Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Treadmill" - Last Tuesday [ GIVEAWAY ]

Yes, it's a real song.  On my marathon playlist, of course.  Love it.

You all know how much I love my treadmill.

Wait, I'll rephrase . . . . .

You all know how much I love running on treadmills.  Especially, those Woodway ones.  {jess, I'm super jealous}.

I. Freaking. Love. Treadmill. Running.

So when running on one for 24 hours . . . . became an option - - - you know I just had to do it.

It just works for me.  Clicks with me.  I'm not changing.
Treadmill runner for life . . . . without a freaking question.

Which brings me to my giveaway . . . .

Guess the number of my 2011 miles that were run . . . . .
 . . .
 . . .

o u t s i d e !

So out of 3,204.44 . . . How many of those we logged outside [not on a treadmill]?

The person who is the closest will receive:

*  A box of Gotein [you pick the flavor-Chocolate, vanilla or strawberry]
*  The awesome 6 week 6 pack DVD - a la Jillian
*  A $5 Starbucks Gift Card
*  6 GenUCan pre-workout drinks [3] Cran/Raspberry & [3] Pom/Blueberry
*  A white Brooks Running cap


no Emz contest prize pack would be complete without . . . .
*  A "Run Emz" shirt - - -  [C'mon!!  Everyone needs an extra rag around the house right!? ;]

So what's your guess?  . . . .

Oh, and if you follow me on twitter @runemz AND you tweet about this giveaway . . . you get one extra guess. 

Woooo hoooo!

Winner announced Friday!

Happy. Freaking. Tuesday!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Space Age Love Song" - A Flock Of Seagulls

I'm so loving today.

You know, one of those days where you take a step back and it hits you . . .

I'm one freaking lucky girl.  And I've had a huge smile on my face all day.

A few things I'm loving. . . .

* Hearing two 11 1/2 year old girls playing "slow motion death fight" in the family room.

* That my house is finally coming together . . .as we make offers on other houses.  I love it, truly.

* This photo I found of me cracking my Dad's back.

* I love that Peanut's principle next year is my old P.E. [and early morning run club teacher] from when I was 11. 

[photo of my brother and I .... pre his [run club teacher's] "get going" honk]

* I love that my Peanut is hugely emotional these days.  She is saying some super awesome things I hope to use during her "roast" when she gets married.

* I love that I can't stop listening to "Glory of Love" by Peter Cetera.  what?  shuddup.

* I love realizing that I am my best coach.

* I love this . . . .

[seriously, Dawn, why aren't we?]

* I love that this run this morning

went beyond awesomely.

* I love that I found a pair of True Religion jeans for $18 today.  In my size.

* Having a quick bite with an old friend [who has gynormous boobs] and telling the big eyed guys that walked by . . . . "take a good hard look, they have no power over you, I swear."

* I loved going to parent / teacher conference and having the teacher start off by saying, "Your daughter is an absolute pleasure to have in class, not to mention, the least dramatic girl in class."  ..... [not sure how that non-dramatic part happened if she's got my genes. ;] ]

* I love planning my menu for Super Bowl Sunday.

[soooooooo making these.]

* Loved making a Double Chocolate Bunt cake this morning pretty much just so I could act like I was Paula Deen while making it.

Happy. Thursday.  My.  Friends.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"My Father's Eyes" - Eric Clapton

To MY Dad,

I freaking love you.

I love that it's YOUR birthday today . . . because it makes me think on all the awesome events, times & memories we've shared together.

Most of all, I am grateful.

I'm grateful . . . . .

  • That you expected a lot of me.
  • That we'd meet - just you and I - in that horrible room with the shag carpet to go over how I was doing [school, life, sports, etc]
  • For the example you are to Peanut.
  • For the example you are to us solely by your actions.
  • That you taught me about money at an early age.  "Emily, you either make interest or pay it."
  • That I still want to talk to you before a big purchase.
  • That you taught me so many sports.
  • That you expected just as much from me during sports as my brother.
  • That we took walks together at night.
  • That you call me randomly just to see how I am.

  • That you call me "sweetie".
  • That you hug me every time I see you.
  • That you got to see me be born.  
  • That you taught me how a man should treat a woman by the way to treated / treat Mom.
  • That you are slow to anger. [but seriously, what went wrong here with me?! ;) ]
  • That you danced for my friends when I begged you to.
  • That you didn't hate me when I decided I was "done" with volleyball at just the wrong time.
  • That you made me work hard on Saturday's.  chores. chores. chores.
  • For the love you show me and my family.
  • For the prayers, I'm sure, you sent up daily on my behalf.
  • For being at all my volleyball games.  Yelling your heart out.
  • For being at my races.  In "run emz" attire.
  • That you don't get mad when I poke fun at your sweet sunglasses. ;)

  • For being there 23.25 hours of my 24 hour run.

