Thursday, January 17, 2013

"I'm Sorry" - Blake Shelton

Yes, I'm sorry, in advance.

This is probably going to be too long.
This is a bit of a RANT.

I've had this post burning in my brain ever since the day after my birthday.


That's when the emails started coming.  I deleted a few.  I replied to a few.  Funny how after I sat and wasted my time writing back........ 3 of the 4 emails [magically] came back "undeliverable", "unknown email", " no recipient".  Hmmmmmmmm.


Let me back up a bit.

As I'm sure 99.99% of you know.

I. love. my. treadmill.

LIKE - I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove my treadmill. Ever since I set foot on one for my 24 hour treadmill run, I was sold.

I've trained on one EXCLUSIVELY for 2.5 years.  It works for ME.

I often get awesome emails from people asking me:

* what brand of treadmill I run on
* what treadmill I had before I bought my Woodway
* what treadmill I would suggest in a certain price point, etc.

[Let me add I LOVE answering questions, especially treadmill questions, I welcome them.]

To which I do my usual reply......

"I had a NordicTrack Elite XT.  I am NOT a fan of the company but the treadmill never did me wrong."

I also get a lot of people asking:

What does Woodway give you for all the plugs you send their way?

Ummmmmmmmm.  Nada.  Zilch. Zippo.  Zero.

I have NO "paids".  No sponsors.  No kickbacks.

I love their product.  I love the company.  I love the employees I have spoken to. 
I plug them because I believe in their product.

Which is WAY more than I can say for NordicTrack.

Now here's where I get a little feisty.

When people email [not comment but email] me and say:

"I'll take your 36 mile run seriously when you do it outside."
"It's easier on a treadmill"
"You could be a really great runner, if you trained outside"

There were two others that followed the same general subject.

So here are my replies, being that most emails bounced back:

"I did do that little 50 mile Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim run at the Grand Canyon [outside, on a trail] which I trained for on. my. treadmill.

Maybe a "great runner" isn't a 3:18 marathoner - but I'm happy with it.
I'll take your outside running a little more seriously when YOU run 36 on a treadmill."

Not sure how the Big Time Running Bloggers do it.
ShutUp + Run

I bow down to them.  Seriously.

My skin is way too thin.  Crap like this irritates me to no end.

If you hate the treadmill or "dreadmill".....  Sweet.  Great.  Awesome.

I'm not here trying to sway you to run on a moving rubber belt.
If you like the asphalt  - awesome. 
If you like dirt - sweet.

But seriously, to each their own.


RunningLaur said...

<3 you and your treadmill and my treadmill. I would not be half the runner I am today without it.

ps. You've already run 234 miles this year?!? YFR.

racing dawn said...

Shove it haters. Emz is the real deal.

Way to let em know. Now don't even waste another second on them. Next time... Hit delete.

Love you lady. YTBE.

giraffy said...

Eff that noise. I LOVE the treadmill. I think I've only done one really long run outside.

People can be so lame. Blah blah real runner blah rude.

Anonymous said...

Amen sister. People need to worry about their own training and less about yours. Do what works for you.

The Kidless Kronicles

SupermomE13 said...

Mean people suck. Mean people that hide behind anonymous email addresses super suck.

I get tons of it too - being a mom of 12 - some kids of different races -, being an advocate for adoption of HIV+ orphans, and having a running goal that some people feel MORE than obligated to tell me I will never achieve - gives people lots of reasons to write I supposed. Ignore the haters.

You rock!

Anonymous said...

Started running when I found your blog, trained inside and outside. Ran my first half in Vegas in 2012. The treadmill is sooooooo much harder than outside. So cheers to you and delete those emails stat!

Jason said...

Tis is an awesome response and not for nothing you are a real runner in this triathletes mind. And not for nothing part two - running 36 miles on the treadmill is far harder than running outside since you have the world to run past as opposed to the same four walls.

Now, I am gong to plug Woodway myself. I miss the early morning whirr of the Woodway that I got when I spent my time with you and your family in November.

Run on Em!!!!!

TP said...

