Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Four" - Miles Davis [ Q & A ]

Part 4
F o u r

oh. happy. day.

Aimee [Did I mention she'll be doing the IMAZ? Awesome] Asks:  "Do you want Peanut to become a runner like you?" 
[Made me think of this photo from a marathon back in January 2010]

I'd love that!  B u t  I'm thinking she wouldn't.  In all honesty, I'd rather see her shine in volleyball.  She's loving it and is getting better each day!

Ironman By Thirty Asks:  "How/why did you come up with this writing/blogging style? I love it because it is different than any other blog I read."

Ya, know I tried writing like a real grow'd up person . . .and . . .it just didn't work out.  Came out all wiggity-whack.  Did I mention my sister  . . .

. . . is an English major [ummmm PhD, yep, seriously] ..... ya, I'm super competitive but . . . . .  I just can't compete with that.

ltlindian Asks:  "I know pita is your hubby but in my neck of the woods pita is an acronym for 'pain in the a$$'. Is that where you got that nickname? :) lol"

Ummm. you. nailed. it!  Funny fact - he actually came up with it for himself!!  No. Joke.

"How tall are you?"

With my heels 6'1"-6'2"

Without [sad face] 5'9.7444"

"Other than gotein, gummy bears and sushi what is your favorite food?" [does she KNOW me or what!  love that.]


carrot cake.
Bread pudding.
I'd eat 4 pounds of mashed potatoes daily, if I could.

April Asks:  "Do you use any supplements?"

Let's lay it out:

Vit D
Flax Seed/fish oil
Joint support - Glucoseawhatever

"What's your favorite running accessory?"

Arm warmers.  For. sure. my arm warmers.

Char Asked [BTW, have you ever read her comments, they are freaking hilarious]: "How do you get abs like that?"

I don't see what you see Char.  So funny.  Denise Austin [now on youtube].  She always said [in the video {VHS} I had], "If you sit there slouched you'll have no where else to go but out.  Tighten those abs!"

ChrisK Old Fart Asks:  "I have just one. Do you sometimes feel horrible for calling me an Old Fart?"

ummmm.  I think I just answered that above.  NoFreakingWay.  I will say  . . . you look less old when you are wearing this:

ok - that's all for today.

Off to a big sale [work. work. work.]

Happy FreakingHumpDay!

Q U E S T I O N :

**What the best "perk" from YOUR job?**

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Closer To The Heart" - RUSH [questions answered part III]

Cheryl Asks:  "What's you 10k PR?" & "Have you ever wanted to do a r2r2r at the canyon since you live here?"

Sadly, I have no clue.  I have never run in a 10k before. crazy.
I WILL do R2R2R one day --- as long as I can "run" it not hike it.  I greatly dislike hiking.

I mean, if Man vs. Horse 50 miler was THAT awesome . . .

Why. freaking. not.

Baby Weight My Fat Ass Asks:  "Have you ever been injured from running?" & "What words of inspiration do you have for someone recovering from injury?"

As of 10 days ago - yes.  First running injury.  SUCKS.  hard.

The quote that's getting me through [keeping a better attitude]. . . . .

"The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what you want most for what you want right now"
Zig Ziglar

Termite asks:  "Can I have your horsey belt?"

Yes, if I can have your PR.

My Sweet Caroline asks:  HOLY. freaking. cow.  There are 44 questions.  Man. I. Adore. Her.  Only for you CaroTabi.

"where do you find these great titles for this blog?"

I'm a music junkie.  Most conversations in my home are answered with music/songs.

Pita:  Are you making me a homemade cheesecake tonight?
Emz:  Ooh dream weaver  . . . I believe we can reach the morning light. . .

Most come from this little pea walnut sized brain I have.  The others....iTunes.

"when will we meet?"

4:44pm November 22, 2011.

"I also want to long were you engaged?"

Hmmmm.  Let me do the math.  Ok Done.
I got engaged 18 days after I MET the Pita.
Engaged for 74 days.  No. joke.
Wanna see my second favorite photo?

