Friday, April 30, 2010

un-thinkable [I'm ready]

So we are off.

Just in case you want to check out the sweet course map for yourself.  Here it is.

There's still time for you to sign up!

Man, I'm hoping, praying, pleading, dreaming this goes well.  Actually, I'm thinking it going "great" --- would be awesome.

Thanks for all the support.  It truly has meant so much to me.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

We are family - hear us roar

"we are family"

[Peanut's creation from Sunday night]

My passions do extend further than my treadmill.

I'm a family girl.

I love my family. I love to cook.  I love traditions.

I am lucky blessed.


I grew up in a Glendale, AZ home where, every week night, we ate dinner. Together. My Dad would walk in no later than 5:05pm every week day.  If 5:15 ever rolled around and Dad was a no-show . . . . panic.  Instant panic.  Hey, he was a banker with [mostly] bankers hours.  My mother was, and is (except for the time she tested a new recipe "wheat meat" - oh yummy) an exceptional cook. I guess this is what comes with the territory when your mom has published 6 cookbooks - bring on the  t e s t i n g !  People covet her roll recipe. I've spent years trying to do her pie crust justice. Her soups are a Rx for mending a broken heart & healing the soul. And I know my dad lives for her roast.

                                                  [the sweet table]

I recall vividly, as a young girl, we’d all gather to kneel in prayer and eat around that faux wood octagon table, with its horrible wicker stand {which is NOW very chic}, and wait, watching, anticipating each bowl/platter we'd soon be handed to partake of.  always feeling something important. And meaningful. Something bigger, and stronger, than our yearning for food. Something beyond my childish understanding. Something deeper than my appreciation could have ever understood or recognized at 8 or 18 years of age.

I was safe. I felt safe.  I belonged. I felt comfortable.  I was valued. And adored.

I mattered.

Fast forward to 2010 . . . me.  here.  with my family, with my child and my own home.  my own kitchen table. And after a sometimes exhausting day, with work, volleyball, running, tennis & karate lessons, working out, homework, chores and [some days] frustrated tears, we all plop down, around our table (which TODAY is sadly HUGE for the three of us) for dinner. Together.

After a few tastes of homemade goodness has reached each tummy, the mood always changes, the noise somehow fades & smiles randomly begin to appear. An unspoken happiness passes from face to face. I watch as Peanut, relaxes, and opens up. She giggles through unimportant details of her day, the funny joke her friend said at lunch [which we rarely "get"], who’s feeling were hurt today at school, which boys her dad may need to scare away slightly, in some way. The silly "then SHE said", "then I said" conversations between her friends that really never quite end in a "normal" or understandable fashion. She rattles off insignificant thoughts about everything from pencils to pandas.

But as she speaks, with such enthusiasm, candor and ease, nothing that she says feels unimportant. Or insignificant. Or silly even in the slightest. The Pita & I listen, intently, to every word we can understand. We smile. We laugh. And suddenly, it will hit me.  a familiar emotion will settle inside me. A feeling I felt my whole childhood.  A tradition kept alive. In these moments, her words, our laughter, the all seems so important. Even, vital.  to us.  to our happiness.  to us being a family.

It matters. traditions matter.  Peanut matters. We matter. Families - big & small --- matter.

So now, I do what my mother did for me. I tie on my apron [which I adore], turn on the jukebox - when time allows, and cook. For my family. I invite them, without words, night after night [ok more like every second night], to leave the outside world, if for only twenty, sacred minutes, to come together, around our GINOURMOUS table, and feel safe. Welcomed. Valued. And, especially, adored.

A "Family Anniversary", was planned a few months back. While I was at a store shopping, for work ……. an employee asked why I was so rushed. I explained I was planning a "family anniversary" tonight and had to hurry home to finish the cooking. She informed me that, cooking was "degrading". While I could present a whole post just on that [the answer I gave her] - I will just say - -It is NOT degrading. Or brainless. Or pointless work. Rather, it feels like, maybe, the most important thing I get to do on a regular basis.