Chin up over there cupcake! Your a machine and you know it!! Keep rocking on that Woodway hamster wheel! Your 3:18 kills my 3:58 any day. keep doing what your doing!! Haters gonna hate no matter what!

MCM Mama said...

People are asshats. Especially people on the internet.

You rock and I bow down to anyone who can run 36 miles - in any fashion.

Kayla said...

I don't like the treadmill, but its nice to have when I need it. However, I give you major props for all the running you do on the treadmill (especially 36 miles!!) and I admire you for all you have accomplished :)

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Ha, you go girl! I think you're a GREAT runner!

ShutUpandRun said...

Honestly I don't care if your skin is thick or not. Mine is transparent. The bigger issue is who the he$$ do people think they are? I will give you one word as to why people respond the way they do to you: jealousy. That is all. I think it is so interesting how people take these liberties - that they feel free to judge and to be snarky. I just do not get it. I love you and your treadmill.

Char said...

I don't get why they bother to email. What does it matter to them how, where or what you run on? I just don't get some people.

Erin said...

I agree with "ShutUpandRun". I don't know who these people think they are nor why the feel the need to be so nasty towards you. Maybe it makes them feel better about themselves to TRY to tear you down. You are awesome...and as long as you know that it doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks.

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

Crazy miles on the mill takes a mentally tough person. Great practice for a marathon where the mind is most important. I hate the mill but if it works for you, more power to you.

monicac2 said...

People need to get a life!

Your running is truly INSPIRING! Keep doing what you're doing!

J. L. said...

Sorry. I do a lot of my running outside. And know, without a doubt, I'm not half the runner you are. Although I did have a lovely 5 miles yesterday on the treadmill. You are bada$$. And keep blogging!

One Crazy Penguin said...

Rock on girl. It's whatever works for the individual. Screw the haters!

Anonymous said...

I’m a newbie runner who has only run on a treadmill twice. I really didn’t care for it. But I couldn’t imagine looking negatively at anyone for loving it, or especially crushing long distances on it. That’s just silly…or maybe even stupid. Happy Running…anywhere you want to.

Michelle said...

My girl. They don't know you. And I'm pretty sure you don't want to know them! Love U!

Running In Boise said...

I think there will be running "snobs" out there, so try not to let them get to you. But your love of the treddy got me to do my long runs (10-18miles) on the treddy this year.

coach dion said...

36 mile on a treadmill, you are mad, but for my birthday I ran 3hours alone on the mountain... in the mist and rain! Oh I'm also mad.

But if we were all the same this planet of our would be very boring. So I read your blog to hear about your crazy runs on the treadmill...

So keep running

Jill said...

Take THAT, mean people!
It's all just jealousy.
This is why I rarely blog anymore. Someone always has advice, which I doubt they follow.
You FREAKING rock!
LOVE you!!!

Anonymous said...

R2R2R is NOT 50 miles and I wish people would quit adding on the ten miles that is NOT there unless you climb out at Bright Angel and then run ten more along the rim.
You probably could have broken 12:30 had you included some (many) outside trail runs. If you had wanted anyway. Treadmill to mtns just doesn't fully transfer. Fact.

Anonymous said...

And I am NOT jealous...
have accomplished much more than being addicted to running on a treadmill.
and you do have a running addiction.
another fact.

Emz said...


tahoegirl said...

People have time to write out emails to you critizing whether you are a "real" runner because you run on a treadmill? Really?!?! Well, I think you are bad ass. Period.

CautiouslyAudacious said...

Well you rock and that's all that matters, the end! Seriously it's not about where you run, or how far you run, or how fast you run, it's about the fact that you run. You set goals for yourself and meet or surpass them therefore you are a serious runner and an awesome runner! I wouldn't want to meet you on in a dark alley way and have to run away :-)

Runners Fuel said...

I think it's awesome that you love your tm so much! I have a love hate relationship with it (mostly love), but I would never knock someone because that's what they train on. Those people are stupid!

fancy nancy said...

Mean people just plain suck...period...end of story! Didn't they learn in elementary school about what to do when you don't have anything nice to say? You rock seriously! The mileage you knock off in a day is impressive...inside, outside, on the moon, whatever!

DRog said...