My first favorite:

"did you have a big wedding with wedding party and all that?"

It was larger than smaller.
I'm the baby in the family - - - - so I kind of lucked out like that. ;)

"who in the public eye would you like to meet?"

You know what?  This one is soooooooooooooooooo hard for me.  I'm not too into meeting famous people.  I feel like once they are famous [for the most part] they are kinda jerky.  I went to an event with the Pita a while back and there were plenty of "famous" people there.  The whole scene actually turned me off.

But I know that's not what you all want to read so I'll say . . . .Sandra Bullock.  Love her.  And I'd love to have dinner with the cast from SNL.

"how long can you survive without going to Costco?"

Well there isn't a Costco in New Zealand - so apparently, I CAN make it 14 days when absolutely necessary.  If I'm home . . . .no more than 3 days.

"If CK asks some questions..will you answer them?"

Who is this CK you speak of?

"who would you like to see in concert?"

Jay Z [seen him, with Mary J [awesome] but I'll take another round]
Rush. [Seen them, but I'd take another 2 rounds]
Beastie Boys.
duh . . . . . RUN EMZ DMC.

"did you wait to find out that Peanut was a girl?"

No but I soooooooooooooo wanted to!  The Pita was a firm "no" against finding out.  Come her "birthday", I was happy we had waited.

"does THE Pita read your blog?"

Yes!  I love it.  He reads it once a month for about an hour.

"how about the comments?"

Yes!  All the comments.  The comments are where it's at.

[And since I  loved that question from Caroline. . .]

Here's your QUESTION OF THE MINUTE  . . . . .

**Does your spouse / significant other / BF / GF read your blog?**

Monday, July 25, 2011

"Two Is Better Than One" - Boys Like Girls

More Q & A . . . .  here we go:

Melissa asks:  "what is your favorite post race meal????  STEAK. Fillet.  Crave meat!!how did you keep your legs feeling good while you were training for your 24hr TM run?
A lot of ice baths, a lot of bio-freeze, and prayers.

do you ever do strength training?
Yes, not even 10% like you though.  I do 3 days a week. :/

can you have peanut mail me a 5lb gummy bear?"

Love this.  I'll tell her there has been an official request. ;)

Dash Asks:  "When you run, are you a greeter, ie, do you wave at an approaching runner or do you look away?"
Yes, I say "hi" to Ed every time before I hop on him.  We have a freaking great relationship.

Fancy Nancy Asks:  "What would we find you doing when you aren't on the mill?  If you weren't an amazing runner what would you want to be?"

Well, most likely you'd find me here:


Or here:

as a last resort . . . .

Making family members take photos with me:

2nd part [made me chuckle] but if I wasn't a runner . . . . I'd LOVE to be an art history teacher.

Jason asks:  "When are you cooking with tempeh?"  Jason, I can't even spell it - let alone cook the freaking stuff.  When you come to AZ - you can teach me. Deal.  Deal.

Nelly - Ohhhhh Nelly:  have you seen him in his shirt?! 

[I'm kinda happy]. ;)  He asks:  "What sports did you do in high school and/or college?"
Volleyball.  volleyball. volleyball.  it was my life.

"Who thought of the nickname EMZ?"
My super awesome brother-in-law Dave.  I freaking love it.

"Can the PITA dunk?" [post edit a la Jeff]
In his current "state" . . . . ;) ummmmm, I plead the 5th.

[I mean, "Hells YEAH!"] - way to have the Pita's back Jeff.
In college days -------- heck to the ya.  Ummmm, but I didn't know him in college so he may be talking smack.

"How tall is Peanut expected to be?"
Awesome question.  Love it.

We'll say......taller than me.  I'm 5'9-10".
I'm just praying she stays at or under 6'.

Happy Monday!

Question of the day . . . . ."What car would you not drive even if it was given to you for free?"

Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Rocky Raccoon" - The Beattles [and ONLINE SHOES WINNER!!]

