Friday, October 29, 2010

"One Night in Bangkok" - Murray Head

Friday Funnies- brought to you by my Bro-In-Law [police officer] "buff".

The following 15 Police Comments were taken from police car videos around the country. Count down to #1...  the photo that's from a "gun show" I went to. 

I loved  the shirt.
#15 "Relax, the handcuffs are tight because they're new. They'll stretch after you wear them a while."
# 14 "If you take your hands off the car, I'll make your birth certificate a worthless document."
#13 "If you run, you'll only go to jail tired."

#12 "Can you run faster than 1200 feet per second? Because that's the speed of the bullet that'll be chasing you."

#11 "You don't know how fast you were going? I guess that means I can write anything I want to on the ticket, huh?"
#10 "Yes, sir, you can talk to the shift supervisor, but I don't think it will help. Oh, did I mention that I'm the shift supervisor?"

#9 "Warning! You want a warning? O. K., I'm warning you not to do that again or I'll give you another ticket."

#8 "The answer to this last question will determine whether you are drunk or not. Was Mickey Mouse a cat or a dog?"

#7 "Fair? You want me to be fair? Listen, fair is a place where you go to ride on rides, eat cotton candy, and corn dogs and step in monkey poo. "
#6 "Yeah, we have a quota. Two more tickets and my wife gets a toaster oven."

#5 "In God we trust, all others we run through NCIC."

#4 "How big were those 'Just two beers' you say you had?"

#3 "No sir, we don't have quotas anymore. We used to, but now we're allowed to write as many tickets as we can."
#2 "I'm glad to hear that chief (of Police) Hawker is a personal friend of yours. So you know someone who can post your bail."

#1 "You didn't think we give pretty women tickets? You're right, we don't. Sign here."  [ouch].


Thursday, October 28, 2010

"More, more more" - Andrea True


"tagged" me for this "fun food tag".

So here's the dirty. dirty.

1. If you could eat anything without any health repercussions or guilt, what would your meal be?

bread pudding, carrot cake, smothered mashed potatoes . . . with a "chaser" of pickle juice.

2. If you could meet anyone living or dead who would it be and why?

Grandma & Grandpa E.  "Ummmmm, ya so where exactly did you put all my Dad's 1948 baseball cards?
3. Why did you start blogging and what did you expect when you started?

In all honesty, as a journal. I dislike [hand] writing things and I hate scrap booking. This way I can type [at a snails-pace] and insert photos without all the paper, glue, stickers all over my house.  I expected nothing.  Truly.  Actually thought my account was a "private" one until I received a comment from someone I didn't know saying my shoes [I had posted about wearing to church] were "inappropriate for church".
4. What is the one book you could read over and over again?

"Mama, do you love me?" --- About a little Alaskan girl who thought she had been soooooo bad.  Nope, not written by Bristol Palin.

5. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

Spain. Not completely sure why. But  n o w  that I know Spain is NOT in Mexico, I'd like to go there. Nothing against Mexico, just have already been there PLENTY of times.  My MIL lives in London, so Spain seems totally doable.

6. If you could have a TV show on the Food Network, what would it be?

Husband VS. Wife cooking competition.  "I [sooooooo] cook better than you!" 

7. What was the best meal you ever had?

At home: My signature birthday dinner my mom made me every year: marinated flank steak, mashed potatoes & gravy, corn, jell-O [uggg, yes, seriously] mixed with whipping cream, homemade rolls [with slabs of butter].

Dining Out: Morton's. Fillet Mignon, grilled asparagus, sauteed mushrooms

close second

Sushi: tuna, yellowtail, hana pride

8. Who has been the greatest influence on your love for food and learning to cook?

My Mom. without. a. doubt. Some of my fondest memories involve: my mom, food & our kitchen. Waking up 6 out of 7 days to a hot breakfast . . . awesome.

Walking in from school to the smell of fresh baked bread . . . even awesome-R. Red velvet cake on my birthday . . . bliss.

Here are my tags - no tag backs. hehehehee
1.  Caratunk Girl --- this girl.  is awesome.  just completely awesome.
2.  Carly - If you do not follow her currently.  you.  are. missing.  out.  hilarious.
3. Adrienne - i. adore. her.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Someone keeps moving my chair" -TMBG

A must see.

Warning:  a little deeper than normal.  no, worries, if you back out now.  The video was the good part.

I distinctly remember sitting in my biology class my junior year in high school. I got to first period early, as was usually the case, when I drove EF to school with me. The girl, she liked had to be EARLY. I was wearing a striped Ralph Lauren "polo" shirt with a pair of 501 denim Levi's. That morning. changed. my. life. A conversation over-heard by my [awesome] biology teacher between EF & I. If only I could find his address or phone number. I'm sure he is on Facebook. ;) I would call and thank him.

