Thursday, October 29, 2009

houston we have a problem

This isn't looking so good.

And she thought she had a problem.

I haven't even gotten to my destination yet.

And yes, the animal print shoes - - they MUST go with me - not negotiable.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

tomorrow - tomorrow - I love ya tomorrow

For those of you who may not know - I greatly dislike [actually hate] flying.
And we leave tomorrow for a super fun 12 hour one. .

This really stinks when your mom-in-law lives in London, your sis-in-law, niece & grandparents live in New Zealand, your bro-in-law lives in Australia, your parents go on a mission to Hong Kong [had to go there!!] and your mom-in law insists that every time you visit the UK we "must go somewhere else nearby since flights are so cheap from here" [at least they are cheap from SOMEWHERE] - so we scamper off to places like Italy & France. I realize this is a blessing [to be able to visit these places]. I still DREAD flying.

It's not even so much the smelly, stale, recycled air or the man across the way who snores like a freight train or even the "blankets" they hand out that seem to cover me as much as a wash cloth.

It's the water. It's all about the water. The flight to New Zealand takes place over about 96% water. Not sure why but I feel insanely more comfortable flying over mountain ranges.

What keeps me flying? Well other than the Pita who holds my hand 50% of the flight [the other 50% I try to be knocked out on something/anything - the drug of choice this trip ----- ambien - thanks Dr. Rada]. Oh and that I know I'll get to see this when we arrive:

rangitoto - beautiful.

So if any of you have an extra 60 seconds around 5pm tomorrow - a smallish prayer to the Big Guy upstairs - for a safe arrival - would be appreciated. ;)

And good news - it looks like my family & I will be in great hands with the crew members. Ummm help!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How many sisters [& brother-in-laws]. .

. . . . would think to bring you and your family one of these:

[for Peanut to decorate {check} and enjoy {check} for 2 days - since we will be missing Halloween this year]
And way too much [who am I kidding ;) ] of this:

And a WHOLE one of these:

[Rhubarb pie]

because your Hubby's Nana passed away?


Thanks "Happy" & Dave for making us feel loved, cared for, adored, special & spoiled - - - you guys are wonderful.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Nana Watson

We lost our dear Nana Watson today.
Much of what the Pita is today is due to her.

We love you Nana.
Will will miss you.

Friday, October 23, 2009


[first, must give credit where it is due - thanks Amy, loved this idea]

Is roughly:

  • how many loads of laundry I've done this week
  • how many minutes I waited on hold this morning to talk to Nation-wide insurance [they are certainly NOT "on my side"]
  • how many days it will take to fix my car
  • twice as many days as "the other guys" insurance company will pay for my rental car
  • how many miles I ran this morning
  • how many credit/debit cards are in my wallet
  • how many years - I most likely cut off my parents' lives by having to raise me
  • number of years that separate Ann & I
  • how many minutes it takes to walk from our house to Peanut's school
  • how many scorpions are now in my "scorpion jar-vase"
  • how many times Peanut told me she was super bummed she wasn't home in time to go see Ashley Tisdale [backstage] with Tiff last night.
  • how many serves Peanut got over the net at last Saturday's game [yes, I count as she gets a little reward for each]
  • how many more days the Pita has to get through before his assistant returns to work
  • how much I spent on breakfast this morning
  • how many minutes I can stand to watch rugby
  • how many spud nuts I plan on eating on Halloween - [plus any she may try to sneak - no spud nuts for you - you hater!] ;)
  • how many items I need to list today
  • X 3 - how many jeans I own - - completely aware I have a problem, and I'm fine with it
  • how many cards I received [seriously] from ward members from our talks [I'm quite sure my Mom handed out free stamps after sacrament meeting]
  • the number of times I wipe my phone off each day [again, completely aware, this is odd - no need to point it out] - h1N1 - enough said.
  • the number of years it took the Pita to become a US citizen. big shout out to the people in LA who shredded his paperwork & original marriage certificate - to make us have to start the whole tiring process over again.

  • the number of years [exactly] that the Pita has made me the happiest woman ever.

"Good times - more to come". I love this man.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Suicide bombers? really?

