Thursday, December 19, 2013

Running After Routledge - Longrunergy

It's been way too long since I last checked in.  It's been a pretty awesome couple of months.

So grateful.

I know the holiday's are in full swing and we are all bouncing around from one place to the next........I just wanted to share a link with you all.

I had the absolute privilege to meet Susie a few months ago. 

 [Longrunergy] This lady is truly an inspiration.  A clear example of using running to do good in the world.

In February she will be taking part in an incredible journey. [biggest understatement ever]

PLEASE take a moment to read about it [here].

If you can donate - that would rock.
If you can spread the word through twitter, blog, Facebook - that is equally awesome.

I love seeing runners doing amazing things with their talents.

You are incredible Susie!