He begged me to trust him and open up to him and his wife [who was a councilor in the downstairs office]. Which was no small task, given the circumstances.

Life. changing. defining. moment.

Never shared 100% of what actually happened [with anyone]. I'm fine and happy with that. I, for the most part, talk too much. Way too much. I like knowing. I have a "thing". A "thing" between me and my Father in Heaven. Just us.

Make no mistake . . . .

Home was the one place where I was safe. But my fear [of dealing] still consumed me at home.

I was so afraid that by talking about certain things with my mom and dad, home would no longer be a place where I could forget about what I was trying to hide.

There were/have been a few times where I honestly thought life was too hard, too painful to survive. I'll call this young [or not-so young] and stupid of me. Thankfully, my parents told me that, no matter what burdens life dished out, there's nothing - nothing - that's too difficult to survive.

I still have those fleeting moments where I cling to those words.

The "pain" of my early years has actually done a few wonderful things for me. It's made me incredibly resilient where hearsay is concerned. These days, I can give a flying fish what others [99.4% of them anyway] say or think about me. It may has made me quite confrontational but I'm fine with that.  I've "got my [own] back", if needed.

It has made me extremely compassionate and supportive of certain communities/causes.

I often say, "I am grateful for everything I've experienced." It's a true statement. And what I've gone through . . . . it probably looks like a spring day in May, skipping in fresh, just mowed grass, while picking tulips ...... to others. ;)

I am grateful I weathered an extremely trying situation that cemented my confidence and gave me steel-like resilience, at least 344 days of the year. What? ........ I am human. I have "poor me" days. "This sucks" days. And "I suck" days. Days, I wish someone would STOP "moving my chair".

No matter your challenge in life - [and we all have them . . . . each and every one of us] whether it be loss, harassment, grief, heartbreak or another trying time.

I promise this - - - - it will get better.

Because. each of us. we are the ones who can make it better. And me . . . . . apparently, I like a challenge.

Now if I can just go find my *&%#@$# chair.

Happy Wednesday to ALL!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cry - Faith Hill

So what if I still tear up when I see this.

Bring on the JJ 100 RL!

Yes, I really said, "is that it?".  hilarious.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Super Bon Bon -SC

Love Soul Coughing - great running music.

Me = E.T.  . . . . is . . . .

Registered for the

Tucson Marathon.


My [$49 purchased] profile picture was taken at this very marathon last year.

I really was THAT happy at 25.2.

How can I say "no"?!

What?!  You're running it too!?

"Nothing Compares" -S. O'Connor

The best anniversary gift, I received over the weekend.

The "free" ones always are   the   best   ones.

I love my Peanut.

Thanks for all the amazing comments on Friday.  Happy Me.  The weekend was wonderful . . . and so is today.

Happy Monday.

Friday, October 22, 2010

"One dozen" - TMBG


1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1 = 12

[Tomorrow] It'll be one dozen.

Maybe . . .

one dozen bagels
one dozen donuts [buttermilk, please]
one dozen eggs
one dozen flowers ---- oh, yes, I like that.

One dozen years ago I married the Pita.  After knowing him for 97 days. 
[I met his Mom & sister one day before the wedding.]

It was my fairy tale wedding.  The one I had dreamt of for 21 years.

Here are a few of my favorite photos.

First dance.

Me with My Dad.

Me.  Being.  Me.

The Pita with the women.

Me bawling after a comment from "happy".

Me with the boys men.
And my Pita, not letting any of my leg show.

One [awesome] thing my mom did was to write down things people said at/about our wedding.

Ya, so ex-boyfriends aren't allowed to make "official" comments and probably shouldn't have been on the "invitee" list, says the Pita. [see white bar below].
Things I remember:

* running 13 miles, that morning.  Yes, I was crazy way back then too.
* going to see "Robert" to get my hair/make-up done.
* family rules, as in "rocks"
* dancing.  a lot of dancing.  But "happy" dancing the most.
* I wore a necklace [gasp]
* I got the ring I had been eyeing at work for the last two years [worked at jewelry store]
* loving that my dad was walked me down the isle.
* my mom & girlfriends helping me get ready.
* never getting cold feet.
* never thinking 97 days was too soon. Met AND married within 97 days.
* I loved my dress. It was the first dress I tried on.
* I only tried on one dress.  no joke.  one. and I bought it. that. day.
* That the Pita said he was glad we picked the 23rd, being that he could never forget it since #23 was on 90% of the shoes he owns.
* I remember getting to the hotel room.  He carried me through the door and we both dropped to the floor and [finally] ate.  with our fingers.  out of zip-lock bags.
* The happiness of that day
* Not a care in the world.  Not one.

