Friday, May 18, 2012

Haka, Hookah & Hoka


Do you know the difference?

During one of our daily textfests . . . .Dawn asked, "Doesn't HOKA mean marijuana?"

Me:  No.  That's a more like a HOOKAH.

Then, I thought that's a lot like HAKA.

So here's the lesson folks:




I know, I know.

But Emz, aren't those the shoes you kept making fun of for the last 6 months?
to him [click]
and him [click].

Yes, am I'm back peddling, eating my words & apologizing profusely.

So after Kevin said, "I think Jeff has over 600 miles on his HOKAS!"

My ears finally perked up.  I'm replacing my shoes every 400. 
Which is about 8 pairs of shoes a year. [ya, that adds up].

So Kevin, in all his awesomeness - sent me the stores by me that carried them.
I saw iRun on the list.

Which I loved because Aaron [you know, THE guy] who told me about Man V Horse [and the guy who ran 22 miles with me during my 24 hour treadmill run] AND the guy who called me freaking Barbie [here, uggg].  .... had been telling me to go there, for new shoes, for months!!

So I text him when I entered and when I left. [with a much smaller wallet]

His replies.  I freaking loved.

Ya. that. made. my. day.
That guy doesn't give out compliments.  So heck yes, I took a screen shot.

So enter my new purchase:

And yep.....Dawn got about 44 texts from me this morning:

Add me to the "revolution" .... Jeff, Kevin & Emily.

After my 22.5 miler this morning.
I can honestly say:

Best. Purchase. Ever.

And yes, I'm was super sorry for doubting their awesomeness.

But seriously - this is pretty freaking harsh:


Jeff, these freaking #MOONBOOTS rock.


bobbi said...

I've never heard of those, but they look remarkably similar to those sketcher shape ups. Weird.

But HAPPY you love them!

racing dawn said...

Haha! Bobbi I thought about the Skechers too! :)

I think my name will need to be added to the hoka bandwagon.

Thanks for breaking down the differences with pics...😜😜😜

Keep updating as the miles add up!!

Jill said...

I feel left out of the text world :(.

I heard those things can cause a lot of ankle turns on the trails... please be sure to stick to the treadmill with them!! :)

XLMIC said...

Kind of interesting how I've not heard anything bad about these shoes! Glad you are happy with your investment!

Char said...

Never heard of them. But we can be a little behind here at the bottom of the world. We'll probably be seeing them in shops around the turn of the next century.

Michelle said...

Call me clueless - I've never heard of them. Glad you're happy with 'em!!

Cory Reese said...

Everybody's a Hoka hater until they try them.

I just ran a 100 miler last weekend wearing them for many of the miles. A few months ago I got another pair and wore them for a 50 miler right out of the box. They are great.

I only wear mine on trails and have never sprained an ankle in hundreds of miles. Hope you like them!

Unknown said...

hahahaha! This is awesome!

Another use for the Hokas for you: Ironman volunteering/spectating footwear.

Yep, I had them on for all 20 hours of Ironman Texas festivities yesterday! AND I dragged my tired ass out of bed for a 4hr bike ride this morning - that ride would not have happened if not for the Hoka goodness.

Remember this tip when you go spectate at IMAZ in November.

ps - okay, it now time for all Hoka talk to end. We cannot let the secret get out past this post. Kevin and I have been rather quite about them over the last year as they were our secret weapon during high mile training (-:

Anonymous said...

I hear certain trail runners wear those-but to me they look like a twisted ankle waiting to happen.

Jason said...

Hokas will unite in November. I will be training in them during this summer in prep for IMAZ so I can kick the living HOKA shit out of that course.

Then when I am getting near the finish line I am performing a HAKA and crossing over.....bring it IMAZ!!!!

Emz said...

I shall refrain from hokatalk

Keith said...

Somehow I had never heard of the Haka. I am impressed.

Nelly said...

These hoka shoes are interesting, they are light but with thick soles? Seems like a weird combo - especially with everyone going going more towards minimal soles and shoes. But if they work, they work.

For Bay to Breakers, the race has been slightly going downhill in terms of people running it - some of the craziness has gone away due to residents on the course complaining. But it is still fun overall!