Thursday, September 30, 2010

You Talk Too Much - RunDMC

Ahhhh.  I'm 99% sure this would be the title of my biography if I had one.

This is what happens when you work from home and you have not yet mastered the art of talking to an eight pound dog.

But there's just too much going on in this brain of mine.

I swear, I cannot complete a proper sentence today. 

My friend "M" just brought me this:

How freaking thoughtful.  Got to love it & her.  Thanks MJ!!

I picked up Peanut from school a mere 15 minutes ago and she has already said to me, "Mom, you didn't get out today did you?"

I start on one thought then all of the sudden, I think of:

Being called "barbie".  If my  name was Barbie - that'd be fine.  But nope, it's not.
puking [could really live without this one]
heat [really? 86 in Prescott - come on!]
This so counts as 50 towards my 100 miles for Neil's VR.
relieving myself in front of horses and others
actually wearing a shirt for a race, run, adventure.  super weird.
music [iPod craps out on me {again} I swear I'm going right to the CEO of Apple]

I've bought enough Gu & protein bars to feed a smallish army [of one].

Oh, how I cannot wait to sit down at my computer Monday morning [possibly Sunday, if horses don't chew off my fingers] and write this race report and mark it "done".

Oh heck ya . . . . . I'll be wearing my buckle while typing.

Off bright and early tomorrow to, "GET ER' DONE" Emz style.

You guys rock.

What You Know - T.I.

SO  - - I've beenn tagged. By JenniferLeah at Miles, Muscles & Mommyhood with the "Versatile Blogger" award.  YAY me!!

JenniferLeah ~ t h a n k   y o u .
Cracks the Pita up that I have 250 people who "follow" my weird/confusing/random life [as told in word and photos].  Kind of makes me laugh too.  Wait . . .  maybe that IS my [blog] purpose in life?!  Heck, I'm totally okay with that.
rules for winning this award:

*thank and link back to the person who gave you the award*

*share 7 things about yourself *
I know, I know, you are all thinking, "what can she possibly tell us we don't already know?"
Oh trust YOU-ME there's plenty more.
1.  I think "The Rock" [Dwayne Johnson] is the most handsome celebrity alive. [If a gynormous man can wear "Tooth Fairy" gear and still look hot . . . I'm sold!

2.  I hate when I'm talking to someone with foam gathering in the corners of their mouth.
3.  Watching the Biggest Loser makes me hungry.  Realized this Tuesday night.
4.  I've never seen or read any Twillight crap.  But we did visit "Forks".  It was for a pottty-break only.  [okay, and maybe a photo].  Yes, Peanut hates Twillight even more than me.  What?? This was the happy face photo.

5.  Favorite cartoon growing up, "Smurf's"
6.  I used to lay out on the roof of our home and put crisco on my body thinking it'd fry me up like a KFC chicken wing.
7.  I've been to nine different countries . . . have I mentioned I hate flying?!
*pass the award along to other bloggers who you think know are fabulous*
Kovas - he's so freaking strange . . . how could I NOT pick him?!
Patrick - because I know deep down he hates these things almost as much as he hates every number but 5 & 0.
One Crazy Penguin - because I'm pretty sure she said she'd fly out here to run the 50 with me Saturday.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We're Never Gonna Survive Unless We Get A Little Crazy

And I'm feeling a whole lotta crazy.

Thank you so much for all the awesome song recommendations! 

I love seeing what songs each of you listen to, what inspires & motivates you. 


So three days until this.

There have been a lot of email exchanges between "A" & I.  Few of which I care to pass along.  The "Barbie" thing . . . it's getting old.

I'm ready to get out there and "Get ER Done!" . . . . . EMZ style. [I have no idea what that even means, but I like the way it looks.]

"A" - did send me this which I found slightly humorous.

You know you're an ultra-runner when:

  • You spend more time in the drug section than the food section of the local market.

  • You wonder why they don't make all running socks a dusty brown color.
  • You have more buckles than belts.  [did someone say "buckle"!?]

  • Your feet look better without toenails.

  • You're tempted to look for a bush when there's a long line for the public restroom.

  • You don't think twice about eating food you've picked up off the floor. [ewww, really?!]
  • You can expound on the virtues of eating salt.

  • When you can recite the protein grams by heart of each energy bar.

  • You don't even LOOK for the Porto-sans anymore.