Trust me.

It matters.

Dinner matters. Family matters. Traditions Matter.

Traditions are like spiritual and emotional cement in the foundation of a happy home. They create fond memories, and these memories bond us together as nothing else can.

I can only hope & pray I am helping to make Peanut's childhood even 1/10th as happy as mine was.

I am so thankful.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just another random "thought" post

hopefully, by next week I'll be with it enough to put together a "proper" blog post but until then . . . . . . this is what's occupying/weighing on my little brain today.

*  I long for the return of the day when I could actually get $30.00 of gas.  not $30.01.  not $29.99.  one tiny squeeze of the gas pump = .05 cents.  my credit card statement looks so weird with the odd numbers.

*  I love what I found in Peanut's room this morning.  Her Saturday "chore card".  Loving what she felt compelled to "add-on" - - just in case she forgot.
*  supermodels are NOT role models.  Kate Moss is tiny because her job [sadly] requires her to be. But that shouldn't make her an inspiration. If my daughter wants be to like Victoria Beckham - or anyone else gracing the pages of the women's fashion magazines - when she grows up, I'll not have done my job very well.

*  I miss NCAA basketball.  NBA finals - - - boring.

*  I'm bummed my sister won't be running in the half marathon this Saturday.

*  I wish my cereal would get soggy already [sorry Amy, it's the only way I can eat it with milk]

Thank you to the person who asked me last night, "do you really think you'll finish" [the marathon Saturday].  Maybe that was the encouraging thought I've been needing.  Just for you "Mrs. X" . . . I'll be pushing myself twice as hard.  In your face?  who me? nahhhh ; )

*  What color of nail polish for Saturday?  Hey, it's a ritual & I'm sticking to it.

*  I don't get people who wear sunglasses inside stores.

*  people who hum creep me out [I've seen "fallen" too many times].

why do some friendships require so much work?  Does that mean they are the really "good" ones or the "toxic" ones?

*  Unless your running, working out or doing yard work . . . I greatly dislike men in tank tops.  Yep, even those who have chiseled arms.

*  Loving the woman who actually asked if it was ok if she turned off the fan at the gym last night.  She wasn't really loving my, "um, please don't" reply though.  Hey, I said please.

*  probably was a bad idea to eat that slice of red velvet cake . . . for breakfast.

*  that as much as I hate [HATE] what Tiger Wood's did.  I still think it was wrong for the Master's [president/director/what ever] to blast his personal life on national television prior to the tournament starting. 

*  hoping that tonight's "Modern Family" episode is NOT a re-run.

and finally

*  can someone PLEASE email me / comment to me on what the last week of a "taper" should really look like?   4 marathons behind me and I don't think I've ever done a successful taper.

thank you

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My garden of weaknesses


I have many.

Here are just a few:

*  If I feel mom-guilt, I'll pretty much buy Peanut [most] anything she asks for while grocery shopping [very dumb].

*  homemade bread with butter [a lot of butter].

*  running/training hills [I'd rather stick forks in my eyes]

moderation.  hate this one.  If three miles is good 12 has to be better.

*  trust.  Takes me a  l o n g  time to really trust people & their intentions.

*  people who ask me for money outside of stores.  I'm sure they really do use it to catch the bus.  If not, who cares? [well, the Pita cares but . .]

*  speaking without thinking it through first.

*  talking fast.  Like people can't understand what I'm saying fast.

*  quick to react [mostly, a bad thing, not always]

delegating.  If I do it all myself, I don't have to waste time explaining what I want to see happen.

*  still thinking I can run my business without anyone else.  The Pita has begged me to higher a HS girl to help me out with mundane things {photos/measurements}.  [uggg, see above.  don't want to take the time to teach someone else].

laundry.  I love doing laundry.  seriously.  2 loads per day [yes, for only the 3 of us].

*  cereal.  could eat dry cereal for 2 out of 3 meals.

