Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's like THIS and like THAT and like THIS and uh

This [Dr. Dre] song made me happy, happy, happy while driving around yesterday.  Reminding me to ".... just chill, til the next episode...." [Matt-O, today is NOT the day to call me ghetto {again}] ;)

What?  You say you want all of my random bits of news?

You got it.  In random order, even.

*Feeling better?  Yes.  100%? No.  But I'll take 85% with a big toothy grin.

*I was called "unique" three times [no joke] over the weekend.  [by people who told me I should take it as a compliment].

*Waitress at dinner Saturday night said, "I get a good vibe from you" [seriously, how do you reply to that? .......ummmm, thanks, please don't spit in my food?!"

*Went to "The Grind" to get my Chocolate Bread pudding.  Have 4 lbs to put back on.  This is how I choose to do it. 
h e a v e n.

*But on the way there . . . I had to stop and say hi to my BMW 7 series Alpina.  Even the 2007 model is a thing of beauty.

*By man at Cabella's counter, "Anyone ever told you you look like ________?"  To which I replied, "Are you trying to sell this gun to me or make me shoot you with it?"

*Any guesses as to who you think he'd tell me I looked like? [mom, you don't get to answer this one]

*I bought a DPMS Panther .308 Semi-Auto Rifle - because I think every 5'9" blonde woman should have one & Cabella's boy swore the "X" [person I looked like] was "extremely attractive"  BIG FAT LIAR. 

*I finally realized that supermom/superwoman/superwife cape . . . . is partially over-rated.  Not to mention slightly [under] appreciated.  I have given up handed over my cleaning duties [65% anyway] to my new BFF "Eva".  Eva rocks.

*Eva was one of the three people who called me "unique".  And I pay her.

*Eva thinks I'm strange too [Kovas, you now have a partner in my strangeness].  "Mrs. Emily, you run to crazy music while looking at a wall.".  noted.  I still love her.

*We had family "Wii" night last night ----- I need to know how to upload VIDEOS.  No, I still will not upload  my "running man" but this wii video.........it's a must see.

*This will have to do for now --- but I did mention [during the wii fest] I did something to my deltoid while kicking the Pita's horse tail.

*Did my first trail run over the weekend [11 miles].  Yes, I hurt like crap.

*Didn't want to do the 800's today.  Mistakenly told the Pita, "Uggg, tell me I need to do the 800's today."     [my mistake]     He instead said, "You're going to look like an a*s in Utah [next marathon] if you don't."

Weird.  It worked.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Ahhhhhhh Today

"Exercise is for people who can't handle drugs and alcohol". Lily Tomlin
I've listened to this song 14 times. 

No joke.

Be back tomorrow.  Sorry for the LAME post.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friendship take-a-way

I am having lunch today with two friends  - - - [Judi & MP] my nervousness reminded me of this post [below] from January.

And Judi just sent me this photo of our teeth which cracked me up.  Not sure why.  I'll blame it on the Nyquil.

I’m a compartment girl. Pretty sure I always have been. It’s not that I’m all that organized either. I just like that specific things have specific places for them. The sunglass place in my car - love it. The loose coin holder - fabulous. It’s the little things with me. . . . most of the time.

Last night in speaking [okay, texting] with a girlfriend she says, “It’ll be nice to meet your other friends and [gasp] even some of your family.” All of the sudden I felt nervous. Maybe even anxious about this “meeting”. odd. After a few minutes, I think I’ve figured out why.

[bear with me]

I love getting food “take-a-way” style. When you get things “to-go” you know your sticky rice will be in one container and your sugar encrusted orange chicken will be in another. In ordering a salad [even at McD's] to go, the dressing will always be in it’s own nesting area. Brilliant.

Now there are a few places that get it right even when dining “in”. KFC, for example. The divided plate. Awesome. One of the best inventions to date. Being able to eat heavily souped up gravied mashed potatoes with out the thought of cross-contamination into the mac-n-cheese . . . Pure bliss.
Heck they even get it right at public schools. No runny, soggy veggies migrate over into the beef [?] pasta layered thing. Incredible.
So - this is me and my [albeit lame] dilemma.

I like my different [groups] of friends. I like them in their own part of my divided plate. I’m worried that inner mingling of the groups would take away the unique flavor of each of them.

For the most part, I like to see my “work” / shopping friends only when I’m “working”. Seeing them in my doctor’s office or at the gym is odd.

