Friday, August 28, 2009

1 day early

As we were taught in primary, "Saturday is a special day, it's the day we get ready for Sunday...."
But more important than the "cleaning the house" & EVEN {gasp} "shop at the store" . . . . . .

It's the day Peanut & I do this.
But . . . . . . .
Last night I got a new one of these . . . . .

So today {Friday} at 7:40am - Saturday will be coming ONE day early.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My nemesis

This book! Which Peanut loved all day yesterday until the sun went down.
By bedtime, she was completely mortified. {I wish I could think of "stronger" words than "completely mortified".}
She {finally} fell asleep at 10:40 {bedtime is 8:30}. And woke-up at 1:33am thinking her silky red trimmed blanket had a, "ripped off arm under it".
By 3:10am, we had realized, in fact, there was certainly NOT a ripped off arm under the blanket.
Now, if I could only find Mr. Schwartz's address or better yet phone number, I think I'd like to call him around 2am tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My favorite purchase {so far} this year?

T h e s e mama-jamas . . . . . . . . . . .

And YES, they ARE appropriate for church. My whole ward agreed last Sunday.

Monday, August 24, 2009

boom - boom - p o w !

Sunday dinner with Nana & Papa started off like most. Me trying to impress my cookbook writing Mom with a yummy meal and keep my standing with my Dad as the "Best cook in the family". Thanks to Happy & Uncle M for not even trying to compete with me. The two "peacemaker" girls in the family ----- Game on! This title is mine! So before I could say, what would you like in your fabulous made-to-order dessert crepes, Peanut had enlisted Nana & Papa in a Wii Challenge {minus instructions on how you play}.

Papa found solace {from his loss} on the sweet new couch {and cover - hey, I think this matches something?!} ;)

However, there is a long standing battle between Pita & Peanut when it comes to Wii Boxing. She rocks. If you could only see her little feet running in place 3 X as fast as her arms are moving - priceless. Not sure if this qualifies as keeping the "Sabbath Day HOLY" - with the Pita yelling....... NO, actually SCREAMING "GET-UP!, GET UP!!" every time "Cheech" falls, beads of sweat dripping off his brow and back & looking at the remote as if it's done him wrong.

Who's boxing reigns supreme? That's my Peanut.

Friday, August 21, 2009

I fish...there for I pretend I know how.

Oh, how I love family road trips. More often than not, they start out with Pita showing a fellow driver the way to the nearest exit {with a certain finger}, intentions of "real" camping, dreaming of the "big-one" Ellie will catch & me with my "list of things to talk about" given this masterful plan of being in a confined space with my Hubby for about 2-3 hours.....HEAVEN!
However, usually by the time we arrive I'm ticked my conversation didn't happen due to 90MPH driving 4" behind the bumper of the {slow} car in front of us, Pita is mad that I have somehow managed to dig my fingernails into his legs through shorts {due to how safe I felt during the drive}. The camping sites are all taken {except for the one by the "bathroom", I use that term loosely}, someone has forgotten their "man-shoes"... {me}, and I see what looks like an In-N-Out burger from the entry to the campsite?!
So never mind we ended up staying at a resort with our camping equipment in our car. See Dad, I listed to your "Be PREPARED" comments. Had we broken down on the way home - we would have been just fine.
We did get to fish in what I think was a lake?! {I don't know the difference between water masses, I'm from Arizona.} And never mind my purse in the photo with my trashy magazines inside, I was fully committed to this fishing thing. I managed to score the best "catch" this day. This photo from my peanut, with the Pita thinking he can teach me something new about fishing?! As if..........

Monday, August 17, 2009

No - thank y o u !

The first day of 4th grade.

The whole walk {all 3 minutes anyway} she said to me.

"Thanks for walking me in, Mom",
"Thanks for coming with me and not dropping me off, Mom",
"Thanks for taking me to my class, Mom",
"Mom, you make me feel less nervous."

but my favorite:

"Mom, even when I am scared- I look at you and it feels like home".

Does she watch too many movies? Where does she get these lines?

I will enjoy every moment walking with you to school. I'm sure "one day" this will not be your request {and that's okay, I think} but until then . . . . Thank y o u Ellie.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to school - Welcome to the jungle.

So Ellie reminds me at 11am:

Ellie: weren't you supposed to take me school {clothes} shopping today?

Mom: Ahh yes! Give me 10 minutes, I'll get dressed.

E: But mom you haven't showered.

M: this is WHY I work from home.

E: but take your time - we don't have to rush.

M: Yes, we do. Have to be at post office by 2pm.

E: Can I pick out your outfit?

M: As long as it's not too fancy - I'm not feeling fancy today.

{I am actually leaving A LOT out!}

E: how about this {enter sweet jeans - like that, really ugly green shirt I haven't worn for at least a year, my Harley-Davidson belt {hello U of A college days!!} and ZEBRA 4" heels - I swear they actually can look sweet with the right outfit {just not this one}.

M: Ummmm remember -I'm not feeling fancy.

E: because you don't have make-up on. Do your make-up I'll be back in 5 minutes.

M: {Ugggggggggg} ok sweet cheeks.

{ 2 minutes {tops} passes}

E: I said to put on make-up

M: Ummmm it IS on.

E: uhh ok - take your hair out of a ponytail it looks like you just woke up.

M: {ouch} I'M KEEPING THE FRIGGIN PONYTAIL - my little angel. ;)

E: really? Do you have to?

M: yes, have to. okay - get out - I'm getting dressed in this sweet outfit. Be out in a few.

{I open my door - she's standing right there - in the doorway}

E: Mom you are the best. You are ready to go to the mall with ME!

And this is why I wore the "freak show" outfit - she thought I was the most fabulous mom there. The other appropriate mom's there {in their mom jeans and crocs}?

Not so much. ;)