So a few nights ago Mase [pitbull] was barking something fierce.  This is highly uncommon.  After the Pita and I laid there at 1:20am playing rock, paper, scissors [YES, in the dark]. . . . ya, the Pita lost.

He went outside to find this:


A raccoon in our pool.

ummmm, I didn't believe him so that's how I got the photos.

Pita:  There's a raccoon in our pool.
Emz: ya, and monkeys fly out of my butt.

Pita:  I'm serious.  Come look!
Emz:  I'm serious.  I'm not getting up.  Take a photo and prove it.

So yay!  Now we have photos!

I've been freaking pool jogging running as of late [sucks my big toe --- actually my right achilles]  but I did have a blast putting my raccoon face on.

The Pita tried to fish him out but it wasn't buying it.
Ya, that's an aqua belt.  Don't be a hater.

Where's his super ugly Boston marathon shirt?
I'm hoping all the chlorine will fade this sucker.

Ya, ya, the hat too.

Now for the winner of the Online Shoes $100 Brooks Shoes Gift Certificate . . . . .

HEATHER-O from:  "Just Another Day In The Life Of Team Oravec"

Heather --- Shoot me an email when you read this [runemzrun at gmail]

Happy Sunday!

Friday, July 22, 2011

"Sure Thing" - Miguel

Part one of "Q & A".

Loving these questions.

Chloe asks: "What's you BIGGEST life goal?" and "When are you having another baby?"

wowza. ka-pow! This girl can ask a question [or two].
Life goal: may sound silly to some - to be a good person. To raise my daughter to be a good person. It's a loaded answer - could write a four page post on it...but I'll leave it at that.

Now.......Baby.......I'm ready whenever.  Have been.

CupcakeRunner asks:  "How did you grow to love the treadmill so much?" and "can you teach me?"

I never ever hated it....which totally helped.  I love my Ed.  I love that I can use it in ANY weather, any circumstance, totally reliable.

Teach you?  All you need to do is hop on it with a good attitude.  Momma always said, "if you think it's gonna suck, it will!" ;)

Kovas:  "How does the Garmin work on the mill?"  well........if you buy the foot attachment thingy it will [I don't have that] I just use mine for the HR monitor.

Kovas: "Do you sprint on the moving walkways at the airport?"  naaaaa, I hop on ride about 34.4 feet out -- then I run until the Pita yells at me or security comes.  [The Pita usually wins.]

Kovas:  "Is your dream job one with conveyor belts?"  Yes, as long as the employee of the month award is a "buckle" [ultra-running] form.

Heather-O "How did you get started running?"  I always had to run for volleyball.  But after I got injured I turned to running as a means of staying fit.  My first "long run" was an accident [I'm sure no surprise there....blonde moment #494].  My family and I had just moved.  I went for a run, de, deee got lost.  Found out I had gone 7 miles!

Heather-OWhere to buy a 5 pound Gummy Bear?  or Peanut may have a spare?!

Christi:  [cracking up just writing this] "Can you help me get abs like you?" hilarious.  I started doing abs workouts when I was 16.  Like 5 days a week.  I swear by Denise Austin 8 minute abs.  There it is folks.  That's my big secret revealed. ;)  Dang - I had most people convinced it was from my devotion to HB BBQ.

Funderson"are you AZ born and raised?"  YES!! Born here.  Raised here. School here.  GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!

HAPPY Friday!

I'm off to celebrate big time with the Pita!

It's his 39th birthday!
He's in his 40th saying that.  What? he totally robbed the cradle. ;)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Ask" The Smith's

I've been tagged by Caroline.

Love. her.

So - ask away.

I'll answer.

Who to tag???

SUAR - but if you've already been tagged 844 times . . . . sorry been out of town.
Haley - I only met her for 444 seconds - but she FREAKING rocks.
Mandi - yes, with an "I".  I adore her.