The “inner circle” friends. Like my FAV 5 of friends. My backbone friends. Always building me up. Never threaten. Never feel the need to “one up” or intimidate. Lifelong friends. I’m most protective of this group. I keep this group separated like the bank notes in monopoly.

Email / social media friends. People I “know” only through email. {It’s not as bizarre as it sounds when you run an Internet based business.} Amazing how much you can get to “know” a person without having seen them or heard their voice.

My “boy”-like friends. These are my friends that are completely LOW-maintenance. The friends you can go 6 months without talking to and feel like it was yesterday. No drama here. The trick is to not have these friends mix with the “others” so they don’t know they really can forget your birthday and you truly won’t be mad.

Church friends - I like to see them at church. In a church setting. To see them at the gym when I’m in a bra top and little running shorts. Creeps me out. On the flip side. Seeing gym friends when I am properly dressed is weird too.

My social friends [mostly those whom I’ve gotten to know through the Pita’s work; spouses of employees or employees] . . . I don’t like them to know any of the above mentioned friends. They are typically a little “louder” than my friend "norm" and I worry they’ll be misunderstood by my “calmer” possibly more so called "grown-up" friends. But that's why I love them - they are a little loud and a lot of fun.

The "neighbor" friend is the one who gets to be nosey and see almost all of these different groups [in their given expensive or barely running cars] turn up to your home. These are the friends who think I have issues. ;) They are more comfortable seeing me in my "mom" role than my hosting a tri-nations rugby get together - [I "do it for the Pita"] / wife role.

Is this odd? Normal? Do you ever feel this way?

Are these groups meant to be mixed up like a casserole? I hate casseroles.

[Happy Friday!!] - Wish me luck. ;)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hold The Line & my best attempt at "zen"

AM I the only Toto fan out there? 

Heard this while driving Peanut to school today.  [Turns out there's some creep-O stalking little ones walking/biking to and from school.  freaks.

Anyway.  Still blah.  I did put my running shoes on because I don't learn from my mistakes[not as I should anyway].  Then a wise "voice" told me to take, take, take um off.  UGGGG.

I did capture this photo from my backyard last night.  Love it.

So here's my sad post for today [kinda funny though]:

The Zen Of Sarcasm

1.  Do not walk behind me, I may not lead.  Do not walk in front of me I may not follow.  Do not walk beside me either.  Just pretty much leave me alone.

2.  The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a broken fan belt and a leaky tire.

3.  Don't be irreplaceable.  If you can't be replaced.  You can't be promoted.

4.  Always remember you are unique.  Just like everyone else.

5.  If you think nobody cares that you are alive, try missing a few car payments.

6.  Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes.  That way, when you criticize you'll be a mile away AND have their shoes.

7.  If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again.  It was probably a wise investment.

8.  Some days you are the bug.  Other days you are the windshield.

9.  Everyone seems normal until you get to know them.

10.  A closed mouth gathers no foot.

11.  There are two theories about arguing with women.  Neither one works.


12.  Never under any circumstance, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


That Debbie Gibson song kept coming to mind this morning.


I had two dreams last night.  The one I choose to share is my running dream.  I woke up at 5:31, told the Pita, "I'm feeling a little better."  His snarky reply, "Oh perfect, why don't you go run 20?".

Me: Well, "In my dream" I ran 4 and felt great.
Pita:  wait, you dream of running?
Me:  Isn't that kind of a given?


Went to sit up and these were glaring at me.

[they were whispering . . . please try me out . . . ] 

Bad idea.

I made it this far.

[man how I wish that decimal was one place to the right. ;) ]

Amazing how freaking hard it is to run while coughing.

But what really got me was the coughing fit that lasted a straight 8 minutes.  Yes, Peanut captured it all on her iPhone in video mode [plus a few random photos at the start of it all]. 

All the while saying, "I told you that was a bad idea" about 14 times [each time I stopped coughing to catch a bit of air].

This girl captures me doing everything stupid.  I know she's keeping them all handy for when she's 16 and can say . . . . "must I remind you you did ______?  Do you need to see the video?" 

I'm deleting those videos/photos while she dreams tonight.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pour Some Sugar On me

The Pita stayed home yesterday do laundry[nope], do the ironing[nope], watch Top Gear on the DVR[yep], be with me yesterday [I think, yes] ---- okay, fine probably just to get his 2.5 hour workout in.

