Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"The Scorpion Sleeps" - Rob Zombie

Almost at 600 followers.

Who's gonna be 600?  Love it.

A few happenings from the last 24 hours.

Awwwww ya.

Just signed up for this:

I also will be in Vegas as a part of this:

Awesome.  Urban Running: Blogger Summit.  You can check it out [Here]

What would you want to hear me talk about [at this "summit"]?

Sorry.  I'm talking about the relationship between scorpions and humans in November.

But I'm doing all the research now . . . . .

you see it was scorpion "feeding" time at our home yesterday.

[full disclosure this is the Pita's "thing" so NOT mine]

So gross.  But oddly kinda cool too.

Ya, that cricket . . . . . he didn't make it.

But we did see this while home hunting on Sunday

I.  think. it's. awesome.

w i l l

Last day to vote!  PLEASE.  [pretty please] vote for me [here].

Thank you!

What's one odd/unusual/awesome thing you did or saw over the weekend?


Sunday, May 29, 2011

"Show Me What You Got" - Jay Z

Thanks to Matty-O.  . . . . I'd link him but he is [ok, his blog is] "private".

He sent me this link to youTube:

[click here]

Which got Peanut and I thinking gummy bear thoughts on Friday during my long run.

Here are a few photos from Mile 18[point something]

and. be. nice.

it was freaking hot and I'm all kinds of [not hot] but a whole lotta sweaty.

Yes. I. Have. Mad. skills. [when it comes to texting and running].


ok, truth be told I'm not even considering eating that GB.  That one is "bubble gum" flavor.

holy. gross.

Now random bits of info . . . .

* Last night was like the best night ever.  My nephew Michael [ab contest Michael] I. freaking. love. him.

* My family is AMAZING.

* The speaking/meeting thing with the women at Sojourner yesterday ---- yep, you guessed it . . . . . incredible.  Awesome experience.

* Peanut & Pita had daddy/daughter night last night.  loved that.

* I'm almost at 600 followers? What?  I see a giveaway in my future!

* There's only two days left to vote?! . . . . PLEASE vote for me here [click] .

* Happy Sunday!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

"23" - Jimmy Eat World

Three Twenty-Three Things Thursday.

1.  I am loving my new KidRobot shirt.  Like LOVING.  Like I actually haven't worn my run emz shirt this week kind of love.

2.  Found this at my door this morning:

3.  I also had "BIG BOOTY BARS" delivered.  Thanks Kim! Tuesday.  Thank goodness I didn't even get one.  I'm thinkin' my booty should avoid the word "big".  I should give her my plate back again.

4.  Today is "rest" day.  Which means my schedule is chock full of crap I need to do but the word "run" isn't on it.

5.  Lunch with my Mom yesterday was --- a w e s o m e .

6.  I hate raisins. [thanks Dad]

7.  I love it's a four [4] day weekend.  More family time.  And there's a "4" happy. me.

8.  My protein shake today was all lumpy and it made me sad.

9.  Today is Peanut's last day of school.

10.  Holy. crap. she's. going. into. 6th. grade.

11.  Made 5 dozen [raisin free] cookies last night with my group of girls from church.  Came out beautifully.

12.  Work has been going really well. yay!  Funny how when you actually work - you actually MAKE money!

13.  Woodway.  Woodway.  Woodway.

14.  I got this text from "Aaron" --- this is how you know you are ready for the next BIG thing . . . "Let's get baby loggers and run from Flagstaff to Tucson through Phoenix....unsupported". [FYI . . ya, that's about 265 miles]   . . . . . and it made me smile.

15.  Playing wii with Peanut this morning was way better than running.

16.  I got this from the People at The Sojourner Center last week.  I.  Love.  It!

17.  Some people don't like my use of "freaking" .  Guess what?  I freaking don't care! ;)

18.  Sojourner called and said the women there asked that I come in Saturday to discuss the run [24 hours], ask questions, meet me.  why am I nervous?

