Wednesday, January 30, 2013


January has truly sailed by. [ I guess birthday "month" must end]

I am still loving my awesome cookbook:

I have tried four [of course, four] recipes. ;)

But ummmmm, that 4th one . . . .  let's just say . . . . I don't recommend cooking at night when you are tired and want nothing more than to go to bed so you can do your long run in the morning. 

SOOOOOO tired [and lazy] in fact, that you [think] you turned the oven off [but actually just the convection fan] and you wake up at 4:30 to the smell of fried coconut.  Well, more like coconut charcoal.

[this is after they spent two hours outside]

It. was. not. awesome.

The Pita was not impressed.  Smoke filled the house.  Everything stinks.  Clothes.  Pillows.  My dog.  [so gross]

But by mid morning ..... He/We had found the humor in it.

I like to think of my nutritional plan/way of eating as the p90x of eating.


I'm the worst.

One week I'm craving all things meaty.
The next week I'm fueling on all carbs.
Then it's all muscle milk and quest bars.
Followed by "can you eat your weight in Kale" week.

Anyway.....I've been feeling a lot better. Eating a lot "cleaner" even if that means completely changing what I eat from week to week.

In other random news.........

I meant to answer Michelle's question about:


I ran:  4,057.44 miles in total


3,021 on my TREADMILL!!  So, who won Michelle? [let me know!]


ALSO, not sure if you remember the review I did on  - I've been using them ever since and loving them.  If your in the market for new CUSTOM insoles - give them a try. 

They are offering a 15% discount when you use the code: confusing2013
[love that "confusing" part] ;)


Now, for the question the Pita would like me to ask my fellow running/workout friends.........

"Just HOW freaking many workout shorts/skirts does one treadmill runner need?"
[you can replace treadmill with "outside", "trail", "track"....etc.]

I've been binge buying as of late.  Those dang Tuesday morning emails from Lululemon.  Killin' me.  This purple beauty is one of my favs.

How many running/workout shorts do you own?

be. honest.

[I'll answer tonight --- after I see what kind of company I am in here. ;) ]



Rachel B said...

You can never have enough :-)

BigZig said...

BAHAHAHAHA....lovin' those coconut charcoals. can you use them for like 'island barbeques?'
I have probably 6 pairs of shorts, but really only use 2. 5 pairs of running shoes. 2 sets of arm sleeves (one set USED to be white. now they are pink....) and i think about 10 tech shirts.
no skirts yet, though...

ltlindian said...

Adam (boring runner) is the winner! I had to search old twitter feeds but found he guessed 3500 inside 500 out, I had 3700 in and 300 out, jason had 200 out 3800 in and lesley had 140 out. Damn that boring runner!

Emz said...

Hilarious!! Love it. Email me your address!!

Rene' said...

I have that skirt too. One of my FAVS! and I have been channeling you for the past week. A lot of treadmill miles:)

Emz said...

C'mon. Gene.
Get the skirt! ;)

Emz said...

Yay!! I love this Rene!!

One Crazy Penguin said...

Um, is the answer waaaaay too many? Because that would be mine. I actually have an entire dresser that is just running stuff.

Hello, my name is OCP, and I have a problem.

Emz said...

Can I join your group?

CautiouslyAudacious said...

Impressive miles as usual! :-) So sugar free, does that just mean they have you use artificial sweeteners or do you use natural sweeteners like dates? Just curious...

Unknown said...

I have 5 or 6 swim jammers. I have 6 pairs of bike shorts and about 10 running shorts (of which I use approximately 2 but I don't run as much as y'all)

I cannot stop laughing at coconut charcoal. Throw a label on that and try to sell them as it seems everybody is buying all shit coconut these days. Sell it as something that will make your grill better as charcoal embers permeate your meats you paleo dieting people!

You'd make a killing.

Emz said...

I am smiling ear to ear. You are so right. Coconut is freaking everywhere!!

Emz said...

It gives you options for both. They use stevia in the ctual recipes but there is a section that tells you how to substitute other sweeteners, if desired. [agave, honey, fruit].

Cynthia said...

LOVE that skirt!!! I have 2 lulu skirts and not sure how many other skirts and shorts but quite a few. I'll have to go home and count!

Char said...

Thank goodness it's not just me who's been a little extravagant on the running purchases lately. Let's see - four running singlets, three pair of shorts and two pair of shoes. I justify it by remembering that I hardly bought anything last year. And all the things I've bought (except one singlet that was exactly the right shade of green) were pretty cheap.
PS - there was also a really awesome purple running bra that I love!

Emz said...

Yes!! Exactly!! I saved last year too I swear! ;). I rationalize by saying I'm not all girly in other areas. I don't get manicures/pedicures/massages/etc. please!!

Mr. Z said...

I lost my one pair of running shorts in Vegas last October and been using running pants since. Ugh. Luckily it's been cold here in Flag so it hasn't been too bad. Just bought a new pair last week finally. I'm working my way towards those sexy split running shorts for men. You know the ones. They look like 2 washcloths with an elastic band. If my legs get buff and trim enough to make 'em work. XD

Christina @ The Athletarian said...

Way toooooo many. Speed shorts alone - I think I have 15 pairs. Include UA, Nike, etc...prolly over 30 pairs EASY. It's bad. Only 2 lulu skirts though!! I've gotta step up my girly game. Oh and you tell MR. PITA that it doesn't matter if you run on the TM. You still have instagram pictures to take so you have to look cute. Hehe.

Caroline said...

I am as good a cook as you...well probably worst actually.....I cannot bake...unless you count making bricks baking...

ok lulu....the Tuesday morning are not good for me problem is the cool racer tank... i love them
I have no bottoms form them

I have 4 skirts all sports skirts all triathons (no shorts so I can wear the ones I like)
I have too many tempo Nike shorts (8 or 9?) I dont know why...they are a bit baggy for me but at least they are not too short like the Oiselle ones..( not made for 5'11" gals who are 44)

tank tops...too many...12 maybe...under armour victory them and the lulu ones also

so what page are we on now?

Emz said...

Girl. Thank you!! You have me beat. I am soooooooooo grateful. ;) ;) ;)!!!!

The Boring Runner said...

Hooray!!! I had totally forgotten that I had guessed on this. Pretty surprising that you had 1000 outside!

Emz said...

Page..........64! You proud?!

racing dawn said...

And how many guns and fishing poles and supplies does Pita have? Hmmmm....

Emz said...

And RD with the win!!!!!
How did I not freaking think of this.

coach dion said...

So I was out running the other day and I saw a car with the number plate CA 444-445 I had to check inside to see if you had moved to cape Town!!!

Emz said...

I looooooove this!!!! :)

Unknown said...

My husband LOVES buying guns and bows and whatever you need to make them look better. Sooooo, a few Lulu's here and there don't make any difference right??

MILF Runner said...

You're too funny! I have a tendency to use the smoke detector as a kitchen timer myself :)

I own about 8 pair of running shorts but they all look the same – tight, black, and very short.

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