Wednesday, December 28, 2011

[May] "Memories" - Weezer


I still have a difficult time thinking about May with out getting all teared up.

May was trying, emotional, exhausting, exciting,  busy & freaking life changing.
Here's a little more information about the "event" [here].


Part #1.
Part #2
Part #3
Part #4
Part too many
Part - OVER! [the 100.16 mile finish line]

And part-extra finish line photos and interview.
The early part of 2011 I decided I wanted to do something big but for a reason.  For a specific purpose.

My little family & I attended the Sojourner Center in the later part of 2010.

One visit.
Just. One. Visit.

And I knew I needed to do something.
While I'm sure they'd have been just as happy if I had pulled out my check book & written a big fat check......
I wanted to take a talent I'd been blessed with & use it to help them.

Enter "The 24 hour treadmill run for Sojourner".

I was just the girl on the treadmill. The real action....was happening all around me.

I'll never be able to express in words my thoughts of this day. Never. And really that's just fine for me. It's the feeling I'll keep forever.

People I need to thank [for the rest of my life]...

Pita - supported me at every point, never doubted me, found my vemma sponsor!!

Mom & my sister happy - they'd have to answer in the time they put into this. It was way longer than any "training" I did.  I'm guessing 4 x all my training hours.

Peanut - weeks & weeks of her mom being quite a failure at her "mom role".....I'm big on making her breakfast & packing her lunch...I enjoy it. I can text & run.  Talk & run. But kinda hard to make breakfast on a treadmill.

My family - seriously.  where are the words?  Most of them were there 10+ hours.  best family ever . . . . EVER.

Dawn - let's come back for Dawn in a bit.

Channel 12 - amazing. A-freaking-mazing.

Vemma - not just the product. The employees. The staff.  Incredible.

 Chris & Caroline - GET. THIS.....two people I have never actually "met". Their support.... WOW.

Like this.... [CLICK] Cannot. [to this very day] watch it without crying.
what a freaking awesome mom, woman, runner & wife.

And the emails, iTunes songs [foo!] & have you seen my freaking belt?

Yep, he sent it to me after I did my 50 mile training run on the treadmill. 

I freaking love it.

Michelle & Tom.  They found the people who loaned me the Woodway Treadmills.  Kinda hard to run a 24 hour treadmill run without a treadmill......not only did they find me the treadmills ----- they found me WOODWAY treadmills!!

Aaron - The Pita's work friend who got me into this Ultra running thing by calling me "Barbie" --- sucka!  Ran about 22ish miles with me.
Summer - who organized a massive collection [of goods] for the Sojourner Center.

Dawn - well. . . I may have been able to do it without her being there would have been ugly. She doesn't like me blowing sunshine up her [anything] but....we send approximately 100 texts to each other, daily, so she kinda knows I dig her & gets the "sunshine blowing" whether she likes it or not.

And I cry when every I read this:

It is a top three "moment in my life".

No new PR could ever - EVER top this.
Not sure anything other than another child will ever top this.

It wasn't anything amazing that I did.
The event.
The turn out.
The support.
The money raised....NOW that was amazing.

 Now......when do I get to do this again?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"Sweet Emotion" - Aerosmith

I've tried writing this "year end" post about 3 [or I'll say FOUR] times now.

I sit down.
I try to write down all that's gone on in 2011.

like........My words aren't even close to capturing my thoughts & feelings.


without. question.

[January-April] . . . Ya, "MAY" needs it's own post.


The Pita's family came.  Truly a treat.  His sister and niece hadn't been to AZ since our wedding.  I've only seen his sister 6 times in 13 years.  Not nearly enough.

I ran a marathon with my sister.  Her first marathon.

I had a decent showing at RNR AZ . . . 3:21 . . .

But more importantly . . . .
I got to hang out with Dawn, RL & D-Rog.  awesome.


New PR.  Freaking finally.  3:18

The Pita & I went to Vegas for Valentine's Day & for a pretty amazing three nights of Rugby watching.

RUN EMZ shirts were designed by Mr. Happiness himself.  P-Funk. ;)

And rocked by many, including . . .

Ahhhhh Kovas.


March means one thing in my household.

b a s k e t b a l l.

And a lot of yelling at the TV.


Ya, like BOSTON April.
Best. Ever. 
Best race ever - - - ran 50 miles 3 days before it but seeing soooooooo many bloggers/runners was amazing.



Mrs. SUAR!!

And Jim

And let's not forget the Pita acting all Harvard-y at Harvard . . . ;)

I got to meet up with JessAdore her.

Then comes May. . . .

I go back to "May" every day.

More on that tomorrow . . . .

Do tell . . . .

What was your favorite thing that happened from January-April of 2011?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"Roc Boys" - Jay Z & Kanye West

Only 10 more days of 2011?!?

freaking. crazy.

Life has been awesome lately.
Zero complaints from this girl.

I'd have to say the highlight of my day is usually around 10:45am when I see my mailman.

Been loving all the Christmas cards & random thoughtful gifts.