19.  I still have a lot of thank you notes to write.  I am sorry for the delay.  I'm. on. it. though.

20.  Peanut will be eleven next month.  O. M. Gosh.

21.  This summer is the summer of family.  YAY! We have all sort of family events going on.  [family reunion, missions, graduations, fights . . I kid. I kid.]

22.  I love Lionel Richie.

23.  If I beg ya, will you click here and vote?  [here].  You. freaking. rock.


Favorite Lionel Richie song?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"You Can't Always Get What You Want" - TRStones

Random crap day . . . .

So how do you officially know your 24 hours of semi-fame [ha] is over?

You find your RUN EMZ bracelets here:

Thanks. Peanut.

The Pita returned from his travels to London.  Our longest time apart ever.

four. freaking. nights. [the only time I have ever NOT liked the number four].

I did score a few freaking awesome "KidRobot" T-shirts though.  Love them.

Peanut and I enjoyed a night out at a near by death trap amusement park.

Seriously.  Don't drink a protein shake an hour before riding the free fall ride.  HOLY ILL.

Ya, I'm sitting next to a 7 year old who asked me,

"Are you going to scream the whole time?"
Me:  ummmm ya, probably do you see how high we are?
7 year old: Please don't.  It hurts my ears.

What the . . . ?!

Oh ya guess what Dawn and Candice did last night [not technically together but...]while I was sweating my right thigh off in spin class?

as in U2 concert.
Yep, Bobo I mean Bono.  L I V E .

Holy. freaking. jealous.

Oh guess what only 7 months until Christmas.

One month until Rock N Roll Seattle!  YAY!

Never layer smelly lotions.  Never.  I've already had two showers today.  I'm all for cleanliness but come on.  How do people work in Bath & Body Works?

Running has been going great.  YAY!  Have gotten 33 miles in this week, so far..... all coming in at or under my goal pace = happy. Emz.

My Mom is coming over for lunch in 45 minutes and to "shop" at my home office [clothing racks].  Love it.  Have I mentioned she's lost 25 pounds!!  Yes, she's a rock star!

Dorothy. . . .Yes, from "Mile Posts"

Now this amazing mom & woman was one of the first 10 running blogs I ever found.  And.  I.  Loved. It.  Not only is she an amazing mom, [has a photo with Meb], wife, runner.  This girl doesn't have treadmill hate.  I LOVED THAT!

She needs your help for an upcoming Nuun contest.  Yes, I LOVE nunn too!  And trust me.  This girl has "winner" all over her.  So head over and show her some love & support.

Lastly, Peanut found a  little something special Saturday night. Nice

No we don't have mice in our home but we do have scorpions . . . nicer.
So we have these super tasteful [completely amping up our decor score] mice sticky pad things to trap them.

Instead we found this. 

Wanna stay at my place?! ;)

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, May 23, 2011

"Moment 4 Life" - Nicki Minaj & Drake

So the clock struck 6:14am.

I headed back to my "vitals" throne chair.  [I did get a copy of my vitals/stats, all pretty interesting, actually].

And. I. just. cried.

And cried.

And had Joe Dana camera man up my nose & I cried some more.

Thank goodness he switched over to Peanut. . . .

Yep, this is when he asked her . . .

Joe: "What do you think about this amazing thing your mom just did?"

Peanut:  "I think she's crazy."

Then, I got really cold and tired.

Once vitals were done.  I was IV'd with a drugged up medley of goodies

Then we headed off for the s l o w e s t, longest .2 of a mile walk in my life.  Right leg was ok.  Left leg was pretty close to a drag [due to my knee feeling all wonky]So weird.  I had been running just 10 minutes earlier.

Got to the room.  And had the most painful I mean best muscle rub down ever.  HOLY.  freaking. Moly.

At this point I had my Mom call the Pita and say, "Ya, tell Joe, she's going to pass on the final interview."

To which Joe replied . . . . .

Well.  Let's just say.  I made it to the interview.