In the last three years its been necessary for me to complete long runs on the treadmill to correctly train for different events marathon or Ironman. You have made these acceptable...AND more Fun! Its going to be a High of -6 F (not including wind chill) and a Sunday 1hr45 run on the friendmill is nothing....3hr now that would be decent effort but b/c of YOU I dont even blink an eye at a shortie 1hr45. Thanks for THAT


Rachelle Wardle said...

Could not agree more with every single word you said. Everyone is different and we should all support each other in what works best for us.


Karine said...

My bubble has burst....I thought ALL runners were nice and respectful. At least all the ones I have met and know are. Cheers to our Emz. I do recall the 50-mile Man Against Horse was done outside......right?

jade said...

Just like you said, to each their own! I think the treadmill is harder - mentally and sometimes I feel like i can't go as fast. I live in the cold north and I refuse to run outside, I just do, so I have to do the treadmill and there is no harm/shame whatever in it. People always have to express their opinion.

I was amazed in a good way that you did 36 miles! And the reason why I am starting to follow your blog as well! Those people probably didn't even see all your good acts that you did either....

adena said...

Who cares what others think!! Clearly you motivate more people than not and we love you, that is very clear. Hope you always put THAT in the front of your mind. :-)

as for Cheryl, we'll c u next tuesday.

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Like I said on Twitter, unless you are an elite there is no room for elitist in running.

And Cheryl. Obviously you have the first amendment behind you but if you don't like someone what was the reason behind spewing your distaste? What purpose did it serve than to be oh I don't know rude?

And really just because someone runs on a treadmill which is how A LOT of people start and continue to do because the roads actually beat them up doesn't mean they are not a runner to many other people. Grow up.

sarah said...

Amen! And I'll tell you this. I trained for my half marathon on my treadmill. See that? TREADMILL! I love running on my treadmill. LOVE IT! And I love your blog, too.

PITA said...

That's why I freakin love you so hard. You say "yay," when all I can think about is " how do I track this wench down." I'm thinking about getting Harv to track down her IP address, and you have already forgiven her, and you don't even know who you've forgiven!
The one day I read your blog was the best day.
Tornado meets a volcano
Love Always

bobbi said...

Emily, you know how I feel about you.

Cheryl, I'm glad you are the expert on everything. Including being an internet douche.

Mean people suck. Fact.

Felice Devine said...

Holy cow.
Why on earth would it bother anyone that you run on the treadmill? That seems like such a weird thing to get worked up about. But, i guess some people always need to find something.

I am glad I have a treadmill but definitely find it HARDER to get my runs done. I applaud you for all you do on yours!

Boston Bound Brunette said...

WTH???? If I ever get this jealous of someone please shoot me!! I think you're freaking amazing!! I don't care where or how you run 36's hard as hell!! You just keep doing your thing and motivating and inspiring others. Those who love you outweigh the haters by far!! HATERS=MOTIVATORS!!

Neil Zee said...

Meh. 36 miles? I've seen you do more. So yeah, not very not impressed.

Evolving Through Running said...

I'd run 36 miles on a treadmill ... but I'm not man enough to do it.

I've proven to myself that I'm physically able to run 50 miles outdoors, but I'm simply not mentally tough enough to do 50 miles on a treadmill. I prefer the fresh air, but I'd probably do more long runs on a treadmill if I thought it wouldn't be a major struggle for the collection of marbles rattling around in my head. I'm awed by your miles on the 'mill, and not nearly as much because of the mileage, but because of the fact that they are on the treadmill.

Keep on keeping on ...

Run with Jess said...

Shoot, I hold you in high esteem! I hate the freakin' treadmill. Wish I didn't cause somedays it's my only option. I literally think of your 24 hr run every single time I struggle on a 'mill. You're like MILL INSPIRATION! :) Rock the run - in whatever way makes you happy!

Sarah said...

I admire you for running period!

Caroline said...

ha! I am a fan of your mom....she said vs WAS outside and it WAS 50 miles.

I am a fan of the PITA.

I am so not a fan of the Cheryl person. I agree with is all about Jealousy..she can say whaterver the crap she is that...and she is a sad little person

lastly...I am a huge fan of yours.

how's page 45? :)

Kelly Leigh said...