One conversation went like this:

P: So what do you want to do today?
Me: Uhh, get better.
P: Let's go somewhere.
Me: like?
P: to look at cars.
Me: Ya, I'm sure that'll help.
P: You're not very nice today.
Me: I'm sick.  See the temp [not good], hear me [I sound like a phlegmy 80 year old smoker], smell me [just kidding-I'm a showeraholic especially when I'm sick]
P: "Pour some sugar on" you! [we are a rare breed [couple] who can converse exclusively using song titles, we are just special like that.]
Me: "Every rose has it's thorn"
P: But you are my "wild thing".... you make my heart sing. 
Me: fine . . "pass the Dutchie" - let's go.

It was a nice distraction until about noon when I thought my head and lungs were about to blow. 

I mean look at this Panamera Turbo. [drool]

So it was back home for me and off to the doctor.  Ya, I guess I do need those antibiotics after all.  2pm I get there.  "Ummmm, honey your appointment is at 3pm".

I was too pissed at her calling me honey to even care about the time problem.
Seriously.  If you are a woman, don't ever call me "honey. The only exception is if your hair is silver/white or if you are a parent of mine.  I HATE, HATE, HATE being called "honey".


Wasn't about to sit there for an hour so I did what all good, kind, considerate sick people would do. . . . . . . went to buy running shoes.

Where I met "Andy" who will be joining me [sorta] at the Man Vs Horse race in October.

Andy:  will it be your first trail run? [we had just finished the 15 minute talk about my "treadmill running"]
Me:  Kinda.  I did do the Whiskey Row Marathon but don't worry, I KNOW it's not the same type of trail.
Andy: The 25 will be challenging.
Me: Well, I'm doing the 50.
Andy: [nope nothing-just the look]


Andy: you are doing the 50? [yes, there was an emphasis on the "you" that I did not enjoy]
Me: You bet cha.  Show me the buckle! [big warm, sickly smile.]
Andy: wow.  I'll uhhh make sure to look for you.
Me: ya! It'll be fun to show you my buckle.  [I'm joking-I didn't say that . . . .]
Me {revised}:  You think I'm "done for", don't you?
Andy: I'll be really impressed.

Uggg. Whatever. He better not have sold me the "wrong" shoes. ;)

Note to self [never shop under the influence of Nyquil]

I am dying to try these out!!!

Now for a drum roll . . . . I have . . . . . walking pneumonia.  awesome.  He said I could call it running pneumonia if it made me feel better.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Get up offa that thing . . .

After last weekend, I officially hate my bedroom.

I'm over it.  [well, I'm not] but I am over being sick already.

I did manage to score these Friday night.

Yay me!  Then the Pita & Peanut left for a daddy daughter night.  Boo me!  And I got to watch chick flicks with this guy:

Which was [super] weird because, I don't typically let him in my room.  The Pita later told me something about dogs can sense when someone is dying so that's why he wanted to be with me.  awesome

So Sunday night came.  I thought I was feeling a lot better so we turned on the jukebox.  The song that kept coming to mind:  Get up offa that thing . . . .and dance til you feel better.   [fail]

[in my case . . . . ]

Get up offa that thing and dance till you [have such a bad coughing fit that] you are dry-heaving.


I don't have time for this:

25 days until Top of Utah Marathon


39 days till "Man against Horse" 50 miler

Heaven Help me. :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Give me my buckle & off to the doctor

Yes, still sick [worse] this sucks.  hard.

Thought I'd share an email conversation from Wednesday.  You see, if you run the Man Against Horse Ultra [the 50 miler] you get a buckle.  Not a boring/cheap medal but a big friggin' cowboy buckle.

I want the dang buckle.
All the "talk" of this started last Friday while at my friend's [Ash & T's] going away party.  T works with The Pita.  "A" also works with The Pita and is an ultra runner.  So he and I - - - - we HAD to chat.  He told me of an upcoming race.  I asked him to get The Pita the info.  And he did.  And I signed up without telling The Pita.

And so it goes

The Pita:  “You're gonna die if you do the 50 mile - even Aaron thinks so.

I'll start looking for a new wife now so it will be a smooth transition
"A" sent you some links see below.”

My reply to A & The Pita: “I always did envision you with someone even younger than myself [even though I’m 4.5 years your younger. Buckle up buttercup. It’s 50 or nothing.”