*  heels.  very high heels.  yep, these are still my favorites. [yes, the ones I was chastised for wearing at church . . . judge not ? what ?  I'm here right?!]  yes, I still wear them [to church] whenever I possibly can . . . which brings me to . .
*  confrontational.  I have a problem confronting people.  I should probably need to have more restraint.

*  filet. filet Mignon.  Morton's filet mignon.  what I had last night.  What I am still on a "high" from this very morning.

honestly.  crack on a plate.  I could not eat it  s l o w  enough.

The best meal I have ever eaten.  Maybe it's not in the running guide for great pre-race foods.  But this weakness has a serious grip/choke hold on me.  And I'm running with it.

What's your one food "weakness"?

Monday, April 26, 2010

AM I nuts?

don't answer that.

So a week or so ago my mom informed me there was a write up in the AZ Republic on the WRM I am running in . . . . 5 days.  Her text:  "I saved it for you to read.  Looks REALLY challenging".


I kinda over looked the part where you gain 1,800 feet [thought it was 1,200] in the first 7 miles then you do this super awesome [sarcasm] drop of 1,400 feet at mile 13.  Yea, I know that should be good but you turn around at 13.  I hope I make it to the celebration of life/funeral at 3pm [that same day].  Otherwise, it may be my celebration of life that day too. 

Comment I loved in the article, "You're not a runner until you do Whiskey Row".  [says who?]   I'm guessing a PR would be a complete laughing matter. 

oh man, needing some encouragement here folks.

Friday, April 23, 2010

9 random things + $15 gift card

1.  loving that the car in front of me at McD's this morning paid my bill.  loved it.  Hoping, next time it'll be the time I'm buying 20 sausage biscuits for the pita's co-workers not just Peanut's $1.08 breakfast. ;) [Bad joke].  I am so grateful no matter the amount.  what an excellent random act of kindness.  Thank you man in the HUGE silver Ford truck!  I will be paying it forward today.

2.  the Pita informed me this morning he's hoping to go shooting in our "spare time" [ha] after the marathon, [hopefully] after fishing and before the "celebration of life" funeral I/we get to attend 4 hours post marathon.
3.  that we get to go to our favorite hamburger place in Cave Creek tonight after Peanut's volleyball games.  She's hoping for more of these photos.
[and once she turns 14 she'll be hoping for a cut-out like that one too.  sorry peanut those hoo-hoos, they do not run in the family gene pool.

4.  why is my sister still holding out on me regarding her decision about: running the half marathon portion, next Saturday?

5.  peanut made this sweet cape for Chuy to wear during my 5/1 marathon.  Ummm, he's not invited.

6.  That our friends we met on our cruise last year will be coming to visit this summer.  Yes, the ones who are 1-2 feet shorter than us. [no, they are not a step below us in this photo].

7.  That while I am so looking forward to celebrating my mom this mom's day.  I'm not looking forward to the other reminder of this day.

8.  That I cracked up when I read Big Daddy Diesel's comment about the Garmin watch.  So reminded me of this post.

9.  A huge "GOOD LUCK & ROCK IT" to Angie on Sunday!! 

................and now for the winner of the $15 iTunes card.  By the way, loved soooooooo many of the songs.  Loved how different they all were.  I thought for sure Pam had nailed it then I [finally] found the song Kelly Leigh was referring to.  Ummmmm, ya I was searching for "Anything Sneaky Sound System" and [funny thing] it's just "Sneaky Sound System"....... yes, I know I am such a dork.  Good thing, I enjoy/am completely okay laughing at myself ---- often.

Check it out for yourself [just be sure to leave the word "anything" out].

Sneaky Sound System - "pictures".

awesome.  Thanks Kelly!  Email me with your address!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Motivated by a 5 year old

Loving this kid.  Click below:

* Now, after hearing this, I am off to run 26 miles at a 6 minute per mile pace [ha, in my d r e a m s] - hey, it's MY TIME, right?! * ;)

Hope you each have a "go out there and KICK IT" kind of day!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"May I have your attention please"

This is the sentence [repeated twice] Peanut greeted me with this morning.  Yep, you got it, the first two lines to "The Real Slim Shady" by Eminem.

am I an awesome mom or what?  Seriously, how many other 9 year old girls are this cultured.   ".... we're gonna have a problem here ..."

