Sunday, January 6, 2013

36 Miles. 36 Acts. 36 Years.

[sorry one day late --- couldn't get my files to upload :( ]


I. love. you.

Yes, I know we are only 5 days in but what an awesome 5 days it has been.

Yes, today IS my Birthday.

Yes, I am a HUGE birthday LOVER.

FREAKING HUGE.  And my family knows it. ;)

Last year I ran 35 miles on my 35th birthday and loved it.

However................... it felt a little empty.

I know I can run.  I know I'm a little crazy on my treadmill.

So this year, I decided to do my "age in miles run" along with my take on Ann Curry's 26ACTS [info here]. 

But-----------I did 36 miles and 36 ACTS.

I had the best cheerleader ever for the last quarter mile.  Freaking love my girl.
And the 36 acts................ 
So. grateful. I. did. them.

As I AM the one who benefited the most from this.

I won't share each one individually as a few were done for neighbors and acquaintances.  Most were done anonymously but some were not.

* Peanut and I dropped of a sweet treat for a neighborhood friend.

* I randomly placed gift cards in books at a local public library.
of course, I HAD to put one in the "marathon training" book. ;)

* One day of being a courteous driver.  No honking. Allowing people in front of me in traffic.  This may seem like nothing but I'm a rather impatient driver.

* When I stopped to get the Pita his "get me better now soup" I paid for a persons "to-go" order while I was there [before they had arrived].

* We made banana bread and doorbell ditched them to random neighbors.

* Took Chipotle to a family whose Mom was sick.

* Paid for the McDonald's order behind me in the drive-thru.  Bet that guy wishes he had ordered more than a McDouble. [$1.08----do I know how to pick them or what?! ;) ]

* Sent a few dollars to someone I have never met but heard things had been tight [financially] for.

* Gathered carts at a grocery store [only 15-20] when all the carts were out on New Years Eve.

* We left change in all the vending machines we could find around a local mall.

* Left a gift card for my mailman.  He rocks.

Some "acts" were bigger than others in time and in cost but looking back on it . . . I certainly enjoyed the completely anonymous ones better.

Now...............WHY DO I SHARE this with you?



O N L the hopes that it will motivate others to do "RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS"

This is now something I will do EVERY year on or around my birthday.  It was a BLAST to do a lot of these with my Peanut.  It has made her a lot more mindful of just how much one small, small kind act can impact a person's day ---- and more importantly HER day.

Thank you so freaking much for all the awesome comments left for me on "MY DAY" today.

I. am. so. grateful.



giraffy said...

I LOVE this. And I love that you shared it with the kidlet.

Happy happy birthday!

Andrew Opala said...

you actually freekin had this! freekin amazing

ltlindian said...

You are so inspiring in so many ways. I wish you were someone I knew in real life. I wish you were MY neighbor. I feel like you would make me be a better person--not that I'm a bad person,,, lol, but you are just a good person in your heart and I know I would be better for knowing you. I want to do this with my kids as well. Happy, happy birthday!

Kayla said...

What a great idea! You are amazing!!! You are so inspiring and I really hope we get the chance to meet at RnR AZ! :)

Emz said...

Kayla!! Yes for sure...I'll turn up to the expo to meet bloggers---any day. ;)

Emz said...

Ummm I so don't deserve this ..... I'm so grateful to you for always being so freaking awesome.

HD said...

I love the random acts of kindness!! Especially on YOUR birthday. What a sweet person you are. Hope you had a freaking amazing birthday lady :)

TriGirl said...

I already told you how inspired I was by your running (on Pinterest), but I also love all the things you did on your birthday. Small gestures make the biggest difference! Happy birthday!

Felice Devine said...


Happy birthday!

Amy said...

Happy, happy, happy, happy birthday! What a great way to celebrate!

Char said...

That's just the best way to celebrate a birthday. Happy Birthday!

Colorado Gal said...

This makes me smile :) Happy birthday!

H Love said...

You are such a good Mom!!! Love it!

jymmebe said...

Awesome x 36!
Love you!

Anonymous said...


Evolving Through Running said...

Happiest of birthdays to you! Consider me inspired.

Jill said...

You are AWESOME!!

Funny I sent you a belated birthday text YESTERDAY! Ha. I'm a dork.

Happy Birthday my sweet friend!!


One Crazy Penguin said...

This makes *my* day! Love all your acts :)

I read about the original idea a couple of months ago and have been counting down till I can do 26 for my 26th birthday :)

Michelle said...


Happy birthday - wishing you the most awesome year!

SupermomE13 said...

You are a rockstar in every single way. Big hugs and I am so glad your birthday was so awesome and fun. Hugs!

Jen Feeny said...

Love the random acts of kindness, Spike and I did that for 10 days leading up to Christmas and it was so awesome. My favorite was when we picked up a couples tab at breakfast and then tipped both waitresses $20. I think we made their week. :)

MILF Runner said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Emily. Just beautiful. :). It was a happy birthday, indeed;).

Rachelle Wardle said...

Awesome! You already know how much I admire you but let me just reiterate it! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your example.

Love you!

TriMOEngr said...

Awesome to have done both the act for yourself (damn - 36 miles on a treadmill!) and so many random acts for others. And so great to share them with your great girl!

Caroline said...

I love this
this is so you
kind and generous
I want to do this too

so did you pass page 34...come on get to 44
and then 64 tomorrow...
it only gets better
trust me.
the one who is turning 44 in 4 days
is that enough 4s??????!!!!!

monicac2 said...

Happy belated and congrats on the 36 miles.

You've inspired me to plan a day of RAOK with my 2 girls - thanks!!!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday. This was such an inspirational post. I can't wait for my 7 year old to get home from school so WE can do something some fun things for neighbors. Thank you for being you!!!

Jason said...

You are a truly special person and I am lucky for having you in my life.

Cynthia said...

This is so awesome!! I wish I would have read this before my birthday and done 30 randome acts... it's not too late right?! And share this with my son too.

Hope you had an amazing birthday, a person like you, even though I don't know you personally, deserves so many blessings in her life!

Jeni Lynne said...

Found your blog through hungry runner girl...scrolling down the page and LOVING every entry! Then I saw this one and was so excited because we share a birthday! :). Definitely inspired by your acts! :)