"A" cracks back-Pita [long signed off]: "Bull Shine!!" My first race was a 50 miler - the toughest 50 miler. ...and I never ran a single marathon except technically as a training run on my own a few times. I encourage you to run the 50 as long as you train for it and you're prepared to be out there awhile. It's a beautiful course and you'll probably even enjoy about 7 miles of it!! As long as that bloke you call a husband is out there, you won't feel like you'll ever be stranded. Just run from one aid station to the next and you'll make it and get your first shiny ultra marathon buckle!!  One thing I gotta tell you though is there's about a 2000' climb from mile 29 to 30. That's after you've done about 6000 feet of climbing during those first 28 miles. Keep telling yourself "it's fun."

Me: YAY! I want the buckle. I need the buckle. It's all in the freaking buckle. You wear yours to work right?!

I know I'm an idiot but ehhhhh what's the worst that can happen?

1. I look like a complete a*s? [fine by me].
2. Break my leg? [downer but it'll mend].
3. I pass out [there's helicopters right?]
4. I die. [all attempting first time ultra runners go to heaven, right?]

Who says I'm an ALL OR NOTHIN' kind of girl? [ohhhh, you mean THAT person who saw my horrible dance moves Friday?!] whatever. I'm over it.

I'm soooooo IN!

A: you have the kind of attitude it takes. you're gonna do well. Please don't yell a bunch of *^%@!* when you pass me, okay? It's gonna be a beautiful day, I just know it!!  keep hunting the Internet for the crude profile and/or map of the course. You need that to plan your drop bags. we'll have to plan a quick strategy session before the race. You're gonna kick some serious horse tail!!  let me know if you think of any questions.

Me: Pass YOU? That's seriously the funniest thing I've heard all week and it's been ---- well ----- an EVENTFUL week. ;)  Did you really write, "you're gonna do well"? Liar!! But I love you for it! If I make it out in 12 hours or 18 - I'll be the craziest blonde you've ever see cross a finish line. YAY! So excited.

A: there's a 12 hour cutoff. and trust me, I tested that one year when I had to run the second half with my shoe halfway off because of severe blisters. I barely made it. The next day I rode the Tour de Scottsdale (70 miles), ...but I'm not bragging or anything.  seriously, I'm here if you need anything.

One hour passes

Then he emails me this. Ummmm. Help.

Happy Friday Y'all!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Treadmill Thursday and Adrienne is my hero

Okay today is not my day.  I just wrote this whole post - went to grab a link [hit save] and mailto:%5E#@% it's gone.  URRRGGGG!

This is what every treadmill runner should do to their treadmill at least once every 9-12 days.

Here's the link:  [link]

Here's the recap:

Step 1: Position board

1.  Lift up the back of the treadmill and place the two-by-six board underneath the back feet. Make sure the feet are centered on the board.

2.  Step 2: Position level

Put the level on one side of the treadmill. The level will show that the surface is not level

3.  Step 3: Set incline

Increase the incline of the treadmill until the level reads that the surface is level. The number on the incline readout will now be your new flat running surface, or the new zero.

4.  Step 4: Set decline

Decrease the incline below your new zero to create a decline to run downhill.

5.  Step 5: Remove board

Remove the board after your workout and reset it, making sure the feet are centered each time for safety.


Now for my hero Adrienne . . . . you must click here to see her post today.  Game on Mr. Moosh.

Is there a Dr. in the house?

Right now my only Dr. Is Dr. Dre. - - - - "Keep their head's ringing".

Ya, I won't be following Peanut to school today

Don't you worry Jamoosh I'll get that Treadmill Thursday's post up for you at some point today.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Random Wednesday [every day]

* For Molly here's the info on the "Howie Burger".  I'd seriously, stop everything you are doing, fly out here and get one.  You Rock N' Roll AZ People - you must, must, must visit Chelsea's Kitchen.

*Here's the Peanut's "returning home" photo.  No worries, the armband is in her HUGE backpack.

Oh man, it was  H O T  & she was HOT & SMELLY.  Her first words, "really Mom? really a coming home photo too?"  Ahhhh, if she only knew.
* Guess who's an absolute idiot and signed up for this.   Rebecca, if you are out there . . . . . . . . . . H E L P !

* This is the closest thing you'll see of my running man . . . . until Boston, anyway.
Love the aerial view  . . . Thanks Tobey, for that.

* Saw this while getting my hair done.  Horrible and hilarious all into one.

*Loved this fortune cookie from last nights take-a-way.

I think I'm carrying around a lot of "roots".