Happy Dozen My PITA!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh What A Night - Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons

Life as a child.

Everyone can remember at least a few [great] things about childhood.

Maybe it was sitting outside on Turkey Day Eve waiting for the big moment when your dad was going to put the Turkey in the backyard under ground pit.

Maybe it was playing Barbie’s and dreaming of meeting Michael Jackson.

Or maybe it was watching football and WWF on Sunday nights from inside a fort in the family room.

It might even be running at lightening speed (it seemed) in your new pair of shoes.

Or it could be as simple as the saying your sister said every night before bed.


. . . . the way your dad called you a “rat” and it made you giggle.

. . . . maybe it’s squirting pudding through the gaps in your teeth.

. . . . milk out your nose.

. . . . cupcakes.

. . . . a birthday cake [in the face].

. . . . just birthday's all together.

. . . . Being able to yell for your mom at 1,3 or 4am knowing she‘d be right by your side within seconds.

Or maybe not.

Maybe you can't remember many of those things about being a child.

Maybe all you can remember is the feeling.

Freedom. Carelessness. Adventure.


Playing so hard that you were exhausted by dinner time.

Forgiving so e a s i l y.

Loving so much.

Think back.

Don't look at your cell phone.

Wait to respond to that email. 
And think. Yes, I know it’s hard. Thanks to Kelly. I tried it Friday night to Saturday night. [going “unplugged"] Yep, I failed. But I will attempt again. If it’s only one day a week “unplugged”. It’ll be worth it.

[Anyone see modern family last night? Bar soap -- cell phone anyone?]

I Remember.

I Cherish.

I want nothing more than Peanut to have the same feelings about her childhood that I have of mine. And I don’t recall my mom/dad being on the phone, emailing, texting, putting any “work” over/before family.

WELLLLLLLLLLLLL, the one time my mom did, I cried and she ate the chicken I made her for dinner.   Right.   Then. ;) [remember that Mom?!]

I want that feeling more often.

When someone did something you didn't like, you reacted.
But you forgave. You said you were sorry and it was over. Like over - over.
You laughed as long, hard and as loud as you wanted. Because it was funny. It was that funny. It didn’t matter if anyone else thought it was. You laughed until your stomach hurt and you didn't even think it being a great abs workout.

When it hurt. You cried. Because it hurt. Because you were sad. And you let everyone see. Because it was okay to be sad sometimes.

And you said "I love you" as often as you blinked.

Because you were a kid. And that is just what kid's do.

Then, we grew up. All most of us did. And we don't show those feelings like we used to. We don't forgive as quickly, or love as often.

The world got bigger. And we may not look like a kid, or live like a kid. But that doesn't mean we can't still feel like a kid.

So last night I had a dance party with Peanut. And one very cool jukebox.  The timing was bad.  It was late.  I wasn't in the best of mood from the evening events leading to 7:30pm. 

Until. . . we began dancing.

And laughed . . Like kids.

And danced . . Like kids.

And acted . . Like kids.

And it was wonderful.

Because it was fun & also very funny.

And it‘s great being a grown-up kid.
[This was the song that started all the fun last night]

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Wonderful" - Gary Go

So today I woke up to this:

Which to this AZ girl is as close to heaven on earth as it gets.

I hurried and got my required training run done on my "ed" [treadmill]. Then I went and got my favorite neutered man, in my life.

And we went for a 2 mile run.

Well, actually he went for a 1 mile run and a 1 mile drag.   I went for a 1 mile run followed by a 1 mile bicep pull/jog.  Had a lady who was a passenger in a car role down her window and say, "well........this is the first time I've seen an owner run faster than their dog.  Way to go."  Ya.  awesome.

We arrive back at home and within 30 seconds, I see this.

Really Mase?  An ice cold bath after 2 miles?!  AZ dogs.

Lazy butt.

What I'm listening to . . . . I love this song.

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, October 18, 2010

The House Rules - Christian Kane

We interrupt on-line Boston freaking registration *&^$#*~%$@# [the 42 time filling in all the blanks is a charm?!] to crack a few funnies . . . .

No. 407: When we ask you how we look, you lose points every time you answer with "fine."

No. 384: It's not that we like the flowers themselves, it's that the flowers mean you're thinking about us. And we love that.

No. 494: We kind of wish we could chest-bump, too.

