Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Lemon" - U2

I received this email Thursday, from a new, super awesome friend:


My son "S" and his friend had a lemonade stand today to raise money for your run. They ran around the park with the signs that made telling everyone that you were going to run for a whole day to raise money for a shelter for mommies and kids and that they were helping out by selling lemonade. I was impressed that they were not shy and didn't get discouraged when people didn't buy. They were really happy when they did make a sale. It was a great experience for them. They are looking forward to meeting you!


w o w .

So yes, I am a slightly emotional being but . . .



Random. Acts. Of. Complete. Awesomeness.

Day. Made.

Thank you so very much "L" for telling them about what I am doing.

Children are amazing.

They see [or hear about] a need and they know just how to help.

I thank you and your dear family and friends.

[one week from now.......I'll be resting soundly in bed.......and I might be wearing my new belt buckle.]


Friday, April 29, 2011

"Are You A Hypnotist?" - The Flaming Lips

Last Monday I had the opportunity to meet with a hypnotist.

A "performance hypnotist" .

Hypnotism has always intrigued me.  I love anything to do with the psyche.  I would have taken all psychology classes in college if I could have.

So why did I meet with John?

Am I lacking confidence?

Do I feel worried about my upcoming run? [Did I mention it's less than 7 days away?!]

I can truly say, "no" to both of the above.

I wanted him to help mentally guide me through the day of May 6th before it even happens. 

Anyone who has ever run a 1/2 marathon, marathon, ultra knows there are "peaks" and "valleys" in distance running.  We can feel amazing at 13, crash at 18 and feel like new again at 20.

While I would agree some of this can be due to fueling and hydrating --- I know for me 99.44% of it is mental.

When I get to mile 13 do I say, "Yay I'm half way through!"


"holy crap, I'm ONLY half way through?"

Was I skeptical of what this visit would truly "do" [if, anything] for me?


Do the comments from some people who hear about this May 6th event get to me some days?

Sometimes.  I am human. 

And so really NOT WonderWoman:

Thanks Laurie for the photo - did absolutely freaking love that.

For 1.4 seconds after I hear some sort of negative remark [ie, is that even healthy?, that's a really odd goal, there are better ways to raise money/awareness] I let myself feel like this:

Of course, of course, I know it's the smartest thing I may have ever signed up for.
but. we. all. have. our. moments.

So I enlisted John to help me create that event [a less than great point I may reach during my 24 hour endeavour] and mentally plan how I was going to "get through" it.

As athletes, we push our bodies almost daily to get in shape and actively try to push ourselves harder.

What I KNOW I've been missing is the calm/meditation/thinking/focusing part of training.

During my volleyball years, I had experienced the benefits of "visualization".  That is where we started, and I think this was the key for me to be able to put myself in a place where I could have a positive experience.

I sat there in complete calm.  complete quiet.  my foot wasn't bouncing back and forth.  I wasn't moving/scratching my arms.  my breathing was calm.  I wasn't thinking about what I  needed to do after this.  all the calls I need to return.  the items I need to ship for work.

and and of itself.

Is. a. FREAKING. miracle.

I'm about as anxious of a person you will ever meet.

Sitting down - feels like a death sentence to me.

but for what turned out to be an hour and 15 minutes. . . . my world was calm.  My brain was focused.  amazing.  An amazing feeling.

Meditation and quiet time are essential, they are part of the training puzzle.

Hypnosis and self talk reprogram the mind.

If you know & believe that computers can be reprogrammed, then you understand that our bio-chemical computer can be reprogrammed too.

Thank you. John. 

If would like to contact John, feel free to do so:  480.273.8798

Have any of you ever worked with a "performance specialist", "sports hypnotist"?

Please share.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

"OMG [feat.]" - Usher




No way.

"No. freaking. way."

Yesterday.  I.  received.  this:

The packaging alone.


But the note from Mr. ETR . . . . the note . . . freaking. best. ever.

Then a wicked huge smile [that I could not / would not wipe off] entered.

Chris I thank you.

Amazing.  seriously.

The term "thoughtful" doesn't even begin to cover it.

So while, I sit here typing, I feel like freaking WonderWoman-ish amazing.


I know my dentist is going to love it when they see  me walking in wearing this in 30 minutes.


I'm so happy & so grateful.