  • You run marathons for speed work.

  • You have more fanny packs and water bottles and flashlights than Emz has shoes. [I think he doctored this one up a bit.] 
  • People at work think you're in a whole lot better shape than you think you are.

  • You actually are in a whole lot better shape than you think you are.

  • Your weekend runs are limited by how much time you have, not by how far you can run.
  • You rotate your running shoes more often than you rotate your tires.

  • When "NEXT GAS 36 MILES" signs start sounding like tempting runs.
It's not too late to join me!

Have A Nice Day -BJ

[This is my first attempt at a video blog post --- really hoping this works.]

I'm a big believer in treating people well.

But I've come to accept a key fact about life: people may never treat me as well as I try to treat them. [family excluded -  my family rocks!]

I have a generous and sensitive heart. Where I may have shortcomings of financial generosity, I feel I compensate tenfold with loving arms, open ears and an opinion that is rarely clouded with unreasonable judgment.

"Treat people as you'd like to be treated," was a popular theme in my home growing up.

I was having a great night, last night.  The Pita had a work event to attend so I treated myself to a spin class at the gym.  Awesome.  Sweating buckets kind of awesome.   On my way to pick up my girl from the Kids Club [ a whopping 30 steps away] --- whammo. A wretched, horrible comment [that I wouldn't even say to my worst enemy].

And in an instant, my heart was sad [and a little mad].

I told myself what I'd tell Peanut, "Buck up buttercup". . ."Consider the source" . .  .but it wasn't really working.

My brain dashed through a thousand thoughts. "REALLY?! Who would say such a thing?".

Do unto others. It's such a basic principle, and yet so many of us [including myself] have swiftly forgotten how vital this basic premise is to maintain a peaceful life/society.

It's an ideology that is essential to even our closest relationships.

Looking back on some of my connections - both romantic and those of a friendly nature - I do sometimes feel like I've come out on the short end of the stick. While other times I feel like all I do is take [especially when it comes to my amazing bro, sisters & parents]. I don't know that there's any way to truly avoid that; sometimes we are givers, other times we are takers.

I'm okay with that.

Maybe the "rude comment/lashing out" was do to something I did, that I'm not remembering. 

What I do remember is that [call me a mama's girl, I'm fine with it] my mom made it all better last night.  Yes, when I was being a "taker".  Just like many, many, many years ago.  Cleaning the wound.  Bandaging it.  And then telling me, "it's all going to be okay."

I believe her.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I walk the line

Yesterday was a "Johnny Cash" juke box day.  Love that song.

Okay, so I'm too freaked to write what I really want to write . . . . [I'm dreaming of horses and they are stomping all over me]. . . So Instead [lucky you] you get [more] TMI.

In layers.


– Name: Emily

– Birth month: January

– Birthplace: AZ

– Eye Color: Blue

– Hair Color: Blonde [fine, light, light brown]

– Height: 5′9″

– Righty or Lefty: Righty Tighty

– Zodiac Sign: Capricorn


– Your heritage: Sweedish? or Sweet-ish? ;) [I have no clue as to what I am, {don't judge} I haven't had to write a paper on this since the 5th grade]

- The shoes you've worn [so far] today: Saucony pro-grid ride3, haviana's & now these . . .

– Your weakness: good food

– Your fears: Being alone

– Your perfect pizza: thin crust margarita

– Goal you’d like to achieve on a physical level: ironman ...... in life: feeling/knowing like I am a good mom.


– Your most overused text talk: IDK

– Your first waking thoughts: never really thought about this.......well, the first thing I say every morning is, "XXXX [Pita], what do you want for breakfast?"

– Your best physical feature: I like my eye color

– Your most missed memory: jumping on the trampoline with my family


– Pepsi or Coke: Coke

– McDonald’s or Burger King: McDonalds

– Single or group dates: Yikes, If I have to pick one . . . Single

– Adidas or Nike: Nike

– Chocolate or vanilla: v a n i l l a - - ice, ice baby


– Smoke: No

– Cuss: VERY rarely. I'd still write "very rarely" even if my mom didn't read this.

– Sing: you bet cha! I work at home. alone. why the heck not!!??

– Take a shower everyday: at least two X day

– Do you think you’ve been in love: I KNOW I have.

– Liked high school: Loved first two years - not so much the last two.

