Monday, January 31, 2011

"Take It On The Run" - REO Speedwagon

The. Best. Marathon. Ever.


starting line photo.  {my dad was so worried I was too cold, got to love a caring dad.}
Yes, Mom, I went black & white due to mine & Dad's crazy "Rudolph Red noses"

Right after this we walked up to start.  Looked at each other . . . . yep, it's "go time".  So we exited for the port-o-poties

All five of them there.  Ugg.

Gun goes off.

7:29 seconds pass.  we see our awesome family.  we wave.  they give a "what the......" look........and we are on our way.

Sadly, we [my sister "A" and I] have never run together.  Nope.  Never.  She has some running friends she runs with [at the butt crack of dawn] and me . . . yep, I have Ed the treadmill.

so. this. was. awesome.

From miles 1-12 we chatted about everything from kids, to anxiety, to her next race in Washington, to my race pooping past.

[This entire time we were keeping a 8:40 - 9:20 pace . . . . amazing]

This was an out and back course.  Which was nice for all our family attending. 

We got to see our crew at 13.  While it was incredible to see 12, yes 12, of them . . .  . . "A" did not like turn around.  The turn around = wind.  Wind that we apparently enjoyed having at our backs the first 13.

[this was pre-turn]

Me being the dork I AM and spinning in circles, while running.
I was given a "talking to" regarding my two finger salutes, prior to the race.  So this was all they caught . . . heee hee heee.

"A" crashed a bit at 15.  I could tell she was getting annoyed by my talking [what?! I don't talk a lot] I gave her a Gu.  Told her to take it, turn her music on [I'd shut-up] and find her go to song.  I did get a little worried when she said she was listening to The Beetles.

are. we. from. the. same. family?

What?!  My sister doesn't have Eminem on her iPod?!

Our awesome family continued to meet us at 15,16,18 & 20.  At 20.2 we see our Dad sticking is hairy bald head out the window saying, "GO! You cute girls!"  To which I had to reply, "You dirty old man!".  He. is. awesome.

At 23 I got all kinds of runner crazy on her.  She was feeling it.  I could see it.  but I knew she didn't need to stop.  we started talking [ok, I made her] about "power lines".  Yes like, "I've. freaking. got. this".  I told her to think of hers and to say it.  often.

Then we see the finish line.  I tell her, "I don't think those 50 year olds should come in before us."  She looked at me.  "How about we pass them by the finish line?"  Her reply, "___" [nothing].

Me:  Come on.  Dad's here. ;)  Let's take them.  It's 0.2.  "A, we've freaking got them".

you. bet. she. did.


Her first marathon & she gets third second in her age group.
Awwwww. heck ya.  that's. MY. sister.

Awesome. day.

Hugs from "E".  Loved.  That.
Not so much loving this photo.  who. took. these?!

But who ever took this one . . . . .

It's my favorite.

A.  you.  killed.  it.  Thank. you. for. putting. up. with. me.

Love you,


Friday, January 28, 2011

"Boombastic" - Shaggy

It's Freaking. Fantastic. Friday!

Which means:

* My house will be clean by 2pm.

* Peanut has a half day.  I'd like a 1/2 day.... one day.

* Peanut has a sleep-over tonight [haaaaaa, not at my place.....yippee!]

* Peanut is finally 94% healthy.

* I have a shopping date.

* I run with my sister in her very first marathon tomorrow.

* It'll be my 10th marathon tomorrow. [that's 9 marathons in 13 months - not quite as sweet at Racing Dawn but I'll take it.]

In other freaking awesome news . . . . .

I woke up to two awesome emails:

Kera. Killing. Her. Run Emz shirt.

This awesome revision from Kevin:

freaking. love. that.

Oh & did I mention . . . . there was this cute little paper enclosed with this sandy award which read, "enclosed is a self addressed envelope.  Please send $5 to cover the cost of shipping.".  No.  Joke.

Seriously?  Here's your award that you won . . . now pay up?!  what. the. ?

Moving on . . . 

how did I never post this?!

SillyGirl.  in her RUN EMZ.

This girl has skills.

Oh & 17 days until the big [non] news.  Not sure why I'm making a big deal about this.

Come 2/14 ......... I'm sure 99.99% of you will say, "seriously, that's all it was!!??" 

[hee, hee - {that's me in my little irritating, evil voice}]

Happy Friday!

Oh & good luck to Mooshy J-moo on Sunday!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Poker Face" - Lady Gaga

Found this photo of my parents.


How cool is that?

No gambling?  What?

B l a c k ma i l .

The. best.

But that lady behind them . . . . . super creepy.

Beth.  I'm thinking we need a photo like this. ASAP.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Tucson" - Christine Vox


Turns. out. I. won. something. From. the. Tucson. Marathon.



I'm thinking.