I love this freaking buckle.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"People Helping Other People" - Barney

Yes, so Barney has a song I like, I'm totally okay with admitting that.

*   *   *   *   *   *

Remember that day?

12 days ago?


Let me refresh your memory . . . This post: [here] .

"help me, help me, help!" she [I] said . . .
Within minutes I had a comment from Michelle. "I'm sending you an email."

She contacted her neighbor Tom [this man is incredible. absolutely. incredible].


contacted quite a few friends/co-workers/business partners.


contacted a regional manager


contacted the regional manager in my area


contacted a facility [Athlete's Performance] who had these treadmills

who . . .

will be donating two treadmills for approximately two days.

A M A Z I N G.

I don't have the words to express my gratitude.  People helping people they don't even know. Whom they have never met.

I. Am. Grateful.

And it gets even better . . .

These treadmills are simply the best of the best.

Woodway Treadmills.

Their slogan: "For The LONG Run"

Could. not. be. MORE. perfect.

Michelle, Tom, Ben & Marc.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I. am. so. ready. for. this.

"Pretty Boy Swag" - [clean version] Soulja Boy Tell Em


Can I just say . . . . .

I love mail. 

But I love packages even more.

I received one freaking awesome package before I left for Boston and [blah blah blah - busy, lazy, busy, lazy, busy -- whatever]


This woman [MCM MAMA]. rocks.

Look at all of this awesomeness.

If you turn your head real fast while looking at the photo, it'll look "more clear" .

Even the box it came in was pure awesomeness.

And look at this:

Some Run Emz love on the beach in St. Martin.

Freaking. Love. That.


also ----- side note.......Channel 12 came yesterday to shoot my video clip to promote the 24 hour Treadmill Event

Guess what they loved?!


Ya, me too.

Happy Wednesday My Friends!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Birthday" - Kings of Leon

guess what?

It's April 26th.

which. means.

It's this awesome girl's birthday.


Racing [freaking] Dawn.

AKA - my BFF.  my sounding board.  my texting emotiocon addict.  the girl who has run 11 marathons in 11 months.  amazing.

Go tell her Happy [24th] Birthday.
Yep, right now.


Cannot wait to see you May 5th!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

"The Time" - TBEP

12- # of marathon races now completed.

11 - # of above mentioned marathons which have been completed in the last 15.5 months.

4/18/11- date of my favorite marathon.
1- number of street signs I kinda took home.

7:47 - average pace in Boston
4,444 -approx how many high fives were given.

205-dollar amount spent at expo

185-dollar amount spent eating in just the first day in Boston. The Pita is a big dude.

85-the cost of "the" not really optional jacket. ;)

1 - game watched at Fenway.

2- tickets purchased to baseball game

1 -# of happy kids I had who didn't want to go anyway.

1-# of kids I have who I know will regret this in a few years time.
2- number of Boston hats purchased for myself.

1- day devoted entirely to shopping.

1 - number of "sweet" cupcakes eaten.

0-# of cupcakes they sell at "Johnny cupcakes" -- lucky for me they sell awesome shirts!!

19- cost of my favorite non-BAA purchase.

11- approx # of bloggers I met.

FINALLY, met Petra!

and the famous


1- # of bloggers we got to have dinner with.  Yep, Mr. The Road himself [Patrick] .
I'm soooooooooo calling that a "smile".

3- visits to niketown [mostly to add to the wall]

40 - cost of a taxi from airport.

4 - cost of train back to airport.

5-nights spent in Boston

2-nights spent in Portland, Maine.
1:4-cost ratio of staying in Boston per night vs Portland.
3-times we had sushi

2- times I ordered chicken while the pita got his lobster on.

Not a lobster fan but chicken from a lobster joint, I've found, is guaranteed to taste like butt....which I'm guessing is worse than lobster.

3-times I fell of the gluten bandwagon for pizzeria Regina. I do it for you Regina!!

1-visit to Mike's pastry.
10-minutes we had to wait in line [not bad]

4-pastries I bought.

1- number eaten on behalf of Jill. I'm such an awesome friend.

1- number of pastries shared.

4- number the pita had in his own box.

17-number of BAA jackets I counted in Mike's pastry.

.70-distance to the starting line from bag drop off.

1- times I fell. First mile felt like three. Soooo tightly packed.
18- times I cursed the water stations. They.  Suck.

