Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"That's Not My Name" - The Ting Tings

Tangent Tuesday.


While it IS my name. [and on a side note.....I do love my name.]

I do not like it when the Pita calls me by my [REAL] name.  When he says it, is sounds painful.  Like it's hurting his mouth to say it. 

em ILL lee.

I'm pretty sure proper names go by the wayside in romantic relationships.

I rarely, if ever, call the Pita by his given name.

It's always: [no laughing]

dude [when it's serious] ;)
butt chunk [time & place people -- time & place]
Kiwi Boy
and mostly by our last name.  That's what his work people call him and it's stuck with me.

He showers me with similar names:

Woody girl [Woodway]
running freak

......all of the above make me smile and or laugh.

I can name on my hands the times he has called me "Emily" in almost 14 years.  And it makes me squirm. 

We had two offenses in TWO days?!!?

Pita:  How far did you run?
Me: [mumble, mumble] thhhhrdy
Pita:  um what? Did you say thirty?
Me: [silent]
Pita:  em ILL lee.  That's just dumb.

And the next one was pretty much just because he had forgotten how much I hate it when he calls me by name that........he found a way to do it again.

he's. just. awesome. like. that.

Who is this man calling me by my name? 
Who is this person calling me by the name EVERYONE else does? 

Guy who mans the Costco door knows me by name = awesome.
Mailman = works for me
A few employees at Trader Joe's = you bet cha

The Pita = no. 

no, thank you.

Am I alone on this?

Does your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/significant other call you by your REAL name?


Kathy said...

Ah, one of my favorite running songs ... but I digress ...

My name is Kathryn - only used when I was in trouble as a kid. My husband loved it when we first met finding my name romantic and feminine. He tried to call me by my formal name. His only feedback was an arched eyebrow, frown, and me walking away.
Nipped that in the bud.

Jford said...

I just happy she calls my name after 15 years of marriage! LOL
My wife's name is also Emily, and I call her Em, but it bugs me to hear anyone else call her that except for her oldest friend. I correct people all the time that we know, but haven't really known that long.

Jen Feeny said...

Same here, the only person that gets away with doing it without me cringing in horror is my friend's mom. (Which is probably weird to anyone else but that's just what she's always called me so I let it slide) I don't actually think Spike has ever called me by my formal name actually, if he did, he sure wouldn't ever again! LOL!

CautiouslyAudacious said...

1st of all WOW! Holy flying miles! 2nd of all this post made me laugh :-)

Char said...

I can't remember when Iven last called by my name. I think he only talks to me when he's in the room with me and no names are needed. I, however use his name a lot - and not always nicely. And I give him lots of pet names - hon, idiot, stupidest man in the world. Admittedly some are muttered under my breath after he's done something wrong - like chewed too loudly or snored.

ShutUpandRun said...

Ken never calls me "Beth." If he does I tell him to knock it off. He mostly calls me "hon" or "sugar britches" if it's a really good day.

30? For real?

bobbi said...

John and I call each other Cakes or Cakey, and have forever. It feels weird to call him anything else and I rarely hear my actual name. Usually if I do, it's some kind of emergency.

Michael said...

I agree, call me by my name no, usually only if we are fighting :) I guess your name really goes by the wayside after you've been together awhile.

XLMIC said...

Rarely. It's usually accompanied by incredulousness of some sort.

Emz said...

I love it.
I had to read your comment 3 times to tell you had written "sugar britches" not "sugar bitches".
30....for real. I'm just a dork like that.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, if my hubby uses my name, or I use his, it means someone is in trouble! Otherwise, it's 'honey', 'babe', 'YO', or 'doofus'.

Emz said...

I love "yo". I'll take yo over Emily any day. ;)

Caroline said...

Hmmm you know I love you....but I am on The Pita's team on the 3-0... Seriously ....next time say trente that will you time to prepare for the Em mee ly ......but no seriously no next time.... Crazy crazy.

I am pretty sure that Bill said my name just during our wedding vows. He calls me sweety or Caro never Caroline. I say Bill only when I am mad at him

coach dion said...

30 miles for a training run!!! where do you find the time (wish I had it)

And lots of peole call me Coach!!! as for Dawn I don't listen to her so I don't know what she calls me... no I didn't just write that, she call's me Precious!

Kelly Leigh said...

to the husband i am either Chila or kel. I call him neener. Whatever works right?

Jill said...

You crazy girl....30 on the 'mill. I love it though - you know I do (I wish I could run more than 6 right now :P ).

If anyone in blogland knew my real name, I'd have to defriend them - ha. I'm not even sure my kids know it. Pretty sure that holds true for the sig other...usually I'm just called, "Hey".


fancy nancy said...

Now that I think about it no my hubby rarely uses my real name! However if I told him I was running 30 on the treadmill I'm sure he would use my name....along with some other non-flattering adjectives!

Tamara said...

Most people just call me Tam - I hate it when people just assume I go by Tammy. I am not a Tammy.
The husband and I mostly call each other babe, but his nickname is Boogie and every one of his family members call him that but I call him by his real name when I'm around them.
It just feels wrong to call him Boogie.

Amanda said...

Yes and I'm okay with it, but my family calls me Mandy and no one else can. It irritates me and sounds weird. My hubby on the other hand was called Pat when we were in highschool and now at his job. When we started dating I said, "I'm calling you Patrick now." Most of the time we call each other pet names.

Unknown said...

I can count on one hand the number of times Tom has called me "Colleen" in our 9.5 years of knowing each other. It just never happens. And I never call him "Tom" (unless I'm writing about him to someone). He gets "Brady" most of the time which is his middle name. Or one of the million other nicknames that I have for him.

Karine said...

You know how much I LOVE your name, so that is a given that I will be using it from time to time. I am surprised that Emz did not make the list. I think just about every family member calls you "Emz".

racing dawn said...

I'm pretty sure I call you Emily. A lot. All the time. Thats what everyone around here know you as too. Emily or 'that awesome runemz girl who ran 100 miles on a tm'. I'd hate to assume I could call you Em. ;).

30 miles on the tm...I love it. Those numbers make me smile. Sorry Pita.

And J hated that I call him J. Kinda funny. Maybe he shouldn't have introduced himself as 'J' then. ;)

Anonymous said...

It's not the name it's HOW he said it and what came after it.
30s not so crazy if you are doing a double soon...BUT you really need to work on mtn. goat legs. It makes a difference. It will make a difference.

H Love said...

Girl you are not alone. I feel the same way and I too can only think of a handful of times when my hubby has called my by my LONG name. Harm dog, H-Dizzle, Pumpkin and Babe are much more acceptable. Sheesh!