In all honesty . . . . .

It should have looked like this:

all. smiles.  here.

I'm going to make the changes permanent.  tonight.

Geesh.  And.  Just.  For. J-mooooshhhh.


"Shake It" - Metro Station

An encounter I had yesterday reminded me of something.

I. hate. dead. fish. handshakes.

I remember vividly the first time I was motivated to shake someone's hand. I was about 16 years old and I was meeting a woman whose children I was going to babysit that evening. When she greeted me at the front door, I threw out my right hand, ready to introduce myself in the traditional manner.

Her face showed surprise in discovering my firm handshake. I blushed because it was truly the first time I shook a hand without my parents' prompting.

I had shaken hands many times before. I remember meeting executives who worked with my father, it was an industry made up of mostly men in nice suits or sport coats. They all were typically the same. They'd lean over in my direction, shower me with big grins and then shove out their hands, waiting for me to reciprocate.

My tiny hand would timidly limp out, not sure of the technique of this ritual.

Over time, I'd play along with this little game, gently offering my hand with smiles and giggles, knowing they were getting a kick out of this charade.

Years passed, and the handshaking ritual was pretty much lost on me. My friends and I greeted each other with high-fives, friendly waves or hugs, but rarely a handshake. Even in high school, any handshake was embellished with fancy hand gestures and "secret" moves establishing an inside joke.

I recall one classmate who did greet people with the a "real" handshake enjoyed by adults around the world, and I remember thinking that was a little bit odd.

College came, and with it - independence & responsibility. I began relying on the 'ol handshake for more formal ventures - meeting with professors and parents of friends.

And we cannot forget the interviews. The hand shake is the first greeting that shows your potential employer your strength. Do you offer a dead fish? Do you tilt your hand down and shake like a lady? Are you a bone crusher?

Over the years, I have perfected my perfect grip. It's a full on, finger tips-on-the-other-person's-wrist, clinch. My technique is disarming when a gentleman is expecting something a bit demure. Most people embrace my handshake, a firm but comfortable gesture that imparts a hint of, dare I say, grace and confidence.

This being said . . . . .  I absolutely HATE it when I encounter someone who offers a less than substantial hand. Women whose handshakes are soft, disappoint me. Men who adjust their handshakes to accommodate my female form are embarrassing and patronizing.

e v e n
"fist-bump" epidemic.]

These days, I am now the crazy lady who, at times, bends down to a child's level and thrusts out my big, soft palm. Most children stare at my hand, a bit confused about its intentions.

After some prodding by mom or dad, the weary child's hand creeps out and briefly comes in contact with mine. Sometimes I feel like saying, Hey kid. I think it's kinda weird, too.

I'm just trying to prepare the business world for a new mover and shaker - one hand at a time.

What's your "shake it" style?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"I Was Just Thinking" - Teitur

of. my. Dad.


His. birthday.  [no, I did NOT forget yesterday].  They [finally] return home from their travels today.  So.  Today.  I. write. his. Birthday. post.  [I'm 99% 5% sure, he'll read it]

To My dad.

Thank you  . . . . .

 . . . .for teaching me to sweat.  To work hard.

. . . .for expecting a lot from me.  [In school, at church, on the court, in life]

. . . .for teaching me about money [at an early age].  Teaching me that nothing should be purchased on a credit card that cannot be paid off completely by the time payment is due.  To "make interest don't pay it".

. . . .for taking walk/runs with me at night.  It was awesome counting to 100 while running so that I could stop and walk at 101.

. . . .for encouraging me play with my brother.  learn with him.  being "one of the boys" when it came to sports. has. helped. me. be. stronger.

. . . .for realizing & getting that I am emotional.  I pretend I am made like a M & M, but you know me better than that.

. . . .for teaching me by your example as much as by your words.

. . . .for the athletic genes.  Sorry mom don't mean to down play your awesome rollerskating youth but . . . . come on, he is "twinkle toes".

. . . .for telling me to finish strong.  no. matter. what.  Anything worth doing is worth sprinting the last 30 seconds. [or something like that. ;) ]

. . . .for giving of your love and time supporting your grandchildren.

. . . .for loving me unconditionally.  always.  I know I have let you down [plenty] in the past. 

. . . .for teaching me how to forgive by seeing you forgive others.

. . . .for having strong opinions.

. . . .for all your forwarded emails.  [I have a feeling I'll have about 20 coming my way by tomorrow afternoon.]  your emails. have. been. missed.

. . . .for being my Dad.


The "baby".

Monday, January 24, 2011

"Nine In The Afternoon" - Panic! At The Disco

So where's the weirdest place you've ever found your phone?

I think, this does it for me.

MIA for about 45 minutes.  Ya.  that's.  embarrassing.

a n y w a y

*  Marathon #10 in. five. days.  cannot. wait.