I'll save you the drama but let's just say today's forecasted "rest" day - not a chance.  Even though I so very much want to dish as to [the other reason] why.  I will take the happier high road and say . . . it is cloudy.  in Arizona.  today.


i am running. [wait for it...... wait for it.......]


soooooo off to school  my little slim shady went.  I scurried to gather my [OUTSIDE] running gear.  Did I mention it's been 6 weeks since I ran outside?  [ya, and that run - was 2 miles].  So I've logged in 6 miles outside in 3 months.  I know.  I know.  Don't be a hater.  Don't be jealous.

Garmin watch battery - dead.
ipod arm sleeve - missing in [non] action
ipod nano battery - yay.  dead too.
[maybe it IS supposed to be a "rest" day]  HA!  Not optional.  Not today.

juiced up the Garmin for 20 minutes.

found a new, never used case for my iphone [loved that "lose yourself" was set to play next].

laced up the shoes.  and I was off.

* why the case was new/never used [only 2 miles in] - an iphone on my arm feels like carrying a five pound weight in my right hand. yuck.
* 15 mph wind makes for a very tough run for a treadmill girl.  I'm thinking the fan at my backside should be moved to my face - that'll make it all equal right?! ;)
* that I am very sadly a much better runner when I am angry.  This probably should be properly addressed at some point.  For day, I'm loving the numbers on my over priced Garmin.
* That two owner-less black labs had a thing for my bum.  I'm sure this is just their way of showing me love or making me feel like one of their own [gross].  I'm feeling a little violated.  Not to mention embarrassed that I totally wigged out [arms flailing - the whole bit] when a school bus drove by at that exact moment.
* that stopping to do hill repeats in a gated community = a drive-by & smallish chat by the local policia.

That I feel much better.  I'll take the 5.02 miles in 37: 49 [not including the hill repeats{time or distance} or the chat with the man in uniform].  What was "lost" has been found.  I'll look for my brain later.

***  Please remember to do this before tomorrow, if you haven't already! ***

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

whataya want from me?

 .... oh really, you don't want anything?


I want something from you


No, not your spot in NYC on November 7th.

I want your favorite song on your marathon, workout or clean your house playlist.  The one song that gets you moving in a way no other song can!

[Since I am 100% fine with bribery]

I'll give this to the person who shares the song - that become my next favorite too.

Just leave the favorite song in "comment" form and tell me you are a follower or you just became one [or don't if it creeps you out]  ; ).  Winner will be picked on Friday April 23rd.

Yes, it's only $15 but it's something right!?

Monday, April 19, 2010

a moment

This morning I had a moment.

A moment while running [yes, on the treadmill] my last long run before the marathon [in 12 days].  I wasn't feeling it.  I was fine.  No [running] problems.  Felt stressed [what I DO best].  My mind was racing.  Thinking of what I needed to do as soon as I finished.  And what I really should be doing right now.  Wishing I was running today in Boston.  Just felt blah.  I had 10 more miles to go and my best songs weren't even working?! 

I turned off the music.  Walked my cell phone to my room [I can't be trusted].  Turned off the computer.  Pulled down the blinds on my front door.

And I got back on.  Nothing but the sound of the motor and the huge fan blowing on my backside.  In my terms this was quiet.

More importantly, my brain was quiet.  [This never happens].

Lately, I've been hearing myself say [a lot].  I have to do laundry.  I have to do sprints.  I have to help Peanut with her project.  I have to iron.  I have to prepare a lesson.  I have to run my business.  I have to run.  I have to weight train.  I have to make dinner.  I have to list 20 items today.  I have to clean the bathroom.

blah.  blah.  blah.