Funny, it seemed 90% better walking back than it did walking there?!  And nope, didn't even take a shower.  [gross].

The interview was great

Loved having Pita and Peanut in there with me.  I also love how you can see some of my family members reflections in the TV as they watched from outside.

Loved the cupcake they gave me.  Yep, gone within [I'd guess] 2 whole minutes.

Interview done.

Met my medical team outside for a photo.

DeRosa Medical is the freaking best.

Now sad moment. . . . . the pick-up of  [MY] ; ) Woodway Treadmills.  My return to running on  my crappy NordicTrack . . . . well it completely sucks.

Anyway . . . we headed to the car.  The Pita, Peanut, Dawn & I.

Homeward bound.

Shower bound.

Toothbrush bound.

Sleep bound.

Walked in.  Dropped everythingShowered. Needed MAJOR assistance getting into my compression socks.  [This could be a post in and of itself.]  You think it's hard getting socks on yourself?? . . . . OMGosh.  Painfully, hilarious.

Hair in a towel.  In sheets.  Out cold [for about 10 minutes].  Woke up to myself moaning.  Meant to apologize for this Dawn.  Took some pain killers ate a salad from Paradise Bakery and a piece of carrot cake and now . . . . it's time to sleep.

I woke up only to hear the Pita saying, "I'm taking Dawn to the airport."  Then he says to her, "she's pretty out of it."

She walks in ------- I start bawling.  Full on, cannot breathe bawling.  Yes, I knew she'd be leaving but I wasn't ready for her to go.  Not. at. all.

The Pita returned and fed me [yes, literally fed me] waffles.  The freaking best ever.

Trips to the toilet would take about 10 minutes [I'll spare you the details but my home is not HUGE, my bathroom is close].

I came back to my bed to see this left by my Peanut:

Made. me. smile.

The next day was Mother's Day which worked out pretty freaking great for me.

I. just. stayed. in. bed.

Until it was time to celebrate MY mom.  Then we, ok I, waddled in for a visit.

And I even got my one blister popped by Dave.  What a soldier.

So many amazing moments.
So many people to thank.
So much money & awareness raised.
So MUST do this again.

Life. changing. day.

The chorus of the above mentioned [title of this blog post] song says it better than I could ever say it. . . . . .

      I wish that I could have this moment 4 life, 4 life, 4 life

      Cause In this moment, i just feel so alive, alive, alive

      I wish that I could have this moment 4 life, 4 life, 4 life

      This is my [our] moment, I just feel so alive.
Thanks to all of you for the incredible amount of support YOU have shown me.
I. am. so. grateful.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

"I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" - Areosmith

Here it is guys.


with an obsessive amount of photos.

* Now [just a warning] I don't know if you'll need Kleenex but I officially need to wait at least an hour before I do that post office run & grocery shopping I'm supposed to be doing. *

5:01am - my brother has to leave.  He tries waving from afar.  Ya, that's not going to cover it.  I call him over. 

I hug him.  I cry.  He's awesome. and that "redline" in his hand - - - he's going to need that to stay awake for the day he has ahead of him.

Have I mentioned I loved having him there through the night?

[ya, that's my mom crying along with me in the back ground.
5:04am [my support crew is growing]  My sister Ann and her husband come - awesome.

I thought the news crew would be there at 5am.


But it was nice [mentally] thinking they would be.

5:15 - - I can feel the emotions coming.

This. is. the. moment. I. had. waited. for. [and dreamed of - literally]. for. the. last. three. months.

My thoughts:
  • the training - - - it worked.
  • the planning - - - was a success.
  • all these people - - - they are here to support me.  amazing.
  • I am beyond "blessed".
Then my thoughts went to the women:

The women who deal with [or have dealt with] domestic violence in their life.

I cannot begin to tell you about the emails & letters I received in the last three months.
The. stories. were. horrific.  truly. horrific.

These women sent me THEIR stories.  They shared what I'm guessing to be one of the hardest, scariest, toughest moments [days, months, years] of their lives......with me

My perspective.  My life has been changed by this alone.