–Want to get married: AM

–Believe in yourself: depends on what exactly we are talking about. But yes 99.44% of the time.

– Get motion sickness: Y E S !  Not pretty.

– Think you’re attractive: some days

– Think you’re a health freak: freak - mostly, yes. healthy [eating] - not like I should be but pretty good.

– Get along with your parent(s): like PB&J

– Like thunderstorms: now - yes. as a kid - no.

– Play an instrument: is my treadmill an instrument? I have ZERO musical talent

LAYER SIX:In the past month

– Smoked: No

– Done a drug: No

– Ran a marathon:  Yes

– Gone on a date: Yes

– Run a crazy man / horse 50 miler?: Not yet.

– Eaten an entire box of Oreos?: No-never.

– Eaten sushi: yes

– Been on stage: yes

– Made homemade cookies: yes


– How do you want to die: In my sleep or while running

– Where you want to go to college: Been there done that "BEAR DOWN!" - for you Adam.

–What do you want to be when you grow up: I like me - I hope I'd just be a more patient, calm & relaxed me

– What country would you most like to visit: Spain


– Number of piercings: One in each ear

– Number of tattoos: four [my eyeliner - two up top two down below]

– Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper [in HS]?: eight

– Number of scars on my body: five

– Number of things in my past that I regret: one [biggie] three [so-so's]

– Number of people I could trust with my life: Off the top of my head 4... but probably more.

* * Hopefully, you just pretended to read all of that. * *

Final thoughts . . . .

You ever tried making a 12 hour playlist for a run?
You have any songs for me? [pretty please]
Please refrain from submitting any songs containing the word "death", "dying" or "horses".

Hungry Like The Wolf

Eating with Men

My [condensed] History

Corn on the cob with Dad. Why stop at a bite when you can type-writer your way through the whole length of the [corn] field? And never. I repeat never use your napkin until you are finished. completely. Greasy chin......required.

Garlic with J.K. "Em, the cure to that cold . . . . ? . . . 2 teaspoons FRESH minced garlic on a spoon." Not sure if we broke up because of my breath for the next 5 days or because I was so mad at him for allowing me to do this? Hated garlic until after college. Which probably was a good thing for my college experience. ;)

Bran muffins with my brother. Ahhhhh, the art of squeeze margarine in zig-zag formation - then - returning back to the same 1/2 muffin with horizontal lines. When yin & yang aligned just right you could get some strawberry jam to settle on top of the margarine mountain. The hardest part . . . . only getting to eat 4 each.

Indian Fry Bread with JJ Y. Love remembering the summer of 1994 at Manzanita Speedway. Smelling like gas [motor version- - - "garlic boy" hadn't come into play yet] watching him drive in circles, eating indian fry bread while listening to his dad curse at him. The best IFB ever.

Chicken wing.....chicken wing with RC. Watching movies from the projector room upstairs [where he worked] eating Native New Yorker chicken wings. Suicide version. Never "mild". Always double dipped in ranch. One dozen. EACH.

MG [Mr. Borscht]. Ewwww. I'd feel better if I just to a "pass" on elaborating on this one.

Fat free Carbo loading with MC. Rice with teriyaki sauce 3 days a week. What college lunches were made of.

JP: That's it's completely normal, fine & necessary to eat pancakes anytime between 11pm & 1am . . . . . as long as you are pretending you are studying at Denny's.
The Pita & I have dined together happily, in simple, unique and diverse conditions all around the world. He is handsome and [even though I don't always like to admit it] . . . funny. A woman would have a problem finding a better dining companion [as long as he isn't eating ox tail]. Maybe food is the secret to a good "union". Over the long haul - you need a person you can happily share three meals a day with and still look forward to the next breakfast.

For you Patrick:

It is what it is ... OX + TAIL.  But what gets me is his need to suck the marrow from the bone ----- so gross.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Everybody was kung-fu fighting . . .rant

Did I mention Peanut's volleyball season started up again?! Did I ever mention I have a bit of an attitude?

This past Saturday was her first "official" game. Now by official I mean with a referee, wearing YMCA jerseys, group chants & bringing snacks.

She is on the "recreational" team until she turns 11. I did this for a few reasons but mostly because I want to make sure she truly enjoys it before she gets pushed too hard by coaches & or parents.

