Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh What A Night - Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons

Life as a child.

Everyone can remember at least a few [great] things about childhood.

Maybe it was sitting outside on Turkey Day Eve waiting for the big moment when your dad was going to put the Turkey in the backyard under ground pit.

Maybe it was playing Barbie’s and dreaming of meeting Michael Jackson.

Or maybe it was watching football and WWF on Sunday nights from inside a fort in the family room.

It might even be running at lightening speed (it seemed) in your new pair of shoes.

Or it could be as simple as the saying your sister said every night before bed.


. . . . the way your dad called you a “rat” and it made you giggle.

. . . . maybe it’s squirting pudding through the gaps in your teeth.

. . . . milk out your nose.

. . . . cupcakes.

. . . . a birthday cake [in the face].

. . . . just birthday's all together.

. . . . Being able to yell for your mom at 1,3 or 4am knowing she‘d be right by your side within seconds.

Or maybe not.

Maybe you can't remember many of those things about being a child.

Maybe all you can remember is the feeling.

Freedom. Carelessness. Adventure.


Playing so hard that you were exhausted by dinner time.

Forgiving so e a s i l y.

Loving so much.

Think back.

Don't look at your cell phone.

Wait to respond to that email. 
And think. Yes, I know it’s hard. Thanks to Kelly. I tried it Friday night to Saturday night. [going “unplugged"] Yep, I failed. But I will attempt again. If it’s only one day a week “unplugged”. It’ll be worth it.

[Anyone see modern family last night? Bar soap -- cell phone anyone?]

I Remember.

I Cherish.

I want nothing more than Peanut to have the same feelings about her childhood that I have of mine. And I don’t recall my mom/dad being on the phone, emailing, texting, putting any “work” over/before family.

WELLLLLLLLLLLLL, the one time my mom did, I cried and she ate the chicken I made her for dinner.   Right.   Then. ;) [remember that Mom?!]

I want that feeling more often.

When someone did something you didn't like, you reacted.
But you forgave. You said you were sorry and it was over. Like over - over.
You laughed as long, hard and as loud as you wanted. Because it was funny. It was that funny. It didn’t matter if anyone else thought it was. You laughed until your stomach hurt and you didn't even think it being a great abs workout.

When it hurt. You cried. Because it hurt. Because you were sad. And you let everyone see. Because it was okay to be sad sometimes.

And you said "I love you" as often as you blinked.

Because you were a kid. And that is just what kid's do.

Then, we grew up. All most of us did. And we don't show those feelings like we used to. We don't forgive as quickly, or love as often.

The world got bigger. And we may not look like a kid, or live like a kid. But that doesn't mean we can't still feel like a kid.

So last night I had a dance party with Peanut. And one very cool jukebox.  The timing was bad.  It was late.  I wasn't in the best of mood from the evening events leading to 7:30pm. 

Until. . . we began dancing.

And laughed . . Like kids.

And danced . . Like kids.

And acted . . Like kids.

And it was wonderful.

Because it was fun & also very funny.

And it‘s great being a grown-up kid.
[This was the song that started all the fun last night]


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I love this, brought me a smile

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I know Army Son's quickiest reflection of being a kid include video games. Uck. He can rely younger memories of us in the woods collecting all kinds of flora and fauna as all little boys with young mommies do. I want those things to be his first memories AND I want my two younger ones to remember it like I do.
The ruralness, the trees, the nature, the time spent together in it all.
As a kid I spent more time playing in corn fields than I did in fornt of a screen. I lived my life, I didn't watch others live a pretend one.
Thanks for the reminder that I have to give them what I had...less! So that they can remember having had more!! (of me)

Steel Springs said...

Great song! I remember listening to the Oldies station on car rides and guessing how many songs would play before we got home. We'd sing along with every song, too.

Quinton J said...

All smiles here.

Gracie said...

Oh, gosh, how adorable and true. I've been a grown-up for so long (I mean, since I was like 5) that I have trouble acting like a kid! I mean, it sounds fun, but there's so much to DO. I need your attitude!
PS if you unplug who will I read to make me laugh and smile?!

Heather said...

Awesome post!! Thanks for all of these reminders! I smiled when I read "squirting pudding through the gaps in your teeth"!!
Fun song!!

Patrick Mahoney said...

Too bad Mase wasn't with you guys.

Marlene said...


What a feel-good post and great reminder for all of us.

Laurie said...

Great post. Love you sister's "saying", my daughter does one of those every. single. night.

And you never need a "reason" to be a duck fan. You're so awesome! :)


love this post! got me all choked up!

Angie said...


Anonymous said...

wonderful, ms. emz. :)

Anonymous said...

wonderful, ms. emz. :)

Anonymous said...

wonderful, ms. emz. :)

KovasP said...

And sometime all you need is a little band-aid, even if the wound isn't obvious.

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

big smile on my face right NOW! great post and still love that song.

One Crazy Penguin said...

Exactly the kind of post I needed to read today. Thanks for the perfect timing. It's so easy to forget these things sometimes.

Julie @ HotlegsRunner said...

yup, made me smile too! made my morning, in fact =)

Emz said...

Shelly - your. Comment. Is. Awesome.

Kovas - ditto. I know. A compliment from emz. Take note.

Emz said...

Oh & patrick --- mase was right there outside the 11' x 8' sliding glass door.

Karine said...

Yes, I remember that incident very well. What a great life lesson you taught me at that well as many others since then. Happy post. Thanks! (PS: I will still come running (walking fast) whenever you need or night.)

Jill said...

Cupcakes make everything happy :).
Happy Thursday, Emz!!!

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

Perfect! This might be the best posting I have read - ever. Thanks I needed this one!

Sarah said...

Wonderful post! :-D

jymmebe said...