  • For always telling me, "Em, don't be so critical" when my attitude was crap.
  • For being athletic.
  • For always putting your family first.  ALWAYS.

  • For teaching me how to NOT throw like a girl.
  • For teaching me how to drive.
  • For buying that Nissan 300Z. 
  • For the way you eat a cob of corn.  just amazing.
  • For always saying "good earth".
  • For always loving my cooking.
But mostly . . .

For being twinkle toes, Gordy, Papa & MY Dad.
I. freaking. love. you.

Monday, January 23, 2012

"In Fact" - They Might Be Giants

So Jen at Miles, Muscles & Mommyhood AND Jason at Cook Train Eat Race both tagged me for a "random things about me" post.

Love it.

Here are the rules:

1. Post these rules
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself
3. Answer the questions set for you in their post
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer
5. Go to their blog and tell them you’ve tagged them
6. No stuff in the tagging section about you are tagged if you are reading this. You legitimately have to tag 11 people!

Here we go . . . . . . .

uno:  I cannot live without my C.O. Bigelow lip crap.
dos:  I enjoy yard work.  Love mowing the lawn & pulling weeds.
tres:  I drive fast.  Way too fast.  But only when I'm alone.
quatro:  I hate raisins & papaya.

cinco:  I love making lists. Lists of things I need, things I want to do, things I have to do, things I didn't do.
seis:  I crave Arby's & Taco Bell when I am sick.
siete:  I have a terrible sense of direction.  Like freaking terrible.
ocho:  I'm sensitive.  ok, I'm beyond sensitive.  My feeling get hurt rather quickly.  And I am a crier.
nueve:  I'm a hugger.
diez:  9 out of 10 scented candles make me want to hurl.  Sooo, I stick with lavender.
once:  I have to chew gum when I workout.  Have. to.

Questions to those who are tagged:

You are stranded on a deserted island. Tell me

1. What are the 5 foods you would pick to have with you? Blueberries, Pickles [duh], almonds, a whole freaking cow & sushi 

2. What 2 things would you pick to drink? Muscle milk shakes & RockStars.

3. What book would you want to have?  "The Happiness Project"

4. You are visited by ONE person for 24 hours only, who is it? 
Eve. {yep, Adam's girl}

5. You can have ONE skill that you do not currently posses? What is it?

You just won 5 million dollars! Tell me

1. What is the first thing you do?  Change my name.

2. What is the first thing you buy? First thing. . . my 2012 7 Series BMW I currently have on a very long hold.

3. Who is the first person you share your winnings with?  Mr. Pita.....marriage schmarriage. ;]  Then our parents.

4. Would you relocate? Where?  Relocate . . . no.  Buy a second home is New Zealand . . . YES

5. Would you donate to charity? Youbetcha.

6. You must buy me a gift, what do you get me??  s h o e s !!

My Questions:

1.  Do you love or hate the treadmill and why?
2.  Describe yourself in three words.
3.  Describe your best friend.
4.  Text or call?
5.  Favorite place to eat?
6.  Where did you first see your wife/husband/significant other?
7.  Do you buy lottery tickets?
8.  The first thing you do in the morning.
9.  Favorite recovery drink.
10.  If you could have any car in the world, which would you buy?
11.   What do you collect?

NOW . . .
I am tagging these awesome people.

1.  Fruit Fly
2.  Jess Blonde Ponytail
3.  Laurie
4.  Jill Run with Jill
5.  TMB Racing with Babes
6.  The very MCM mama herself.
7.  CautiouslyAudacious
8.  Blue Balls Matty-O what? His blog says so.
9.  Jen Fat to Finish Line
10.  Carrie Family Fitness Food
11.  Fancy Nancy Living the dream

Friday, January 20, 2012

"Things I Love" - Like A Real Boy

  • Listening to Peanut's Dreams [in full detail - never a short dream from this kid]
  • When someone gets my humor.
  • Walking into a heated building after being outside for 44 seconds.
  • Being lifted off the ground during a hug.
  • Taking a long freaking hot shower after a long freaking run.
  • Clean [lavender smelling] sheets.
  • Ambien - minus the texts I don't remember sending after taking it.
  • When the Pita lays on my side of the bed for a few minutes . . . so my side will be warm.
  • Having cereal [food] fights.
  • Letters.  Like real ones, with envelopes & a stamp.
  • When the Pita calls me on accident and starts rattling off a stock trade before I say hello.
  • A An outdoor run with an old friend.
  • My "job" as a Mom.
  • My other job that brings in money.
  • Hugs.
  • Seeing Peanut play volleyball.  Loved.  Volleyball.