*  Oh and Kevin . . . he totally rocks.  check.  this.  out.

You. bet. cha.

freaking. love. it.

*  Got this in this morning........

 ........... while the sick-o [Peanut] took a break from spewing-chunder

Love that kid. 

Seriously . . . . what kid apologizes after puking?  mine.  "Sorry you have to clean that up Mom."  breaks.  my.  heart.

*  Should this notification from Nordstrom really make me this happy?! 

I'm on my fifth year. [don't.tell.the.Pita.] shhhhhhhhhh

*  I love this photo with my two childhood BFF's.  Haven't seen the one on the left for 11 years [yep, we live like 25-30 minutes away from each other].  crazy.

Look.  at.  us.   yikes.

Man, those white flats [?!?!!?!?] are.  so.  hot.

*  Oh and I have some mighty big news to spill here in a few weeks [2/14].  This.  will.  Be.  awesome.

Happy Nine In The Afternoon!

"Suicide Blonde" - INXS

Pretty low-key weekend.

Peanut was sick - is still sick. :(

But this video did get her bursting out in laughs.  It's a video that Racing Dawn made about the Rock N Roll AZ Marathon.

Thanks Dawn!

Happy Monday!

Friday, January 21, 2011

"Hard To Handle" - The Black Crowes


Six. times.

Six. times. in. one. [very early] shower.


And even crazier - I actually counted.

I'm totally doing this to my soap tonight.


I still have not found any solutions to this.

Every. freaking. morning.

This morning's failed attempt was at a power of 60%

So I did what any other [lazy] person would have done.

Jealous?  Was way yummier than oatmeal anyway.  DRog - I did take the cheese off.  So I'm good, right?!

A few other tid-bits.

*  I need a new nickname for Mooshy Jamoosh.  Ask him [not me] why. 

*  Only my kido would yell out [from bed] at 6:40 this morning, "Good morning star-shine!  The earth says hello!" Completely scared the crap out of me.

*  Kera's marathon is today.  Click here and wish her a rockin' race!

* Nope.  I'm not a "kiwi" [New Zealander].  But I married a pretty big one.

* Mel-Bird.  LOVE this Aussie.  [IMNZ in 40 days-she rocks.] 

She asked yesterday, "Does the Pita still talk with that funny NZ accent?" 
[Answer]  only on words with "a" 's like:
dAnce = donce
rAnch = ronch.  which is super hilarious at a restaurant. 

When the Pita first came to the USA - people kept asking if he was an "Aussie" [which . . .  to a NZealander is like . . . . well . . . . bad] so he lost the accent.  real.  quick.

Happy Friday!

And a HUGE

Thank you for yesterday's comments.

you. guys. rock.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Remember Me" - Queensr├┐che

I was reminded of something, this morning, while emailing a fellow [awesome]blogger.


Why.  I.  blog.

Why I make time for this 3-5 days a week.

It.  simple.


I want to remember:

* the day Peanut had a bake sale.
* the day we went for a LONG mother/daughter walk.
* the day we laughed so hard we called it a "workout" at grandma's "bestest" place.
* the day I felt loved more than any other day in my life.
* the day Peanut and I made cookies and forgot the eggs.
* the few rainy days that take us outside.  dancing.  in. the. rain. like. Arizona. freaks.
* the day of my 50 mile race.
* the day I got my 3:20, I wanted so badly in Portland.
* my childhood.
* the comfort of a hand interlaced with mine.
* the calming effect of a hand on my back.
* the giggles we share.
* the tickling till we cry.
* the way I love to be called, "mama".
* spudnuts at Halloween.
* AB contests at family parties.
* how much I love my dang buckle.
* that being called a "dork" by an 18 year old nephew is the best feeling ever.
* how a simple [one sentence] email can change my entire day.
* reading "goodnight moon".  every.  single. night.
* how it felt to be pregnant.  to feel life.  truly.  feel.
* my purpose.

So.  me.  and.  this.  little. blog.

we are sticking around.

I received an email from a "former follower" a few days ago.  After my mention of "losing a few followers" .  She explained how she thought I was a "serious runner" but she came to find out I do a lot of "filler" posts.

[deep/calming/relaxing breath]

If by "filler" she means posts about my daughter, my husband, my life, my trials, being a mom, daughter, child of God, friend, & sister.

Then. she. is. right.

way before Emz = runner

Emz = wife/mom/family girl/etc

And no amount of lost or gained followers will impact the content of my posts.

e v e r .




And. this weirdo handsome guy.

He likes me just how I am.

*Oh man, he's going to kill me for posting this photo.  The man cannot take a serious photo but hey . . . no middle fingers! [it was taken at my parent's place].  YAY me!*

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Everything IS Everything" - Lauryn Hill

Slept like crap last night. [which is quite normal but this was a different kind of crappy]

I've got doing to do.