Emz, you are inspirational whatever substrate you run on. said...

I think you are an amazing ROCKSTAR!! And I think anyone who runs 4057.44 miles in a year and 24 hours on a TM and 36 miles on the TM is pretty freaking awesome! Not many people can accomplish what you have so keep on keeping on my friend! xo

Nelly said...

haha well after I went to Arizona last year for the Fiesta Bowl, I now understand how hot that place likely gets for the spring/summer. And training outside during those times seems pretty much impossible. So yea, I understand why you run on the treadmill now! Though in the winter or maybe fall, you might want to try running outside, seems like the temps are perfect there then.

Unknown said...

People suck Emz... that's all there is to it! Anyone questioning your running abilities has got to be off their rocker! I have so much admiration for what you do as a running... be it on a treadmill, at the Grand Canyon, during a race or where ever. xo

Unknown said...


Never read your blog before but I am going to read it more. I moved to a place where it gets to be -40 in winter so I have to do my runs on the treadmill.

Guess what? I did a half marathon in Seattle this weekend and I ran it 5 minutes faster than my last one. I did not expect that with winter running. So treadmill running works!

I just have to learn to love it more!

Love your blog

Anonymous said...

You are such an inspiration!! I always look forward to your post's on Instagram and had to check out your blog. You pretty much rock!!

Cynthia said...

People are mean :(
Your husbands comment is awesome!

I ran 20 miles on the mill once, inspired by you! It took a lot of mental 'power' to finish it. Running outside is so much easier. I would like to run a marathon on the treadmill one day, you inspire me to do that. You should plan a virtual treadmill marathon :)

I heart your treadmil running powers :)

Jamie said...

I used to hate the treadmill but I am starting to warm up to it. I used to think that it was stupid to run on a treadmill when there are roads and trails outside. But now, I'm thinking about buying one and putting it right in the middle of my office. Maybe it's been the 3 years of running that changed my mind. So, perhaps those jerks emailing you don't have much experience in running.

Anonymous said...

Sorry my friend that I'm so late to this - but I can't believe this? What is with people? You shouldn't have to prove that you are "fast" (smokin' fast I say) but you are - and what on earth are those people interfering with? HOrrible and nasty.

I am going to buy a treadmill soon and need a chat with you - you're my guru! Remember when I did 18M on one - ONLY possible because you told me how? Girl - you show us how it's done.

Anonymous said...

Sorry my friend that I'm so late to this - but I can't believe this? What is with people? You shouldn't have to prove that you are "fast" (smokin' fast I say) but you are - and what on earth are those people interfering with? HOrrible and nasty.

I am going to buy a treadmill soon and need a chat with you - you're my guru! Remember when I did 18M on one - ONLY possible because you told me how? Girl - you show us how it's done.

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

I LOVE MY TREADMILL WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING. Seriously. I trained for my first marathon entirely on the treadmill and got a great time. I don't know why people always say it is so much easier... I love it, to each their own. About the emails... I have deleted a lot of emails:)

Molly said...

Haters are just jealous. That's why they hid behind words.

I run outside year round (in the heat & humidity & the snowy slush) but guess what, I run on my treadmill as well. I LOVE IT and that sucker has saved me when the kids were babies and I could only run when they were napping, and when I would have fallen on my rear on black ice. I've trained for marathons, shorter races, and hilly races, and no one can take those miles, sweat or effort away from me.

And no one can take that from you.

Molly said...

OH! and I meant to tell you that I once left an Elio's pizza in the oven for 8 hours! I can still smell the stench : )

Molly said...

OH! and I meant to tell you that I once left an Elio's pizza in the oven for 8 hours! I can still smell the stench : )

z said...

SERIOUSLY!!!! I am a newbie runner and i LOVE the treadmill. I this week alone i did 6 miles, 4 speed interval miles, and 8 on it before spring break. What's wrong with a little technology, people?? also it helps new people to feel kind of safer, I live in a not-so-great area and can't go that far east or west. this way, i'm not super worried about my safety and can focus on something else- my FITness.
thanks for your post!