For the remaining 80 minutes.  I ran.  I thought.  I pondered. I realized. wait . . I "get".

I get to do these things.  I get to wake up each morning and take care of my family.  I get to live in my beautiful home that needs cleaning.  I get to run, train, etc.  My body & my heart allow me to do all of these things.


truly.  amazing.

I am grateful.

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday [pre] night thoughts

how can one wink from the Pita - instantly make me happier?

why have I waited so long to go back to Berta’s CafĂ© for lunch?

how can I convince my sister to run with me in Prescott?

I need to work on being less reactive in my communication.

why does spaghetti sauce stain all my plastic containers.

this song is, by far, the most motivating on my “marathon” play list right now.

how did this song GET ON my marathon play list?

I need to find/make/create a way to see my sisters more [we all live within 25 minutes of each other for crap’s sake].

I love my true religion big t jeans but hate that my phone won’t side into the back flap pockets.

Floss and then apply lotion.

I'd pay a pretty penny for some hard, stale twizzlers right now.

I’m loving my flowers the Pita brought me home from work today.

paying $30 for two filet’s today was sooooooo worth it. I think the Pita has [finally] got the grill times sorted.

I’m thankful for a sweet email from my neighbor today.

Is it blonde or blond?

grey or gray?

I greatly dislike being called Mrs. [insert last name] by Peanut’s friends

why is my dogs nose always wet?

when Peanut tells me, “mom, this milk is bad” why do I have to try it to believe her?

am I the only one who knows how to “re-load” the toilet paper?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

between 5-9am . . .

 I realized . . .

  1. I'd pay up to $500 to get a solution to the Pita's snoring.

  2. He'd pay $1,000 to get me to stop waking him when he is.

  3. Bad sleep = less than great communication at 5am

  4. He's less than impressed when I think the solution is to fire up the treadmill [it IS at the other end of our home, I'm not that mean.]

  5. He should realize that "little" run saved him. big. time [and me].

  6. "angry" running days can equal awesome running days. 

  7. I'm a "holder on-er".  meaning that argument from last night.  ya, I'm still mad about it [I'll just add on the snoring grumpy bit for extra "fun"]

  8. I'll never be the "do everything" wife I thought I could be.  sure I know how to install insulation, grind floors, use a jack hammer, lift tile, paint, dig trenches, plant cacti, re-plant cacti and re-re-plant cacti but no. no. sorry I will not dig an 8x10 3-4' deep hole in my backyard for a spa I don't want. 

  9. Amy doesn't like my 3 of 5 blogs a week being about running.

  10. That Peanut is quite possibly the most thoughtful 9 year old ever. . . "Mom do you feel like you are "missing something" this morning.  [I'm thinking HA! Yes, where should I start? ....] Me: "My brain".  Peanut: "no a big hug from your favorite daughter."  Cheese ball but loved it.

  11. That this is her favorite photo from our Fiji trip

  12. That - lucky - me.  I won the "we are going to have the farewell party for A & T at our place."  Oh goodie.  On .. the weekend before the july 4th marathon, I'll be running.  yay. perfect.  can't wait.  me you and 40 of your closest co-worker friends.  awesome.

  13. my sitter canned on me for Saturday night.

  14. My dad is doing great after surgery & liked the super healthy turkey meatballs I made him [with the double chocolate cake & ice cream to finish it off with]. of course that was healthy too. [lie]

  15. That I am addicted to Aktin's vanilla shakes.

  16. Spin instructors are amazing.

  17. That I have 38 followers?  what?  That I bore to tears. daily.  loving this.

  18. That my next marathon is in 16 days.

  19. That I still need a jacket [with sweet quote/thought on back] for race day.
I'm liking these:

  • I've got the runs

  • It hurts up to a point and then it doesn't get any worse

  • Act like a horse. Be dumb. Just run

  • Running is a mental sport...and we're all insane

  • The greatest pleasure in life, is doing the things people say we cannot do

  • Mind is everything: muscle – pieces of rubber. All that I am, I am because of my mind.

