Monday, December 12, 2011

"Run The World" - Beyonce

Who run the world?  Girls
Who run the world?  Girls
Who run the world?  Girls
Who run the world?  MY Girl.

Yesterday, Peanut & I had the chance to do something we had never done before . . . .


The ATHLETA IronGirl 10k In Scottsdale, AZ.

It. was. awesome.

I made sure we had our WonderWomen skirts & our freaking awesome  Punk Rock Racing T-shirts!

Peanut had never run more than a 5k - so that plus 44 other reasons = one very nervous Peanut.  [I loved the questions.]

Mom, what if I need to pee?
Mom, will there be water?
Mom, what do I eat for breakfast?
Mom, what if I get cramps?
Mom, will you stay with me no matter what?
Mom, will people cheer for me?

Race morning she was a ball of nerves.

She managed to give out a few smiles pre-race:

[looking rather unimpressed]

Peanut:  so as long as my "chip" crosses the finish line before yours . . . I beat you?
Emz:  yes, kiddo.

5 minutes to start . . . .

And we are off!

Wait ummmmm, not so fast.

Peanut. has. a. cramp. [at mile 0.3]  She felt bad.

Sorry we are walking mom.
Sorry you can't run fast mom.
Sorry that we are slow.

[I take her arm, [lovingly] grab her by her face ;) and say, "girl friend, this morning is about fun.  It's about me and you enjoying a morning together, outside & completeling something you've never done before together.  The only thing I insist we have a FREAKING blast!"


as you can see from the photos

we. freaking. did.

We took photos at every mile marker and sign we could see.

This one was my personal favorite [she still doesn't know I took this]. 

She'd grab my hand when no one was looking. [made. my. year.]

Mile. three.

Got a chance to chat with my Peanut about a few [real life] things from mile 3-5.  Heck ya, she was stuck with me - I chatted her ear off.  Awesome.

At mile 5 we started planning our finish line dance.  Yep, dance.

Should have taken a video but the pictures ---- uhhhh, probably show too much as it is.

Let me just say, if the skirts weren't loud enough ----- our dancing was.

It was a wicked mix of the sprinkler, robot, running man & what ever I was doing.

Here's the freak show:

It was a sight to see.

Loved. every. minute.
 BOLT. Arms.
We went to Panda Express for her recovery meal, showered & she went right into recovery modeLike a pro.

And did you see our new 2011 Christmas Ornaments?!

Awwwwww yaaaaaaa!

[bedtime tuck-in]
Emz:  Peanut, do you want to be a runner now?
Peanut: [and I quote] not a freaking chance mom, but I had fun today.

Happy. Emz.


giraffy said...

Love. This. So. Much.

RunToTheFinish said...

i think i've said it to you before but...really I hope I am a mom like you if I ever have kids

SupermomE13 said...

This is the best post ever. Love you both! Tell Peanut she ROCKED it. And LOVE her response about being a runner. :)

Allison said...

This is freaking awesome. LOVE.

Melissa Cunningham said...

awesome.just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caratunk Girl said...

This is so awesome. I love the pictures - my favorite is the shadow one. What a great day!!

jymmebe said...

I love this x 1000!

Amanda said...

awww such a beautiful relationship you have with her. Makes me want to pray even harder for a daughter :) My two boys love to run with me and my littlest is a speedy one.

Anonymous said...

This is just plain awesome. Enough said.

coach dion said...

So do tell us, what time did you run? are you two going to be running another 10 together next year? and what size field did that race have?

Caroline said...

I knew I would
I am so happy for you that you had that special day with your daughter. I know how much this means. The pictures say it all. I can see it in your face AND hers, JOY!
Melts my heart.

Karien P. said...


Char said...

Seriously the happiest post I've read today. Loved it - and those skirts!

Sarah said...

I love this! What a sweet memory that will be for you two. :-D


So awesome! I loved my first race with Dizzle. Totally epic.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

That is awesome, congrats

Jill said...

Absolutely LOVE this!! Congrats to peanut, a moment in time she will never forget. Nor mom :).

fancy nancy said...

Way to go Peanut!!! What an amazing girl you have EMZ! I love the skirts!!! Sounds like a blast!

Susan said...

I'm teary eyed...LOVE this post! :-)

Molly said...

love Peanut!!!!

Christi said...

That is freakin' awesomeness!

TriMOEngr said...

This moved me nearly to tears! I loved every bit of it from the matching outfits, to the fact that her bib said "Peanut", to all of the pictures, to the close shared mom/daughter moments (tears actually did come witht he shadow hand holding pic) and finally to the laugh at the end (not a freaking chance). LOVE IT!! My daughter is only 7.5 and is already interested in running. She beat me on our last 5K because she ran ahead with a friend. LOL I'm going to have to train to keep up with her! I look forward to sharing those kind of ornaments with her someday!

ShutUpandRun said...

But did she beat you? That's all I want to know.

Seriously, LOVE this. My favorite picture (hard to pick one) is the one where you are hugging after the race. There is nothing more important than the relationship you two share. It is magical and you are both infinitely lucky, as you know. As you know my friend lost her daughter this week, and this makes me cherish every single second with my little Emma all the more. You have a very special way of showing your love to Peanut and it is evident to all of us.

Unknown said...

Very cool! You both look so happy!

Jen Feeny said...

So sweet! Congrats Peanut on your first 10k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CJ said...

Wiping the tears from my keyboard but not the smile from my face. Love that story in pictures. Treasure!

Arica said...

Made me cute!

CautiouslyAudacious said...

That is so awesome!! Congrats to both of you and love the skirts!!! What a great post!

mighty termitey said...

this was such a wonderful post! i just loved it and i'm going to read it again. :-)

merry christmas!

Emz said...


Time [unofficial 1:23:56-Emz / 1:23:54 peanut]

So yes
I got spanked at the finish line. ;)

Runners Fuel said...

Looks like yo guys accomplished your goal and had a blast!! Great job!!

Aimee said...

Awww...I loved this post..just loved it! What a great experience for you two! AND, the pictures were awesome!!

runnerwannabe said...

Love this! I have daughters, and love when they let me love on them!!! Even when my 12 and 14 year old sit on my lap, it's a comfy squishing!

Karine said...

Oh, if only all running could be so fun and make so many people happy! I am happy x 4444444444.

I also predict there will be more fun running in Peanut's future.


Kenley said...

Very Nice Indeed. Thanks for sharing and especially the pics. Great Freak Show and I loved her response to your question at the end, but I am sure that she will change her mind in time.

Anonymous said...

What a amazing post. I hope I have a daughter some day so I can share these kinds of moments (and hopefully be such a positive health influence!)

Angie said...

This made me so teary in the very best of ways.

Anonymous said...

This is so great!!! Love you guys.

Michelle said...

Love, love, love this post!

The relationship you have with Peanut is really something special!

adena said...

THIS is my favourite post..





Unknown said...