So enter Saturday.  Playing against a non-YMCA team. Now the rules of play were set up at the beginning of the season YMCA & non alike.

The only rule that is different than real play is on the serve. The girl serving can pretty much stand in the middle of the court to serve, if she needs to.

The coach for the other team [even though his team was doing the same] --yells -[I mean] yells out. "This is ridiculous. These girls should be stepping back!"

Now I'm a firm believer in tone. One's tone & the way one goes about speaking can make all the difference.

This guy. His tone sucks. Pretty sure he has one tone and it's freaking loud. The ref went on to explain that the rules were established prior, blah, blah, blah but if the girls felt comfortable--to take a step back.

He continues to gripe. A huff here. Eye roll there. Touchdown arms here. Etc.

Anyway. Game over. We win. Change sides.

Now the pita & I get a front row seat w/coach crazy pants.

First up our best server & local neighborhood friend [over hand too] "k". She aces it. I rise to my feet. Clapping. Woooo hooo-ing! Yelling, "yay K! Way to go!!".

Coach crabby[CC]: ya because she's cheating. She's a cheater. [loud].

Me: excuse me?

CC: you guys cheat.

Pita: ya know, she's new to this overhand serve.

CC: like I care.

Me: really?! [I hate mean people especially mean & obnoxious ones. I feel my face getting red, hands shaking, I'm mad. - doesn't take me long . . . reactive? me? never? always.]

[enter the pitas seat belt arm - you know the same arm your mom threw over your lap years ago?! ]

Pita: em, chill out.

 Me: no.

 CC: ya, listen to him.

[the Pita didn't like THAT -so he stands up. Now he's not a small dude. 6'9" 275. Coach Crazy Pants [Idiot] was maybe 5'11" 160 soaking wet.]
CC:[to the pita]: sit down!

me: [thinking --- can the pita go to jail if he smacks him? Who cares, hit him hard!]

CC: [again] sit down!

Pita: don't talk to us. Seriously. not a word.

It just got worse from there . . . .
Now that "high road" I was looking for last week Matty-O . . . . I was searching hard . . . like REALLY, REALLY hard to find it. I was [silently] hoping the Pita wouldn't find it though. Someone needed to stick it to the man, right?!
Meanwhile, our team was down 9 to 0. We kept cheering like we always do.

Game over. We win. 25-18.

And I felt really good for having found the high road.

So good, in fact, I showed Coach Crazy Pants where he TOO could find the "high road" while scratching my face [PITA style] as we exited.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Do You Really Want To Hurt Me - CC

This is the only song that came to mind, for that entire gruling hour, I met with "A" yesterday.

A:  Hi Barbie!  Didn't wear your cute little belt?  What if you get thirsty while we chat?
Emz: Oh Ken, you are my knight in shining armour.  You will fight for me.  Die for me.  Deydrate for me.

[Fine.  What I did say was] . . . "Bite Me.  It's sorted.  let's move on". 

*    *    *     *[more on this topic later - after I chill out at least 48 hours or after an intense wii boxing match tonight]*    *    *    *

Now, I love movie quotes almost as much as I love music titles

The problem is, working from home, I rarely get to share my unique talent with others. 

And the Pita, well he knows some movie lines but not the classics [i.e, Goonies, Better off Dead, Clueless, Tommy Boy, Airplane ("don't call me shirley" and the awesome sequels), Mr. Mom, Farris Buller, etc].  He knows more like Grease, Gone with the wind & the subtitled, Sci-Fi & kung-Fu type movies].  Which makes it pretty hard to crack a funny when no one around here gets it.

Wait ---- m a y b e , I'm just not funny?!?  Naaaaa. That can't be it.

But this quote pretty much sums up the last 7 days of my [running, race, personal] life:

Jack Butler: My wife and I went to the movies the other day, we saw Rocky. While I'm watching it, I'm thinking 'This guy has taken some falls' you know.

Auto Worker 1: Which Rocky was it? 1 or 2, or 3?

Jack Butler: I don't know. Three I guess. But...

Auto Worker 2: Hey, did the guy have a mo-hawk like Mr. T?

Jack Butler: OK forget Rocky. The point is... when you're down, not not exactly out... I mean, I mean you gotta hang tough... I don't know.

Auto Worker 1: Well Hang tough baby! Do what Rocky would do!