*[FOR BBD &Jon] - No need to be "a fly on a wall" when I'm at the keyboard . . .you get all of it.  Ok, 99% ;)  ---- What Peanut said when she read the blog from yesterday:  "Mom, weren't you supposed to be running?  You followed me instead? [she didn't pause long enough for me to answer]  Well, I guess that was nice of you but you are not following me tomorrow.  I am looking over my shoulder every 5 seconds."

*Loved this project Peanut just completed last night.

Asked her about the loving "kittens" part?! [news to me]  "Well, I don't like cats but I like the way I draw cats" was her reply.

*After yesterday's post - I realized I need to enjoy my view MORE!  So I took this photo last night.

*Only to turn and see this in the other direction.  awesome.

*BUT did I mention what happened to me at 8:34 this morning when Peanut went to leave on her bike?

No joke.  "Mom, I don't trust you."

Ya, I love you too kid.  It was awesome to see you walk your bike across the street to the bike racks.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Persuit of Happiness . . .

Love that song.  So smooth.

So, due to a flat tire yesterday morning.  Peanut did not get to ride her bike to school soloNo.  Instead, I got to drop her off [seriously] two blocks from school.  In her defense, I was a little lot sweaty but my windows are tinted dark and my car --- it's a nice looking one.  Anyway.... whatever.  I'm dealing.

But this morning.

She was so excited.

She said, as she climbed on, "mom, I'll be fine" . . . [I smiled].....then she said, "I'll be goooo' oooood." [see above referenced song.]

And yes, I did hop in my car and follow her there.  What?  She's a first timer.  She's my first.  She's my only.  And I may be a little over protective.  She'll never know . . . . until she reads this after school.

Monday, August 16, 2010


weekend review in numbers:

4 - # of times I asked Peanut if she was "super sure" she didn't want me to accompany her to school this morning.

4 - # of "no, thanks" replies I received in return.

11:57 - time I had to pick up Peanut from a "failed" slumber party Saturday night.

0 - # of replies I received to texts I sent Peanut on Friday night [at yet another sleepover] this one was "successful" though.  Thank goodness [due to my friends party].  Thanks KP!

8.5 - # of hours of sleep I got this weekend.

1 - # of hamsters I saw at Petsmart using their "treadmill" wisely.

22 - # of minutes it took for me to get my first silly photo of Ashley.

0 - # of bad words I said when I gouged my back right before the part Friday.  YAY me!!

2 - # of times I had to break out my best "running man" on the dance floor Friday.  What?  It's a timeless/classic.

6 - # of times Judi broke out her fav move -- the "sprinkler".

427 - # of eye rolls I/we received from the Pita [and co] while dancing.  He's/they're just jealous of our sweet moves.

100 - % embarrassed I was by being called on stage with the Pita Saturday night at a comedy club and being given the "tallest/hottest couple" award.  Don't worry, it didn't go to our heads ----- since this was the "creature" that gave it to us.

100 - % sure that he was higher than a kite.

4 - # of burgers I had this weekend.

12 - the cost of the best one of the four.  "Howie Burger" from Chelsea's Kitchen.  TO DIE FOR.

1 - # of cakes Peanut made to celebrate the end of summer.

Reads: "fun in the sun.....is done."

1 - # of times I may or may not have gotten a little teary eyed this morning.  5th grade?  Seriously?  5th grade??!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Bragging rights

So today was "long run" day.

I headed to the fridge for more water and I heard, "no, stop don't look!"  So of course, I did.  And saw this:

"Mom, you done yet?  You've been on there f o r e v e r .  I made you a post-run snack."  She wasn't joking.  It was sumthin' else. ;)

So I finished this. 

[Ya, not sure how that'll work out with tonight's activities, ehhh, whatever.]

Then, it gets better, she fills up the bathtub for me [ice-ice baby], lights candles and brings me my "creation" [oh AND a bottle of water with --- get this --- a silly straw]  Awesome.

I know I was hungry, but this actually tasted good.  Yep, even with the sugar!

Just in case you want the recipe . . . ;)
Thanks Peanut!

party "on"

You can take the girl out of the party but not the party out of the girl.

My parents might now this little fact a little too well.  I think it's pretty "duh" to say out of the four girls in my family . . . . I may be the ones who's pushed the envelope a little further than the others.  That's what happens when you are raised with an angelic brothers and three sisters.

My so called effervescent self can take [most] any situation and make it fun.  Tonight may be a little harder though.

