why do guys think women like this?  I'll never understand.]

1 - random dog that ran out / off it's front yard after me.

1 - dog owner who yelled at me, "Stop! He just wants to smell you."  I turn back like you're freaking joking [but didn't say a word].  Then she says [no joke], "Stop or he'll keep running after you."  I stop.  He gets his sniff on.  And this lady knows her crap - - - -he runs back towards her.

0 - percent chance I'll be running outside tomorrow.

And you guys ask me how I can handle running on a treadmill?!?!

I got back to see a text from Mr PRR himself:

"Outdoor run?  OMG!! You okay?  Is the power out at home?  My thoughts & prayers are with you!"

Can someone please tell me:

1.  How you avoid talking to everyone you know without being rude
2.  Avoid crazy dogs
3.  Avoid getting run over [no, I was not running with music/iPod]

Would greatly appreciate your input.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Blow" - Ke$ha

I enjoy sticking things up my nose about as much as I enjoy running outside.


My days have been filled with nasal enemas the last three days [ya, thanks for coining that phrase I can't stop calling them that].

I've found my family is less than impressed with my use of it.  every two hours.  Everything from, "awwwww mom", "gross", "ummmm seriously", "a little heads up would be nice" ........... whatever - you are the one who decided to barge in the bathroom, I didn't call you in here.

In other not nearly as exciting as my nose news:

It's only 59 days until RNR Vegas!!  I / we cannot wait.  Ya, the Pita he's not missing this one. ;)

Jason & I have big plans to break out our finest "hammer" pants and mad dancing skills at the finish-line! 

GO team TEXAS!!

Then. well. we have a sign that just made me happy.

The All Blacks have been winning [duh, right?!].

But that makes my house a happy - happy place to be. [Dang Dan Carter pulling a groin didn't go down well though.]

I'm quite certain it was from all his pant dropping undies ads.

This week is a high mileage week..............which I'm loving even with the snot fest.
44 miles so far this week.  rest day tomorrow.  loving it.

LOVED spending the weekend with my Peanut & Pita in Payson.

[holy letter P-fest].  Speaking of P-fest.  Okay, okay.....I'll filter that story out.

Found this in my pocket last week.  Which mildly freaked me out.  It's from one of my favorite bloggers . . . was in a "king's cake" she sent me.

Peanut is wanting a brother or sister ---- like 4 yesterday's ago.

Well, that's all I've got for now.

to. . . .

Happy Wednesday!