Friday, February 26, 2010

same = same

1 Hardee's monster thickburger   =   710 stalks of celery
3 tsp   =   1 TBSP
1 jello mold   =   1 nearby LDS party
1 TBSP peanut butter given to [dog] Chuy = 1 hour of laughing to tears for the rest of us
1 hour of laughing at dog   =   no abs workout for the rest of the week
3 psychologists   =   1 psychaitrist
1 psychiatrist   =   1 psychiatrist too many
Ja Ja   =   Ha ha to Aunt Happy
long run done today   =   happy me
A+++++   =   the only grade Tiff ever sees on her report card
1 pair of running shoes  =   400 miles
400 miles   =  9/10 weeks
9-10 weeks   =   I mow my lawn
Happy me   =   Happy home
Happy home  =   date night
!   =   wowza
!!   =  OMGosh wow
!!!   =  [ok, sorry - note to self two "!!" is enough]
47 texts   =   1 email
1 email   =   1 phone call
1 phone call  =  is way too effecient me [not going to happen]
1 blog from Brooke   =   2 weeks
2 weeks   =   too long
2 Winter Olympics   =   1 Summer Olympics
Dutch skater losing gold due to coach error   =   1 major lesson in forgiveness
1  "I'd be happy to"   =   3 "no problem's"
33 - "no problem's"   =   1 [for sure] problem
44 photos   =   1 video
1 video   =   1 movie night
1 movie night   =  Friday/Saturday night
Friday night   =   Family Time
FT   =  the best time

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I have a friend.

I adore her.

She lives far - far - away.  [okay, fine - - Utah . . . but it might as well be Egypt].

She's real. . . [meaning] not fake  -  she is who she is

Take it or leave it. 

Like her or dislike her.

She wouldn't "change" for anyone.  Not her clothes, speech, ideas or attitude.

She doesn't over "do" anything.  She's my queen of [trying to teach me] "moderation".

She tells me if [ok-when] I'm being stupid.

She tells me if I'm being [yep, when] a bad friend.

She tells me when she appreciates me.

She's a "thanks" girl.

She's not dramatic.  [how are we friends again?!]

She's always there for me.  Always cheering for me.

She calms me [this should be in the font size of 744].

She makes me want to be a better friend [to her and others].

Her laugh is the best I have EVER heard.

She's spiritual without being/acting saintly.

She never boasts - never.  Seriously.  Never.  a n d  trust me she has a lot to boast about.

She has two of the most adorable children [with the best personalities] I've ever seen/heard.

Did I mention I miss her?

Happy Thirty-something [older than me] Birthday Cass.

See you in [gasp/tear/joy] May.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm going to pass

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has seen this super sweet little sleeping number.

I saw the add [daily] on CNBC each morning before Valentine's Day.  I believe the culprit is/was the "pajama gram" company.  Just in case you were among the unfortunate who did not get to view this furry, 100% thick cotton - porn.  I'll be happy to help you out.  However, you must click here to see the whole thing.

It promises to give you three things you so desperately love all in one huge fluffy cotton-candy looking jumpsuit.
1.  hoodie
2.  blanket
3.  slippers

I super dislike the "snuggie" - SUPER dislike.  And with a name like "hoodie, footie, snuggle suit" and a price tag of $99.95 . . . it had better come with a grandma's chicken noodle soup helmet, the built in scent of my mom's homemade bread as well as audio clips with daily affirmations, "I'm good enough, I'm strong enough & gosh darn it people like me".  Trust me I'll need it if I'm wearing this.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

what's your policy?

on being there?
on helping others?
on serving others?
on gossiping?
on being real?

Yes, I'm having a rough one today. 

Until people realize that church walls are thin. . .  Gossiping is ugly. . . . And the simpliest of smiles can brighten any day . . . I'm loving Peanut's favorite commercial [this].

So simple.

So easy.

Such a great message [even if it is from an insurance company].

"Have you done any good in the world today?"  - I think I'm going to tape this to my forehead, mirror & phone.

*A big shout out to Evie for the text this morning.* ILY

Friday, February 19, 2010

not in my house


words are big in my house.  well not big like sesquipedalian.  big like imperative.

Meaning it's imperative that certain words are not used in my home [or car or anywhere I can possibly control the lingo for that matter].