18- times I realized how awesome bouncing empty water cups sound as they blow in the wind.

14- mile marker pita & peanut met me at.
1- number of times I stopped to kiss them.

1- number of bloggers I saw while running. Yay SR!!

0- number of times I was called by name or number.

50-ish- number of times I was called something abs related. "6 pack", "2,4,6 pack", "holy abs", "holy 6 pack", "go girl w/abs", "go girl w/abs & boobs"

48 - number out of above 50 who were 94.4% drunk.

15ish- number of times I was called something hair color related. "go blondie", "blonde bullet"-[ya they obviously didn't have a timer on them]

90-percent chance you can get drunk solely off fumes from cheerers outside Fenway park.

50-percentage easier heart break hill was than I thought it would be. I had made it out to be Kilimanjaro in my mind.

23-favorite mile.

4- age of the girl in pigtails holding one of my favorite signs. "run bi*ch run". Sorry, the contrast killed me. Hilarious.

1- number of men-boys I saw trip & fall trying to kiss a Wellesley college girl at 13.

7- number of times I heard him trying to convince himself & others "dude it was soooo worth it". Uhhh ya, nice limp.

2- gu's I ate/slurped/enjoyed

0- SPF # of the sunscreen I didn't use.

2-# of awesome signs peanut made

2-people I saw that I knew after the race. Jim & Michael. Completely. Awesome. You killed it Jim!!

5- number of phone calls made to the pita after the race. How can you not find a 6'9" man with a 10 year old on his shoulders [wearing Usain Bolt arms]?

1- mile back to hotel to wait for above mentioned lost family.

60+-# of times I was told "congratulations" on the walk back to the hotel. Simply. Awesome.

14.44- tears I cried when I saw peanut & pita exit the elevators on the 16th floor.
0- % chance I could have done any of this without their support.

5-# of ice bucket runs peanut made.

18- minutes I lasted in the ice bath.
5.75- miles we walked after the marathon [get dinner, touristy crap, etc]

481- yes. I. Counted. # of steps climbed the day after the race.

8 -# of steps I may have complained about.

100-% chance this was my favorite marathon ever.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Cold" - Maxwell




It's. Cold. In. Maine.

Caratunk Girl [Mandy] How. The. Heck. Do. You. Do. It?!

Back in AZ tonight.

Bring on 95 degree weather.
I'm. Freezing.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

"pictures" sneaky sound system


Where I decided ..... To heck with PR's.


Screw you time clock.
I'm going to make this a party.


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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"The Show Goes On" Lupe Fiasco


B o s t o n.

You. Own. My. Heart.

Am I disappointed with my time? YES.

Did I log WAY too many miles during the "taper" weeks? Ummmmm, YES. [76.5 miles from 4/11-4/16].

Do I know I played this right given my future plans for May 6th?



I. Love. Boston.

Friday, April 15, 2011

"As A Blonde" - Selena Gomez


was. quite. a. day.

what mostly got me through it [besides my rockin' family] was knowing I would get to meet Jess at 4:00, 4:15, 4:33. 

I swear I'm not usually late.

Jess . . . .

yes. . . . .

she is even [somehow] awesome-R in person.  Peanut agreed too.

SO happy Peanut made it . . . . for a whole bunch of reasons. . . . witty humor, candor, stories and of course . . . .


I swear her tongue could be a stunt double for KISS.

Why is my thumb up?  Just a whole lotta love and a little less [rockin'] brain cells?!

So. yes. yes. yes. the FroYo rocked.

But. Jess.  She. freaking. rocks.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Help!" - The Beattles

I won't even beg for your donations in this post, promise.

[but you know you can always hit that "d o n a t e" button at any freaking time.]

After weeks of attempting to get a treadmill company on board for this run, I am facing HUGE disappointment. My NordicTrack people stopped communicating and other manufacturers and gyms seem to have all kinds of hoops to jump through. (Remember, I run on a treadmill---don’t jump too great).


does anyone know of a willing manufacturer, gym or corporation that might want to have their mill on TV, advertised, adored and praised on my 24-hour run?

Anyone want to send emails to companies [cough* NTrack* cough] on my behalf?
I do have some backup mills, but for an endurance run like this I.Want.NEED. Great.Treadmills.

