Thursday, October 11, 2012

"Fly By Night" - Rush

So last night was like the BEST night ever.

Why? Two reasons.

1. Modern Family was on

t h e n

2. ANOTHER Modern Family was on. And I sooooooooooo love this lady:

My favorite Phil-ism from last night......

"When life gives you lemonade make lemons....and LIFE will be ALL like.... Whaaaaaat?"

Now a few not so interesting random facts / thoughts. . . . . .

1. I'm not a big TV watcher.

2. I SUCK at sitting down.

3. I 4% blame my super sweet LOOKING but super uncomfortable modern couch.

4. I don't enjoy reading. [book recommendations? I wanted a book for our recent trip to Kauai . . . . I asked the employee restocking the books at Costco . . . . she handed me this:

[no judgement......but no thank you, that book..... just not for me.]

5. I'd much rather fall off mountains than sit and relax.

6. I'm a little concerned about falling down the Grand Canyon in 8 days. [pretty sure there won't be any guava trees to stop my sliding. And I know there won't be a Pita present to literally push my bum back onto the trail.]

6.5 Waimea Canyon - Hawaii's version of the Grand Canyon

.......still don't want to fall down that.

7. I'd collect cups/glasses if I had more storage space. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE cups. [this was for you Dawn]

8. Pretty sure "anonymous" should not be allowed on blogspot. He's/She's freaking mean.

9. While I DOOOOOOOOOO 100% realize a treadmill PR does not equal a real PR

......I'm still happy.[If I'm doing the math's a 3:13-3:14 due to the incline]

10. The Pita brings his middle finger with him everywhere. Even to Kauai.

Turns out - he brings it where ever I'm holding/have access to a camera.

freaking. love. his. guts.

** So book recommendations? Please? **

** Do you find it easy to relax/unwind? **

** What's your favorite way to unwind?" **


ltlindian said...

"Don't you have a fraternity to pass out in?" "Don't you have a raven to train?" lmao Love Modern Family!

Books I have read lately:
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. Very interesting read. non fiction

Dark Places

If you haven't read Unbroken, you should.

Shanghai Girls and the sequel Dreams of Joy.

I don't think I do unwind. I am most relaxed when I'm out running. Then I don't have to look at my messy house and the piles of laundry and the dog hair on the floor.

So really, anytime I am out of my house, I am more relaxed than when I am in it. When I'm at home, I always feel the need to clean something.

Unknown said...

Modern Family was awesome last night (it always is though!!!) Do you watch the Middle too? That one might even be funnier. I love brainless tv.

So I read 50 Shades and it was like a bad trainwreck... I hated it, but couldn't stop reading. Definitely a part of my life that I will never get back. :( I'm anxious to see what people suggest.

Caroline said...


I do not want you to fall either. Maybe I should just come with a net and hang out down there just in case? what?...

LOVE Modern Family.

No shades of anything for me. thank you very much. did not even read twilight or hunger games either. UNBROKEN = a must.
Gone Girl very good also. not a fan that I actually not allow them on my blog anymore. I am done with that crap.

Cups! I collect them. The only thing I collect. Most recent is a Seattle Starbucks mug, a must in my collection!!!

I cannot relax..I am stressed out all the time. now even more :(

that sofa is not for watching TV...seriously...EMZ...or should I say EMILY....poor PITA...where does he sits?!

CautiouslyAudacious said...

I love how you did the floors! PR is still a PR, awesome!!! Books I go to a used bookstore and pick up a bunch of random books for really cheap that way if I don't like one I just donate it to the library and start on the next...

Char said...

I'm a Modern Family fan too. I'm a Claire fan - possibly because I'm a little anal and uptight and A type too. 'Do you think I like being like this?!!"

Emz said...

Best. Comment. Ever.
He lays on the couch in a "L" like fashion. He HATES the dang thing too.

Emz said...

You. Rock.
Your raven comment. = laughing tears.

Emz said...

Loooooove the middle!!
Whoop! Gotta love Brick.

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

ok.. first of all, i've been missing for like a month... AGAIN... and don't know what happened with "anonymous", but if you can't put your real name and man up, then it shouldn't be said!

Second of all... love. your. guts! :)

Third of all... I agree! no judgement, but that book is not for me either!

Fourth of all... I have a week til a 1/2 marathon and i've not been running lol... instant walking pr perhaps? sweet! ;) haha

Hope you have a great weekend! *hugs*

Molly said...

I just read 50 shades and hated it! My favorite reads for vacation are anything by Marian Keyes, Jennifer Weiner or Emily Giffin...have fun!!

Anonymous said...

It's a "teacher work day" which is conveniently also a sick day for myself and my little girl, so I'm hoping to finally get started on The Bloggess' book ( "Let's Pretend This Never Happened". I love memoirs that are both funny and dark, like "Running With Scissors". Maybe cuz I'm a little messed up, I like reading about other messed up people :)

bobbi said...

Just finished Divergent and Insurgent, and LOVED them, but fair warning - the last book isn't coming out until next year which is making me NUTS.

I am a sloth by nature. I don't understand people like you (and my mother) who cannot be still :) But I wish (as does my house) that I were a little more like you :)