Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Remember Me" - Queensrÿche

I was reminded of something, this morning, while emailing a fellow [awesome]blogger.


Why.  I.  blog.

Why I make time for this 3-5 days a week.

It.  simple.


I want to remember:

* the day Peanut had a bake sale.
* the day we went for a LONG mother/daughter walk.
* the day we laughed so hard we called it a "workout" at grandma's "bestest" place.
* the day I felt loved more than any other day in my life.
* the day Peanut and I made cookies and forgot the eggs.
* the few rainy days that take us outside.  dancing.  in. the. rain. like. Arizona. freaks.
* the day of my 50 mile race.
* the day I got my 3:20, I wanted so badly in Portland.
* my childhood.
* the comfort of a hand interlaced with mine.
* the calming effect of a hand on my back.
* the giggles we share.
* the tickling till we cry.
* the way I love to be called, "mama".
* spudnuts at Halloween.
* AB contests at family parties.
* how much I love my dang buckle.
* that being called a "dork" by an 18 year old nephew is the best feeling ever.
* how a simple [one sentence] email can change my entire day.
* reading "goodnight moon".  every.  single. night.
* how it felt to be pregnant.  to feel life.  truly.  feel.
* my purpose.

So.  me.  and.  this.  little. blog.

we are sticking around.

I received an email from a "former follower" a few days ago.  After my mention of "losing a few followers" .  She explained how she thought I was a "serious runner" but she came to find out I do a lot of "filler" posts.

[deep/calming/relaxing breath]

If by "filler" she means posts about my daughter, my husband, my life, my trials, being a mom, daughter, child of God, friend, & sister.

Then. she. is. right.

way before Emz = runner

Emz = wife/mom/family girl/etc

And no amount of lost or gained followers will impact the content of my posts.

e v e r .




And. this weirdo handsome guy.

He likes me just how I am.

*Oh man, he's going to kill me for posting this photo.  The man cannot take a serious photo but hey . . . no middle fingers! [it was taken at my parent's place].  YAY me!*


Emz said...

moo-I mean "DJ Jam" - I deleted your comment. in protest to my MIL's camera issues. and that I have to make up a new LAME nickname for you.

Carrie said...

I love your blog... for ALL those reasons. It's who you are and who I connect with. I'm glad you won't change... for ANYONE!

Kelly Leigh said...

Truth be told, I prefer your filler posts.

Middle-aged runner said...

You look good. He looks weird.

Heather said...

Well said and that's why we all keep coming back for more! Great photo!

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

I love your "filler" posts just as much as your running posts. I'm glad you're being true to yourself.

Caroline said...

people...really..cannot believe someone actually took time to send you an email like that...forget it. you have lot's of peeps here who like your blog just as it know that. I am not a serious runner and I write about that anyway, I am a serious mother and I write about that also. all in the same blog and somehow 49 people are reading got almost 400 reading yours! big smile now and forget the sad sad people who dont get it.

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Life is the stuff we fill in between runs. maybe someone shouldn't be so serious with themselves?


I often have to remember why I write. It's for me, J and the kids. No one else. If you want to read it, great. If not, great. Plus, without all the "filler" posts, you might as well read a training log. It's the other stuff that keeps me coming back.

Cynthia said...

I love all your posts. And especially this one cause now I feel much better knowing that my son and I are not the only ones who forget to put eggs in cookies (or in my case cakes mix). I wouldn't know that if you didn't write "filler" posts.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

LOVE, LOVE this post EMZ! Blogging is truly the best way to remember and share, learn, support others!

You are so much more than a runner, and I like "filler" posts--it makes you real. But I totally envy/want your running talent...and your belt buckles! ;)

April said...

I never realized that talking about something other than running would disqualify me from ever becoming a "serious" runner.LOL! I lose.
Love your blog! Fillers and all!;)

Still Running said...

More filler, less running talk!

Unknown said...

Wow! Someone called those "filler posts"??? Those are REAL posts. Posts that show us who YOU are and what's important to you. If all I did was read blogs about NOTHING but running I would be bored out of my mind. The point of having a blog is to share YOUR life and your experiences.

And what the heck is a "serious" runner!? You are kick-ass runner, that's what you are.

ShutUpandRun said...

Ok, whatever with the filler email you got.

I love you b/c of your filler. I can read about running anyday on any assortment of websites. I come here to read about you and your journey, all the different hats you wear - runner just being one of them.

ShutUpandRun said...

PS: Sam made chocolate chip cookies the other day and forgot the flour. Not sure how you do that.

Aron said...

YES!! I love looking back on old posts and remembering EVERYTHING, not just the running.

Emz said...

SUAR - "filler email" loving that.

misszippy said...

Really? A 3:20 marathoner isn't a serious runner?

Beyond're just another 3:20 marathoner (not that there are tons!)without the fillers.