Tonight is my last night with Ashley before she leaves me for the Windy City bright and early Saturday morning.

So being a girl who loves clothes, works with and on behalf of clothes, sells clothes & certainly has a thing for clothes[huff.... and shoes] - - - this is all Ash & I have been able to talk about without crying.  So we've been talking/texing about it daily.

What r u wearing?
IDK what r u wearing?
IDK maybe jeans?
A fun skirt?
Heels or flats?
Dancing after?

[the pita walks in, "why is your phone blowing up? You still texting about outfits?"
Ummm, ya this will go on until Friday at noon.  Then he says, "Well, make sure it's AGE appropriate okay, work people will be there."  Oh, no, he didn't . . . oh, no, he didn't . . . .oh yes, he did say, "age appropriate"*&%#@ - that is writing for me slightly hitting his arm as hard as I could. ;)] 

                    *back to Ash*

Comfy heels?
u just call me a moron?
Aren't u bringing M?
make him carry it.

So why am I still crying?  I hate it when friends leave.  Hmmmm, Chicago marathon?  Yes.

Tonight:     Mutton dressed up as lamb - you bet cha!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

If it hurts - It helps ?!

Okay, so I'm probably the only one who remembers that skit from SNL like 800 years ago but it is sooooooooooo fitting for me today.

I took on 5 Miles 2 Empty's challenge.

Legs Challenge.  Yikes.  Ouch.  Help.

So here's the damage.

Here's the warning: [say one word about the right thigh being bigger and we are going to have a huge throw down].

Say one word about the daisy dukes and Allie will come and tattoo your eyelids. [me/peanut - had a swim "party"{using that term loosely} Tuesday morning {starting day of challenge}]
The challenge. . . . .

Do lunges at least 3 times a week from Aug. 10 until Sept 10.
I think I already have internal bleeding, after two days.

Treadmill Thursday - Hills on the "Mill"

YAY!  Week one of Treadmill Thursday, [Jamoosh, please try and contain yourself].

Now, you may not know it but every [every] treadmill comes with a "see results faster" button.  They are standard issue.  Press "this" button and you are guaranteed faster results, more fat burning [= better abs as per Petra's comment, love her], crank up your fitness level, enhances running economy & strengthen the legs.

This fabulous button is simply labeled, "incline".

Yes, it's easy to understand why this is the case.  A recent study at the University of Georgia found that uphill running activates nearly 10% more muscle per stride than running on a flat surface.  I know, I know, duh, Emz.  However, when it comes to treadmill running, if you are NOT pushing up the incline to 1% [hill workout or not] - congrats, you just completed your run ----- "down hill".

A 1% incline is ALWAYS needed just to try and replicate the energy requirements of running outdoors.

Now indoor hill training - that a whole other load of fun.  With treadmill training, it's as easy as pushing that fancy button. 

Here's two options for you to try.
[side note - I never listen to music or watch TV until after I have warmed up {one mile}.  I think this is important especially with all the tools we may or may not use to keep us from getting "bored" on treadmill runs.  It's important [as with any running - in or out] to tune into our BODIES during this warm up phase.....any pains, tightness, etc].

Opening workout:

Yes, this is conservative but all "first" should be, right?

1.  4 X 3minutes at 10k speed at a 4% incline
     3 minute recovery jog at 1%
     **over time you can..**
     [work up to 7-8 intervals with a 30-60 second recovery]
     [increase treadmill speed - - don't make major changes immediately.  If you
     were running at a 7.0 try running at a 7.2]

No, a 4% hill doesn't push your leg muscles to the limit - - but again, you can work up to a 8-10% incline over time.

Go hard approach:

Form is important [always].  I find it, even more important as the incline gets higher.
Try and remain as perpendicular to the treadmill as possible [yes, you will be leaning slightly forward].  Arms should be straight forward/straight back - - - - - no Irish jig' arms.

2.  An 8-11% incline which last anywhere from 30-60 seconds.
     2-3 minute recovery periods at a 2% incline
     Pace?  You will need to determine this yourself.  Push yourself but make sure your form is good throughout.  There's No point running a 10% incline at a 7.5mph pace if your form sucks.  It shouldn't feel comfortable or enjoyable - so push yourself!
Eventually, you can do as many as 18 reps X 45 second intervals or 14 x 60 second repetitions per workout.