[walks out]

Auto Worker 1: He didn't see Rocky .
So guys, when the Running store guy asked me a few days ago "so how are you going to tackle this race? you going to break it down?  what will you do at mile 29?  what's your game plan for this 50 miler? "
And I paused, smirked then gave him a big white toothed grin and said, "to finish".
Even though this is NOT the answer he was looking/hoping for.
I'm not going to race this race.  Call me a wuss, if you want.  I'm just in it to finish.  And I'm totally fine with that.
But on the subject of "Ken". I don't need him.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Check Baby, Check Baby, one two three four

Check baby check baby one two three

Check baby check baby one two

Check baby check baby one . . one

So "go buy crap for 50 miler" was number one on my list of "to-do's" yesterday.  So, I went.  I bought.  [I yet, again, received some super [not] sweet comments from employees - not even going to post about THAT]. I bought.  I bought.

I came home and reported in to "A".  You remember, the Pita's co-worker [who is 49% of the reason I am doing this 50 mile Man V. Horse race].

Here's how it went down [email style]:

A: So did you buy what you need for October 2nd [50 mile trail run]? How was the marathon in Utah?

E: my marathon? - I SUCKED. HARD.  But . . .Ugggg - moving on . . . .
I bought a Nathan "trail" water belt. Two 10oz bottles and a little zippered pocket thing.  Good? Bad? Not enough?

A:  I'm sorry you had a tough time. That crap happens, but holy cow - I would kill for a 3.5 hour marathon.
You screwed up. You'll die with only 20 oz ..."FYI" maybe you DO have a death wish? You need to drink at least 20oz per hour and you don't want to stop that many times to refuel. (there may be stretches when you won't be able to refill for hours.) You want to carry at least 50 oz.  Keep the Barbie doll pack for your short [Barbie] marathon runs.  Maybe you could get some cute marathon shorts to match? This is ultra-running, dude and you need to up it a notch, Barbie girl!

Let's meet up tomorrow (Thursday) for a late lunch/snack and sneak over to Runners Den or REI to pick out a Nathan pack.

[thinking to self - Emz, take the “high road”/don’t stoop to his level . . . ]

[sorry Mom & fellow family - he called me "Barbie" - you KNOW how I feel about this.]

E: Please tell me I did not just read "Barbie" in that email.

Ohhh, HELL NO!!

A: Tell [the Pita] you need about $120 or so to buy some supplies. I assume you get an allowance? runners den is out of stock, so we need to go to rei. cool?

E: You are really trying to get under my skin aren’t you? Whatever. I don't report to him [much]. And, what if, WHAT IF, he asks ME for money, ever thought of THAT?! This is the QUEEN of Jean you are dealing with!!!!!

[yes, I did include that many "!!!!!!!!" 's.]

A: I’m flexible tomorrow. I want to accommodate the Queen's schedule. We can drive to rei together and talk about the race route and how to plan for a 10-12 hour day..... of puking. Someone told me you found a new skill. Very cool!

E: O M Gosh.
    Hey, Captain Jerk!  ummmm just send me the link of what to buy to make you happy. I’ll be just fine without seeing you.

A: Ha, you’re not getting out of seeing me that easy. You want a Intensity Race Hydration Vest (70oz) Yes, that's a 7 AND a 0 - together. I'll go over tonight to REI and buy it. I’ll hand it to you tomorrow (please don‘t barf on me). We could just walk over to Borders and go over the map and the difficult parts of the course. (Hint: only the first 5 miles are easy).

I can hardly wait to see him.

I'm drinking a bottle of Syrup of ipecac 5 minutes before.

NEW EMAIL JUST IN . . . From "A" . . .
"I bought you the Nathan. It is specifically for ultrarunning and half of the runners will be wearing the same one.  I want you to fit in and not look stupid, since Im encouraging you to do this."

Me:   .................. ........... [waiting for you guys to tell me exactly how to reply]. 
Fit it?  ---- why?
Look stupid?  ----- WTH?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gangster's Paradise - tagged

So Captain Strange & I am strong Adrienne tagged me to mention 10 [only 10?!] random things about me.