  • My iPhone. Sorry, I do.  Especially, the texting and camera parts.
  • Laughing.....like ab workout kind of laughing.
  • Holding a sleeping baby.
  • Being kissed on the top of  my head.
  • Folding hot [clean] laundry.   [ya, I stay freaking away from that hot, dirty stuff]
  • Andddddddddddddddddddddddddd . . . .
that MY girl will be home tonight.
Holy. crap. I. have. missed. her.

Happy. Freaking. Friday!

What are you loving today?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Words" - Train

["freaking" wordy Wednesday] . . . .

So freaking stupid . .

So freaking sad. . .

so freaking missing her . . .

Freaking fun marathon . . .

This kid is going to be a freaking runner . . .

They freaking rock . . .
Today's freaking run . . .

Sooooooo...this stuff is freaking necessary . . .

Happy.  Freaking.  Wednesday.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

"One Hundred Resolutions" - Sundowner

Each January, I find myself saying the same thing .  .  .

This year I will:

*  Not do laundry every day
*  Stop worrying if I have random unattached hairs on the back of my shirt
*  Have Peanut make her own lunch
*  Stop checking my email at every red light
*  Learn photoshop
Run outside once a week
*  Learn all my account numbers for my credit cards
*  Not have the TV on during dinner
*  Remember to call my family & friends on their birthdays
*  Read a [as in singular - ONE] book
*  r e l a x
*  Be a better friend
*  Never start a sentence with the phrase, "no offense"
*  Enjoy the process

44% [you know I love that] of all Americans make "New Years Resolutions".


1. a formal expression of opinion or intention made, usually after voting, by a formal organization, a legislature, a club, or other group. Compare concurrent resolution, joint resolution.
2. a resolve or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something.
3. the act of resolving or determining upon an action or course of action, method, procedure, etc
However, I love the way Gretchin Rubin thinks of NYR's . . . . more like "COMMANDMENTS". 
12 Rules [commandments] to strive to keep for the upcoming year.
[kuh-mand-, -mahnd-]
1.to have or exercise authority or control over; be master of; have at one's bidding or disposal:or mandate.
2. to direct with specific authority or prerogative; order.
2. to require authoritatively; demand.
So here they are in NO specific oder.
Emz Commandments:
1.  Make time for projects. 
2.  Go outside [enjoy being outside]
3.  Stay in touch.
4.  Be there.  Be Present.
5.  Trust my instincts.
6.  Be silly.  Be spontaneous.
7.  Aim higher.
8.  Spread joy.
9.  Choose not to take things personally.
10.  Motivate & encourage others.
11.  Be a haven.
12.  Be Emz. 
[and I just had to share my card from my Peanut for my birthday . . . ]
** Soooooooo **
Did you make any New Years Resolutions?
Any you want to share?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Moment of Clarity" - Jay Z

I remember learning about bees when I was little. (Not the ones that go with birds, just the bees. The bumbling kind.) I don't remember much (blocked it out since I was terrorized by the close-up shots of yellow and black fur, enormous eyes and blurry wings, hovering over some innocent flower...or child...) but I do remember that they are always busy, busy, busy.

I think Peanut was a bee in a previous life. She reads while she eats. She sings while she cleans. (Let me re-phrase that...she sings while she pretends to clean.) She's constantly stealing using my computer paper, more markers, more tape, more string, more pens, more anything that might be useful. And then she sits at the kitchen counter and gets to work. (She swings her while she works.)

The topic of my birthday came up. Which always means, I get to hear what she wants for her next birthday, mingled with a barely audible, “momyeaIforgottogetyouapresent". She spent the next hour in her room singing, fumbling with papers and running in and out for more supplies.

Later, she emerged in the hallway, eyes lit up with pride. In her hands laid a few papers wrapped in tissue paper. On the cover, “Mom you freaking rock”.

I looked in her room.  Piles of who knows what.  A few drawing that didn't make the cut . . .covered the floor. 

I smiled.

"Mom, don't worry, I'll clean it up.", she said.
Not even close to what I was thinking.

What I was thinking . . . . I am blessed. My kid rocks.

And . . . .Ohhhhhhhh, this is what my mom meant when she said “I just want a card for my birthday” . . . this time I actually believe her. The Pita would be more than happy to take her out “shopping” for my gift. But I’m guessing this is a gift I’ll actually remember getting . . . Like next year & the year after that.

I’ve got everything I need. Love. Encouragement. Appreciation. 

And understanding . . . . . well unless I do something SUPER silly like this on my birthday:

And that’s freaking huge.

Best. birthday. ever.