No. 154: Never underestimate the power of a kiss on the head.

No. 634: When we are truly angry, we go silent. That is your opportunity to apologize, or run. Neither will save you.

No. 584: "Business casual": Easy for you, but bewildering for us.

No. 374: Even we know this: The craziest girls are the ones who seem the most normal at first.
No. 495: We still like being asked on a proper date.

No. 841: Even if we look sad, don't tell us that we look depressed.

No. 934: Nothing is quite as comforting as a big, man hug. Safe, warm, firm, but yielding.

No. 455: We always want dessert. We always want you to order dessert. What we never want is for you to ask us if we want dessert. It's redundant.

No. 444: Replacing the roll of toilet paper counts as one of those "little things" that we love.

No. 914: Putting dishes in the sink doesn't count as doing the dishes

No. 417: No matter how much we love you we will never care what level you've gotten to in Call of Duty.

No. 204: "Chuck Norris would do it" is not an excuse for bad behavior.

No. 148: We like safe drivers. High-speed chases only impress us when they involve Jason Statham.
No. 724: We are really more forgiving after fights than we let on.

No. 472: In regards to shirt buttons, here's our advice: one open, you're fine, two open, you're cutting it close, three or more and you look like you belong on Tool Academy.

No. 946: It's true: We always want to be your top priority.  Always.

No. 224: Electronics clipped to your pants are sexy only if you're Batman, Superman, or any other kind of man who needs them to save lives, not send e-mail

No. 249: We love hearing about your family. Even when it's boring, it's good to know you think about them

No. 847: When we slam the door, it means come in.  Duh.

So now you [men] have no excuses.

Happy Freaking Monday.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cry or laugh?

You decide.

[a w e s o m e]

So did you laugh or did you cry?

Both?  Liar.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Blitzkrieg Bop - R A M O N E S

Awesome song.

So yesterday at 3:16pm.

I freaking got these [yes, freaking]:

O M Gosh.

Immediately, put the black one on.

Then emailed "Ron" .  Saying something like this:

"HOLY FREAKING CRAP.   I am so happy.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank YOU!

My 10 year old thinks I've lost it, [probably have] but . . . . I am so excited.

Just in time - have one on already [no shock there] off to the gym. YAY me!

Thank you!


* * * *  * * *  * * * *

 and off to the gym I went . . . . . feeling pretty sweet.

Woke up this morning and ran this far in the pink "Ramones" like one.

I may be converted to t-shirts.

I mean seriously.


Hmmmmm, I wonder if he can make one of these into a bra top?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

"It's All I can Do" - Cars

It's all I can do. [random fact posts]

But this time I was asked to.  Thanks "Goose" for the Versatile Blogger award.

[funny fact . . . google "versatile blogger" then go to the Images tab ---- enjoy.  You can thank me later.  So funny.  Okay, probably just didn't get out today but it cracked me up.]

I liked this one best.

Versatile?!  Not so sure.


Seven more tender, juicy bits of knowledge about me you [never] wanted to know.

1.  I hate this crease on my arm.  I sleep with my arm under the Pita's pillow [which HE hates, hates, hates] so that the crease won't get creas-ier.

2.  My mom is famous.  Here's their blog.  One day I'll convert her to blogspot.  Seriously, millions of cookbooks sold.  Remember cookbooks?  Those recipe book things we used to use before foodnetwork[dot]com was invented.

3.  I own one necklace.  It was a gift.  Haven't worn it for about four years.

4.  Sorry, to all my tri-guys out there . . . Biker shorts on men [unless they are on the bike 100% of the time they are wearing them] make me c r i n g e
[Anyone see "Modern Family" Wednesday night?  Nuff said.]

5.  I [now] love that my birthday is in early January.  I just start my celebration on  New Years Eve and it lasts a solid 7 daysWorks for me!  I'm thinking I'll make it last until after Rock N' Roll AZ this year, what's an extra week and a half?!

6.  My name is Emz and I'm addicted to Costco.

7.  I still have lead stuck in the palm of my hand from 4th grade.

JC - the boy I liked for about 4 years, stuck me with it [accident].  Hurt like crap.  I remember sitting there thinking awesome.  Completely awesome. 

Hmmmmmm, who to tag?!

* Julie @ Hotlegs Runner.  I just love saying, "hotlegs"
* Karen R @ Glass Slippers.  I mean look at that shoe.
* Q @ Q on the Move. The man puts screws in his shoes.  no joke.

"When The Deal Goes Down" - BD


I'm selfish.

I often find myself making "deals" with others.  Business "deals" - those seem to be the easy ones [re: my work/business].  Family "deals" get slightly trickier. 