Allie @ The Constant Pursuit said...

Way to stay true to yourself!! I love reading your posts (even though I'm a bit of a quiet reader, I'm going to start to say hi more often)!

I think it's hard in the blogging community because you have so much to compare yourself to (who is doing what, who has more followers, who is actually reading this thing?!) and I know I have to keep reminding myself *why* I wanted to start blogging. So I could tell my story, for me first, and if people wanted to read along the way. If not, great too.


Jen said...

I thought the great thing about having a blog was getting to choose your own content. And apparently she still reads your blog even if she doesn't follow it anymore or she wouldn't know about that post. Seriously, some people have way too much time on their hands. They should come and clean baseboards or dust my ceiling fan blades for me.

Melissa Cunningham said...

oh emz! i agree with what everyone else says!!!i often hesitate to post things on my blog other than training,so thank you for posting this!!!!

we may be serious in our athletic adventures,but we are serious (first and formost) about our family as well...

KovasP said...

Wait, I can stop following you? How does that work?

Alanna said...

Talking about your family discounts the fact that you can run a sub-3:30 marathon? Interesting.

I don't think I read any blogs that don't have lots of "filler". My own maybe, but that's because I'm still figuring out how to write the darn thing. I'd rather read personal stories than stats any day.

MCM Mama said...

Guess I'll never be a serious runner than since I'd rather talk about beer than running. ;o)

Filler is good. ;o)

Christi said...

I have only been reading your blog for a little while but I love it. I love that you are honest and share your family along with your running adventures. That is life and I say let's enjoy it! So please keep up the "filler" information because there are many of us who like it!

XLMIC said...

Your blog is YOU and I love that about it…and about you :)
you were my first intro to "running" blogs… I was hooked by you!

One Crazy Penguin said...

I don't love you and your blog in spite of the filler, but *because* of it!

Keep being you because you really kind of, sort of, definitely...rock!

Jenny said...

You. Are. A. Serious. Runner. I mean, look at your abs! (JK)

I love reading your posts, whether they center on your running, rules for driving in Arizona (which I still do not plan to visit and drive in, however, I might be tempted to visit if you're driving), your crazy Peanut and weird hubby, and yes, the DANG BUCKLE. I live vicariously through your 50 miler and your laughing workout and your being Mama. So, write on and run on. Because there's only one you and you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Unknown said...

Filler? Your posts that aren't about you running just remind us that the amazing runner is human too! :)

Love you... don't go anywhere!

Laurie said...

Great "filler" post! Sometimes I worry that people won't like what I write about and that I need to keep it all running related, it's good for the reminder that it's not for them. Glad you're sticking around, glad you're you!

Unknown said...

"filler posts" .... some people are stupid. So this person thinks their little picture on a widget is that important? And then to send an email to explain, very self-important, i guess? You should reply just submit their email address to a bunch of porn sites.

Anonymous said...

I just have to say I look forward to getting to read your post!! Do not change an thing, LOVE it the way it is!!!

Unknown said...

I love the donuts with the jelly filling. The filling is why I love them :)

Jen Feeny said...

It's your style that makes me love you, I can always hear the smile in your writing or the frustration in your punctuation. :) I think I'll stick around awhile longer, filler posts and all. <3

Adrienne said...

Wait! You mean, you do other things besides run?!! You are kidding me! All this time I thought......

What's wrong with people? Seriously, I can't figure them out.

Arica said...

I just started reading your blog...found it from Racing Dawn's! I love that it's not all about running and about being a mom too. I just started training for my first half marathon and am learning to balance life, work, motherhood and running:) Thanks for being a great example!

Patrick Mahoney said...



Emz said...


Sumner family - thank you for commenting. Got to love RD. :) it's tricky [the balancing act] but soooo worth it.

Stacie said...

I love your blog, especially the filler. It's amazing what people will comment with. I get crap a lot because I'm not a "fast" runner. My blog has been a huge blessing to me and if it somehow can help or entertain someone else, then that's just a bonus.

Keep the filler coming. You rock.

Gracie said...

You ALWAYS pick me up - your serious runner posts, your Peanut posts, your buckle posts - like 'em all!

Pam @ said...

Just like the delicious Mexican food I'm about to cook for supper... THE FILLER IS THE BEST PART!

The running is just the plain ol' tortillas. It's the stuff that goes in between that makes it worth eating! Or reading in this case. haha

I <3 you, Emz!

And your little blog, too.

racing dawn said...

It's how I get through a day...or a bad race for that matter...remembering I'm MORE than a runner.

And remember? It's YOUR blog. Not your followers. It's for you...and for all of us hoping to be more like you... :)

filler it.

RockStarTri said...

This is a running blog? If so, I'm outtahair.

I just read this to follow the exploits of my hero: the PITA.

PS: Politically incorrect nicknames to consider now that Mooshie might, just might, be off the table:


Emz said...