Now just as with many races . . . . the 1/4 mile FLAT stretch of road which follows the hill [up or down] can be hell.  I heard a fellow marathoner say in Prescott last May, "the hill doesn't hurt me but the recovery from the hill does".   I didn't understand his point then [mile 6] but I sure did by mile 14.  For this reason, I have learned to stay focused during the "recovery" portions.  Check posture, form, arms, core during these mindful minutes.

Closing argument: [heee hee hee] If you are great on "mill hills" you will be DYNO-MITE on the roads.  Says ME.

Is it Friday yet? ;)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Peanut's W O R D.

A huge "thank you" to Kovas for [calling me strange ;)] and asking me what word I'd use to describe Peanut.

I knew it right when he asked it.

v a l i a n t .

1. boldly courageous; brave; stout-hearted: a valiant soldier.

2. marked by or showing bravery or valor; heroic: to make a valiant effort.

3. worthy; excellent.
Can't go into detail or I'll cry and ruin it all.  Ummm, ya, I guess she didn't learn the valiant thing from me?!
My Peanut & I, we've been through quite a bit together, here lately.  Together.  Thank goodness for me........I have her.
She's fiercely courageous - no matter who she's dealing with.
I adore my valiant PeanutRock on baby
I love you --- to the moon and back.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Effer - what?

So I've been told, asked, instructed, ordered [nicely] to clean out all "my crap" in the garage.  In the "old days" [meaning pre-eBay, pre-money making days].  I was a crafty girl.  I loved making pointless [to me] crap.  Pretending I knew how to sew.  Making dinner by 11am.  Scrap booking.  Photo organizing. basket weaving. jk yadda, yadda, yadda.

Me. today. = photos stuck on memory card unless blogged about, dinner at 6/7, run, chat with Peanut, work, delete photos, work, buy clothes, work, chat with UPS lady, work.

Soooooooooo, when three boxes full of photos were placed on my office floor . . . . I about cried.  Instead I said, "seriously, just put them in a new [more hidden] place.  You and I both know I'll go through them and not throw out anything."

Door shuts.  Yep, he got it.  I'm in the clear.  Yay me.

uhhhh not so fast.  Pita walks in with three [clear] plastic not so little numbers [meaning storage boxes] from Costco.  Drops them on floor.  "Em, there you go.  Move them all in here according to age."  -------[thinking you freaking move them where the sun doesn't  . . . . . .] fine.  whatever.  they are "mine".

What happened for the next 4 hours was . . . . awesome.  Childhood.  A 98.44% fabulous childhood - revisited.  Peanut sat by me for 1/2 the time.  It was a blast.  I love the random things my Mom kept.

Oddly?!  My favorite was a huge green construction paper heart. 

Written on it was the wordeffervescent

Ohhhhh, the tears flowed.  I remember this day like it was 5 seconds ago.  I was 12.  At church.  Walked into our class to see about 30 moms sitting in the room.  I was like, "awwww crap, I'm in trouble".  Guilty conscience?  Never.

Then one by one the mom would go up and get the heart off the wall that was for their daughter.  Words like: honest, beautiful, smart, helpful, kind, athletic, etc.  I sat there wondering which one was mine.  Heck, maybe I could even have two?! ;)  [ha!]

About 12 remained.  My Mom walked up and goes to reach, "thebestover-alldaughterever" [whoa, wait, what?] . . ."effervescent".


What the crap does that even mean?  I honestly remember thinking, "really mom, really that's all you could think to say about me?!"
Then, for some reason my hampster wheel brain immediately went to a denture cleaner or maybe it was a "gas" commercial.  "Pop. pop. fizz. fizz. ohhhh what a relief it is." ---- later on in the commercial it would say, "the effervescent power of Alka Seltzer"

I sat there with tears running down my face.  Peanut was looking at me like, "Mom, it's just a heart.  Heart means love."


Adjective1. (of a liquid) Giving off bubbles; fizzy.

2. (of a person or their behavior) Vivacious and enthusiastic
Finally, after 20 years . . . . . I get it Mom!
Just wanted to let you know.
Thanks Pita for being a Pita.  This was an effervescent/happy/grateful/ahhh-haaa moment.

good/bad & can't touch this.

Okay, so the photo below has nothing to do with my post but I found it Sunday and I love it.  It was taken in Paris [I'm guessing she is 3].  However, in this stance, I feel like she should have "hammer" pants on and be saying, "ohh ohh ohhh ohh ohh stop, hammer time".

So the last 24 hours a little nuts.  Here's the good & the bad.