  • running is like mouth wash; if you can feel the burn, it's working

  • If you went for a run today and didn't sacrifice anything, congratulations you just jogged.

  • Some people say I am insane for running; I say running keeps me sane.

  • Conquer Thyself

  • My pace or yours [already own that one].

Any others for me?

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

biggest [sweaty] loser & "oh no you didn't"

Every Tuesday Peanut has volleyball @ 7pm at the YMCA. Usually "this" is how I enjoy myself for the 57 workout minutes but last night [gasp] MY machine was being used/taken/exploited. [panic] I know . . . Sad. Sad. Sad. Sooooo I ended up on the treadmill [mind you a super sweet one] watching "biggest loser". [love that show, cheering for YOU Sam!] On this completely magical treadmill. Are you freaking kidding me?  A 15" screen!  That actually works! With captioning! What?!

for . . .

[well minus a huge industrial "patton" fan blowing at my backside].  My daughter asked if I had "used the pool tonight".  HA!  I wish I "glistened" but I just sweat. buckets.

52 minutes "in" a lady hopped on the treadmill next to me.  You know when you can tell your being critiqued.  looked at.  picked apart.  It was odd.  okay it was seriously weird.  I finished my last 5 minutes - started cooling down.

then I feel a "tap-tap" on my sweaty arm.  [note: not a big fan of being touched by glaring, odd, strangers]

Her:  you like to "jog"?
Me: [thinking, oh no she didn't just say that/ call me that .... breathe be nice] yes, I do.

She went on with a few more "jogging" questions.  Which immediately reminded me of this explosive add campaign from 2007.  Why did this / does this term bother me?  Why do I even care?  Does it bother you?  Was I just having an "I'm a snot" moment? [totally fine with comments declaring "yes, you are"] I want to know. 

            *   *    *    *    *     *     *     *     *     *

a huge thanks to my new blog friend for the heads up on Awesome. My run this morning. went. by. in. a. flash. excellent. didn't even notice the white wall today.

y a y !

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Running on "ed"

According to Kera's [and other's] comments, I may have some explaining to do.

 . . . . "why the freak would you EVER run 20 miles on a treadmill? Don't you live on planet earth where you can just go outside?"

It all started with a doctor's visit in February 2009.  [Cliff Notes version].  "You either run on a "forgiving surface" or you won't be running at all in 5 years time."

So, off I went four to five times a week to LA FITNESS to run.  By September, I had received enough disapproving looks and comments from fellow gym go-ers, that I bought this little beauty.

[side note:  have yet to figure out how to make the TV work - we have satellite - from what I can gather, we'd have to buy a new satellite box JUST for my little "ed" - not going to happen.]

I did move my treadmill 180 degrees.  Yippee!  So now instead of looking at this.  I see a plain [all] white wall.  awesome.

While this is the [running] life I've known and HAD to accept for a while now.  I had no idea how "weird" it was to run 99.8% of my total miles on one until I called Runner's Den [store] one day in early January.  I was having a lot of knee pain and wanted to know what types of braces they sold.  We chatted.  He asked a lot of questions.  Then he asked THE question.

Him:  What surface do you run on?
Me: a treadmill
Him:  When you don't run on a treadmill, where do you run?
Me: umm, well.......I only run about 2-3 of my weekly mileage outside but I run in the bike lane [I know, I know, illegal, I get it]
Him: you are joking. [please note it wasn't a question]
Me:  uhhhhh, no.

Anyway, had to end up going to the store to buy a brace.  When I walked in .... .... it was hilarious.  The man had told everyone in the store and the employee's had all sorts of crazy questions for me.  Where is it?  How far do you run each week?  Do you watch TV?  Do you really think that's good training?  No group running?  Don't you miss the "fresh air"?

Here's my pro's and con's list.