RSTri. The pita will love that.
I know right?! Mooshy. Was. Just. Awesome. How can Mooshy be replaced?!
DJ [his first & middle name] + jam [jamoosh]

DJ jam - was all I had. So I greatly appreciate the input.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

I love your blog. I would call you a "real' runner. I'm a "real" runner and I have lots of filler b.s. So?

bobbi said...

Um, I don't get it? I mean, we all KNOW you are AWESOME. Duh. But if all you wrote about is how awesome you are, I'd stop by and never come back. The posts about your family and your life and your emotions is what conects a 6 hour marathoner to a 3:20 marathoner.

Girl crush, still holding strong ;)

Shawn said...

Running takes about an hour of my day...."filler" takes the rest. Thanx for being a part of that extra 23 hrs in my day.

Teamarcia said...

Filler? Seriously?
IMO life is way too serious as it is. What's a blog if we can't add our own personal touches anyway?

Tiffany said...

One of my finest qualities is my loyalty, and I will forever be loyal to your blog, my running inspiration.

jymmebe said...

Keep doing what you do . . . that's why people love you! :)

Nelly said...

another New Zealand shirt? You aren't originally from New Zealand are you? I visited there last year, and absolutely loved it!

And you are as serious of a runner as anyone who I come across. Not many other women can get a 3:20 marathon. And filler posts are what make blogging fun, if it was always serious what is the fun in that? haha Keep up your irreverant style of blogging.

ajh said...

When I started blogging I thought I would blog just about racing. Then I added running workouts. Then I added everything because that is what I am interested in about everyone else! I love knowing about Peanut and PITA! Keep it up!

Caroline said...

I am with Jeff.
And this came from a woman right?
just shows how us gals can be. (sadly see #2)
there's 2 words for this email you got
1. stupidity
2. jealousy

2 comments on the same post..yeah I really do not like your blog.

Andrew Opala said...

Filler posts?

It's the Internet ... we should all be living not posting. All posts are filler posts.

Regardless, I went to a restaurant that serves "breakfast at any time". So I ordered French Toast during the Renaissance.

Anonymous said...

Isn't kind of weird to take the time and effort to explain why someone stopped following? You don't have to explain anything. It's YOUR blog. You can post whatevah you want!

Anonymous said...

When I say weird, I mean weird on behalf of the person who stopped following and emailed you. :)

Sarah said...

Filler posts, my bum! Those are my favorites!

Unknown said...

I am a huge fan of you and your blog. Will not be leaving anytime soon and a little sorry it took me so long to find you! xo

Aimee said...

I just have to say that I love your blog and all of the posts you write. Your "filler" posts are the reason your blog is awesome! I will never be a 3:20 marathoner, but I am a wife/mother/daughter and I can connect to those posts more than anything. Don't change...ever! Your blog rocks!

Char said...

You'd lose me as a follower if you blogged only about running. Running is only a small part (or large but only a part) of who we are. We're all multidimensional so our blogs should be multidimensional. If it was only about running it'd get boring pretty quickly.

DRog said...

The only reason I started my blog was so that I could eventually flow it into a book for keepsake. you can do so at a few different sites (maybe you already know this) but or are excellent. you can go in and change things as you want them, etc.

cant believe you didnt wear the buckle:)


Anne said...

You are such a wonderful woman and I love the filler posts...I also love that you're such a rockstar runner and a great mamma to your Peanut...and a hot wife to your sometimes "wierd", but mostly very sweet, husband :)

Anonymous said...

Totally unrunning related - does PITA still talk with that funny, twangy NZ accent?

I think that might have been a filler question (?)

AM! said...

Hi Girrrlll!
First want to comment on your AZ time- sorry, but you rocked it- there.

and check, check, and check w/your points on this post.

I had a doozy of a blogger episode this week where i lost my URL for a few days. I was SO sad. I was SO out of the loop.

this bloggy running world gives me more support than I know.

and i'm beyond thankful for it;-)

Peace out-

AM! said...

btw- i soo agree and love Angie Bee's comment;-)

Emz said...

Mel-bird. ...... Only "a"'s now mostly.

Ranch - that one is super fun at a restaurant. A side of ranch. [but it comes out....ronch].

Everyone thought he was Australian when he first he lost the accent. REAL. Quick. ;)
[true story].

Michelle said...

Last year, when I started blogging, I only wrote about my family and tried to "keep" running out of it. This year, I am committed to "putting" running into it, because truth be told, my running is a family affair.
Thanks for sharing ALL of you!

ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

ou goa love hose idios who hink our blogs are ALL ABOU HEM!! Sheesh! If he don' like i, adios! I've los a few followers over ime, and I know i's because I like o pos abou poop. Well, i's m hing :)

Tortuga_Runner said...