I will need two, because I have people paying to run with me [suckas ;) ]for short, varying lengths of time.

Your help would be greatly appreciated!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"This is 50" - 50 Cent


And it's all because of Dawn.

You see I was really, really happy with this . . .

Her text came back saying this:

D: Whew hew!! But I know you got 5 more miles in ya!!
Me: [thinking . . . wait what?!] but time is not on my side.
D: Focus, relax your shoulders, chin down.  you.  have.  time.  Just don't do your hair after you shower.
Me: [emoticon entered --- thumbs up]
D:  You got it.  50 will be HUGE!
Me:  you.  freaking.  rock.

What an awesome friend.

My mom's text - well was a loving Mom's text.

My mom:  ...please stop .....
Me:  I'm not stopping.  sorry.

The Pita's call when I was done . . .

Pita:  How far did you run?
Me:  ummmmm fiddy.
Pita:  what?  It sounded like you said fifty.
Me:  yep, I did.
Pita:  [parental advisory warning] you are an a$s for doing that.
Me:  hey!  thanks!

In pita talk - that's a way HUGE compliment.

Then the best thing ever . . . . . .

My. freaking. awesome. dad. . . . . bringing by 20 pounds of ice when I was at mile 49.
Thank. you. my. dad!

Happy Hump Day!

5 days until Boston!  [but really, who's counting!?]

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"400" - Energy


You know I love the "4" part. 

me a little.

They should probably scare you too.


Because here comes 400.

yep, 400 things about me.


We'll divide by 4.
Here's 100.

Let's. do. it.

1.  Emz was a nickname given to me by my oldest sister's hubby.  I. Love. it.
2.  Ideally, I'd like three children.
3.  My Dad taught me how to drive.
4.  Favorite number. 444444444
5.  I love rain.
6.  I love clouds.
7.  I love sunsets.
8.  I have over 200 photos of sunsets - just on my phone.
9.  I have one bro and three sisters.
10.  Favorite color:  green
11.  Favorite funny movie:  Tommy Boy
12.  Favorite drama movie:  Sliding Doors
13.  Favorite TV show:  Modern Family
14.  Favorite song at moment:  All of the lights.
15.  Favorite Vacation with the Pita:  Chicago [best place to pick pizza out of your teeth]