I will write the words below [this is hard for me as even looking upon/typing these words torments me] 

moist - ok seriously....don't say this word if we are in the same 100 story building.  I will hear it and I will hurt you.  just notice the formation of your mouth when you say that word.  ugly.  ugly.  ugly.

panties - uggg. really? so - so - so gross.  we call them "chonies" in my house.  Proud to say Peanut didn't know what "P" were until she was 5.5-6.  "Mom, what are "P"?" after I calmed down & regrouped I told her it's an awful, horrible word we should never say in our home.

flange - just gross
chunky - [for you Ann] only makes me think of someone blowing chunks
prolapse - for obvious reasons
tot - he/she is a child.  he/she is not made from potatoes
thrush - [squirming]
kudos - unless your offering me the candy bar
props - "I give him props for..." I think I just threw up
uni - just keep talking ..... university - perfect.  uni - not so much.
extricate - too prickly.
penalised - gross
masticate - just chew the dang food.
holistic - foul. but it does alert me to the fact that I can now ignore any following words from the person who just said it. ;) j/k
phlegm - actually like to look at that one [nice letter mix] but hate to hear it
sibling - really? can you really not bear to say, "my sister", "my brother" or "my sister & brother"? [side note -- it has the word "bling" in it.  enough said]
utter - I only think of of cow when I hear this

You got word "issues" too?

What are yours?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

you tell me

So this is the fun part of my job most days.  Getting special bundles of joy from "UPS Susie".

So today I open to find this "you tell me" little number by Junya Watanabe.  [LOVE this designer].  But I didn't just get one - I received four.  Which makes me sooooooo happy.  Especially knowing what I paid for this $1,180 thing.

The only problem . . . I have no idea what it is.  The receipt is less than helpful stating "designer euro piece] - thinking "a piece of ... (*%#$) ".  Because to me - right now - it is this:

 A really expensive blob on my floor that Chuy [my annoying dog] wants to lay on.

I checked runway photos.  Ya, um, so which is it?


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

consider yourself warned.

Hearts day was awesome around our place.
Our home looked like it had been covered in a seriously thick layer of pepto bismol.  Or if it's more soothing to your tummy - - think Mary-Kay cadillac pink.  pink.  pink.  fabulous. 

There were red crepes.  looked a little lot creepy but fun.  pink milk.  pink water.  pink cream. a pink pre-church bath.  pink ice cream.  [side note] grateful strawberries are already red/pink as by 10am - we were fresh-out of red food dye.  I'm sure we all  have cancer from it by now.

Then the text came in . . . . we had been invited to our favorite neighbor's place for dinner.  Heck ya, I had a fabulous menu planned --- but there's always tonight for the even more fabulously aged prime-rib.  [one should never turn down Mr. L's homemade bolognese].  and even more important, never turn down a chance to get hugged and smooched to death by 4 year old twin girls.  awesome.

when I thought it couldn't get any better . . . a delivery from my VT [dessert of love].  insane.  yum.

but then . . . leave it to the Pita . . . the man knows the way to my heart.  I found this on my bed:

not sharing the inner [card] details - I'm sure you're plenty "good" with the photo you get to salivate over.  hubba-hubba.  been to paris twice.  how did I miss this daisy duke wearin' American?

at least I'm 99% confident I may look better in mine.

The best hearts day - - - buns down.

Friday, February 12, 2010

it's a hard knock life

So to most Valentine's Day is Happy - Happy - Happy.

not at my place.  well let me clarify.  I heart - hearts day - [very much].

my daughter - not so much. 

don't get me wrong - she loves the candy.  she loves making valentine's for others.

but this morning.  she was in tearsbegging to stay home.  from school.  on the day of the V-day party.

she was worried.  no really more like horrified to receive more of these at school today.

The note is an absolute classic.

"I love you Ellie.  I love you like a lego girl.  I love you like when m y dog begs.  I love you every bit in my heart.  Ellie I just love you.  I love you every day I see you."

I asked the Pita why he never loved me like a "lego girl" -- that is serious love, I tell you.