I have close family who have dealt with this as well.  I've seen what it does to families.  To children. to loved ones.


[thinking] this. is. why. I. run. today.

The questions I was asked most:

1.  "why?"
2.  "why Sojourner center?"
3.  "Is that even healthy"
4.  "you're just doing this to get sponsors, aren't you?" [yep, someone really asked me that]
5.  "why 24 hours?"
6.  "why 24 on a TREADMILL?"


1.  Because I can.
2.  Because my heart aches for these women.  I see the Pita's car pull in the driveway and I either . . . . smile, run out to greet him or yell to Peanut "yay, Dad's home".  Every woman should feel something like this or at the very least NO FEAR!
3.  I did the training.  I AM healthy.  It'll be fine.  Go eat your ice cream. [sorry for the mean tone - but that one got under my skin . . . . but the next one.....even more so]
4.  uhhh, let me check.....no.  NOT one.  Not one lingering company circles about me.  And I'm freaking great with that.
5.  Because I couldn't think of anything bigger.
6.  Because treadmills rock.


My heart is beating fast and it's in my throat.  Having trouble swallowing.  I'm getting quiet.

My spin instructor hops on the treadmill beside me.

"so what's the plan?  you see that finish line now?"

too.  choked.  up.  to.  talk.


I just ran.

Truth be told.  My Mom.  Shar [Happy], Dave & My Dad.  Did the other 98%.

I called my mom and sister into my "ring of fire" [barricaded area].


This event would not have been this calibur if it wasn't for them.  There's no freaking way.

They did:

*treadmill delivery
*treadmill pick-up
*found me my awesome DeRosa Medical staff --- which in turn found me "Randy" who set me up with the BEST AC units EVER.
*Found me my Dr. Ken [pain patch guy] ;)
*RUN EMZ bracelets
*etc, etc, etc

but more importantly they let me focus on training & cry to them when things got a little sketchy.  Telling me, "Emz, we've freaking got this" .

5:50am-My second grade boyfriend Mr. Joe Dana walks out to film the ending.

5:51am - Peanut hops onto the treadmill beside me.

Emz:  it's you n' me girlfriend
Peanut:  okay mom.

5:56:30 am - I hit 99.99 - the max reading on the Woodway Treadmill.

My dear friend Myrissa yells out from the crowd, "you. freaking. did. this!" . Loved that.

They begin to count down.

[thinking please go slower]
[I hear Go Emz!]
two . . .

 . . . . [thinking please add . . . . . one and a half . . . . one and a quarter]


They begin clapping. yelling. I have chills running down my spine and arms.

Z E R O.

I don't hit pause. 

I. wait. probably was only an extra minute or so but okay . .


And we capture a moment that, [let's be honest]

will never happen again . . . .

I cross the Vemma finish line first!

And look who gets the first sweaty finish line hug . . .

My nephew, Michael.

Then my nephew, Tanner [I love this photo]

My running man Aaron [he put in 20+ miles with me]
Ahhhhhh, Dave.
The. man. who. GAVE. me. my. sweet. nickname.

Now.  wait for it. wait for it.


open the flood gates . . . My Dad.

Even though I have ugly cry face.. . . . .I love this photo.

Awwww man . . . .

I. see. My. Pita.

[guess who's holding the camera I'm looking at?]

this. is. the. best. hug. ever.

best. kiss. ever.

My. girl.

Yes. I. am. blessed. for. sure.

Then guess who I see over in the corner capturing every moment on camera?

Yep, Dawn.

My partner in running & texting crime. [often at the same time]

Dawn.  I'll never be able to repay you for the service, love and support you have shown me.  I will die trying though.

More hugs all around:

Friends [so awesome of you guys to come Kim & Myrissa]:

New friend I made during this run:

He came twice.  As did a few people along the way.

Top three moment of my life.

1.  My wedding.
2.  My Peanut.

3.  Our 24 hour treadmill run for Sojourner.