Ask away.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Start Me Up" - Garmin errrr...The Rolling Stones

So I feel like Britney.  Minus the bald head, stints in rehab, umbrella car smashing, gynormous snake, & that Madonna "thing".

Oops, I did it  a g a i n .

I. didn't. freaking. hit. start. on. my. freaking. Garmin.

Yep, if you are counting that's the third time.

Which really freaking sucks.

I'm supposed to upload all this awesome info for my coach who probably rightfully thinks I'm a total idiot.

So enter . . . . awesome Erin.

Yep the woman who just crushed her 13.1 mile run in 1:38:08.  Did I mention she runs in her "spare" time, from her 12 kids.  Yes, you read that right 12.

A M A Z I N G .

I opened up my email to see this:



Thoughtful people  r o c k .

again . . . .

I won't tell you.

It's not even possible now . . . .

. . . . .

check out my new TM decor.

Erin. You. So. Freaking. Rock.

heck ya!

My favorite things. PEANUT!!!! [AGAIN]

Well, you guessed it I'm here again. My mom's is pretending she's all busy packing - so I've got blogger-duty.

Typing about my favorite things about my family [including the lady who left her phone in the refrigerator].


1. She's nice.
2. She's funny [because once she accidentally talked to a trash can at Starbucks thinking it was the speaker.].
3. She's odd, let's just say different.
Really Mom?!?!?


1. He's super tall so everyone thinks he's a "famous basketball player".
2. He's really sarcastic and funny.
3. He's nice [and he tolerates pillow fights, as long as it ends with him winning].
"WE'RE GOOD. For now"

Chuy [my Maltese]

1. He thinks he's a big dog [which he's not because he's only 8 pounds.]
2. Mase loves playing with him. Here is how this playing goes, Mase randomly jumps in place once and then they both start running around in circles. Then they have pee contests for about an hour.  Our dogs are as weird as us. But no we don't have pee contests.
3. He's cute [or was as you see in this picture]

Mase [my pit bull]

1. He's really cute.

2. He thinks he's a lap dog.
3. I personally love that he's super chill [when a bird comes and eats his food  he acts like, "Ah, I'll get him later."].

What do you guys like about me?

I like it when you guys leave me comments.  I promise I'll reply to them after lunch.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Going to Utah {FINALLY!} Peanut writing

Peanut here!

P.S: I'm goin' to Utah!
P.P.S: My Nana and papa rented the whole hotel.
P.P.P.S: The whole family is going to be there!
P.P.P.P.S:There are horse rides and ten hotel rooms.

I can't wait! [ My dad can't wait for the fishing.BORING]


1.Chuy will be gone! [well, not technically, just left at my best friend's house. In your dreams mom.]
2.All the annoying kids from summer camp will be gone!

I am so sad. seriously doing my happy dance about that one.

3. I don't have to go to summer camp! [which I chose to go to any ways]

4.I don't have to wake up early for summer school!

The things I love about summer:

No school

No homework

No Bossy kids

No I-Think-I-Am-So-Much-Cooler-Than-You kids

No mean teachers

No worrying!

Family road trips

Peace and quiet

No I-think-I-am-so-classy-by-burping-my-abc's kids

No more riding my bike on hot days.

No more kids who say, Nice bike sarcastically. [look, I don't like it either. I'm trying to get my parents to paint it a different color...hint.hint]

No more mean duty aids. [And the Most Cranky Duty Aid Trophy goes to....]

No more of this ---------------------------
Yep, that's my mom, she left her phone in the refrigerator.

After refrigerating  put your phone in the microwave.

That's probably what my blonde mom she's going to happen next.

I know this is random but i am going to put some of the pictures that were on this blog on here and caption them.

 I already know i do.
I am weird right?

Just Shut up and run

Classy candy cane man

We're good. [for now.]

They were just checkin' out my sweet hat.

It's true.

I know already!

And welcome back to the morning show....Dude no, I wanna hold the mic.

Dude. I'm right here...

Now go out there and kick it.

Word. Word to my mother.

P E A N U T !