Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"Anything Like ME" - Brad Paisley

Holy. crap. it's. August.

Here are some numbers for you . . . .

7 - days until Peanut goes back to school

100 - percent freaked I was that she wanted Vans. I wore Vans in 7th grade.

48 - dollars of her own money she spent on a sweet pair of MINT Vans.

7 - the grade she'll be in.

47 - the age I feel having a 12 year old.

100 - percent happy I was when I realized my monthly running number for July.

0 - percent chance I'll beat that number again this year

6 - days the Pita has me running per week.

2.75 - hours I spent in the "chair" yesterday [total time suck]

96 - miles I'll be scheduling to run this year in honor of this guy "Staub"

6 - days until my old "ed" [treadmill] goes to his new home.

11 - miles run this morning [RR]

26 - minutes I watched the Today show

1 - minute they spent talking about this cool link:

[which athlete are you like?]

My "match" . . . . .

Hanna Yaroshchuk

400M hurdles runner.

Love it!!

Go to the link . . .

who are you most "like"?

Happy. Hump. Day!!


MCM Mama said...

Hope Munro - an Australian Hockey player LOL.

Nice job on the miles!

Runners Fuel said...

haha. I still wear vans! Love them!

Melissa Cunningham said...

ashleigh brennan--Australasian gymnast...

love the milage your putting in--you rock!

Ironman By Thirty said...

I wore Vans in 7th grade too! Must be a 7th grade thing.

Your running is out of control!

fancy nancy said...

I absolutely wore Vans!!! I love it!!!

Michelle said...

Yibing Chen, a Chinese gymnast - fun link!

Your mileage is awesome!

Emz said...

Dang Woodway + pita.
It's going to chill in August. ;)

Char said...

Love that link. I'm so glad it doesn't include age because I'm pretty sure there are no 49 year old athletes competing.

Caroline said...

holy crap it is August!
I am so happy it is!
back to school
and I get to see you in 18 days! right?

Emz said...

Heck. Yes!!