You know, like this, "Mom if I remove your dead toenail - you have to pick up the dog's poop for two days." 


"If you let me stay up 20 more minutes - I'll rub your feet for 5 of those minutes".

This "dealing" often reminds meof a show I used to watch almost daily.  "Let's Make A Deal" [with Monty Hall].

I loved everything about this show.  The weirdness.  The suspense.  The selfishness of the players.  They may already have a new car in curtain #1 but they sit there really stressing about how curtain #3 may have something better.  Ya, like a 187 year old camel.

Low point.  Yesterday.  When [can't believe I am going to admit this but . . ] I actually found myself proposing a "deal" - wait for it.  wait for it. . . .  with God.  Yep, you read that right.  The thought/prayer went up something like this [sorry if this is hard to follow, but it's the honest truth]

"....if You can please help me with my "A" [wait that doesn't sound right]."

started again.

"....If You help me with my #1 then I'll do #2 [wait, that sounds even worse]."

[self slap.  Emz, stay focused.]

"....if You help me with XYZ then I'll make sure I take care of ABC that I've been putting off."

and before I could get to my next thought my eyes poped open.

Really Emz?!  Really?!

He scratches your back and you'll scratch HIS?  Get a clue Lady . . . . He is already scratching.  Ya, for like 30 something years.  Feel it.  Realize it.  Be grateful for it.

[Note to self.]

A few less deals in life, may be a really good thing.  I truly, don't feel like I ask a lot of others.  But when I do . . . why are they always in "deal" format?

So please feel free to call me out on this, if I do it.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Ramble On" - LZ

Ten Things Tuesday

1.  I love high-fives
2.  Six days until I register for this:

3.  The Pita's hands may be big but "J"'s hands are especially tiny.
4.  And her pinkie may be even tinier . . . [yes, I thought it was a little funny]
5.  Miles for today, ehhhh, I'lll take it

6.  Scored a sweet "Ladies Technical Vest" from Barefoot Neil Z's 10*10*10 Virtual race.  Completely awesome
7.  Pita came home with this for me Saturday.  Left me a little confused.

* I tried 74 times to fix it/turn it - I give up.*
 [ok, ok, that's not rare but . . ] he said, "I just need to fit the word "running" in there somewhere."  Sorry, can not print/type my reply.......I swear, he even thought it was funny though.

8.  Fun night Saturday night celebrating "S"'s birthday.  Yes, the guy behind us to the left [wait was that Kovas?!] was super creepy.

[ummm, ya, just realized I photo shopped him out - wise move by me.]
9.  Why is [most] everyone waiting until 2012 to do Boston?!  Just curious.  Well, I'm not - so take that --- all eleven zero people that care.

10.  Reason # 812 that a ten year old should not have a cell phone.

Your mom is the only one who wants to talk to you knows your number.
Reason #813 - - she never answers the bloody phone.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Run This Town

So I signed up for this yesterday.

So who's comin'?

Come on!

If it was this much fun last year:


Trying to put together a little "meet-up" party. [Friday, January 14th or whenever we can get the most people out!]

Leave a comment or email me.  Let me know if you are coming!

And Ummmm Happy Canadian Turkey Day?!  I have a [blonde] story about this but . . . maybe another day.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Barefoot Neil Z - 100 MILE - VR

Okay Neil.  Here it is.

I got my bloody 100 miles in. 

Now it's time for the breakdown.

  • 14 mile treadmill run 9/27.
  • 10 mile treadmill run 9/28.
  • 6 mile treadmill run 9/29.
  • 50 mile [woot woot - wanna see my buckle?] trail run.
  • 8.2 mile outdoor run [?!!?] 10/8 - only because I got lost.  YAY Emz!
  • 13 mile run [12 mill / 1 outside] 10/9!

From the last 1 mile - this morning.
= 101.2 miles
Loved having this VR - to get me focused me after the 50 miler. 


Thanks Neil!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Mint Milanos & Running on water

I remember my childhood like it was yesterday.

I wore Reebok high tops, Vans and stonewashed jeans. My face was full of heavy metal for almost two years and I was cursed with thin, straight hair that closely resembled the color of dirt.

I often recall playing in the backyard with my brother M & his/our friends.  When we couldn't go swim at the "W's" or "P's" place, we'd set up the sprinkler under the trampoline and see who could break a bone first.  Yes, I usually won.  Even though by brother would be jumping off the roof onto the tramp. [?!!?]