Aaaahhhh, I've LOVED that song since I first heard it many, many years ago . . . THAT is a "feel good" song!

I hope my children will be able to look back on their childhood and have some of the fun, sweet memories that I had. (I just have to say, that growing up in the 70's and 80's totally rocked, and not just because of the music!)

Oh, and by the way . . . thanks for throwing out there my OCD-ness!
At least I don't have to call dad every evening now to quote it to him. (Don't think that I had never thought of it though, especially right after I got married!) :)


Aimee said...

I loved this post! It totally brought a smile to my face! Having two young boys (3 and 5) I constantly remember my childhood. I love it!

And yes, I have dance parties with my boys too! :)

Emz said...

Slowmo - thank you!!

K fam - I loved every minute of being raised w/you. I adore you. Ily.

Karen R said...

I love that song! I bought the soundtrack after I saw Jersey Boys. Dork, I know, but it is such a happy song :)

Jason said...

thank you for putting reality back into my perspective. Truly a great post and I'm still smiling and thinking of when my step-son comes home tomorrow. Just cancelled my appointment with softball to spend time with him and my wife.

Thank you.

Emz said...

Jason - your comment just made my day. Yay YOU! Awesome.

Jason said...

We may or may not be having a dance party but I know for sure I am taking him to the grocery store to get ingredients for the 'candy' bars he made in school yesterday and remake them at home.

Great Friday night already....and again thank you for putting it all back into perspective.

Kelly Leigh said...

Yay! I am glad you had a fab dance party with peanut! Can you invite me next time because dance parties are my absolute favoooooooooorite. I promise to keep my moves PG until peanut is a teen and then all bets are off.

Char said...

Wow - your post has just made me walk back through memory lane. I had a great childhood.

heather said...

Thanks for such a great post, Emz. Takes me back.

Thought I'd share the saying my gramma said tom me every night when I was little:

Let's go to bed said Sleepyhead.
Oh, no, no said Slow.
Let's put on the pot said Greedygut,
and eat before we go!

Emz said...

Haether - love what your g-ma said. Love memories like that!!

Kelly - you have a rating system for your moves?! Love that. May need you to do a blog post on the rating system. ;)

Christina said...

I remember running with my dad when I was a little girl.
I remember making a card to tell my mom that I will ALWAYS and FOREVER listen to her for the rest of my life. Ha!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

oh em.. this is a great post! I'm smiling right now because (I'm not all the way grown up yet lol) and I remember those times growing up where nothing mattered and "hard work" was playing all day and not getting into trouble or not arguing with my 3 other siblings... I have always remembered my childhood as a great one and always think i am very blessed to have the family I do and I may be biased but i have the best parents in the world! I mean... I'm 23 1/2 (almost) and they haven't kicked me out yet! ;)

Emz said...

Christina - love it. I think we all wrote one letter like that where it was used as blackmail [or is STILL being used as blackmail]. Awesome.

Zaneta - well, then . . .you must ALSO be a good daughter. :)

Julie said...

Very nice! This post put a huge smile on my face:) Great song...for sure!

RockStarTri said...

Great post. Made me want to sing a little falsetto.

Middle Name Marie said...

Sweet post! I remember playing outside in the dirt in the summer until there was only a small glimmer of purple light left in the sky. Long after the sun had left.

I also remember telling all my secrets to my dog and crying with her when I was upset. Every kid needs a dog with a good listening ear :)

Stacey said...

I loved this post! Thanks!

LB said...

smiling and tearing up all at the same time. makes me want to ditch adulthood and go back to the good ol days :)

Jen Feeny said...

This just put the biggest smile on my face! :)

ihaverun said...


Unknown said...

Part of why I like to run. It makes me feel so young :)

Michelle said...

With a big grin on my face and tears in my eyes and my two boys by my side, I say "THANKS!" Great post. Great reminder. And we WILL unplug more often! :)

Unknown said...

i love this! I need this! PUT DOWN THE TECHNOLOGY! I about busted a gut watching modern family. We are SO like that.. ugh. Embarrassing! Thanks for the reminder. Now on the 'schedule' for tomorrow... DANCE PARTAY!

Emz said...

Guess who's dancing again right at this very moment. I know emz put the phone down .... I will. I am. Bit I had to snap a few photos!!!

Emz said...

Bit - bUt.

Liz said...

love this post. i'm going to unplug right now and reminisce. :)

great advice.

The Green Girl said...


Neil Zee said...

I took the boy to the mall today, and let him lead. 25 escalator trips, 1 smoothie, a cookie, an hour sitting in the TV lounge watching hockey, visits to all the mall playgrounds... twice ,a half hour staring at the toy aisle in sears. and plenty of walking hand in hand criss crossing the large hallways... was super fun. 3 hours of pure uninterupted guy time... awesome

He's 3 btw...

Silly Girl Running said...

"You laughed as long, hard and as loud as you wanted. Because it was funny. It was that funny. It didn’t matter if anyone else thought it was. You laughed until your stomach hurt and you didn't even think it being a great abs workout."

Us grown-ups need more of those laughs. We do! :)

Johann said...

Nice one! Never wearing shoes, maybe this barefoot running thing has some point after all.

Black Knight said...

Love this post because you made me remind my youth (too many years ago for me) but ... with some differences, for example, in Italy we don't have Turkey Day, we don't play football, I don't have a sister .... ecc but your post is wonderful!

Caratunk Girl said...

You are awesome, you always make me smile Emz!! Thanks for that! AND I like the picture of your buckle on the right!! :)

BrianFlash said...

Love the sentiment!

Damn smart phones. They let everyone stay connected all the time and disconnected with life. When work is over, it is over. Carpe Diem!

Matty O said...

I enjoy being unplugged. The first hour is total freak out mode but then its totally chill and I enjoy what is around me.

Good luck next time!