Monday, March 5, 2012

"She Takes The Cake" - The Vanderbuilts

I love a good auction.
The only thing I love more than an auction, is a CHARITY auction.

There is something inside me that loves to bid.  I don't care where. 


yes, church.

There is an annual event each year to raise money for girl's camp.  This being Peanut's first year attending camp = the year we finally got around to going. [yay us.]

Little did I know just how freaking much I'd love this event [ya, it was a 98% dessert auction].
[note to self, do not sit in the front row next year.]

Started off pretty casually.  The Pita let me know which items he wanted.  Quickly followed by, "how much cash you got?".

Candy apple with chocolate & macadamia nuts = $10 [deal]
Two loaves of homemade bread = $10 [deal]

well..............then it just got nuts.

ok, I went nuts.

And I did buy nuts.
And a plaque of a squirrel eating a nut.

I consulted my Dad's iPhone to ask "siri" how much I should pay for a coconut/macadamia cake. 

To which Siri told me:

"I don't know but here are 4 places that serve that cake." - Thanks for nothing Siri.

$90 later.  That cake was mine. [totally worth it, by the way].

Seriously, don't ask about that jaguar thing.

And yes, the cake. . . . it's gone.  I did split 3/8 with my mom.  So it's all good.  right?  right? 

Saturday was busy and yet another freaking awesome day.  Was up at 4:30 getting my run done then off to Apollo for Peanut's volleyball tournament.

Was a riot to be back in the gym I had played in [holyfreakinggasp] 20 years earlier.

So.  many.  awesome.  memories.

Peanut's team completely rocked.

[and yes, the last girl in yellow is seriously 12 years old, awesomely tall]

The Pita had "gone shootin'" for the day.  This man and his guns. 

I guess between the two of us [when the ZOMBIES come] we'll be ready.
Food + guns = we are prepared nuts.

Then I made Peanut drive by the Emz Childhood Casa

for our "listen to mom talk about her amazing childhood" moment.

Then well . . . . . it was all about the basketball game.
I had to start focusing.

Start sending I hate Duke tweets, texts, emails.

I.  Love.  March.

And I kinda love that Duke lost. true story.

Sorry Jason & Caroline.  I'm just so sorry for your loss.
[as if]

So in four days time, I'll be meeting Caroline. [hope she is still talking to me]
And in five days, I'll be running the Catalina Marathon.

Which totally makes sense why I'd run 20 today. 

It was just one of those days where the feet keep going [sans tv, music or phone].  I love how these awesome runs come on days they shouldn't  . . . . but it did freaking make my day.

Happy Monday to ALL!


Colorado Gal said...

Omg! You had an awesome time at the auction!! I've never been but maybe I should find one :)

Allison said...

Diehard University of Kentucky fan here. No one hates Duke more than Cats fans!!!

Good luck at Catalina!

Jason said...

Well, if UA makes the tourney (highly unlikely) I will root against them too but I won't have to worry about that.

Allison - I am reading The Last Great Game: Duke v Kentucky. It is really good. I will be forwarding onto Caroline once I am done reading.

Excelleint weekend for you Em.....and that 12 year old is def taller than me.

Nelly said...

Wow that 12 year old vball girl is tall!

Nice job at the auction!

That is great you are meeting Caroline, Duke vs Arizona trashtalk commence! lol

Not sure if Arizona will make the NCAA tourney, they may need to make the finals of the Pac-12 tourney to get in. Stanford won't make it unless they win the pac-12 tourney, haha

Have fun at Catalina marathon! One of my friends ran it a long time ago, the hills are nuts!

Char said...

If someone bought one of my cakes for $80 I'd be thrilled. Not only did you donate money to a worthy cause, but you gave some baker a huge compliment on his/her work. Looks like you had a fun weekend. But those firearms and the canned food are a little disturbing. Are you planning on starting a cult where people have to walk around in black t shirts and spend hours on a treadmill worshipping a tall, blonde Amazonian goddess?

pensive pumpkin said...

I'll join up. I'm already wearing black (goth. duh.) and spending hours on the treadmill and worshiping a tall blonde Amazonian goddess. A club that will have me as a member? Priceless.

Emz said...

Pensive & Char.
Love it. ;)
Goth it is.

Angie said...

Best auction ever. Also- you are still my favorite.

Unknown said...

It is very refreshing to read you are on point with preparing for the zombie apocalypse. When it happens we will meet in the middle some place - maybe Santa Fe?

Evolving Through Running said...

Little known fact ... Jaguars love treadmills. Generally speaking, however, they pull for Duke. You win some, you lose some.

Jess's Journey to the Land Of Skinny said...

I love the auction idea for a Girls Camp fundraiser! I am the Girls Camp director in our ward and that would've been a great idea. Next year it will happen!

Good luck with the marathon! My friend ran it and love/hated it. loved the run/hated the hills

Caroline said...


we will see in March who has a team to cheer will be MOI!

is that Duke color nail polish on your fingers?!!

we are almost at 3 days now!!!!
seriously...I can take a Duke loss on a week that I get to meet you!!!

That shirt would be perfect for me to use to wash my car....

jymmebe said...

This was fun to read . . . not that all your posts aren't, but this one brought back lots of memories for me.

We actually drove by "our" old house a few weeks ago . . . we stopped in front for a couple minutes with me pointing at the house telling the kids about the living room curtains and the wall paper on the dining room wall, even the brick stump by the driveway where Jeff asked me to marry him! :) I'm sure I creep-ed the neighbors out and am sure that they were ready to call the cops on me.
Anyways . . . Apollo H.S. . . . actually lots of fun memories from there! So, I assume you drove peanut by Horizon Elementary too? Oh, to be young without a care in the world again! Good memories, Em!

I just have to ask . . . did you make the yummy coconut cake that you bought at the auction? Looks like something you would make! We had friends who went to a dessert auction before and ended up buying their donated cake back because it was the best one there . . . for a lot of money btw! :)
Love you!

MCM Mama said...

Love that you spent that much on a cake. Our elementary school has its auction coming up and it's always fun to see what people will pay.

And I'm always happy when Duke loses. Always. Might have something to do with going to both UVA and UNC LOL.

Emz said...

Jymmebe -- yes horizon elementary too. Love OUR old hood.

And no wasn't my cake. This this was awesome. About 4 pounds of macadamias in this baby.

Caroline - Opi - purple w/a purpose. Love it. 3 days!!

Unknown said...

We have a Desert Auction this weekend for a missions trip. I love going to my friends spot who just bought something I want to taste. It is my one cheat night of the year (besides Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve ;) )

Enjoy Catalina - on my list of to do!

Michelle said...

I love a good charity auction too. At my boys' school auction I was really in to much so my husband had to take my bidding card away - true story :)

CautiouslyAudacious said...

Yay for awesome runs and awesome childhood memories!!

Sarah said...

*GASP* The chocolate macadamia apple sounds heavenly!

adena said...

Auction of baked goods? I'd be IN TROUBLE!!! I think you showed excellent restraint, I'm very impressed.

Christi said...

Love, Love, Love