We'd run around the "W's" back yard with our friends in the summertime.  Driving ATV's [their backyard was big, big, big], playing shark & running as fast as we could down the hill and trying to continue to run while on water. We'd chomp on broken Mint Milano we'd have bought for 1/2 price while in Logan, Utah & "S's" mom would bring us out the fanciest PB & J sandwiches you've ever seen.

I kept my homework organized in a Trapper Keeper full of bright, sparkly Lisa Frank folders and I l o v e d  those pens that had four colors of ink.

Dinner was 99.4% of the time, a proper, square meal with a meat, two veggies and a starch. RARE was the occasion we'd get take-out.  Usually the 5 for 5 deal at nearby Arby's.  Every day off from school was a know date with Dad at the nearby bowling alley.

Life was good.

And even when it wasn't perfect - it was never bad.

Yes, there were times I'd get in trouble. Occasions when I'd take the "too short" of shorts to school in my backpack and change in the school's crusty bathroom.  Days my "friends" would sell me out to their parents and I'd return home with a parent or two with flaring nostrils.

Somehow I'd always come out alright after that quiet time in my room.

I'd waste time listening to Tiffany, Duran Duran and Debbie Gibson sing while hiding under my 100% cotton sheet, doodling with my Etch A Sketch or noteboook [at varied ages]. Then they'd would come to my room and we'd talk about whatever trouble I was in. After a few serious words, maybe a few tears and a quivering lip - we'd hug and go to the kitchen for a bowl of ice cream navel orange.

Now that I'm a "grown-up", with my kido [stretching the limits at times], I think back to those days, and how hiding under my covers and a hug from Mom/Dad seemed to make it all better.  I try to be as understanding as my parents were [no small task].  One [extra] calming breath & a hug.

Sometimes it really is that easy.
Just a little love & understanding can truly be all it takes
See that, I didn't even mention my buckle today.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Danger Zone"

So the Pita & I had a little chat about this last night.

I was thinking [well hoping] the conversation would end with a feeling like this:

But, errrr, ummmm, it kind of went down more like this:

But it was the bigger guy with the fist all mighty in the air.
Maverick[Emz]: Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a fly[100 mile run]by.

Air Boss Johnson[Pita]: That's a negative, Ghost Rider, the pattern [calendar] is full.
Then something like this was added: [you'll have to put the words in the right order]
 . . . . . "  I'll   you   be   we'll   running   can   compare   Vegas   in   me   4pm   while   at   call   gambling   anniversary   stories  .  "  . . . . .
He really has been a freaking trooper

I mean . . . . 6 marathons in 9 months + crewing one 50 miler.   I am grateful.
But the JJ100 is on the calendar for 2011.  You bet cha.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cure For The Itch - Linkin Park

So this dang race has left me with a mighty itch.

So at noon, I finally got out of my PJ's [what?!  When would you take off your PJ's if you worked from home?] . . . and I got my little cowgirl self into this . .

Wait for it . . .

Wait for it . . . . . .

Ahhh, heck ya.  Now, my day can officially start.

But the weirdest thing happened.

After I wore it at lunch [with my favorite Julie], I started itching.  Head scratching.  nervous shakes, twitching and I once again found myself here. [click].

Then I looked back on the emails from this morning from "RL".  And I had to look at this again.


Here's a youTube video from last year. [click]

Okay, so what could be more romantic than celebrating your 12th anniversary while [one of you is] running?!

I don't think I can can't wait until next year.

Ummm, help.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Fantastic Voyage"

SO here's the dirty-dirty. [details & photos]

This is your official warning.

This 50 miler earned me:
  • One sweet buckle
  • One dirty bib

  • 11 [yes, eleven] awesome blisters.  This is so gross.  Sorry, I'll just post one.  This is an average size - the big one busted. 

  • Going to lose my big right toenail and two on the left foot.  Not as bad as I had thought.  Was thinking I had 5 goners.  Not posting a photo of these babies.  Ya, remember feet gross me out [yes, even mine].
  • 50 miles done for Neil's VR!
  • The most incredible [new] friend and [new] running partner.  You can check out her video from last years race [here].  She is amazing.  I am seriously considering running this with her.
  • The right to post my ugliest running form / running face photo.  The Pita last night, "I don't think it's fair you only post the photos that you like.  I think you should have to post your least favorite photo too.".  FINE.  whatever.  Oh ya baby, look at those wrinkles.  That horrible form.  Loving it.

Now a few #'s:

Elevation gain:  7,040

Average pace:  12.34

PB & J's:  3 bagel style [with salt]

Gu's:  zero ---- why eat Gu when you can eat M & M's?!