So while I was up at 2:12 this morning, I should have just started working early....but NO, I apparently was bored enough to google my blog's name. [I know, I know, I live a sad/boring/sheltered life.]

And while [woooo hooo] I did see it......I also saw this:

* Those who quote "If you can't convince them, confuse them" are more dangerous than the suicide bombers. * nice.

I really liked the sweet quote by Harry S Truman.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Peanut: hey mom, it's sun glass day at school today
Mom: nice - I gave you three pairs a few months ago. wear one of those.
P: mom, this outfit is sooooooo Scottsdale, isn't it [apparently that's a positive - she looked VERY proud]
M: ummm yep - love the pink
P: mom, they are "rose".
M: sure - OK - rose, they are.
P: I love seeing the world through rose colored lenses - everything looks happy & girlie [y?] {sorry Amy, I have no clue on spelling, that one.}
M: I bet
[drive to school - she opens door - hops out and says]
P: I promise not to be Snottsdale in my Scottsdale glasses, Mom.

Good Luck with that, Peanut.

** PLEASE make note of the OH SO FASHIONABLE duck around her neck. **

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

CHURCH b-ball anyone?

Church basketball started up 2 weeks ago for our ward.
"LDS basketball" - sorry, there is nothing churchy or inspiring about it.
Seriously, grown men - whining more than Carl Malone [ever did-yes, Dad, I swear {sorry - promise it} it].
Arguing with referees more than Kobe.
And as much of a role model for their children sitting on the stage as Charles Barkley.
*I saw this out my window, when stopped at a stop sign out in Tempe - I [just maybe] would have taken it to post in the cultural hall if it said "wall" in place of "fence".*

Am I the only wife who enjoys her husband's WORK team WAY more than his church team?!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Finally - #2 !

[I probably should have worded that title a little differently?!]
After a 10 year "break". Here I go again . . .

Coming this January - - - marathon #2.
Got the "email OK" from The Pita Friday.
Actually, his reply was this: "Sure, go kill yourself - again."
Which in "Pita Talk" means: "of course Em, go for it, I'll be there at every drink station to cheer you on, your knee will be fine, Peanut & I will make signs . . . ."


why do I smell t r o u b l e - already?!
Boys - - - they call already. . . and often . . . and I'm beyond annoyed.

It gets crazier from here, I'm guessing?!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

You don't bring me .....

I am 100% [completely] OK with the , "You don't sing me love songs" - part.

However, the "You don't bring me flowers" - part [like you USED TO every Friday . . . I'm not
spoiled - just well loved.] - - this can go on no longer!
So gross.

Friday, October 16, 2009

i believe

"we believe"

i believe.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

what's in a name?

I have two [very dear] friends who are both going through very difficult trials in their lives today. Both have lost family members, within a day of each other. For one, this is the second huge loss in 10 years. They both are two of my most favorite people, in the whole world.

They both share the same name: Amy

Amy by definition means: beloved

Amy by MY definition means something possibly even greater.

An "Amy" is/has:
  • unwavering
  • faithful
  • opinionated
  • devout
  • a backbone to stand for what is right
  • a heart full of compassion & understanding
  • a chin to take the "blows" life sends
  • hands to ease the burdens of others
  • amazing at motherhood - it is an art
  • never gives up [not on anyone / not on anything]
  • perceptive to the needs of others
  • "Wonder Woman" - thanks "Jillian's Mom" - so fitting.

There is nothing I can say that will take away [or even ease] this pain they are feeling. Just needed to say, "I love them", "I am here for them", "I adore them", "I admire them", & "I cry with them".

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

heavy heart

The last 48 hours - have been - - - let's just say "eventful".

My thoughts and prayers are with so many today. I wish I could elaborate further. Just don't feel it's my "place" to do so.

This song says exactly what I wish I could write [if I could see my computer screen - ahhhh the tears flow].

Anyone who reads this, [all 2 of you], please pray.

I'm a sell out

Just in case you didn't already know - I am.

Peanut was to receive 2 fancy prizes today IF she turned up to school with 10 addresses of "out of town" people to send catalogs to so they can buy crappy things from them. Man, my friends are so lucky [blessed]! Don't laugh you may be getting one! Just trash it when it comes.