I love your posts even though I don't comment often. I can't believe how you juggle it all. It's inspiring how you fit running in with all the fantastic filler in your life.

Neil Zee said...

I bought a pie once from a bakery that they used salt instead of sugar. That was a terrible apple pie.

Silly Girl Running said...

Keep those filler posts coming! The reason I love your blog is that your not just a runner: there are so much more layers to you than just running. And that's why I'm a follower. :)

Unknown said...

seriously. c'mon...
keep filling 'er up with the filler because I love the filler. We all love the filler.

you are a beautiful person inside and out Em and it has been a pleasure following your journey thru life.

I think someone is just really jealous
of "the" buckle.
and your abs.
and your lovely family.
and your marathon time.
and your shoes.
and your amazing TM skillz.
and your teeny running tops.
and your birthday cakes.
and your high chair pics.
and your REALNESS.

Yup....that's my opinion!! :)

Johann said...

Well said indeed. For me it is important to blog for myself and not do or think about things for the followers. glad you'll be sticking around.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

PITA is getting pretty good at not flipping off the camera lately

C2Iowa said...

Filler. What the hell does that mean?

I like this place - that's why I am here. Enough said

Laura said... have filler? Do I? Now I am in a tizzy as to what constitues filler.
Some peeps have way too much time on their hands apparently.
Through your belt buckle and abs at them.

adena said...

Crap I read this post on the train and totally forgot to come back and comment. I'm sure everyone has said it by now but I'm chiming in anyway.

I don't get it, what did this girl expect? Monday - I ran 26.2 miles, Tuesday I ran 26.2 miles, Wed I ran 26.2 miles?

I read BECAUSE of the 'filler'. I love the running stuff but I love all the things in this blog.

L O V E ! ! !

RunningLaur said...

Your blog is one of the absolute, most genuine things I have found.
Unless you want to.
But, don't.

One of my favorite memories is when my mom, brother and I made brownies without eggs in them accidentally once. Of course they didn't set up. We called them lava brownies and ate them with a spoon. :)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Buckle = serious runner.

Duh! to the ex-follower.

And runner does not equal ex-mom,ex-partner,ex-daughter, ex-person. The equation goes more like; daughter + wife + mom / runner + believer * friend = a person who is able to share on many topics.

Ex-follower should have stuck with a one subject book if they didn't want to connect beyond running.

Unknown said...

my comment for her comment... WHATEVS!

Like shellyrm said "buckle = serious runner'.... since when does your blog content dictate what kind of runner you are...

carry on sista girl! You're doing great!

Rene' said...

i just found you and I loved your post. No fillers....that seems a bit weird. i would think that it would make you kind of boring:) Since you ran a 3:20 marathon I think that you are a pretty serious runner, but that's just my opinion.

Unknown said...

I love this blog because its a portrait of you! Your humor, your passion, your creativity. SO glad you are sticking around!

Matty O said...


Jannifer said...

I'm sure I'm saying the same thing as everyone else, but I love your posts! Your blog is one of my favorites because of your posts. It would be boring if you just talked about running, but heck, we all know you are an outstanding runner! Anyways, don't change a thing, your blog rocks.

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

I love, love, LOVE, the filler posts! Especially when they are about me. Well, and you. And Ellie. And your shoes. And life.

Anne said...

You may have lost a follower...but you just gained one. :)

H Love said...

what the heck? I would have told her to lift up her shirt and show some abs. I am 100% confident you could take her!

i love your blog and love that you can relate to so many bloggers and even though I know you are are a speed still encourage and support "slower" speed demons like me!

I heart you and journey!

Kera said...

what's her freaking address. i'll kill her.

Emz said...

You guys rock.

Kera. How. Did. It. Go?

Kristin @NyceLife said...

Just found your blog, and I love this! I am just starting to blog a bit and I do it mostly for me to remember as well. I am pretty boring though, so I only have 7 followers, ha ha ha. Looking very forward to following you!

Lisa said...

Great post! I was actually just thinking about why I blog earlier this morning and came up with the same thing! To remember all the things I'm doing, achieving, trying, exploring. It's really become something I didn't expect - my own, online scrapbook!

Keep it up!

Marlene said...

Filler posts = the good stuff! That's what life is made of!!

jessithompson said...

Not sure what I love more. Your post or the A.MAZ.ING response from your readers. WOW.

Jill@Run for the Hills said...

I don't know how I missed this post in my reader. I've been following you for a couple months, and what your lost follower labels as filler is what makes me identify with you even more than JUST running.

And sometimes I can't identify with your running because you run faster and farther. But that is your journey, and it inspires me.

What I can identify with always is the fact that you're a mom too with a precious family just like mine. I relate to that.

Filler to some fills my heart with joy and appreciation for what really matters. You remind me that it's not about running. It's the other stuff - the filler- that makes running possible.

That. is. all.