Aww crap - there was one Gu Chomps

Protein bars:  two

M & M's - lots

pickle juice - one cup

pee stops - one [this actually worried me - but I'm okie dokie]

Cookies - two

Alleve - three

Costco muffin - one

granola bars - three

Mountain Dew - two

Powerades - two

nuun tablets - six

[For Kovas]:


finish...okay fine........

* To take is easy peasy for first 32.
* To walk up any hill that was worse than "average" or  longer than 1/8 of a mile.
* To eat something every 3 miles [after mile 8]
* To plan on walking most of miles 29-32.
* To not fall and break something.
* To shuffle as much as possible.  Tried not to walk as much as possible.
* To finish strong and without a significant limp.
* To finish wanting to do another one. [this was my secret wish].  granted.

This is for Peanut. 

She said you all "would like to see how I ran into/through bushes".

My sweet swollen ankle.

Dang high school injuries.

Okay, I'll try and resume "normal blogging" now.
I loved everything about this race.  Everything.  I just keep replaying it over and over in my mind.  One of the best days in my life, to date.

Thank you.

Thank you for following me on this journey. 

It has meant everything to me.

Monday, October 4, 2010

More Than Words - Extreme

To say, "I don't know where to start." Would be the most understated thing I've probably ever said.

But . . . I don't know where to start.  So let's start with a few photos from Race Packet Pick up.  Was very hard to find.  In the middle of a dirt field.  However, if you were coming from the other direction - it was well marked.

Like this:

Follow the pink Barbie strings, right?!  Awwww, they shouldn't have.

Found the table to pay / pick up.  "You here for the 12?" [nope]  "The 25?" [nope - the 50] "Ohhhhh, okay.  You're only number 27, so far."

[ummmm, yay me?!]

The shirt:

This is all I will say about this experience, for now.  Off to dinner.  Pasta time.  Yum.

I will be doing my RR in songs, for the most part.  Feel free to click on the song name but be sure to come back!

While sitting at dinner, I just kept thinking, "I want to take forever tonight".  Tomorrow was coming a little too quickly.

Then, I kept thinking about how badly I wanted more of my loved ones here with me.  My Mom kept saying I "Wanna Be There" but I just didn't feel this was a great event for spectators.

Enter 4:45 am.

Bring on the horses.

Found "A".  Got our pre-race photo.

Right after this photo was taken [about 45 seconds].  I [no joke] had a horse charge at me, turn his butt to me and then I hear the lady [rider] say "Run away!  Run away!".  The Pita & I didn't think this was a great way to start the morning.  Have I mentioned, I hate horses.  Wait, more like I'm afraid of horses.  This was no bueno.  Face your fears, right?!  I'd just rather do this face to face.  Not butt to face.

Let it rock.
Then I thought of this song, "Ship of Fools".  have no idea why.

Now the first few miles is in a wash.  Lots [lots] of dirt, pebbles, sand & holes.  Ahhhh, so THIS is why people were wearing "gators".  Uggg.

At mile 5 The Pita was there.  "You good?"  I AM, I SAID.  First aid station - YAY!
The pace was good. 

Knowing there were 45 more just like it [actually much, much harder]. 9:30-9:45 pace.

Miles 5-13 ..... Seemed pretty non-eventful.  Was feeling the elevation a bit.

When my Garmin hit 13.  Immediately, I was, "Lost in Emotion".  Thinking really?  Really, I'm only a half marathon into this.  I knew this thought needed to be a fleeting one.  I hear Andrew typing, "SUPERWOMAN".  I remember what I told Adrienne, "I am strong."  I remember what I told KP to do, "say I've got this!".  And by 13.25.  I had wrapped my brain around this thought:

Emz - you are going to be out here all day.  You will not stop.  You want the buckle.  Buck up.  You are strong.  Enjoy the view.  You can do this.

At this point, I am running by or near by "A".  I really felt, I needed someone to pace me.  On the {rare} flat portions, I had a hard time staying steady.  My legs were strong.  I wanted to run faster.  But I knew that'd be stupid.

At 16, "Top Back" came on and motivated me at a perfect time.  I could feel a blister coming about on the top of my right foot.  I put it off [looking] until 20.

The Pita wasn't there, as we had planned.  These roads were few and far between.  I completely understood but was silently sad.  The thought crept in, "Em you're not even half way" - shot that down ASAP.  I'm at 20 and I feel really good.  Yep, that feels WAY better.

At 20, Had a PB&J with added salt.  Some M&M's and checked the foot.  Ehhh, was ok.  Not great but ok.  Put an ENGO pad on.  [You must buy these if you get blisters.]  AMAZING. 

The people at the aid station didn't like the way my feet I looked.