It's a hard life for a 9 year old.  to be very much liked [waaaaaaay too much at school]. by boys. ewwwww.

yes, her dad  l o v e d  that she was crying about this.  then mumbled to me, "In 4 to 5 years time she'll be crying when she doesn't get one from a certain someone - I am going to enjoy this moment    all  -  day  -  long."

I love you my Peanut.  Happy Valentine's Day! 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

my night - WED PM - abbreviated

Wednesday = family night at my place.
Last night we did a little questionnaire to figure out how much we "knew" about each other [aka the ones we "love" most].  awesome night.  tears of laughter by all.  One question was to name your favorite sports league.  Meaning we had to write down our favorite [like NFL, NHL, etc - these were each explained [we thought] to Peanut] then write down what we thought the other's answers would be.  So - -  fast forward to Peanut's answers:

Me [Ellie]:  TCIB - the commercials in between [yes, to a 9 year old{and me some days } inbetween is 2 words]
Mom:  ADW - anything Dad watches
Dad:  AWAB - anything with a ball

Sorry Dad, I'll be working with her on this after school today.

So grateful we have these crazy fun family nights.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Is it already THAT time of year again??!

Man - how time flies!!?

Seems like just a few months ago I was sneaking off to get this bathingsuit[less] porn from my dear mail-woman.  However, today I drove up as she entered my driveway. 

Me: Hi Mrs. A how are you?
Mrs A:  oh I am good, thank you.  You guys get a lot of magazines.
Me: Yes, I know - work, work, work [thinking celeb mag/celeb mag/celeb mag - got to KNOW what they are wearing!! yes, really for WORK!]
Mrs A: sooooooo what's this one for? [proudly holds up "SI swim issue"]
Me: [not even going to write what I said but we laughed so hard we were tearing up]
Mrs A:  oh tell the big guy I think you look like the girl on pg 74.
Me: Oh Mrs A, we only give $$ gifts to our mail person at Christmas time [referring to the butt kissing comment]
Mrs A: [not even going to write what SHE said]
Me: okay come by tomorrow for cupcakes [trust me, she will].

Marched right inside.  took a photo [I do it for my 13 followers ;) ].  marched it right back outside - into the blue bin it went.

Does this make me a bad wife?  If I had the time [and could be bothered] I'd put my face on each of them for the Pita for Valentine's Day.

but heck ya, of course I looked at page 74 before I recycled.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I just love that song by Feist. [note: the video is  a w e s o m e - r]

Things that have made my day [even at 10:10am - trust me, it IS "made"]
1,2,3,4 --- ok 10.

  1. That my toothbrush has been set out for me [with toothpaste] 3 times in 7 days [who's counting?!] by my loving Pita.  Don't even care that he keeps loading up the one I use to clean my ring.  My ring is looking fabulous.

2.  That I found this on my computer/office desk - we'll talk later about the "text style" writing.  hmmmm who is she learning that from? .... Nana!!

3.  Then there was a pain free run!  The best.
4.  Then I received confirmation on a Valentine's get-a-way trip. yea! [Thanks Mom for watching the kid-O]
5.  Then I saw this new addition to Peanut's door.  hilarious.

[it reads: "don't come in! UNLESS I let you come in or if I'm really mad DO come in to *(calm me down)* CMD - calm me down"] awesome - I want one on my door too.
6.  Turned on my computer to see I had been paid for this.  "selling" and getting "paid" are two VERY different things.
7.  Realized I had actually [ok the Pita had actually] made something grow [indoors] that looked amazing.

8.  That I don't have to go to this until next year.  Plenty of warning.  I like appreciate that.  Mostly, I like that he wants to go with me.
9.  That I woke up to this [nicely arranged clothing] that I may or may not have thrown [um ya sorry, the $4k dresses too] on the floor in a stressed/emotional moment last night - when I wished I was 4 people [5 would be fine too though]. [Maybe I need that sign off Peanut's door, just in case?!].  Thanks Pita.

10.  That Peanut will ask me really hard / gutt wrenching questions.  I soooooo dig her straight forwardness [hoping that's a word].

w a i t . . .

11.  I appreciate your comments you are about to leave too.  It will somehow make my day even better!

Friday, February 5, 2010

To MY Mom

Dear MY Mom,

Happy "xx" Birthday!

I love you. [sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much].

Been thinking about this post for weeks. 