I feel like I've become the girl who's actions are not backing up her words.



I  never did sit down and write down my goals for 2011. 

2011 [all 19 days of it] has proven to be one of the busiest months, in my life.

So today.  I.  am. goal.  writing.

Everything from:

employee [yes, I "work" for myself, but that brings an unusual layer of much needed goals]

Hold. me. to. this.

"no more complaining" [ok, minimal complaining]

time to start.
doing. d o - i n g.

I came across this photo last night.  Hadn't uploaded all the photos from the race.


Not because I think it's a good photo

but because

I look happy.  I look driven.  I look strong [come on!  let me have my moment ;) ]

I may be 19 days late


I may be 345 days . . . early.


do share . . .

* what is the ONE goal you want most in 2011?*

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Break My Stride"- Matthew Wilder

I'm over. it.

Move on Emz.

I was a fabulous weekend.

I'll try and keep this to as few words as possible.

The best part dinner with these guys:

Ya.  I've corrupted RL

I had the PLEASURE of having Dawn stay with me [probably scared the crap out of her after spending two days with me but . . . .] ;)  Now .  . . DRog.  Awesome.  So up beat. SO positive.  So driven.

Saturday we headed to the expo.


Got to see Lauren again [RL].  Where she gave me this.

This. girl. rocks.

the. freaking. best. ever.

Saw Adam but he was like JoJo circus boy.  busy.  busy.  busy.  Didn't bug him but snapped a few photos of him.

And you bet cha Ron.  I had my shirt on.  And ran into someone who said, "you know Ron?"  I was like Duh, we are BFF's!  Well, I actually said, "Yes!  I know him in an email sort of way."

On the way out of the expo Dawn said, "that's that girl from Biggest Loser!".  So like a huge idiot I called out, "hey!  Are you from Biggest Loser?"  and got this photo. 

I knew she had gone to the same College as the Pita so I said, "hey you know a guy . . .[blah, blah, blah]"  she was like, "I dated him!"  ummmm. ya.  awkward.  The Pita's story and hers ---- ya they didn't "mesh" but .............. It. was. awesome.

Now the VIP Potty Pass [a la Brooks].  awesome.  awesome.  awesome.  Thanks to KP for the thoughtful Birthday Gift!

And even weirder.  I got to my coral and heard, "Hey PRR girl!" yep, him again.  hilarious.

So the race.  the race.

Thought I had it.

Felt strong.

Some photos from mile 13.

At 15 I got dizzy.  Like crazy dizzy.  Passed within .25 of a mile or so but I was swerving and it was odd.  It passed.  Can't blame my non-PR on it. [bummer] but I was happy.

Felt great at 19.

yep. more. photos.

But by 22.  The 3:20 pacer was right next to me.

That hurt.  that mentally hurt.

paced slowed by 15 seconds / mile.


by 24.5 or 25.  Felt a second wind coming along but it. was. too. late.



three men.  Yep.  I.  Said.  three.

So give me my [*&^#@] sticker Mooshy.

I did get him. He actually started after me - so he "officially" beat me but I did chick him. 

I smiled Jason.

Then I got to see KP & Dawn finish.  Loved that.

Didn't get a photo with KP. :(


Next marathon 1.29.11.

With. My. Sister.  [AZ RR Desert Classic]

A "sisterhood" run.  A run without goals other than enjoying time with my sister.


cannot wait.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

"O.P.P." - Naughty By Nature

Things I'm loving today.

The picture my Peanut left by my bed last night. 

She had asked me about my marathon this weekend.  Told her it most-likely was NOT going to be my BQ like a man race but . . . . blah, blah, blah.....I will get it in 2011. 

She said, "Mom you are awesome.  you are awesome-ness."

I think that may be my "go to" line for this race.

I loved Ron's comment from yesterday, "I would wish you luck for the marathon but luck is for the unprepared."


I love that I get to meet a few of you tonight at dinner.

DRog.  you've. freaking. got. this.

Love this photo the Pita's mom took in Tucson.  Not totally sure why.  It's non-eventful.  But I love it.

Happy Friday to you all!

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily. - Zig Ziglar

Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Heart Of Gold" - Neil Young

Soooooooooooo Ron.

Yes.  Ron.

Ron Of PRR [yes, I'm pretending like we are BF's].  I'm pretty sure I scare the crap out of him more than anything.  I'm totally okay with that.

b u t

I. heart. this. guy.

You see yesterday. . . . .

I.  received.  this

[yes, I went to see Gulliver's Travels]

It's my "body bag" . ;)

The only problem?

When the Pita looked at it.  he.  sawthis  [his next gun gear bag]

Then Peanut looked at it.  and.  saw.  this [her next volleyball bag]

b u t

unfortunately for them.


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


[until RNR AZ!!]