1. I have Brady Bunch checks. Marsha. Marsha. Marsha.

2. I own three watches. Only two tell time [of day].

3. I love hamburgers.
Favorite: the grind.
Least favorite: burger king

4. I do all my grocery shopping from right to left. No matter which store. Start right end at left.

5. If given an option, I will always use "self-checkout". I mean who could pack my groceries better than me?!

6. I hate [truly hate] valet parking. I will walk 1/2 mile in 5" heels before using a valet. No joke.

7. It took me until my sophomore year in high school to consistently spell licorish [ wait] "licorice" correctly.

8. I think Eminem is more inspiring than Yanni.

9. I had my photo taken with Coolio. [in 1996] Yep, livin' in a "gangsters paradise".

Now, my friends, THAT is one short dude.

10. Favorite songs to blast from my juke box...... "September" [earth,wind & fire] & "Rich Girl" [Hall & Oats].

And now.....

TAG - you are IT, IT, IT.

1.  Kera - that's a no brainer.  I love this woman.
2.  Kelly - Still have a room for me, right?!
3.  Angie - Who may I add, is running St. George Marathon October 2nd!

Peanut reporting in while, my mom sorts out this blog thing

[yes it is I the awesomeness, I got even more awesome since yesterday.]
  ** Emz, interjecting - where the crap does she get this self-esteem?! **
Well, I have a teacher at school named Mr.C  he is awesome [just not as much as I am].One day lets say hmmmm.......about 2 days ago he wrote this on my paper:

{he has circled MATH COLORING and your probably thinking ,hey this is not a problem for PEANUT!}but sadly...
The colors I had were:

And he had put "I am only bringing this up beacause you never come to school wearing under 20 colors yourself"... But before I had gotten my paper ,"E" at my school got to read it first and after she was laughing so hard she almost fell out of her chair!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You May Be Right

 . . . . I may be crazy.

Thank you.


Thank you for the comments yesterday.  You guys amaze me [daily].

Now for the awesome part of the trip last week.

Meeting Kera.  Yep, she's somehow even more beautiful in person [silently hate her].  It was my first "blog" meet-up and ya, I was a little  a lot nervous.  It took the Pita a bit to warm up to this idea of a blog "meet-up".  His favorite line is calling me a blogstitute.  [yes, you read that right]. 

He's just really creative like that.  He's not so keen on the blogging "thing", in general.  But, heck, I don't remember saying he had to come.  AND . . . This blogging thing, I love it. ;)

I saw her hop out of her car.  It was like being 16 all over again.  I was so happy to "see" her.  We tried meeting up at a sushi joint but . . . .fail.  [closed].  We ended up at "Market Street".  It was good but really who cares about the food?!

We then went to Salt Lake Running.  Her score water bottle.  My score, Gu.

She is awesome.  No more like  a m a z i n g.  She was/is crazy busy and I'm so grateful she made the time to meet up with me.

Thanks Kera!

I'll post the rest of the weekend in as few words as possible.  You write the story [fill in the "gaps"].

What? I wanted to save the happiest photo for the end.  Matty-O ..... yes, that's me [trying not to cry-biting my cheek] and my perfectly LAZY/p'd off form.

Well . . . get story tellin'.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Biggest Loser