16.  Favorite Family Vacation:  Fiji
17.  I love my birthday.
18.  Favorite Cake:  carrot
19.  Favorite Ice cream:  Pecan Praline
20.  Favorite show as a kid:  Saved By The Bell
21.  Favorite Friend's house to play at growing up:  The H's.
22.  Favorite song to dance to at church dances:  "Birdhouse in Your Soul"
23.  Favorite Bands in 6th grade:  Duran Duran & REM - Thanks Y-Von
24.  I was very athletic child.  Thanks Dad.
25.  In JR high I played:  volleyball, Basketball & softball
26.  In HS --- volleyball ---- year round.
27.  Was the first freshman to play on Varsity Volleyball team. 
28.  Volleyball was my life for 5 years.
29.  Only started running after I was injured.
30.  Ran my first long run [8 miles] only because I got lost in our new neighborhood.
31.  First marathon - I ran without any Gu's, tunes or a watch.
32.  From the day I met to the day I married the Pita = 90-ish days
33.  I had the wedding I had always dreamed of.
34.  I only moved once as a child.
35.  I could live on protein shakes.
36.  I have over 4,500 miles on my treadmill since July 2009
37.  I hate grasshoppers
38.  I hate crickets.
39.  I have scorpions as pets [Pita's idea]
40.  I have family in 4 countries.
41.  I only have one extra stamp in my passport that Peanut doesn't.
42.  I drive too fast.
43.  I've only had three tickets.
44.  444444444444 yay!!
45.  Favorite cereal:  Fruity Pebbles
46.  Favorite breakfast:  Pancakes
47.  Favorite date night food:  sushi
48.  I love to cook.
49.  I love to cook desserts more.
50.  I bought three pairs of jeans this week - intending on returning two.  not happening.
51.  I love shooting, after the first shot, anyway.
52.  I thought I loved glocks --- turns out I like HK's a little better.
53.  I hate people touching my face.
54.  I don't even like touching my own face.
55.  My ring finger nail grows about 4 times faster than any other nail.
56.  I have lost two toenails in the last two weeks.
57.  One day I WILL try barefoot running.
58.  I am running in Boston in 6 days.
59.  I am running for 24 hours on a treadmill in 24 days.
60.  My right thigh is bigger than my left.
61.  I read pretty fast.
62.  I dislike reading.
63.  I eat peanut butter from the jar.
64.  I love crust.  on about anything.  A little less now that I'm doing GF.
65.  I have perfect eyesight.
66.  I tried failing the vision test every year in elementary school.
67.  I tried playing the sax for 3 months.
68.  Tried playing the piano for 2 years.
69.  Tried singing until I was told to shut-up. ;)
70.  I worked at a jewelry store for two years.  Loved it.  Score!
71.  Worked at a day care for two summers. non-score.
72.  Worked at a yogurt store for two years - yum.
73.  Worked at a Financial Planning firm for two years....blaah.
74.  Have worked from home for 10 years.
75.  5 days a week I work from home in running gear.
76.  I get panic attacks.
77.  Feels like I'm having a heart attack.
78.  I don't fuel on long runs.
79.  I like "girl's night"..... I just prefer "girl's lunches" 7 out of 10 times.
80.  My nights are for my family. 
81.  I love spending time with my family.
82.  Last month was the first time the Pita and I had spent more than two nights apart.
83.  I paint my toe nails before each marathon.
84.  I clean my steering wheel in  my car at least every other day.
85.  I clean our remotes in the house - daily.
86.  I love doing laundry.
87.  I love washing my car - myself.
88.  I hate valet parking.
89.  I hate raisins.
90.  I love my Dad was able to be there for my birth.  [wasn't allowed with his other 4]
91.  I love that I tell my mom everything.
92.  I love that I have to be the one to tuck Peanut in EVERY night.
93.  I'm super competitive.
94.  Once I start'll have to stop me.
95.  I dislike talking on the phone.
96.  Anything worth doing - is worth trying to do in heels, first.
97.  My homemade Mac N Cheese can create world home peace
98.  I rub my feet together when I sleep.
99.  I've never been stung by a bee.
100.  I still make wishes when I blow out candles.
101.4  Vegemite. I. freaking. hate. vegemite.  I. dry heave at the thought of it.

Happy Tuesday!

I gave you [tormented you] with 100 . . . .SHARE at least one thing with me about YOU!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

"Bow Chicka Wow Wow" - Mike Posner

Bow Chicka Wow WowJust saying that makes me happy.

Okay, I'll refocus . . . . here we go.

The numbers - the [last weeks runnin'] numbers:

Monday:  16.5
Tuesday:  NADA
Wednesday:  41.44
Thursday:  7
Friday:  10
Saturday:  15.75
Sunday:  NADA

Totals:  90.65 - I'm rounding up to 91.

I signed up for dailyMile thanks to JL of "Miles, Muscles & Mommyhood" .  I love it.

I love the donut stat.  I burned 55.65 donuts.  So Saturday the Pita brought me one from Dunkin Donuts, so I technically, only burned 54.25 [Peanut's looked better than mine. ;) ]

Fun weekend!

My car got it's first ever decal.  Like ever. ever.
Never, have I put a decal on my car.

Self promoting license plate ------- you. bet. cha.
Decal ---- No.

But I freaking love this . . . .

funny.  if. you. buy. a. HK. you. get. a. "free". sticker.  So. thoughtful.

Now, I just need a chance/time to go shoot it.  Hmmmmm.  Target practice while running on a treadmill anyone?

Our Cactus, finally bloomed.

b e a u t i f u l !

I got to run in my sweet green compression socks. 

I've only run in them two times.  Usually save them for after runs.  Note to self . . . need to get those shoes dirty.

Made awesome pancakes with Peanut on Saturday.

Happy.  Happy.  Day.

My Sister "Happy" convinced her Sunday school class to pose for this photos of them in their new "Run Emz" bracelets.  Yep, there are bracelets now too.

Most. Of. them. Look. Happy. ;)  Peanut loved all the "Beiber-like" hair-do's.

And I made the most awesomly jacked up recipe for protein bars ever.  Trust me you don't want the recipe but I love them.  GF & DF & loaded with all sorts of crap crazy amounts of protein.

Yes. they. may. taste. a. little. better. than. they. look.



Happy Monday My Friends!