Good:  I've been talking a lot to my BFF in Utah
Bad:  For all the wrong reasons.  ILY CSS.

Good:  Finished my 10 for today
Bad:  hip hurt worse than yesterday

Good:  went to Chiropractor yesterday
Bad:  See above

Good:  Went to chiropractor yesterday
Bad:  He said "thanks for keeping me in business when he saw my 4.5" heels" [whatever]

Good:  My sister [who works at Chiro] did Russian Stimulation on me.
Bad:  Am I going to be arrested for this?

Good:  Others were having "it" done RS
Bad:  I was the only patient in there under 65 & I have four new [65+ year old] boyfriends

Good:  95% of back to school shopping & supplies have been purchased
Bad: BTSS [back to school shopping] does NOT bring out the best in parents.

Good:  Peanut [finally] found the shorts we've been searching for.
Bad:  Ummmm, could they be ANY shorter?  These are a "No".

Good: School starts Monday
Bad:  I've been uninvited to go to the first day of school with Peanut.  Yep, the days of photos like this . . . . . over.  [wait she didn't even look happy posing with me back "then"?!]
Good:  Party at my place Friday .... location change.  Yippee!  White couch stays white!
Bad:  I think I'm still having to cover the "tab".  [can't be more than a new couch, right?!]

Good:  The Pita asked me to marry him 12 years ago today.
Bad:  This morning when I told him he said, "don't go expecting flowers tonight".

Good:  Tuesday is [usually] new [dinner] recipe night.
Bad [??]:  My comment, "don't go expecting dinner tonight"

Good:  I'm buying my own freaking flowers.
Bad:  I may have a bit of an attitude. 

Good:  Marathon #7 in 38 days.
Bad:  my pace partner in a "no-go"

Good:  Marathon is in 38 days.
Bad:  I'm going alone.  No crew.  Hey, maybe this could be fun?!  Jury is out.

Good:  The Pita will get a break from being my "cheerleader"
Bad:  who will tell me I could have run faster?  Seriously, he should be a trainer.

Have a terrific Tuesday, I'm out.

Monday, August 9, 2010

EASY. Ahh ahh ahhh ahh . . Easy like a Monday Mornin'

Okay, so this photo is from Friday but whatever.

25 things you may not know [or care to know about me] .....
suck it up buttercup . .... here it comes.

1.  I touch the outside of an airplane upon entering.  It's a must.  I swear I will crash & die the day, I forget.  [a huge "sorry" to all fellow passengers, if I do forget one day]

2.  Favorite color is green.  Nope, never jealous. ;)

3.  I love horror films.  The "Saw" series is my favorite.  [Ummmm, I think I just lost two followers.]

4.  I'd eat sushi everyday, if I could.

5.  I love cars.  Car shows.  Car magazines.  "Top Gear" - the best.  Watched three hours of TG Friday night.  I'm such a wild and crazy girl.

6.  Truth be told - I think, I look the same with or without make-up.  Mostly because I hate it and I barely put any on anyway.

7.  I have always wanted a Jeep Wrangler.

8.  I love the rims on my car.  I love my car [until I go in for scheduled  maintenance].  Yikes.

9.  My first car was a white Toyota Celica. 

10.  I hate playing video games [other than wii]

11.  I love my glock.  Wish I had more time to go shooting.

12.  I'm addicted to powerade zero.

13.  I wish my car was a stick-shift [and an Enzo].  I love that my dad taught me how to drive one at our church parking lot [he wasn't allowed to cuss there].  That poor Hyundai

14.  I remember being 15 and eating five long johns [donuts] one Sunday before church.

15.  My Mom used to let me eat butter like an apple.  Ya, my right thigh thanks you a lot Mom.

16.  My right thigh is bigger than my left.  No joke.

17.  I'd never, ever, ever get plastic surgery on my face.  Never.  Not because I don't think I could use a smaller forehead or smaller nose but because PS face - never turns out right.

18.  I made the Varsity Volleyball team as a freshman.  The first one ever in 5A [state & district] history. Who says, I live in the past?!

19.  Favorite game to play with Peanut:  Apples to Apples.  She rocks it.

20.  I wash my cell phone at least four times a day.

21.  Birds scare me.

22.  I hate black licorice.

23.  After 11.5 years of marriage, I still don't understand Rugby.  When can I give up?

24.  I have never had to go to Jury Duty.

25.  I will not/cannot eat re-heated meat.