So lets get this out of the way... In two words, how was the race?
Hugely disappointing.
  • How did you feel at the start?
Tired but great! Slept about 3 hours....Same as all the other marathons.
  • When did you find your groove?
Mile 4 - when Katy Perry's "E.T." came on.
  • Do you always run races w/an iPod?
Yes. Ever since my 2nd marathon.
  • Ever had an issue w/your iPod?
Funny you should ask.... No, but..... It completely crapped out on me [this marathon] at mile 9#@£%{]@): urrrgggg.
  • How was the weather?
Beautiful but windy. Note to thing treadmills cannot do is prepare you for wind.
  • How did your legs feel after the mostly downhill decent at mile 14?
Better than I thought. But I'll still be looking into ShutUp&Run's new find. ;)
  • Do you ever get cramps while racing?
Not until this marathon. Mile 16.
  • So why did that medic on the bike stop you at 17.25?
He saw me barf at 17.
  • Why did he continue to follow you to 20.
He thought I should pull out of the race.
  • What did you tell him?
"I'd rather crawl on my hands & knees bleeding than ride on the back of that bike of yours. I bet you haven't even named it. " - ok, I left the "naming it" part out.
  • What did he say to that?
"If you barf or dry heave more than 5 times- I'm pulling you out of the race."
  • How many times did you barf?
Three. YAY me!
  • Awesome moment of the run?
Right after barfing, the first time [about 1/8 mile after] having an unknown man say, "ummmm, you Karine's daughter?". My reply, "yep, did she not tell you I'd be followed by a medic?"
  • How did you get medic boy to leave you?
He just declared, "your crazy but admirable. I'll come back at 24 to check on you. "
  • Did he come back at 24?
Not that I'm aware of.
  • Things you did in this race you've never done before?
Get cramps.
Have music problems.
Stopping to WALK eleven [yes, I counted] times.
  • Sad moments?
Not my "usual crew" along the race. Realize how much I love those few seconds of seeing my loved ones.
No peanut at finish line.
  • Loser moment?
At 26.1 When friends Hubby yelled, "ya Emily. Great job!" and I replied, "I completely suck."
  • Loser moment #2?
When they wanted a "finisher photo" & I didn't. Then he asked me to put the medal by my face & I said, "I'd rather not."
  • Loser moment #3?
Seeing the Pita but avoiding him at all costs. Walked in circles in the "runners only" area until I thought I was done sulking, fighting back tears & being mad at myself.
  • Loser moment #4?
Left runners area too quickly. Started bawling. Medal may have [very childishly] been "dropped" onto grass. I think the same thing happened to my full glass of water. Weird.
  • Loser moment #5?
Crying. A lot of crying [under sunglasses, of course].
  • Loser moment #6?
Missing a surprise visit from Brooke. A childhood friend.  Don't have the words to explain just how frustrated this made me.
You. rock. Brooke.
  • Loser moment #7
Running out of the way of the photo guy at mile 20.
                      Time . . . .  3:35

The best RR ever, right?!
You are totally uplifted and ready to start your day . . . .  no?!
Sorry guys.  I'm my own worst critic.  I expect a lot of myself.  And I may be slightly competitive with myself. [and a bad sport]
I have plenty of things I'd love to blame this lackluster race on.  Some of which may even be valid.  But no excuse makes me feel any better.  Just a bad race.
Learning from it. and running on.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

To MY Brother MGE on HIS Birthday.

My Brother,


You thought I wouldn't do YOUR birthday post because I'm running my tail off right this second in Utah.

No way. [as long as this "set post date/time" thing works anyway. ;) ]

You are my favorite brother.  Yes, you are my only brother.  But you are my favorite.  I have always adored you.  Yep.  Always.

Even when you kinda were annoyed by me [who? what?].

I always looked up to you.  Always.

Today.  I look up to you even more.

Happy Birthday.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I feel good

Loving this song, this morning.

I'm out.

I'm off.

Bib # 2037.  I'm liking that.

But first, I owe a big, toothy grin to someone.

What?!  I told you it was b i g .

Wish I could express in words how I'm feeling right now.  For once, I'm at a loss.  Just a heart full of emotion, thanks & gratitude.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wheel in the sky keep on turnin'

But [YAY me] I DO know where I'll be tomorrow.

Logan, Utah --- come on go google it, I'll wait.

So it took me like 114 minutes to fall asleep last night.  My brain has been working overtime [without pay] this past week.

Here's a [very select] few of the random thoughts.

* Today is our Family Anniversary [see this post].  FAIL - not happening.

* I'm praying the finish line in Logan will be this happy.

* I feel bad that my Sister "A" has to help me so much to get me out of town.  A - I am so grateful.

* So, I have a confession.  I'm sorry Andrew - the horses, the horses.  I tried backing out of the man/Horse 50 miler last weekend.  Just didn't feel I was in the right place [mentally] for this. - - FAIL

* Got an email from the Pita's co-worker Monday saying, "I just gave senor ___ the map for the 50 miler.  don't be a wuss, now!"  
My retort:  game on.

* Then he emails yesterday, "XXXX, will be bringing something home for you."  I replied, "He got me flowers at lunch?"  Nope.


He walked in with this:

I'm sparing you the photo I took with it taped onto my racing outfit for Saturday.  I was all smiles.  "I can't believe you'd do it JUST for the buckle", said the Pita.  Me: "Yep, all for the buckle and the 360 days I'll wear it each year."

* Peanut came home yesterday proclaiming her teacher [Mr. C] said, "Your parents let you dress like this?  DO they dress like this?"  Her reply, "My mom shops for Lady Gaga."  Awesome. Not sure what the big deal is . . . see bottom 1/4 of yesterday's outfit.