No worries - it's a one time deal so you won't receive 12 Spiegel, 4 Harry & David's or 2 Chia Pet catalogs because of this - I [think I] promise.

I am sorry - but I do thank you. Peanut did have about 2" of unused floor space on her floor that these will fill up perfectly. I can hardly wait to see the talking duck and light-up pizza pen when I pick her up today. This is BIG time.

All made possible [maybe] by y o u and the fact that you are not homeless and have an out of town [as in out of Phoenix - you Scottsdale, Peoria & Glendale people] address.

We [ok, Peanut is eternally grateful]. . .I'll be grateful once I hear how loud this duck thing can talk.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

columbus day 2009

It's under 90?!?
Pack your bags - - - we are going hiking!
* Saguaro Lake *

I was swiftly told by Peanut that these were: Stratocumulus clouds
[I have no friggin clue what that means] - I have placed a call to Joe Dana for support.

Peanut finds [really crappy] sea shells by the lake shore.
Peanut said "hurry while the tide is out". [Yes, this is one thing this AZ Mom does know] Lakes don't have in/out tides [yea, for me!] - - - MY Mom is SOOOOOOOOO proud right now.

However, she was right that the trail mix [Betty Crocker - "stickers"] are no longer called "stackers" - - why do I continue to bet this child?!

My "you lost so I get to take a photo of you losing" photo ---- I even tried to pay her off with a Jamba Juice [and tried to grab my phone as you can see - no make-up & in a ASU hat?! This photo will haunt me forever! Go WILDCATS!!]

58 minutes later . . . we had:
  • played "I'm thinking of something" 7 times / each
  • One thorn to report
  • Three band-aid requests?!
  • 8 stops for water - due to the sweet new camelbak - which caused . . . .
  • 3 "rain-stops" for nature
  • a seven minute rant as to why we should go on a Disney Cruise in 2011.
  • Examined 5 distinctly different poops on the trail.
  • one request for a piggy back ride - ha! a n d
  • one request than we name our next off-spring Molly

We all felt very at peace - so we did this - then headed 2.5 miles back to the 120 degree car.

Side Note: Had to snap this random photo - this is where/when she said, "can we do the Grand Canyon this Saturday?" Madeline would be so proud.

if you ever wondered

This is what 6'8" looks like on a cruise ship.

Only 7 - knock outs to report.
* Those safety fire sprinkler things - they apparently hurt the worst. *

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Did I miss this elective course in college?

Is it just me - or is the monkey a little creepy?


Origami towel folding!?
The second night was an - oh so fascinating turtle. However, my bum landed right on him before I realized he was a "work of art" not my robe.

11 year "retreat"

5 days

a l o n e

  • no [working] cell phones - blessing
  • no work
  • no emails
  • no dogs :)
  • no laundry
  • no bed making
  • no ironing
  • no lunch making
  • no dishes
  • no cleaning
  • no homework
  • no mail
  • no sweeping
  • no car pools
  • No garbage/recycling to take out
  • no volleyball, tennis or karate practice
  • no presidency meeting
  • no making breakfast
  • no post offices
  • no department stores
  • no working
  • no cleaning up after myself
  • no reason to wake up early
  • no alarm

Just fun, sun, laughs, reading & a lot of time with the Pita.

La Bufadora.

r e l a x i n g near Cabo.

w o n d e r f u l.

Thank you Happy, Auntie Ann, Nana & Papa for making this possible.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

my AZ kid

Peanut: Mom-your computer says it's 68 degrees outside!!
Mom: r e a l l y ? {go to look} Let's walk to school today.
P: ok & I'm going to go and put jeans on 68 is c o l d !
M: fine with me but it's going to heat up to 93.
P: under 100!?!?! Maybe I'll wear another layer [top]
M: ummmm - you'll be good with one.
[get Mase - open the front door]
P: this feels like heaven mom. can we do this everyday, from now on?
M: sounds good to me - deal.
P: mom do you have your phone?
M: yes [duhhh?! ;) ]
[she stops - tells Mase to "sit"]
P: Mom, take a photo, it's so cold - I think I can see my breath.

My poor Arizona child. Keep dreaming Peanut.