Like this one from the one and only MissZippy

I FINALLY get to meet her in February and I'm freaking excited.  She was one of the very first running blogs I ever followed.  She.  Rocks.

I got this from my Peanut.  [thank you Pinterest] hilarious.

"word to your mutha"

I received this from Jess at "Run With Jess" freaking creative. 

Was instantly feeling really bad for my Secret Santa when I got her gift.  Coolest calendar ever!

And did I mention she just got a treadmill.  I've got a thing for fellow treadmill lovers! ;)

On the treadmill note . . .

I got this in this morning:

Woodway. ;)

What. did. you. ask. Santa. For?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Party Rock Anthem" - LMFAO [ A Peanut "fav" ]

So one of my favorite-est-EST bloggers Mooshy, errrr J-Moo [I love you Lady J!]  tagged me on a fun little post idea.

It was to provide seven random tidbits about MY Peanut.

easy. freaking. peasy.

uno - ella no hablamos espanol. BUT.  She does spell wicked awesome.  Ya, that does NOT run in the family.  In fact, Peanut will be representing her class in the school spelling bee on Monday. [just crazy]

dos - She just ran her first ever 10k.  And first EVER, actual race [like one that didn't go down at the local park vs. her dad]  she. rocked.

tres - the kid hates mashed potatoes.  She will dry heave every time. [I partially do it out of humor now......."you must eat one bite!" .....hilarious].

quatro - this kid has every stamp that I do in my passport.  She's been to eight countries.  The one she'd give her 5 pound gummy bear to visit . . . . . Japan.

cinco - she. loves. loves. loves. shoes.
how the freak did that happen?

Santa is bringing four pairs of shoes --- and let me tell ya . . . . they are sumthin' else.
I found a pair she had "designed" on the Converse website.  had to buy them.  HOLY. CRAP. awesome.

seis - she's. confident. and. I love. it. I was never a super confident kid [or adult for that matter] so it makes me smile.

yes, this is her "pooping sunshine".

siete - she loves to take pictures when I have no idea she has my phone.  I'm not about to stop her.

I. love. them.

Now to my four people . . . ya, I changed the number . . because I can.

Patrick - seven things you dislike [his rant posts are my fav, sorry]

Caroline - seven nice things you can say about U of A places you will go in 2012

Kevin - seven facts about pickle juice things you will do in 2012

Dawn - seven. freaking. anythings!!  will you blog already WW!?!  geesh.

Monday, December 12, 2011

"Run The World" - Beyonce

Who run the world?  Girls
Who run the world?  Girls
Who run the world?  Girls
Who run the world?  MY Girl.

Yesterday, Peanut & I had the chance to do something we had never done before . . . .


The ATHLETA IronGirl 10k In Scottsdale, AZ.

It. was. awesome.

I made sure we had our WonderWomen skirts & our freaking awesome  Punk Rock Racing T-shirts!

Peanut had never run more than a 5k - so that plus 44 other reasons = one very nervous Peanut.  [I loved the questions.]

Mom, what if I need to pee?
Mom, will there be water?
Mom, what do I eat for breakfast?
Mom, what if I get cramps?
Mom, will you stay with me no matter what?
Mom, will people cheer for me?

Race morning she was a ball of nerves.

She managed to give out a few smiles pre-race:

[looking rather unimpressed]

Peanut:  so as long as my "chip" crosses the finish line before yours . . . I beat you?
Emz:  yes, kiddo.

5 minutes to start . . . .

And we are off!

Wait ummmmm, not so fast.

Peanut. has. a. cramp. [at mile 0.3]  She felt bad.

Sorry we are walking mom.
Sorry you can't run fast mom.
Sorry that we are slow.

[I take her arm, [lovingly] grab her by her face ;) and say, "girl friend, this morning is about fun.  It's about me and you enjoying a morning together, outside & completeling something you've never done before together.  The only thing I insist we have a FREAKING blast!"


as you can see from the photos

we. freaking. did.

We took photos at every mile marker and sign we could see.

This one was my personal favorite [she still doesn't know I took this]. 

She'd grab my hand when no one was looking. [made. my. year.]

Mile. three.

Got a chance to chat with my Peanut about a few [real life] things from mile 3-5.  Heck ya, she was stuck with me - I chatted her ear off.  Awesome.

At mile 5 we started planning our finish line dance.  Yep, dance.

Should have taken a video but the pictures ---- uhhhh, probably show too much as it is.

Let me just say, if the skirts weren't loud enough ----- our dancing was.

It was a wicked mix of the sprinkler, robot, running man & what ever I was doing.

Here's the freak show:

It was a sight to see.

Loved. every. minute.
 BOLT. Arms.
We went to Panda Express for her recovery meal, showered & she went right into recovery modeLike a pro.

And did you see our new 2011 Christmas Ornaments?!

Awwwwww yaaaaaaa!

[bedtime tuck-in]
Emz:  Peanut, do you want to be a runner now?
Peanut: [and I quote] not a freaking chance mom, but I had fun today.

Happy. Emz.