* Taught a bunch of 8-11 year olds last night about labels.  [Things people call us].  Completely cracked up when a girl said someone called her "strange" and it made her feel sad.  I said, "was his name KOVAS?".  She looked at me, the way they all do . . . [is she talking still?].  I told her to OWN "strange".  Strange is beautiful!

* So I never do this but . . . . I bought something NEW to wear for the race in Utah.  A LIME green bra top.  Thought Utah would be the perfect place to rock it.  BTW, I hate lime green.

* And finally, the text reply from my mom this morning:

Me:  [5am-ish something] Have fun on your trip!  ILY!

Mom:  Thanks. U not sleeping? On way to see Dr. R for our flu sh*ts.  He came to see us yesterday and doesn't want us to leave without our sh*its.

Day. Made.

Got to love the iPhone and that the "I" & "O" are so close together when typing.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mambo N 5 & CSN Winner

Had an awesome lunch with my parents yesterday. 
How did I score lunch with my parents on their anniversary?

* I'm their favorite. [ugg, why do I have to blogit [blog/edit] for other family members?! ;)

* I'm needy.  [yes, I was yesterday . . . . true but . . . . ]

* I scheduled it last week when I didn't realize it was "the day".  YAY me!

So here's the fun photo from "Rosa's".  Yes, my Dad's bald spot gives of very happy Ray's of SUN.

Loved visiting with them yesterday.  Actually, had about 2.5 hours to talk their ears off.  awesome.

We talked about --- um, it may be easier to tell you what we didn't talk about. ;)

So many of my happiest moments include my parents and their attendance at an event [AKA my daily life].

I loved sitting there in Rosa's remembering some little memories I hadn't thought of in a long time.
*The way my brother hates bugs.
*The fire pit in the back yard.
*Thanksgiving turkey
*"Happy" having dates in our back yard.
*Y-von's Duran Duran posters.
*Ann drinking carrot juice [and duh, always being nice].

Then we spoke of the marathon this Saturday.  They are sad they won't be there [in person].  I'm silently [sad---ER].  I couldn't tell them this.  My parents grew up in Logan.  They are now world travelers [which completely rocks] and my timing, it sucks

My Mom dropped me off for this exact marathon 11 years ago.  I felt like a kindergartner going on a bus for the first time.  My first marathon.  No iPod.  No "Gu's".  No breakfast.  No Garmin.  No clue what I'd run.  No potty stops before the race.  I really don't remember much of this race.  I'll blame it on the 9 week old Peanut growing inside me.  I swear pregnancy made me brainless.  Yes, even more so than today. 

But, what I do remember . . . . . .

. . . . . .  "Mambo N 5" was playing when I sat there like a scared school girl and leaned over to kiss my Mom.  Yes, I was married.  Yes, I was 22.  Yes, I heart my Mom [and Dad, but Dad was smart and stayed home sleeping].

Yes Mom & Dad you will be missed.  But I'll do great.  And yes, I'll text you.

NOW to the CSN WINNER . . . ..

. . . . Yep, style.

It's LAURA @

Laura's Boise-full Life

Laura contact me at queenofjean [at] gmail [dot] com !


Tuesday, September 14, 2010


47 [ummmm ya,] 48 years ago.


Happy Anniversary to my parents.

Thank you for the example you set for me and my family.

I love you,

Your favorite [fine, whatever]

Monday, September 13, 2010

Smile - Uncle Cracker

Today, I love this song.

Went to visit with my parents on Saturday. [the homemade bread was just a fortunate "plus"].

My mom told me there were a few things for me on the bed in one of the spare bedrooms.

They made me smile.

This photo. Which I adore.
I love that we did this.
Me and my "circle of friends".

This photo from Peanut's Baby Shower.  Yes, still PLENTY of the 28 lbs I gained during pregnancy lingering, 3 weeks later [apparently ALL in my face]. 

This photo of me, S & K. [ My cousins.]

This sunset captured from my backyard Saturday night.

Leave Friday for Utah --- not really sure how this marathon is going to go.  Was training for a 3:15 marathon but . . . . . after being sick, yada, yada, yada ....... I seriously, have no clue where my body, legs and heart will take me.  But I'll take it. :)

Happy Monday.

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