I love the photo above.  Mostly, I love how calm you look.  I love how beautiful you look without make-up.  I love the chair [just a few years too late].  I love the [tupperware] cup I am holding.  [sorry I made you give them up to DI.]  I love that you made time for me - to sit with me.

This is a new favorite photo of mine.
I love that you were there to support me. On a "Sunday".  Believe it or not, I love it that we have the same "smile" lines by our eyes.  I love that you gave me blue eyes.
I love it when you hug me.

Here are a few ;) other thing I love/love remembering:

  • Puerto Vallarta
  • Volleyball tournaments
  • Sleeping on your floor [dad may not "love" this one so much though]
  • The morning you dropped me off for my 1st marathon in Utah
  • Scrabble games [it's your birthday so I won't say you cheat sometimes]
  • you always being my biggest cheerleader - in anything I do
  • The make-a-mix dance night in the Westover's backyard
  • Girl's camp
  • crossword puzzles
  • shaved ice as bribery to keep you awake
  • making hot [yummy] breakfasts for us 5 times a week [did you ever eat breakfast?]
  • seeing Peanut being born
  • Aerobics at church . . . with soup can weights
  • supermarket sweep with Madeline & Shauna
  • Easter dresses
  • EAT & BE MEAN - I mean LEAN
  • The BAD fish night
  • Bran muffins
  • Bleach stories
  • The year of the PUFF paint Christmas - yep the one where YOU said "damn"
  • Driving to Colorado - just you and your insanely scared daughter
  • summer library trips
  • teaching me how to work
  • Peanut adores you [more than she adores me, by far] - I guessing this is probably okay
  • That you love my hubby.  He knows it and that makes me happy.
  • That you have my back.
  • You know [A LOT of] what I could do better and you don't pester me
  • You read and even sometimes comment on my blog
  • I know you'd do anything for me
  • You put up with me during some VERY rough times in my life [I'm thinking mostly 11, 16, 18, 24 & 30]
  • You were there for me when the 30 minutes to Glendale to see my old friends seemed like 300.
I treasure our relationship Mom.  I know how blessed I am to have you as MY MOM.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

ET Designs

old shirts

1 random swatch of fabric

1 borrowed [from me] mannequin

4 hotel style thread/button "repair kits"

1 Sunday night

3 [creepy quiet] hours

and she walks out and shows me this:

b a c k

serious gathering.

this kid is 9.

I'll post the "finished product" tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

i heart art

I loved starting my computer today to see it was one of my most favorite artist's birthday.

norman rockwell.

If I didn't love my job so much [no sarcasm here] - I would go back to school to get a major in art history. 

I heart art. 

I love the stories art tells.  I love knowing what inspires other people to create what they create.

I'll never forget what I learned about him in Art History 101. 

He once said, "commonplaces never become tiresome.  It is we who become tired when we cease to become curious and appreciative."

So true.
For today, I am loving this:

The thing I love most?  The old woman's wrinkled hands with the simple gold wedding band.

I'd love 5 minutes to chat with her .... I'm curious about her story.

Monday, February 1, 2010

yes / no

Desert Classic - January 30, 2010

Was it cold?   Yes.
Does Aunt A look way too cute when she runs?   Yes.

Do we Eliason girls look happy when we run or what?   Yes.

Could she have run the marathon?  YES!

Were the other runners the most supportive group of runners I've ever run with? Yes.

Did Peanut run the mile [she was hoping to] with me?  No.

Is this the best sight to see when running?  Yes.

Did I make the time I needed to for NYC?  No.

Was I still happy? [See above mile 25 - got the tears out at 24.]

Is my husband the most supportive ever? Y E S !

Did I qualify for Boston .... again?  Yes.

Did I love having my new sweet [but make me look like a "puller"] sunglasses? YES.

Did my time get posted correctly? No.

Am I happy with my [correct] time?  [believe it or not] Yes!

Did I win as the first female finisher? Yes.

Do I know why I am standing in 2nd position [ballet]? No.

Did Peanut think this made me the sweetest Mom ever?  Heck Ya.

Am I bummed?  More like devastated.  I know I can do it. 

Bring on the [insanely F L A T] Rock N Roll course in 2011!

Will we Eliason girls run a marathon together?  Just tell me when ladies!