  • Can run no matter what the weather outside is [rain, wind, heat, etc]
  • Can run when Peanut is asleep
  • Don't have to run at anyone else's pace
  • Have a fan I bought that is JUST for blowing right at my bum. the whole time.
  • Fan in "ed" which blows right at my face
  • Can text and run without running into tree's
  • Answer work emails while running [I know, not the best for "training"]
  • listen to my music without wearing headphones.  hate headphones.
  • can test peanut on her multiplication tables
  • knees are doing much better
  • home for deliveries
  • no dirt flying in my face when buses pass [this is AZ people - dirt, dust ...bad air]
  • can do laundry [can put clothes from washer into dryer in 35 seconds flat]
  • No chance of getting run over. [huge pro there]
  • toilets are close
  • water is closer
  • AC vent hits RIGHT on me from it's new location.

  • can do laundry
  • no running groups
  • a plain white wall
  • I'm home, even more. [work from home, run at home, play at home]
  • Ed's TV doesn't work
  • My neighbor can see me on it from his backyard . . . creepy
  • my dog comes to the window and looks at me like he hates me
  • my legs take much longer to recover after a marathon due to the huge difference from my "training" surface and my "racing" surface.
  • accuracy? 
  • cost
  • and fine . . . it might be just the slightest bit boring some days

The thing, I possibly, love most? . . . . once race day arrives.  I am all eyes, heart & lungs.  AND 100% in awe of the beauty around me.  It's all worth it.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm gonna run this town

Well, It's official. 

Prescott will be seeing me.  Soon.

Whiskey Row Marathon 2010

May 1, 2010.

Ready?  Yes.  Ran a 20 miler today and feel better than I have in three months. [yay!]

Did I ever mention how fun [lots of sarcasm here folks] it is to run 20 miles on a treadmill?

Am I thinking this is going to be a PR?  No.  Not with an increase of 1,300 feet in the first 7 miles.  Not for this [non-hill, treadmill running] city girl.

Loving the course description?  NO.  "This is one of the toughest Marathons in the United States. The terrain is rugged, the altitude exceeds a mile above sea level and the weather can be severe."  - awesome.

Who's meeting me there?

*post edit* - Thanks to "Steve" for the email:
"really?  really, you pick WRM over all the others from your post last Wednesday?  Come on!! ... Hawaii, Seattle, D.C?"

Answer, HECK NO!  This is what I'm calling my "marathon to occupy my brain so I'm not totally depressed when April 19th [Boston] rolls around."  Did I qualify for Boston? Yes, in December 2009.  Was I able to register in time? No. :(

Also, the Pita said this wouldn't "count" against my "you can run any two" offer, as he will be fishing with Peanut [while I run].

a w e s o m e.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Big Girls Don't Cry

Well thanks Fergie - but I never said I was a "big girl".

I am bummed, angry, mad, sad, crying.  So that probably makes me one of the biggest dorks alive today.  Because this is why:  NYC Marathon Status: denied.

I hate that word: denied
a bit harsh, no? 

I think it should have read: I'm so sorry you number was not picked this year but we all love you here in NYC!  [and YES, in pink would have been nice too]

Yes, I like that a lot better.

I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo looking forward to doing this all 26.2 miles:

And laughing/smiling like a dork [like this]:

So, I emailed the Pita.  Felt "unfit" to call & [gasp] his work phone charges per text [what?].  So ... of course, he calls, he's amazing.  I cry [duh].  He tells me to pick two and we'll "go".  really?  seriously?  Not too many other hubbys' would understand my freakish running "needs" [I use that term loosely] like this & man, do I appreciate it.

So what to do?  What to do?