"You ok?"
Me:  yep. 
"Are you going to stay with her [they asked "A"]?"
[uhhh, hello, I'm right here?!]
A:  ya.

So I figured, now was the time to put on my "Boogie Shoes" and GIT ER DONE.
"A" stopped to fuel at 22.  I kept rolling thinking he'd catch me.

Then at 24 I hear, "Once Clear Voice".  Hey Em!  [YAY ME!]  The Pita.  Another peanut butter sandwich and 1/3 cup pickle juice.  Awesome.  I'm feeling great.  I was so grateful I had, "Someone to watch over me".  Our car was stocked.  And we had ICE.

It was perfectly fine that I had been told, "you smell like *&#%@#."  Yay, then I'm doing something right.  I was a, "Dirty White Boy Girl"

So, for two miles [that felt like 6] I ran s-o-l-o.

Then, I met up with Shawna at 26.  Game change.  Game on.  iPod off for remainder of run. 

And just in time.

We had 2,450' to climb in the next 2.75 miles with a "View to a Kill" .  Oh, did I mention it was hot?  87 degrees. We talked about everything. Work, religion, marriage, running, food, TMI's [she had some good ones], kids, after race plans . . . where we were going to meet up next for my "next one". Sorry, Mom.

Let's do this.  "Run to the Sun".  My new favorite song.

Okay, this portion was way harder than I had imagined.  Ran maybe a half mile of the 2.75 mile portion.

The Pita saw us coming.

I heard him.  I heard Shawna.  Did I mention she's done this 3 times before?!  "Em, we get outta here and the worst is behind us."  I liked that.

Then with "Every beat of my heart" - I knew we were getting closer to putting this beast behind us.

And we're out!
 Time for new socks.
It felt like I had had a 10 minute shower.  New socks.  Made.  Me. Happy.  More ice.  Another PB&J, more pickle juice, M&M's & a protein bar and . . . 18 miles more to go.  wow.

33 - slam.  Where are my legs!?  33.5 - anyone seen my legs?  Shawna assures me they'll be in my drop bag at 38.  yikes.  "Don't give up".  As if, I would.

Then at 35 "Empire" [sorta hit me like a ton of bricks].  Downhill.  WHAT?!  Rocky downhill. no.  Please no.  There is an art to running downhill.  And running downhill with huge and small rocks?!?! . . . . . I suck at it.  Meanwhile, Shawna is "rocking" it.  She's passing horses.  The rider asks me, "you want to pass?". 

Me:  no actually I'm pretty content staring at your horse's a*s butt.

36 - out of the rocks.

Legs, still MIA.

We see an aid station?!  The Pita?!  What?! 

Me: I thought the station was at 38?

S:  Emily, this IS 38.

Me:  my watch says 36

S: you are the only one using a watch & guess what?  It's wrong.  Welcome to 38.

"There Must Be An angel".

 Legs.  back.

It was more like heaven.  pickle juice, Gu chomps, powerade, 4 nuun tablets.

Shawna starts talking about her first time finishing a 50 - I have to make her stop. I'm crying and I can't breathe.  Let's talk about this at 48-49.  Agreed.

39 - the only pee stop for me.  The hard part was getting the quads to "Get up".

40 - check point.  Yell out to staff . . . .  "#161 & # 162"  Woot woot.  We are here!!  He looks at us like we are nuts.  We are.  Only 10 left.  I'm already going "there" - - I've freaking got this.  I feel like a "4 out of 5".  This rocks.

Wait.  We are cranking these miles out.  Pace picking up.

The Pita at 43!

 And we even had some clouds at 43!??

Oh happy day!

Check point at 47 - sailed through.  We call out, "number 161 - number 162 we'll pass on the water.  But thanks for being here!!" Awesome.  My feet hurt like crazy.

Do I care?  Nope.

Mile 48 - 9:59

Mile 49 - 9:40 - - we can see the trailers.  I'm crying.  Shawna's telling me, "You are killing this.  Let's push a little harder."


I'll do whatever she says.  "Let's do it." [my reply]

Finish line.  Insight.

Here come my stupid arms again. [not sure why, I feel the need to do this.]

Here come the tears. [again].

The best.  Ever.

Got Er Done.

Who's doing it with me next year?!

Oh, almost forgot . . . . The text that made me happy, happy, happy was this one from "A" yesterday . . . 

"I should have asked YOU for advice, ya big jerk! I thought you could "maybe" finish. Most first timers can't handle all the climbing and just snap. You totally crushed it! I saw some really good runners quit/die out there yesterday. Nicely done Emily!".

Day. Made.