Help me pick.  I will be running in at least two of these this year:

  • Prescott YMCA Whiskey Row Marathon May 1
  • OC marathon May 2
  • San Diego R&R June 6
  • San Juan [WA] marathon June 6
  • Seattle R&R June 26 - ummm ya guess not - sold out - unless it's a charity run
  • SF, CA marathon July 25
  • ** Kauai Marathon Sept 5 **
  • Portland Marathon October 10
  • Denver R&R Oct 17
  • Nike women's marathon, SF, CA Oct 17
  • ** MARINE COPRS marathon Oct 31 **
  • Santa Barbara Marathon Nov 6
  • Malibu International Marathon Nov 14
  • Seattle marathon Nov 28
  • Las Vegas Dec 5
  • Tucson Marathon [the one I got my goofy blogger photo from] Dec 13
Don't get me wrong Mr. Sinatra, I'm going to "be a part of it" alright.  I am securing my 2011 spot by running the stinkin' 3:23.  I will not be "denied" again.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Today I am loving . . .

 . . . This photo of MY dad's hands:
This Photo Of "O":

This photo I took by Picacho Peak:

This one from Colossal Cave:

Love this one from the AZ RR Marathon:

And this because it made an AZ running magazine - go Peanut!

This one because I wish I could make that exact face about 44 times per day:
Oh and that Tan Man & Michael look 8 years old.

This because Happy does what I'd never do:

And this one [again] because I love them most-EST:

And finally:
Because, they do. Oh and so do the refs.
We ALL know that Zoubek fouled Matt Howard which would have completely changed the outcome.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break Week .... The Good/Not as good

It all started with the "Bake Sale" [thanks neighbors & family!]
Good: She [they] had a blast & donated the raised funds for ..... charity [what have I created?!] ;)

Not as good:  Me and a lot of dishes.

Good: Things sold great [eBay] while gone

Not as good: Nasty emails from buyers who thought I should be able to ship over-night without any warning from them.

Good:  Hiking at Picacho

Not as good:  Having to carry the 30 pound pack up [it was quite the picnic, I'll tell ya]and the 15 pound pack down

Good: Mine & Peanut's cardio endurance

Not so good:  The Pita's

Good: not tripping up on the hike

Not so good:  When we [Peanut & I] laughed so hard we cried when The Pita landed bum first.

Good: Leaving for Tombstone

Not as good: Getting to Tombstone

Good: Not playing "I spy" the whole road trip

Not so good: playing VW Slug the entire road trip [left. arm. not doing so good.]

Good: showers in Tombstone hotel

Not so good: Cold water in Tombstone hotel

Good: awesome new family memory of "what do you mean I can't bring in my bucket?"

Not so good:  Guy on meth [apparently neighborhood fellow] dragging around a huge garbage bucket behind us shouting not nice things.

Good:  Peanut got to drink her ROOTBeer in a saloon

Not so good:  the burps that followed

Good: free roll-a-way

Not so good:  roll-a-ways one inch from our bed

Good: Weather in Bisbee

Not so good:  finding a hotel under $140 in Bisbee

Good:  Mine tour in Bisbee

Not so good: a 6'8" man in a mine

Good: buying Peanut off in the mine gift shop [so we didn't have to go]

Not so good:  she's an expensive buy-out

Good: Leaving for Tucson one day early

Not so good:  Letting the Pita try the "back route" into Tucson

Good:  Sushi in Tucson

Not so good:  sharing sushi with a 9 year old

Good:  Swimming at resort in Tucson

Not so good:  having one child, bored, in pool, in Tucson

Good: new arrival of Easter kids staying at Hilton

Not so good:  not wanting to leave the pool for the next 9 hours

Good:  Hilton provided Easter hunt

Not so good:  200 eggs X 75 kids = not too excited about her basket filling abilities

Good:  kids activities all weekend

Not so good:  games like "run & scream" - nope not joking

Good: ate too much the night before to want the Easter Brunch for $49/pp

Not so good:  planning my over-eating fest for next Easter

Good:  staying an extra night

Not so good:  not being able to stay and extra-EXTRA night

Good:  Nana & papa watching Chuy

Not so good:  They didn't want to keep him-permanently

Good:  to be home

Not so good:  waking up to "reality" [even though it's an awesome one].

* * Side note . . . . GO BUTLER - BEAT OBLITERATE DUKE! * *